Anand Rathi Franchise is one of the well known Sub Broker Franchise business based out at Mumbai. Lets have a detailed Anand Rathi Franchise Review & in-depth understanding of Anand Rathi Sub Broker Offerings, Anand Rathi Revenue Sharing Models & other features of Anand Rathi Partner Program.

Anand Rathi Franchise Offers

Anand Rathi Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Anand Rathi Franchise Review & Ratings
Market Share6.0/10
Products & Services6.5/10
Revenue Sharing7.5/10
Holistic Support6.5/10
Overall Ratings6.7/10


About Anand Rathi Franchise

As we know that, Anand Rathi is a leading Full service broker, and was established in the year 1994 by Mr. Anandrathi and Pradeep Gupta. Since then, this financial firm has made its presence across India and also abroad (Dubai and Bangkok).

Anand Rathi FranchiseIn the year 2007, CVCI group (Citigroup Venture Capital International) joined Anand Rathi as a financial partner. This company provides most of the financial and advisory services that includes equities, commodities, investment banking, mutual funds, wealth management, insurance and corporate advisory.

Their financial research team is very dedicated and powerful that maintains excellent standards for company’s growth and client’s benefits. At present, there are more than 450 outlets across India.

Eligibility for Anand Rathi Franchise

Minimum 2-3 years of experience in selling financial products, a person with good track record and reputation, capacity to invest 2-3 lakhs initially just to start the business.

Types of Anand Rathi Franchise

Currently, Anandrathi is offering two types of Franchise business:

  • Self- Setup Sub broker
  • Remisier (zero infra cost)

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    Anand Rathi Sub Broker Revenue Sharing, Initial Investment & Fees

    Find the detailed discussion on Anand Rathi Franchise Revenue Sharing Models & Initial Investment Amount & Fees.

    Anand Rathi Franchise Revenue Sharing

    Anand Rathi offers a very decent revenue sharing of 70:30 with their Sub Brokers. For a big brand like Anand Rathi, this number is very big & they seem to be very aggressive on Franchise acquisition.

    This revenue sharing is pretty decent in the initial stage of franchise opening. Later, if you are able to generate more brokerage volume, then chance of getting more percentage will rise after a year of performance.

    Anand Rathi Franchise Initial Investment and Fees

    The initial investment will cost you from Rs 2-5 lakhs, depending on the features of a particular type of Franchise. This amount is generally refundable during the time of exit process. Although they demand this amount as security deposit.

    This company is rated very reliable and trustworthy. Here, the sub brokers clients can trade in NSE / BSE, MCX-SX / MCX and the amount one needs to pay for registration will be Rs.2360 x 6 = Rs.14160 only.

    Also, for the office setup the franchisee will also have to invest for computers, UPS, scanner & printer, Broadband connection and other stationary. The Sub Broker office should be in the city’s prime location with minimum 300 sq ft area.

    Anand Rathi Sub Broker Offers

    Anand Rathi offers branding and marketing support from time to time, that also depends on the proposal you send to conduct any kind of event that can generate more revenue and business.

    Sales support, Product support (NSE, BSE, F&O, MF, NSDL, CDSL & many more), centralized back-office access. Also get trading terminal Omnesys software for both BSE and NSE.

    Anandrathi Sub Broker Support / Advisory

    The Broking House provides robust training to their partners and their employees about the trading terminals. Anand Rathi train their partner for situation handling and other fundamental processes for business pitches.

    They also provide centralized back office. They provide through training for various software’s like trading terminal Omnesys software for both BSE / NSE and other inbuilt software and apps.

    Why Partner with Anand Rathi?

    • Big Brand with massive Broking Experience
    • Very Attractive Revenue Sharing Model
    • Provides Marketing Support & Training Support
    • Trade in multiple asset classes in multiple exchanges
    • Offers Faster Account Opening Process
    • Benefit of strong Research & Advisory Team

    How to become partner with Anand Rathi?

    The documents needed are:

    1. Pan Card
    2. Aadhaar card
    3. Educational certificate (minimum one should be 12th pass), and 21 years of age.
    4. Cancelled Cheque
    5. 2 photos

    To complete the registration process in an easy manner, it is advised to visit a chartered accountant. Once the addendum is signed or registration is done, the partners gets the franchise code. Then the sub broker is authorized to open franchise office in that registered area. This entire process takes 2 weeks for registration.

    Anand Rathi Franchise FAQ

    Ques – Does Anand Rathi have Sub Broker Model?

    Answer – Sub brokers play an important role in the shares industry, as their major ground of earning is through the commission on every executed transaction which their clients make. Anand Rathi franchise is indeed a well-known sub-broker franchise business based in Mumbai.

    Ques – Is Anand Rathi having multiple Franchise models?

    Answer – Anand Rathi is known for not just versatility but also for the different types of alternatives they provide their clients to choose from. This franchise at present date provide their clients with two franchise models, namely – self setup sub-broker, remisier (zero infra cost)

    Ques – What is Anand Rathi Sub Broker Commission?

    Answer – Commission or say revenue sharing is one of the most important pillars which holds the sub-broker model in place and puts both the client and the franchise into the benefit.  A name as big as Anand Rathi, works on a 70:30 sub-broker commission scenario with their clients.

    Ques – How much Anand Rathi Franchise Cost?

    Answer – The overall cost of the Anand Rathi franchise works very much in favor of an individual. The franchise’s initial investment is around RS 2-5 lakhs, which is refundable during the time of the exit process. The amount for registration to this very franchise is RS 14,160 only.

    Ques – Does Anand Rathi have Partner Program?

    Answer – The partner program at Anand Rathi is very preferred, as it allows people to not just become an online sub-broker and start offering services but at Anand Rathi they are also provided with a personalized back office with providing training to their partners for situation handling and other fundamentals.

    Ques – What is Anand Rathi Partners Sharing?

    Answer – While being a partner with Anand Rathi, partners are given a respective amount of share from every commission. At Anand Rathi their partners enjoy a standard sharing ratio of 20-30% on every commission from the clients.

    Ques – Is Anand Rathi Partner Program Free?

    Answer – The partner program at Anand Rathi is the second offered program – Remisier. Individuals are not required to pay any cost or expense on infrastructure, the only service required for them to do, is to work with the team and provide service to the clients.

    Ques – Does Anand Rathi provide Training Assistance?

    Answer – Quality is one of those things Anand Rathi does not wish to compromise on. They have been lending wonderful services to clients for years now and thus to keep their team shoulder to shoulder with the market changes, Anand Rathi provides training assistance to the team in form of – business pitches,  situation handling, and many more.

    Ques – How to Become Anand Rathi Sub Broker?

    Answer – Over the years Anand Rathi has eased ways to partner with them and open a franchise office. Individuals are supposed to click on the button – “Become Sub Broker” and complete the registration, and submit every security document. From signing the addendum to getting the franchise code, it merely takes 2 weeks for registration.

    Ques – Does Anand Rathi Franchise provide Support?

    Answer – Anand Rathi is one of those few brands that does not just back their sub-brokers with a big brand name but also provide support. Support at Anand Rathi comes in two forms – marketing support & training support. The franchise provides training to their sub-brokers upon joining the team with also marketing them.

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