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ShreeOswal Seeds IPO launched on 7th June 2018. The Issue Size of this IPO is Rs.11.90 cr. This organization involved in production, processing and sale of different kind of agriculture seeds. In this article we have done a detailed analysis of Shreeoswal Seeds IPO objective, Offering, company’s goodwill, financials, allotment status, grey market pricing, subscription status, Shreeoswal Seeds IPO offer price, basis of fixing price and management information.Stock Broker Complaints

Shreeoswal Seeds IPO Review & Ratings

Shreeoswal Seeds IPO Ratings & Review
Criteria Ratings
Industry Sentiments  6.3/10
Industry Ranking  6.6/10
Company Background 6.2/10
Company Reputation 6.3/10
Competitive Edge 6.7/10
Financial Statements 6.1/10
Popularity Index 6.7/10
Promoters Reputation 6.3/10
Retail Appetite  6.7/10
Top Brokers Review 6.4/10
Overall Ratings  6.4/10
Star Ratings ★★★☆☆

Summary of Shreeoswal Seeds IPO

SHREEOSWAL SEEDS IPOShreeOswal Seeds and Chemicals Limited an ISO 22000:2005 certified Company is engaged in the business of production, processing and sale of different kind of agricultural seeds, maize and soyabean. The products are marketed under the brand name of OSWAL. The majority of the sales are through our own Brand which contributed 66.00 %, 85.32 % and 95.25 % respectively to our total sales for the financial year ended March 31, 2015, 2016, and 2017 respectively.

Company has a diversified customer base covering states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Punjab.  The company will be using the fund to finance their new plant & machinery and funding their working capital requirements.


  • Bid Opens On: June 7, 2018
  • BiD Closes On: June 12, 2018
  • Finalization of Basis of Allotment: On or about June 15, 2018
  • Initiation of refunds: On or about June 18, 2018
  • Credit of Equity Shares to demat accounts: On or about June 19, 2018
  • Commencement of trading of the Shares on the Exchanges: On or about June 20, 2018

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    Shreeoswal Seeds IPO Date

    The IPO opens on 7th June 2018 & closes on 12th June 2018.

    Shreeoswal Seeds IPO Subscription

    Day 1 2,288,000 shares
    Day 2 3,660,000 shares
    Day 3 7,076,000 shares
    Day 4 18,132,000 shares
    Day 5

    The shares subscribed by the public will be updated herein on a daily basis, once the IPO is open for subscription.

    Shreeoswal Seeds IPO Allotment Status

    The details of allotment of shares made by the company to the public will be updated herein once the company is through with the allotment process.

    Shreeoswal Seeds IPO Price Band

    The Price bank of this IPO is Rs.25 to Rs.26 per equity share.

    Shreeoswal Seeds IPO Issue Size

    The issue size of this IPO is Rs.11.90 cr.

    Shreeoswal Seeds IPO Equity Share Offerings

    4,576,000 Equity Shares is offered for subscription.

    Shreeoswal Seeds & Chemicals Ltd – Company Overview

    ShreeOswal Seeds and Chemicals Limited was started in 2002 and they has gone public in 2017. The company is engaged in the business of production, processing and sale of different kind of agricultural seeds, maize and soyabean.

    Company processes various kinds of seeds at its processing unit which is located at Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh. At present, our Company processes 5 varieties of wheat seed, 5 varieties of soya bean seed, 3 varieties of Mustard seed, 1 variety of black gram, 1 variety of corn seeds and 1 Variety of isabgol/psyllium.

    Competitive Strengths of Shreeoswal Seeds & Chemicals Ltd:

    • Experienced promoters and Management Expertise
    • Quality projects and committed operations
    • Independent Execution capabilities
    • Networking strength

    Shreeoswal Seeds & Chemicals Ltd – Financial Statements

    Have a look at the financial statements of the firm before you invest in the firm.

    The asset of the Company

    Assets (in lakhs)

      Jan 2018 Nov 2017 Mar 2017 Mar 2016 Mar 2015 Mar 2014
    Non – Current Assets 541 493 186.99 209.71 129.99 115.58
    Current Assets 1452 1391 2547 2280 2880 2739
    Total Assets 1,993.85 1,884.68 2,734.8 2,489.88 3,009.15 2,843.94

    Revenue and PAT of the company

       Revenue and Profit (in lakhs)

      Jan-18 Nov-17 Mar-17 Mar-16 Mar-15 Mar-14
    Revenue 462.04 3,530.16 4,300.12 3,887.04 5,860.25 3,350.11
    Profit After Tax 6.30 88.62 102.39 32.21 30.98 17.71

    Earnings per Equity Share

    Earnings per Equity Share (in lakhs)

      Jan-18 Nov-2017 Mar-17 Mar-16 Mar-15 Mar-14
    Basic 0.10 1.44 1.66 0.52 0.50 x
    Diluted 0.10 1.44 1.66 0.52 0.50 x

    Shreeoswal Seeds & Chemicals Ltd – Promoters

    Sanjay Kumar Baigani, Promoter, Chairman & Managing Director

    Sanjay Kumar Baigani, aged 45 years is the Promoter and Chairman & Managing Director of the Company. He is associated with the Company since Incorporation. He has practical and hands on experience in field related with taxation, accounting and computer.

    He has work experience of more than 10 years with Anil Kumar Sanjay Kumar Jain and was responsible in handling day-to-day working and dealing in seeds, fertilizers, grains etc. including its marketing He is the guiding force behind the strategic decisions of the Company and has been instrumental in planning and formulating the overall business strategy and developing business relations of the Company. He majorly looks after accounts department and finance department of our Company.

    Anil Kumar Nahata, Promoter, Director and Chief Executive Officer

    Anil Kumar Nahata, aged 42 years is the Promoter and Director of the Company and has been designatedas the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. He has been on the Board of the Company since incorporation. He looks after the overall business affairs majorly taking care of sales department, purchase department, production department and marketing department of the Company.

    He has work experience of more than 9 years with M/s. Nahata Brothers and was responsible in handling day-to-day working and dealing in seeds, fertilizers, grains etc. including its marketing. Further, he has also participated in many conventions related with Agri-Industry, ICAR- National Research Centre on seed spices and India Expo, which was held in Karachi Expo. Center, Pakistan.

    Kiran Devi Begani, Promoter and Director

    Kiran Devi Begani, aged 41 years is the Director of the Company. She is taking care of Human Resources Department of the Company. She is the Director of the Company since incorporation.

    Padma Nahta, Promoter and Non-executive Director

    Padma Nahta, aged 41 years is the Director of the Company. She is associated with the Company since incorporation and has been re-designated as Non-executive Director as on January 08, 2017

    Gopal Lal Agarwal. Additional Independent Director

    Gopal Lal Agarwal, aged 56 years is an Independent Director of the Company. He holds Bachelor’s degree in commerce from Rajasthan University, Jaipur. Rajasthan. Prior to joining our Company, he was associated with as State Bank of India as Branch manager and has knowledge and experience on all types of financial analysis, customer relation, statutory obligation, housekeeping, customer relation, general and life insurance business, recovery in difficult accounts etc.

    Sunil Kumar Agrawal, Additional Independent Director

    Sunil Kumar Agrawal, aged 58 years is an Independent Director of the Company. He has completedSecondary School from Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan.

    The interest of Promoters in the Promotion of the company

    The Directors, Sanjay Kumar Baigani, Anil Kumar Nahata, Kiran Devi Begani and Padma Nahta may be deemed to be interested in the promotion of the Company to the extent of the Equity Shares held by them. And also to the extent of any dividend payable to them and other scatterings in respect of the aforesaid Equity Shares.

    The interest of Promoter in the Property of the company

    Directors have not entered into any contract, agreement or arrangements within a period of two years preceding the date of Draft Red Herring Prospectus in which the Directors are interested directly or indirectly. No payments have been made to them in respect of these contracts, agreements or arrangements or are proposed to be made to them. Further, the Directors do not have any interest in any immovable property to be acquired by the Company.

    The interest of Promoter in the Intellectual Rights of the company

    Promoter has not shown any interest in acquiring the intellectual rights of the company.

    Shreeoswal Seeds IPO Offer Details or Issue Details

     Particulars  No. Of Equity Shares
     Equity Shares Offered 4,576,000 Equity Shares of Rs 10/- each
     Of which:
     Reserved for Market Makers Upto 2,34,000
     Net Issue to the Public 43,44,000
     Of which:
     Retail Investors Portion Upto 21,72,000
     Non-Retail Investors Portion X
     Equity Shares outstanding prior to the Issue X
     Equity Shares outstanding after the Issue  X


    Shreeoswal Seeds IPO – Issue Object

    These are the IPO Issue Objects of the company

    • Purchase of New Plant & Machinery
    • Funding the working capital requirements of our Company
    • General corporate purposes ( Yet to be finalized)

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    Shreeoswal Seeds IPO – Basis of the Offer Price

    The issue price is determined by the company in consultation with the Lead manager on the basis of the following qualitative and quantitative factors. The face value of each share is Rs 10 and the issue price of the IPO is yet to be decided.

    Qualitative factors are:

    Some of the qualitative factors, which form the basis for computing the price, are:

    • Diverse portfolio of seed products;
    • Strong distribution network across various geographies in India;
    • Experienced management and dedicated employee base;
    • Accredited with ISO 22000:2005 Quality Certification;
    • Established Brand Image.

    Quantitative factors influencing the offer price:

    • Basic and Diluted Earnings per Share (EPS)
    • Price to Earnings (P/E) ratio
    • Return on Net Worth
    • Minimum Return on Increased Net Worth required to maintain pre-issue Earnings Per Share
    • Net Asset Value per Equity Share
    • Comparison of Accounting Ratios with Peer Group Companies

    List of Latest IPOs of 2018

    Shreeoswal Seeds IPO Lead Managers

    Lead Managers

    Shreeoswal Seeds IPO Registrar to offer

    Registrar of the Offer

    Shreeoswal Seeds IPO Review by Top 10 Stock Brokers

    Top Stock Brokers Review Company Repu-tation Compe-titive Edge Finan-cial State-ment Popu-larity Index Promo-ters Repu-tation
    Angel Broking 6.4/10 6.6/10 6.0/10 6.4/10 6.0/10
    Sharekhan 6.2/10 6.1/10 6.6/10 6.1/10 6.2/10
    Kotak Securities 6.3/10 6.2/10 6.3/10 6.4/10 6.3/10
    ICICI Direct 6.3/10 6.3/10 6.7/10 6.1/10 6.1/10
    IIFL 6.2/10 6.2/10 6.8/10 6.0/10 6.1/10
    Edelweiss 6.2/10 6.3/10 6.3/10 6.3/10 6.2/10
    Zerodha 6.3/10 6.4/10 6.3/10 6.3/10 6.0/10
    5Paisa 6.1/10 6.4/10 6.3/10 6.1/10 6.1/10
    Karvy 6.3/10 6.3/10 6.2/10 6.1/10 6.0/10
    Motilal Oswal 6.3/10 6.4/10 6.3/10 6.5/10 6.4/10

    The ratings would be updated once the financials and the other details of the IPO are released.

    Shreeoswal Seeds IPO Grey Market Premium

    The SHREEOSWAL SEEDS AND CHEMICALS LIMITED IPO Grey Market Premium is yet to be announced. It will be updated as soon as the premium rates are announced. The grey market generally opens up 15 days before the release of the IPO. The grey market is traded among the local traders and they are the best lot to go for such deals.

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