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Shree Bahubali Franchise has been serving the investors for a really long time now.

It has been in the industry for more than two decades now and has built a loyal customer base and a wide network of business partners who are equally invested and interested in working in this volatile but lucrative market.

The article below you are going to read has a lot of things about Shree Bahubali Sub Broker Program and if you want to start venturing with this firm, then this article has a lot of information for you about the business models, the revenue sharing structure, benefits and offers and lot more.

Shree Bahubali Franchise offers

Shree Bahubali Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Shree Bahubali Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 5.3/10
Market Share 5.2/10
Products & Services 5.6/10
Revenue Sharing 5.2/10
Holistic Support 5.6/10
Overall Ratings 5.4/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Shree Bahubali Franchise

Shree Bahubali Franchise

Shree Bahubali started its journey back in the year 1994 from which it has to never look back.

It was established by Mr. Somendra Kumar Jain in the city of Joy- Kolkata. The firm has its headquarters now in this city with branches and business partners across the country.

The firm has been registered as a public entity in the Calcutta stock exchange. And has a membership of NSE and BSE.

The individuals or the entities who are interested in joining the firm as a sub-broker must know that it takes around 30 days to get the code for the sub-brokers activated. You will also get your payments within 35 days.

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    Types of Shree Bahubali Business Models

    The firm follows only one business model which is –

    • Sub Broker

    Shree Bahubali Sub Broker or Shree Bahubali Authorized Person

    The sub-brokers business model followed by Shree Bahubali is simple and basic and lucrative for the people who are joining and already working as such.

    The model says, that the individual or the entity has to keep a certain amount of deposit in order to get the sub-brokership rights from Shree Bahubali and then it can start working using the name.

    The work process involves the selling of different products that the firm has it is a kitty and also selling the services offered by it. On every successful sale, the sub-broker is entitled to a share of the revenue generated from the sale.

    Benefits of Shree Bahubali Authorized Person

    The benefits that you can expect as a sub-broker of Shree Bahubali are –

    • Products and services of a wide range: The firm has a variety of equity products, derivatives, currencies, and even commodities products to trade and invest. So, you can pitch different clients according to their need for the investment. The company has been providing various financial services as well from trading to Demat services and advisory and research services which are also there for you to pitch to the clients.
    • Trading platforms: Not only the products which are there can be used to pitch to the clients but also you can pitch about the advanced trading terminals, applications and other platforms which Shree Bahubali has for the clients and investors. The trading terminals being crucial to trading and investment surely attracts regular traders.
    • Flexible joining criteria and process: If you are wondering about being eligible to join or not then the criteria for joining as a partner is really flexible and minimal. The process of joining is also easy and has a few steps involved.
    • High earning option: You can earn up to 4/5th of the revenue generated by you and what else do you want? This firm shares most of the revenue with the sub-brokers and keeps the minimum part to themselves.
    • Low investment: The minimum investment you require to join as sub-broker is too low and lower than most of the firms in this industry. This helps you start your sub-broker’s business with a very low amount of capital.

    Shree Bahubali Partner Revenue Sharing or Shree Bahubali Sub Broker Commission

    If you are already happy to see how you can start your business of sub-brokership with just Rs.25000, another good news is even with just putting Rs.25000, and you can earn 60% of the revenue you would generate for the company.

    Since the revenue share depends on the amount of deposit you keep with the company, it is in your hand to increase it whenever you want and get up to 80% of the revenue share if you keep the maximum deposit.

    This firm is one of the fewest brokers in the country who shares such a huge amount of revenue with the sub-brokers and even with such low investment.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share Shree Bahubali’s Share
    Sub Broker 60% – 80% 20% – 40%

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      Shree Bahubali Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      The security deposit that Shree Bahubali ask for them interested sub-brokers is minimal and below the average in the industry.

      This is one of the best things which goes in the favor of the sub-brokers. You can join with a meager Rs. 25000 and you can keep the same investment throughout.

      You can also increase it if you want as the company accepts a deposit up to Rs. 200000. So, you can see the range of deposit is really wide to facilitate a broad number of sub-brokers with varying capital arrangements.

      Check this table below for better understanding of Shree Bahubali Franchise Cost:

      Security Deposit
      Sub Broker Rs.25,000 – Rs.200,000

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      Shree Bahubali Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      The sub-brokers who wants to join Shree Bahubali needs to abide by certain criteria regarding the infrastructure of their office –

      • The office must be accommodating enough and have at least 100 square feet of area in it.
      • You can keep any number of employees and even if you work alone, you can keep none.
      • The office must be equipped with internet services and the trading terminals must be perfectly in place. It is to assure that the clients get the opportunity to trade from the office if they want.
      • There is no need for research services from the office of the sub-brokers. But when you are advising the clients, it is important to provide genuinely and informed advises to the clients about the investment schemes, and products.

      Shree Bahubali Sub Broker Offers

      The general offers which Shree Bahubali provides all the time are –

      • ZERO Deposit which is you can start the business and join as sub-brokers without and investments. Though there are certain conditions to be met.
      • The revenue sharing with the sub-brokers is flexible. It is dependent on the sub-brokers itself.

      The offers can easily be availed by all Shree Bahubali Authorized Person once they register with Shree Bahubali.

      Shree Bahubali Franchise or Shree Bahubali Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to Shree Bahubali, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

      The sub-brokers need to fulfill certain criteria which are regarding their eligibility as sub-brokers with Shree Bahubali –

      • Certifications: The NISM certifications play a great role when you are in this market as a sub-broker. It is not only important for you to become a sub-broker but also important for you because it helps the clients to believe in you as a genuine market participant and have knowledge about the market. So, having proper NISM certification before or during the process of applying for the sub-broker’s position with Shree Bahubali is mandatory.
      • Education: The educational qualification is required in the first place because it ensures that you can handle the official work and understand the market well. When you can have any higher educational qualification, the minimum requirement is 10+2.
      • Experience: In the stock market, experience and practical experience in the market is what required. If you want to become a sub-broker of Shree Bahubali, you need to have at least a few years of experience in trading in the market, investing in financial products.
      • Knowledge of Market: Finally, everything will matter when you are good with financial products knowledge and understand the basics. It is not required to have in-depth knowledge but one having it is preferred obviously. The financial knowledge about different stock market products, derivatives, bonds, etc. helps you to pitch to the clients in the first place.

      How to become a Shree Bahubali Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      Applying for the sub-brokers position with Shree Bahubali is quite easy and you can start now after reading this article.

      1. Go at the end of the article and you will find a button which once clicked, will be redirected to a page when you have to fill the necessary details about yourself – or the entity which you want to register as the sub-broker of Shree Bahubali.
      2. Once you complete filling the page and submit the details, you will be landing on to next page where you have to upload the documents mentioned above required for eligibility check.
      3. If you are found out to be eligible for the position, then an executive from Shree Bahubali will call you up in a few hours or immediately and guide you about the next steps.
      4. Once the verification is over, you can wait for the code to get generated. Once the code is generated you can start your

      Documents required to become Shree Bahubali Authorized Person

      One needs to submit a minimum of the following documents:

      • PAN card
      • Investment proofs
      • Educational details – certificates
      • NISM certificates
      • GST registration certificate
      • SEBI registration certificate
      • Canceled cheques
      • Address details – ID proofs

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      Why Partner with Shree Bahubali?

      If you are finding the reasons to join Shree Bahubali, then here are a few key factors to look at –

      • Exponential commercials – you earn lucrative revenue share
      • Get under the cover of the goodwill earned by Shree Bahubali for 25 years
      • Wide variety of products to sell to the clients
      • Support from the firm is there for a different purpose to boost your business
      • Low investment – lowest in the market
      • Flexible revenue sharing process – flexible eligibility criteria to be met
      • Less infrastructure is required

      Shree Bahubali Conclusion

      Shree Bahubali has been a name that has reckoned in the share market over time and investors recognize this company as one of the best full-service brokers with reasonable charges and this will benefit you as a sub-broker.

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