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Special category of investors needs some extra and concise care and service, i.e. the high net worth individuals.  Special care is attempted and successfully diverted to this elite group through the provision of the HDFC Bank PCG / HDFC Bank Private Client Group service.

Investment and banking are no more the words with limited definitely. The expansion of investment options have grown multifold, enhancing the portfolio of investor. Gone are the days when investment options were jam-packed, especially if you have a lot of funds to cater in.

Study all the possible investment options and services you would be offered, if you wish to avail for the HDFC PCG.

PMS Offer

HDFC Bank PCG / HDFC Bank Private Client Group Offerings

The HDFC Bank PCG Offerings is the sole idea of providing personalized attention to the clients who opt for it. A private experience and luxury will be granted to such clients. Here are the offerings as granted by the HDFC Bank.

  • You will have a fine share of attention of the company, through the provision of a relationship manager. He will be accountable for your activities relating to banking, borrowing, or investment needs. This ensures you have guidance for every step you take, and are immune to any possible risks.
  • Customized investment solutions will be all your. So, you will have a hold of options like investment avenues, trading in equities through HDFC Securities Trading account, convenient tax payment options etc on a go.
  • Digital conveyance by facilitation to technology will be your game. Powerful platforms and apps are their thing.
  • You will be handed a set of lifestyle privileges, such as premium credit and debit cards, magazine, and also the ability to handle all such transactions in one place.
  • Family benefits are a thing here, and alongside are tagged comprehensive banking solutions.

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    HDFC Bank PCG / HDFC Bank Private Client Group Product Suite

    Wandering places would be unnecessary, because this organization brings solutions to all your financial needs in a single place. An entire portfolio can be built out of the HDFC Bank PCG Product Suite, and here si the insights on the products.

    Mutual funds

    HDFC is a distributor of mutual funds, which is the hub to all kind of investment funds. Mutual funds are a offered to meet the risk criteria of the customers. MAAG or mutual fund analysis tool is as well provided by the firm and provides results of asset allocation, market capitalization, sectoral holdings and company holdings.


    You will also be provided the opportunity to purchase insurance plans, to opt for compensation to any kind of damage arising. Options provided under this segment are life, health, general and business insurance.

    Direct Equity

    This provision is granted to the clients through the subsidiary arm, HDFC Securities. The concerned client will be provided with a dedicated relationship manager, who will in turn recommend the perfect investment option, as per your need.

    Fixed Income products

    This section has a product line solely catered to generating fixed income. The instruments which endorse the said quality are bonds of all kinds, fixed maturity plans, fixed deposit etc.

    Alternative funds

    Name your requirement and you will be offered with private equity, AIF or PMS funds as per your requirement.

    Structured products

    Two roads moving in their own direction meet here. That is, these products have a collective feature of traditional fixed income products and market linked products. The entire range of products protects the capital as invested by the client.

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    Why Choose HDFC Bank PCG / HDFC Bank Private Client Group?

    They have these intelligent gamuts of product and services designed to delivery premium banking experience. HDFC is a leading and celebrated bank, for the services it renders. It was awarded the ‘Best Private Bank in the Super Affluent Category’ to the ‘Best Performing Bank (Private)’.

    You can always count on the services as provided under the HDFC Bank PCG category. The expert managers ensure the right kind of innovative and fulfilling services are provided to the HDFC Bank Private Client Group. You can expect the bank to understand each and every need you possess regarding your investment solutions.

    HDFC Bank PCG / HDFC Bank Private Client Group Annual Report

    Going through the tough process of decision making, can be made easy with help taken from HDFC Bank PCG Annual Report. Such reports have detailed information on all the various aspects of the company, precisely the dealing it had undertaken in the past.

    Such an analysis of past performance will let you look forward to your investment needs. You will develop the confidence of know how likely they would help you achieve your investment goals. Flip to the company website, and check out all the annuals reports as featured, or for the years you feel would be enough.

    HDFC Bank PCG / HDFC Bank Private Client Group Performance

    As the name denotes, the quality service provided by this brand is well know. Never do they have any plans of letting their esteemed clients. They treat everyone equally, with special consideration as provided to the high net worth individuals.

    No client is barred or left behind by the organization, rather is closely monitored and looked after. So, referring to the brand itself, you can know how well the HDFC Bank PCG Performance is as it is through its quality services that it rose to prominence.

    Benefits of HDFC Bank PCG Services

    Benefits of HDFC Bank PCG Services can never be overlooked. The establishment has marked certain pros to ensure the interest of investors is safeguarded to a great extent. Read out some of such perks you will be served right from the company’s line of service.

    • Investment research is undertaken in house, by the experts the company has managed to employ. So, the investors will not encounter any preconceived notion in the process of investing with HDFC.
    • Build up your product portfolio, as per your interest in assets classes. The asset classes provided to you for investment are diverse and so does the company render its research to help you sort out your product of investment.
    • The strategies on investing suggested are not random, rather proven and trusted.
    • Technology assistance is highly proportional to the needs of the clients, and technology brings all the clients closer to the enterprise’s products and services.
    • Client’s interest is highly protected.

    HDFC Bank PCG Investment Range

    The investment range is diverse as per the HDFC Bank PCG Investment Range. Being a banking division, the eligibility criteria ranges somewhere in between 10 lakhs, 15 lakhs or 30 lakhs. They are in content to the kind of accounts availed. So, make sure you look out for the eligibility criteria to invest with PCG services.

    Speaking of excellence, the way this brand has been established speaking on behalf of excellence. Hence, it would be quite a good decision if one chooses to go for the HDFC bank PCG investment. Personal investment goals will definitely be met, through their extensive approach of serving people.

    HDFC Bank PCG / HDFC Bank Private Client Group – Conclusion

    It would now be possible to draw a conclusion based on the brief review of HDFC Bank PCG Services. We managed to put up all the aspects of PCG services to make the illustration quite brief to you and to add on to your decision making process.

    The company has everything a client may ask for, a suitable and reliable product suite and likewise effective services. The company even follows up on such worthy clients, making investment fruitful to the core.

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