Aditya Birla Money Franchise / Authorized Person / Partner / Sub Broker Review

Aditya Birla Money Franchise or Sub Broker Program is a low investment venture of Aditya Birla Money. This company has its owned outlets for over 700 and they also have franchise outlet more than 2000, across India. Aditya Birla Money Franchise started in the year 2000.

In this article, we will in details about Aditya Birla Money Franchise Review or Aditya Birla Money Authorised Person. This review consist of in-depth analysis of Aditya Birla Money Sub Broker Offers, Aditya Birla Money Franchise Revenue Share Models & other important features of Aditya Birla Money Authorized Person Program. If you want to become Aditya Birla Money Authorised Person of Aditya Birla Money, then you need to fulfill certain criteria.

Aditya Birla Money Franchise Offers

Aditya Birla Money Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Aditya Birla Money Franchise Ratings
Market Share8.5/10
Products & Services7.8/10
Revenue Sharing8.0/10
Holistic Support8.0/10
Overall Ratings8.3/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Aditya Birla Money Franchise

Aditya Birla Money is India’s one of the most progressive brokerage house with over 20 years of experience. Aditya Birla Money helps its customer to to become an Authorized Person by partnering with them and assist them for wealth creation through equity and various other financial products.
Aditya Birla Money provides all types of broking services to their clients like Demat Account, Trading Account, IPO investment, Research reports & more.  Aditya Birla Money provides a wide range of financial services and solutions like Portfolio Management Services (PMS), Depository, Debt and E-Insurance Repository Solutions and Equity, Derivative, Currency Commodity Broking and Distributor of other financial products.

Along with their wide range of services they also provide variety of products to their clients to trade with like Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency, Mutual Funds & more.

Aditya Birla Money is known for their diversified products & services.  to be the largest broking franchise with more than 10,000 sub brokers. They provide wide variety of Products & Services to their Sub brokers or Authorized person are quite flexible in commission sharing with their partners. Lets have a detailed review now.

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    Aditya Birla Money Franchise is divided into three types:

    • Authorized Person / Business partner / Sub broker
    • Master franchisee
    • Direct Selling Agent (DSA) Concept

    Aditya Birla Money Sub Broker or Aditya Birla Money Authorized Person 

    An Aditya Birla Money Sub Broker Program is a low investment venture of Aditya Birla Money. It harps majorly on the network base of sub-broker. Aditya Birla Money has the highest number of Sub broker or Authorized Person in the country.

    Also, it is said to have a 3 day quick registration process wherein by the third day one can get sub-broker or AP registration number from BSE/NSE.

    From its side, Aditya Birla Money Franchise provides tolls and products for providing customer service, it assists in marketing of the business, the technology support, etc.

    To be a sub-broker, one needs to make a security deposit of minimum INR 50,000 which is a refundable deposit – no franchisee fee involved. As mentioned above it provides marketing support and usually also tags a dedicated relationship manager.

    It also ensures that adequate training in form of seminars, sessions, webinars etc. is imparted to the sub-brokers and the staff time to time. To assist the sub-brokers, it also provides access to software for tracking the performance of various dealers and advising them. It offers a revenue sharing model for sub-broker partnership.

    As per recent norms from SEBI all Sub Broker will now be converted into Authorized Person. The role of an Authorized person & Sub Broker is same but only the registration process differs. Any new registration will now be on the name of Authorized Person instead of Sub Broker.

    Benefits of Aditya Birla Money Sub broker or Authorized Person

    • Flexible Initial Investment Amount
    • Flexible Revenue Sharing Model
    • 3 Day Tag Generation Process
    • Free Demat Account to Sub Broker Clients
    • Sub Broker Clients can open account in 5 minutes

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