SP Tulsian Review – Subcription, Services, Recommendations & more

SP Tulsian Advisory is one of the best stock advisory service provider in India. Lets have a detailed SP Tulsian Review along with deep analysis of their subscription fees, advisory services, stock tips & more.

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SP Tulsian Customer Ratings & Review

SP Tulsian Customer Ratings
Subscription Fees7.1/10
Short Term Tips7.5/10
Long Term Tips7.8/10
Intraday Calls7.4/10
Star Ratings★★★★☆

About SP Tulsian

SP TulsianWhen it comes to reputed advisory firms in India SP Tulsian is one of the recognized names in the field. The advisory firm is run by Mr. Tulsian who has over 30 years of experience in the said field. The firm is based in Mumbai. Its main focus lies on upcoming IPOs and analyzing market news.

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SP Tulsian Subscription Fees

The following table shows the current subscriptions that are available to the clients-

Subscription Fees
Duration Pricing
30 daysRs. 4,000
91 daysRs. 10,000

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Types of Stock Tips or Stock Recommendations

Here are various types of Stock Tips provided by SP Tulsian:

Investment recommendation

The firm advice and suggests on the amount of investment to be made and how to make a better portfolio by using quality investment options.

Stock recommendation

The firm advice and recommends the clients which stocks to choose for investment and what returns can be expected at the end of the investment term.

Call recommendation

The firm studies the market trends and recommends the clients and give them tips on how to manage greater risks to earn greater profits. The firm advice on the intraday calls, option calls, daily future calls made on stocks and also give their views on Nifty and other stock related aspects.

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SP Tulsian Services

There are two distinct zones on the website of SP Tulsian, and they are:

  • Member Zone
  • Free Zone

Now based on whether you are a member or not, you can access the corresponding zones. Like for example, the free zone is open for all users, and they can access the following:

But in case, you are a member then, you can have access to the following information:

  • Stock Query
  • Trading Tips
  • Long-term investment stocks
  • Golden Stocks
  • Multibagger Stocks
  • Option calls
  • Market Whispers
  • Future Calls
  • Intraday Calls
  • Stock Recommendations

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SP Tulsian – Client Testimonial

Irshad M Shaikh, Lucknow -“Sir, I can only envy your contentment after reading all the thanksgiving messages from happy members. Thanks for all your inputs. You must be the only SAINT in the stock market, which protects innocent investors.”

Mohamed Mustafa, Mumbai -“Dear Sir, I have experienced a thrill, joy, realty, and anxiety during six Your methods are awe-inspiring and incredible. A novice like me made 20 percent of investment realized and 5pc more.”

Anupam Maloo, Chennai -“The greatest thing about you besides your flawless diamond knowledge of the markets is how your conviction stands like a mountain! You are an inspiration to many and pride of us disciples. Heartiest wishes sir!”

SP Tulsian Summary

SP Tulsian has a good name in the advisory space because not only it is ten years old, but when it comes to stocks and investments or anything related to capital management, this advisory firm comes of great help. This firm can guide you with and help you with your investments, capital and wealth management.

To put it in other words, the firm is a reliable one and therefore, clients can trust the firm with their financial decisions.  Also, the firm has its mobile app which makes it all the more convenience for the clients.

SP Tulsian Pros or Cons

Here are various pros & cons of SP Tulsian:


SP Tulsian has the following advantages:

  • The firm is known to provide its varied services at reasonable prices.
  • The availability of the mobile app makes it convenient for the customers to get regular notifications.


Along with the advantages, the firm also has some disadvantages that include the following:

  • The services provided by the said firm are limited.
  • Unlike other firms that provide a free trial to its customers, SP Tulsian lacks this facility.

To Subscribe to SP Tulsian Stock Tips – Fill up the form below:

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