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JK Securities Franchise is one of the trusted full-service brokers available in the country.

It is best at providing a comprehensive range of financial products and services to all types of clients. The broking house has hundreds of sub-brokers available all over the nation.

In this article, we will discuss on JK Securities Sub Broker Program, its business models, revenue sharing models, offers, brokerage charges, account opening charges, infrastructure requirements, services and more.

Jk Securities Franchise offer

JK Securities Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

JK Securities Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 5.3/10
Market Share 6.2/10
Products & Services 5.6/10
Revenue Sharing 6.1/10
Holistic Support 5.6/10
Overall Ratings 5.7/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About JK Securities Franchise

JK Securities Franchise

JK Securities is the top-notch firm believes to present the entire spectrum of financial services to all of its clients.

The broking company was founded by Kirti A Patel in the year 1995. It is headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The sub-broker code activation time of the company is around 1 month and it’s payout time is 32 days.

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    Types of JK Securities Business Models

    JK Securities is the highly renowned broking house that avails two types of business models for the investors or individuals who wants to make good financial well-being.

    The business models of JK Securities are described below-

    • Master Franchise
    • Sub-broker

    JK Securities Sub Broker or JK Securities Authorized Person

    JK Securities broking house offers an opportunity to the individuals to with under the brand name of the broking house.

    This type of business normally called as monopoly business. In this business model, multiple sub-brokers of the same company can easily and comfortably work at the same office or workplace.

    Benefits of JK Securities Authorized Person

    The benefits of JK Securities sub-broker business model are described below-

    • Flexible revenue sharing
    • Robust credibility
    • Quick online account opening process.
    • Affordable investment value.

    JK Securities Master Franchise

    JK Securities master franchise business model is designed for individuals who are looking forward to working with the brand name of the company. This type of business model allows sub-brokers to add their own group of the member for the growth of the business.

    This kind of business can help sub-brokers to make a decent amount of money or revenue with the entire team of brokers.

    Benefits of JK Securities Master Franchise

    The advantages associated with JK Securities Master Franchise business model are given below-

    • Good work environment
    • Excellent revenue generation
    • The hiring of skilled individuals
    • Additional revenue from the provision of additional services.

    JK Securities Partner Revenue Sharing or JK Securities Sub Broker Commission

    JK Securities is the most popular stockbroking house that offers very accurate revenue sharing opportunity to all its sub-brokers or authorised persons.

    The total revenue received through the authorised persons working for JK Securities broking house is normally calculated as per the following terms-

    • Master Franchise
    • Sub-broker

    The total commission amount received by the sub-brokers of the broking house is normally between the range of 75% to 85% on the basis of the security deposit amount they have submitted with the broking company.

    According to the sub-broker or authorised person business model, the authorised persons of the company are provided with the commission amount starting from 50% of the hot leads and it can range up to 70%.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share JK Securities Share
    Sub Broker 50% – 70% 30% – 50%
    Master Franchise 75% – 85% 15% – 25%

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      JK Securities Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      The security deposit is a reserved amount which you require to submit to the broking house before you apply for its franchise model or licencing program.

      The entire details of JK Securities franchise security deposit are provided below-

      • For the JK Securities Master Franchise model, you will be needed to submit a security deposit of Rs.200,000 and the maximum payable security deposit will be Rs,500,000. The security deposit paid by the investor initially is totally refundable. In case, the investors want to end up with the company’s licencing program then he will get his security deposit back.
      • For the JK Securities sub-broker business model, prior to starting with the sub-broker business model, you will be needed to provide a security deposit minimum of Rs.50,000 to the company. And the maximum-security deposit you will be required to provide is Rs.100,000 in order to gain a higher revenue share.

      Check this table below for better understanding of JK Securities Franchise Cost:

      Security Deposit
      Sub Broker Rs.50,000 – Rs.250,000
      Referral Program Zero

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      JK Securities Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      JK Securities is the oldest and the largest broking house available in the country. It enables experienced brokers to become a partner and also work under the renowned brand.

      But it is to ensure that you are capable enough to meet the entire infrastructure requirements of the JK Securities franchise model with ease and flexibility.

      Here is a quick list of infrastructure requirements that you need to fulfill-

      • You must have an office area of a minimum of 200 square feet in order to regulate the office with convenience.
      • Minimum 3 employees are required to manage the entire office and its work as well.
      • Proper research services are mandatory to have in a way to get the required information easily.
      • Effective trading terminals are required to execute buying and selling of stocks.
      • Most importantly, telephone lines should be there for building better communication network among investors and clients.

      All the infrastructure requirements provided above are very easy to fulfil. You can have all the infrastructure requirements fulfilled with a few bucks.

      JK Securities Sub Broker Offers

      JK Securities has gained huge popularity in the stock market by providing qualitative and all kinds of financial solutions to the needy ones.

      Apart from attractive incentives and revenue share, the broking house avails some other impressive offers for its sub-brokers that are listed below-

      • Zero deposit facility is available.
      • Flexible revenue sharing
      • Zero revenue sharing with prepaid


      JK Securities Franchise or JK Securities Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to JK Securities, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

      If you are willing to access the licencing program of the company, then you will surely be required to fulfil the eligibility criteria first-

      • Firstly, you strictly need to be an Indian in order to access the partnership program of the broking house.
      • You must have cleared your 12 th from any government recognised institution.
      • If you are looking forward to becoming a remisier of the broking house then you would be needed to have experience as an Insurance Advisor, CA, Financial Service Provider etc.
      • Make sure that you are capable enough to fulfil the infrastructure requirements of the JK Securities broking house.
      • It is highly mandatory to get registered with SEBI first in order to get the licence for the company’s franchise model.

      How to become a JK Securities Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      If you want to become a sub-broker or authorised person of JK Securities, follow carefully the steps provided below-

      1. Firstly, sub-brokers need to fill up carefully the registration form of the company with basic details.
      2. Then they will receive a call from the company through which all the basic details will be verified and your interest in becoming a sub-broker of the company will be checked.
      3. After that, pursuing sub-brokers will again receive a call from any concerned person of the company, in which your meeting with relationship manager will be fixed.
      4. You will be needed to meet the relationship manager of the company on a fixed date and time.
      5. In that meeting, you will be provided with the basic details of the company and its licencing program.
      6. In case you have any doubts regarding the partnership program of the broking house, you can ask from the relationship manager without any hesitation.
      7. Once you meeting with the relationship manager is successfully done, then you will be required to submit your personal documents.
      8. Then, your personal details and documents will be thoroughly verified by the broking house and then your documents will be delivered to SEBI for its approval.
      9. Once SEBI approves your documents then you will be provided with your licencing program account ID.
      10. After that, you can be able to start up your own business with the company’s name.

      Documents required to become JK Securities Authorized Person

      One needs to submit a minimum of the following documents:

      • 2 passport size photos
      • Pan card
      • Aadhar card
      • Address proof
      • Proof of DOB
      • Canceled Cheque/ Bank statement
      • Graduation certificate
      • Receipt of the registration fee of SEBI

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      Why Partner with JK Securities?

      JK Securities is one of the best stock broking houses available in the country. The broking house offers all types of financial products and services to the clients who are looking forward to making good financial wellbeing.

      It enables sub-brokers to be the partner of the company also. Here is the complete list of benefits available for the investors given below-

      • The broking house is really good at providing fine revenue sharing opportunities and decent incentives to all of its sub-brokers or authorised persons.
      • The company offers an opportunity to the sub-brokers of being a partner of the company.
      • Great marketing support facility is available
      • Rapid account opening process
      • Back-office support
      • Flexible revenue sharing
      • Zero revenue sharing with prepaid.

      JK Securities Conclusion

      JK Securities is normally considered as the greatly renowned brand across the nation. The full-service broker usually avails all types of financial services for its users or clients.

      It also allows clients to become a partner of the company in a way to gain good profit. To sub-brokers who wish to grab the licencing program of the company, the company avails convenient benefits, offers, revenue sharing models and services.

      If you are looking forward to making your financial well being strong, visit JK Securities and apply for its licencing program. You will surely be able to fulfill all your dream with the broking company easily.

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