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This article provides insights about Best Mutual Fund App in India. You go through the article and know about the best apps in the market.

There was a time when information about mutual funds was available only to higher classes of people. But now there is more awareness among every citizen about the same. 

Mutual funds provide a large spectrum of advantages to the investors and thus many people are shifting towards this investment via various methods and mutual funds app.

Direct mutual fund schemes tend to be the common choice of many experienced investors because of the absence of financial intermediaries. 

Through regular mutual fund schemes, these intermediaries get paid from a part of the profits of an investor, and thus, the investor loses an additional amount from their profits. 

Best Mutual Funds App in India - List of Top 10 Mutual Fund AppsWith mutual funds, you can manage your risk by diversifying your funds. This gives you tax benefits too. 

Moreover, funds are managed by professionals who have in-depth knowledge about the way the market functions, and these professionals ensure that your invested money can acquire impressive returns. 

A mutual fund can do exactly the same with you as what you could do for yourself if you had money and time to grow your money.

There are many methods through which you can invest in mutual funds. Most popular of all time include Systematic Investment Plan or commonly known as SIP.

There are two versions of every mutual fund, direct and regular.  Besides, the main difference between the two is of distribution commission.

Regular SIP has a distribution commission whereas direct SIP does not have a distribution commission.

Best Mutual Fund App in India – List of Top 10 Mutual Funds App for Direct SIP

Investing in mutual funds has now become even easier. Instead of going to the mutual fund companies, one can now effortlessly invest in mutual funds from the comfort of their home. 

The following is a list of some of the best mutual fund apps you can try out for direct SIP:

Rank Mutual Fund Apps
1 Zerodha Coin App
2 Groww App
3 ET Money App
4 CAMS App
5 Paytm Money App
6 Kuvera App
7 Goalwise App
8 Piggy App
9 PaisaBazaar App
10 KfinKart App
11 CashRich App

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    Zerodha Coin App – Best Mutual Fund App in India

    Zerodha coin app is ranked on top among mutual fund investing apps. It lets an investor invest in direct SIP across 34 fund houses.

    Through this app, an investor can save up to 1 to 1.5% more annually on direct SIP. 

    It has made a huge customer base which makes this app the first choice among investors. The funds are kept in Demat format and therefore it is easier to offer as leverage for a loan.

    Google Play Store Rating – 4.3/5

    Key features of the App

    • A client can search, filter, and buy from more than 3,000 commission-free direct mutual funds provided by 34 Asset Management Companies (AMC).
    • Brokerage for equity trading is as low as Rs.20 per order, making it one of the most profitable options.
    • The app holds the mutual funds in Demat form, making it easier to electronically keep track of your capital market investments.

    Groww App – Top Mutual Funds App in India

    Groww app is the safest stock trading platform. It lets an investor purchase and sell stocks quickly and easily. An investor can invest in NSE and BSE stocks. 

    This app provides a paper-free investing solution. It also tracks the performance of leading mutual funds.

    Besides, it lets the investor calculate the returns via a mutual fund SIP calculator. It also shares the latest news related to the share market as well as finance.

    Besides, the transaction in the Groww app comes with a 128 bit of SSL encryption, therefore, it is the safest app to invest in direct SIP.

    Google Play Store Rating – 4.6/5

    Key features of the App

    • The design of the app allows the ease of tracking your investments, annualized returns, and total returns.
    • Clients can choose from various options like STP (Systematic Transfer Plan), SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan), NFO (New Fund Offer), with the provision of convenient payment systems like UPI transfer.
    • The app also gives opportunities to buy or redeem several mutual funds or even create a new SIP.

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    ET Money App – Top 10 Mutual Funds App in India

    The app which got the most ratings in the Play Store is the ET money app. This app provides its investors with customized finance strategies via an automated framework. 

    ET money app provides services such as insurance policies, loans, and much more. Investors can experience secured and easy payment options for investing in direct SIP.

    Google Play Store Rating – 4.6/5

    Key features of the App

    • The app helps the clients to look for the best financial instruments, buy them, and manage them at zero brokerage fees.
    • Clients can also purchase quick loans and insurance policies, track expenditures, and invest easily in direct mutual fund investment schemes.
    • Investing in mutual funds is available through both Systematic Investment Plans and lump-sum investments. One can also save taxes with SIPs in ELSS mutual funds.

    CAMS App – Best Mutual Funds App for Direct SIP

    CAMS app can provide investors many features to ease the investing process. The app’s customer care team clears every query of investors. 

    It also provides basic to advance knowledge about mutual funds, money mantra, and distributor news. 

    With the CAMS app, one can easily manage investments. Moreover, it does not hold any personal information of investors.

    This app also lets an investor schedule future mutual fund transactions.

    Google Play Store Rating – 4.3/5

    Key features of the App

    • The app helps the clients to look for the best financial instruments, buy them, and manage them at zero brokerage fees.
    • Clients can also purchase quick loans and insurance policies, track expenditures, and invest easily in direct mutual fund investment schemes.
    • Investing in mutual funds is available through both Systematic Investment Plans and lump-sum investments. One can also save taxes with SIPs in ELSS mutual funds.

    PayTM Money App – Top Mutual Funds App for Direct SIP

    Opening a mutual fund investment account in the PayTM money app is very simple. You can earn 1% higher returns by investing in direct SIP here.  

    PayTM money app’s advisory team also advices portfolio strategy to the investors. This app takes zero commission on buying and selling direct SIP. 

    This app has over 40 mutual fund companies to invest in. With its 24*7 real-time service, the Paytm money app has secured its place in top apps for mutual funds.

    Google Play Store Rating – 4.2/5

    Key features of the App

    • Zero commission fees on purchasing and selling of direct mutual funds.
    • The app also incorporates transparent tracking, data privacy, switching from regular to direct plans, management, and automation of Systematic Investment Plans.
    • Clients can easily invest in liquid funds and experience quick withdrawal facilities.

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    Kuvera App – Top 10 Mutual Fund App for Direct Investment

    Kuvera app is identified as the best online platform for seasoned investors. It has tie-up with every fund house which makes investing in direct SIP easy. 

    The app also features tax harvesting, reports, and tradesmart. Kuvera app rewards its investors too. The reward points can be used to activate paid features.

    Google Play Store Rating – 4.7/5

    Key features of the App

    • The main feature of the platform is its goal-based investments.
    • Mainly, the app helps in visualizing the target goals and the efforts one needs to put in to achieve the goal. You can also see your progress curve as you move forward with your investments.

    GoalWise App – Best Mutual Fund App

    The online investing app, GoalWise can create and manage the investment on the basis of the investor’s risk profile. 

    It regularly checks the performance of the market and advises investors where to invest. This app provides great payment gateway security. 

    An investor can choose this app for easy and hassle-free investment in direct SIP.

    Google Play Store Rating – 4.6/5

    Key features of the App

    • The app offers the advantage of proper financial planning with extra returns on top of the regular funds.
    • It takes care of almost all the processes for you, like asset allocation, rebalancing, financial planning, etc.

    Piggy App – Top Mutual Fund App

    Piggy app shows all the mutual funds holdings on one platform only. This app provides a very decent service for direct SIP along with other mutual funds plans.

    The method of redemption is very simple in Piggy app. 

    Google PlayStore Rating -4.4/5

    Key features of the App

    • Clients can easily invest in direct mutual funds and digital gold. Besides, they can get complete assistance from the AI-enabled technology of this application.
    • The platform offers the latest security measures and encryption technology to protect the information of a client.
    • Investors can even get a detailed analysis of their mutual fund portfolios with up to 1.5% extra returns every year.

    PaisaBazaar App – Top 10 Mutual Fund App

    With a wide variety of financial products in PaisaBazaar, it is a leading app for mutual funds too. Investing in direct SIP via this app can keep investor’s money safe. 

    It is also registered with SEBI which makes this app totally safe to make investments in mutual funds.

    Google PlayStore Rating – 4.4/5

    Key features of the App

    • The app offers numerous solutions to a client related to personal loans, business loans, insurance, and direct mutual fund schemes.
    • Clients can have a savings account online, apply for loans, get an insurance policy, or even check their credit score.
    • Furthermore, the chances of cross-selling and upselling are very high in this application.

    KFinKart App – Best Mutual Funds App

    The core objective of KFinKart is to simplify the journey of a user in mutual funds investments.

    It provides one-touch login facilities and empowers the clients to invest in a cast multitude of mutual funds.

    Google PlayStore Rating – 4.2/5

    Key features of the App

    • This application offers easy access to live market news and a single view of your investments. Besides, it helps in the management of your portfolio and instant transitions of money.
    • It also offers the ease of navigating the Net Asset Value of different mutual funds on a single platform.

    CashRich – Top Mutual Fund Apps

    The CashRich is India’s first mutual fund app which gives investors a dynamic SIP method for earning higher returns. 

    This app consists of high performing schemes under categories such as long term, short term, save tax, etc. 

    Google Play Store Rating – 4.5/5

    Key Features of the App

    • From calculating direct SIP returns to reviewing past performance of the schemes, the CashRich app has everything to offer an investor.
    • It recommends funds to invest on the basis of the investor’s profile. It also provides instant withdrawal of money.

    About Direct SIP

    Direct SIP is a kind of mutual fund which is offered by fund house directly. This enabled the investors to purchase funds without keeping any intermediate person in between. 

    This means that third-party agents i.e., distributors or brokers are not involved. Unlike regular SIP, direct SIP benefits the investor more because no commission is given to the agents. 

    Thus, the direct SIP’s expense ratio is very less. This type of SIP can be purchased online or through an offline method. 

    Direct SIP is also managed by a fund manager but only those investors should invest in direct SIP who has good knowledge about the market and can predict the market well.

    Difference between Direct & Regular SIP

    The differences between direct and regular SIP are made based on certain parameters. These include:

    Investment advice

    The advice when investing in mutual funds becomes necessary but it is not available in direct SIP. Only the investors of regular SIP can have access to advice by the advisor. Also, one can get professional advice in the regular investment plan.

    Broker or distributors

    In regular SIP, there is a presence of a distributor or broker who is in between investor and fund house and he takes commission every time.  

    But the case is different in direct SIP, in this SIP there is no broker present which means that you can buy funds from AMC without any intermediary. This saves them money in the name of the commission fee. 

    Research about the market

    An advisor does all the research about the market and then puts your funds in regular SIP whereas indirect SIP, all the market research has to be done by the investor. 

    Therefore, having knowledge of the market becomes a must. Additionally, the monitoring and reviewing of the market have to be done regularly. 

    The investors in direct SIP have to take time out for this whereas in regular SIP the monitoring is done by professionals and not much personal attention is required.


    Returns are higher in the direct SIP than regular SIP. The reason for this is also that a direct SIP fund is bought from a fund house and only through selected online sites. 

    Moreover, there is no broker here and thus commission fee is not in the discussion. Besides, in regular SIP, the returns are less.

    Expense ratio

    The amount which they deduct as an administrative fee from the investor’s returns is an expense ratio. Since there is no third party in here, the expense ratio in direct SIP is relatively lesser than regular SIP.


    Because there is a high expense ratio in regular SIP, its Net Asset Value is lower. On contrary, the direct SIP has a low expense ratio due to the commission fee and thus has a high NAV.

    Conclusion – Best Mutual Fund App in India

    Investing in a mutual fund is a way of securing your life in the long term. With more awareness among the people about it, investors are increasing in number. 

    Choosing a direct SIP plan requires time, knowledge, and expertise. This plan gives you higher returns and some other benefits too. 

    It is also important to select an app for investing in direct mutual funds online. Here we have ranked the best app for mutual funds. You can invest in any one of these and earn excellent returns. 

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