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Nifty / Nifty 50 - Check out Performance of Nifty Today

Last Updated Date - Feb 17, 2023

Nifty also known as Nifty 50 is one of the most popular indices in India. Nifty 50 is comprised of 50 shares which influence the markets most. Here, you will find the performance of Nifty indices along with its charts & also performance of all stock in Nifty 50.

Find out performance of Nifty / Nifty 50

This section will provide you with Nifty 50 or Nifty performance. It will provide Live Nifty price & Todays Nifty 50 Price along with Change & Change%. It will also show Nifty past performance & returns%.

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Why is it a better idea to trade in Nifty 50?

As you may already know, Nifty is a collection of 50 stocks from the exchange. The selection of these stocks depends on various factors.

Basically, they represent various sectors of the Indian economy, which is why Nifty itself can be considered to be an economic representation of the sectors in the country.

It is no big deal to understand that if the level of economic activity across these sectors will increase, so will the value of Nifty.

A fall in the level of activity in these sectors would mean a fall in the value of Nifty. This is a reason why it is a good enough idea to trade in Nifty.

But apart from this, here are a bunch of reasons which you will find to be true in this context:

  • Trading in Nifty increases the level of diversification of your position. From the perspective of risk, putting all your money in one single sector can be quite risky. If it were to plummet, so will all of your money. But, Nifty is a collection of various sectors, which means that the price of the index is not dependent upon the direction of any one sector alone. Even if one particular sector were to fall down by a huge count, there would be many other sectors to support the price of the index.
  • The direction of the price movement of an index is the result of price movements in 50 stocks. Even though there may be some chance for stock manipulation in individual stocks, it is highly unlikely that something like that may happen in an index.
  • Nifty, as an index is highly liquid. Thus, an investor can easily trade in the index without worrying about illiquidity.
  • Compared to individual stock options, the margin requirements for index futures is quite less.
  • To trade in an index, an investor needs to take a directional call towards the whole economy rather than inspecting the conditions of trade for one particular stock alone.
  • There is far less volatility in a future index as compared to individual stock options.

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