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Achiievers Equities Franchise is a renowned stockbroker with extensive experience in this field.

The brokerage house has been doing business in and out with association with many business partners – sub-brokers across the cities and state.

The firm has earned a name for itself for their dedicated services to the investors in the country.

The article which you will be reading below is a complete analysis of the business models followed by Achiievers Equities Sub Broker and their revenue structure.

Along with these two, you will be reading about the different benefits of being their business partner and also the criteria that you to meet in order to become one of the business partners of Achiievers Equities.


Achiievers Equities Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Achiievers Equities Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 5.8/10
Market Share 5.4/10
Products & Services 6.1/10
Revenue Sharing 5.9/10
Holistic Support 5.5/10
Overall Ratings 5.7/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About Achiievers Equities Franchise

Achiievers Equities Franchise

Achiievers Equities has been registered as a private entity with the headquarters in the City of Joy – Kolkata.

The firm is working as a discount broker and thus the rates for the brokerage is very cheap.

The founder member of the firm, Mr. Suman Chakrvarty has established the firm in the year 1999.

The firm has been popular for its cheap brokerage rate and now when discount brokers are so famous, this firm started the process long back in 1999.

In these 20 years of the journey, they have provided the sub-brokership rights to many and for being a sub-broker, you have to wait for 31 days only to get the code generated and the payments are done within 14 days.

The best part here as you can see is about the payment processing time, you get your payout within only 2 weeks which is one of the lowest in the industry.

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    Achiievers Equities Franchise is divided into two types:

    The business model followed by Achiievers Equities is the only one which is –

    • Sub Broker

    Achieevers Equities Sub Broker or Authorized Person

    The sub-brokers working with Achiievers Equities are allowed to pitch, sell and advise the clients they acquire about the products of Achiievers Equities.

    The sub-brokers need to generate revenue by selling the products and services of Achiievers Equities. The pitching of products, advising clients is a part of the selling process only.

    The sub-brokers do this for a part in the revenue as their earning and for the same, they have to keep a security deposit as an investment in the company.

    As mentioned above, if you are applying for the sub-brokers right, then your code will be activated within 31 days after your application has been approved.

    Let see what are the different benefits of becoming an Achiievers Equities sub-broker.

    Benefits of Achiievers Equities Sub Broker or Authorized Person

    • Firstly, the sub-brokers are entitled to receive a share of the revenue which is very high. So, if you are joining as a sub-broker of Achiievers Equities you can expect a good amount of earning every two weeks provided you work hard and acquire clients and makes sales.
    • The second benefit is obviously the cost factor which will be discussed in detail below. However, the cost is too low to be true but it is actually very low. Even there is provision for keeping no security deposit and start the business which is incredible and beneficial for anyone who wants to join, especially for the people who have low capital with them to invest.
    • The third benefit you will receive as a sub-broker is different types of support from the firm whether it is marketing or back office or product training and others, every support and these facilities are provided by the firm itself.
    • The investment products are wide in range and the trading terminals are exceptional which give you the ground to pitch to the clients. This is very useful for you as a sub-broker.
    • Payment will be received in every two weeks which is an added advantage of this discount broker. While the industry average timing for payouts is around a month, this firm provides the payment every 14 days.

    Achiievers Equities Sub Broker Commission or Revenue Sharing Model

    You must be wondering if the security deposit starts from nil amount, then what about the revenue share, but the revenue share, on the other hand, starts at a point which is the average minimum revenue in the industry.

    The firm disburses a minimum of 50% of the revenue generated by you from your clients and the sales made by you. With no investment – security deposit, you can earn a whopping 50% revenue share, which is great.

    The maximum revenue share you can have in the firm is 72% which is against the maximum amount of deposit.

    Check this table below to understand commission sharing better:

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share Achiievers Equities’s Share
    Sub Broker 50% – 72% 28% – 50%

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      Achiievers Equities Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      The sub-brokers of Achiievers Equities can join the business without keeping any deposit as well.

      This is because the security deposit minimum requirement is Zero as you can see in the above table as well.

      This gives immense scope for the interested and prospective sub-brokers to earn a lot without any monetary investment and also for them who has capital limited in their hand.

      The firm keeps a cap on the deposit as well which is Rs. 100000. It is that you can keep a maximum of Rs. 1 lac deposit with the firm in order to earn the best revenue share.

      Below table gives a better perspective of Achiievers Eqquities deposit amount:

      Security Deposit
      Sub Broker Rs. 100,000

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      Achiievers Equities Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      The infrastructure you need to build to become a sub-broker of Achiievers Equities are –

      • An office with at least 150 square feet is mandatory for the sub-brokers
      • The office must have at least 2 employees in it working full time.
      • There is no need for the research services as the Achiievers Equities firm is a discount broker itself.
      • The internet connection is mandatory and the telephone lines need to be activated.
      • The office must have trading terminals of Achiievers Equities. This is to ensure that the clients get to trade if necessary or required from the sub-brokers office itself.

      Achiievers Equities Broking Franchise Offers

      The offers Achiievers Equities provide are –

      • One can start with an initial deposit of Rs. 10000. This helps the prospective sub-brokers to start their business even when they have a shortage of funds to start the business.
      • The other offer is that the firm offers a flexible revenue sharing process.

      Achiievers Equities Franchise Eligibility Criteria

      The minimum eligibility criteria for being a sub-broker are –

      • You must be educated at least up to 10+2 level. This is a mandatory requirement as the basic education is required to understand the complexities of the business and it involves various legal and administrative aspects as well.
      • The next is the certifications you would require, the NISM certificates. The NISM examination for sub-brokers has to be cleared by you in order to become an even apply for the position of sub-broker with Achiievers Equities.
      • The next mandatory requirement is for the experience and you need to have practical experience of trading and investments in the market in order to be a part of the Achiievers Equities. This also helps in advising the clients in the right direction and their investments also grow for the better.
      • There is also a requirement for basic financial products knowledge as you need to pitch the clients about the products according to the investment requirements. The basic knowledge of financial products helps you in pitching the right product to the right customer and according to the right analysis. The firm also helps you in gaining product knowledge by their product training sessions.

      How to become Achiievers Equities Sub Broker or Authorized Person?

      The process of applying with Achiievers Equities is quite easy and you can start after reading this article till the end only. As you will find a button at the end of the article which will

      1. Redirect you to a page where you have to mention all the details of yours. Starting from the personal details – Name, address, occupation, and others as mentioned, you have to fill and submit the form.
      2. Once you submit this form, you will be again redirected to another page where you have to upload the documents for eligibility check. The check will be performed when you upload the documents mentioned in the above section and then once you are found out to be eligible, then
      3. You will receive a call from the Achiievers Equities executives to guide you about the further process of registration and how the verification will be done of the documents.
      4. Once the verification is done and your application is approved, then you will get your sub-brokers cod within 31 days.

      Documents required to become Achiievers Equities Authorised Person

      List of documents required to start Achiievers Equities Sub broker program:

      • PAN
      • AADHAAR
      • NISM Certificates
      • GST Registration Certificates
      • SEBI Certificate of Registration
      • Address Proof
      • Investment Proof
      • Educational Details with certificates
      • Other

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      Why Partner with Achiievers Equities Ltd?

      • Payouts in fortnight
      • Exceptionally low-security deposit requirement
      • High earning potential
      • Minimal infrastructure requirements
      • Wide years of experience
      • Great trading platforms

      Achiievers Equities Franchise Conclusion

      Achiievers Equities, as you can derive from the above article is a great place to thrive for the sub-brokers. They have great offers for the sub-brokers who wants to join the network. You can also encash the goodwill and the years of experience they have in the market to grow your business.

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