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In this article, we will discuss in detail about Sandhya Marines IPO review along with in-depth analysis on offerings, company’s financial, Sandhya Marines IPO reputation, allotment status, grey market pricing, Sandhya Marines IPO release and close dates, price and many more.Open Demat Account - Offers

Sandhya Marines Ltd IPO Review & Ratings

Criteria Ratings
Industry Sentiments 6.0/10
Industry Ranking 6.3/10
Company Background 6.5/10
Company Reputation 6.0/10
Competitive Edge 6.5/10
Financial Statement 6.0/10
Popularity Index 6.3/10
Promoters Reputation 6.5/10
Retail Appetite 6.6/10
Top Brokers Review 6.5/10
Overall Ratings 6.3/10
Star Ratings ★★★☆☆

Summary of Sandhya Marines IPO

Sandhya Marines IPOThe seafood exporter, Sandhya Marines IPO offers the issue of Rs 300 crore and offer Rs 1.26 Crore sale of equity share by the following shareholders – Dr K. V. Prasad, Ms K. Suryanarayanamma, K. Anand Kumar and K. Arun Kumar.

The proceedings from the Sandhya Marines IPO is for the set-up of a new Processing Unit for shrimps, new corporate office, mill-facility for fish food and Debt repayment.

Karvy Investment Banking (Karvy Investor Services Limited) and SBI Capital Markets Ltd will be lead managers of the company’s Initial Public Offer (IPO). Karvy Computershare Private Limited is the registrar to this offer.

The main objective of this company is associated with fish farming & culture and business of processing, packing, export & import and other similar business in marine products.

It is expected that by 2022, the shrimp production in India can reach a volume of more than 1 million tons and the growth rate at CAGR of 11%.

Sandhya Marine growths The Government of India has given the approval under fisheries policy for the following categories:
(a) Processing Units
(b) Aquaculture Pond/ Farm
(c ) Feed Manufacturing Units or related Equipment Manufacturing
(d) Aqua Labs/ Disease Diagnostic Labs Promotion.

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    Sandhya Marines IPO Date – Start & End Date

    The opening date and closing date of this IPO is not yet finalized and these dates will be disclosed here one week before the actual release. 


    Opens On Closes On

     Sandhya Marines IPO Subscription

    Day 1 X
    Day 2 X
    Day 3 X
    Day 4 X
    Day 5 X

    The IPO will be up in the stock exchange for subscription probably in the 2nd week of May 2018. We will update the data of Subscription once it is declared.

    Sandhya Marines IPO Allotment Status

    The Allotment status will be out within 2-3 weeks of IPO issue. Please check the IPO allotment status post issue of IPO.

    Amount Payable

    Application Price Allotment Price
    Rs. Rs.

     Sandhya Marines IPO Price Band

    The price band is yet to be disclosed, this will be revealed before 1 week of the issue.

    Sandhya Marines Issue Size

    The issue size of the IPO is around INR 300 crore and the secondary market sale of 12.6 million shares by the promoters.

    Sandhya Marines IPO Equity Shares Offerings

    Not yet disclosed. This will be released post approval from SEBI.

    Sandhya Marines Ltd – Company Overview

    Sandhya Marines Ltd was incorporated in the year 1987. This company is based out of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Sandhya Marines Ltd is seafood product exporter and has filed its DRHP (Draft Red Herring Prospectus) under SEBI for IPO permission. In year 2017, Sandhya Marines generated a total revenue of around Rs. 528.84 crores jobs, which is 47% up (from the previous year), perhaps the  company profit increases by 48% to Rs 32.74 crore.

    Registered and Corporate Office:

    D.No-7-5-108/1, Plot No.62 & 67, IInd Floor, Pandurangapuram, Visakhapatnam – 530 003, Andhra Pradesh, India

    Contact Person: Mr. M.S.Sivanand, Company Secretary and

    Compliance Officer: +91 891 256 6357;

    Fax: +91 891 256 7226 Email-ID: cs@sandhyamarines.com;

    Website: www.sandhyamarines.com

    Corporate Identity Number: U05004AP1987PLC007578

    Sandhya marines is an exporter of frozen seafood products that are ready to cook and ready to eat. These products are made from white shrimp. These products are exported across North America, Europe and various parts of Asia.

    Sandhya Marines Ltd Company – Financial Statement

    Check out the details below for their financial stability:

    Assets of the Company

        Non-Current Asset Current Asset Total Asset
    Assets (in millions) Mar’17 977.85 2,001.92 2,979.77
    Mar’16 921.95 1,379.52 2,301.47
    Mar’15 647.93 1,010.37 1,658.30
    Mar’14 511.9 791.68 1,303.58
    Mar’13 399.6 301.46 701.06

    Revenue & PAT of the Company

    Total Revenue Profit after Tax (PAT)
    Revenue & Profits (in millions) Mar’17 8402 555
    Mar’16 7798 297
    Mar’15 6941 476
    Mar’14 5871 329
    Mar’13 3001 119

    There seems to be a potential growth in the last five years, which is almost 5 times. So, the profit in the future seems equally in the bright  side.

    Company Promoters 

    Promoted By
    K V Prasad
    K Suryanarayanamma
    K Anand Kumar

    Sandhya Marines IPO Offer Details

    Check the details below for detailed understanding:

    Offer of Equity Shares  [●] Equity Shares aggregating up to ₹[●] million
    Of which:
    Fresh Issue   [●] Equity Shares aggregating up to ₹ 3,000 million. Our  Company,  in  consultation  with  the  BRLMs,  is
    considering a Pre-IPO Placement of up to 7,000,000 Equity
    Shares  for  cash  consideration  aggregating  up  to  ₹  1,500
    million, at  its discretion, prior to filing of the Red Herring
    Prospectus  with  the  RoC.  If  the  Pre-IPO  Placement  is
    completed, the size of the Fresh Issue will be reduced to the
    extent  of  such  Pre-IPO  Placement,  subject  to  compliance
    with Rule 19(2)(b) of the SCRR
    Offer for Sale   Up  to  12,600,000  Equity  Shares  aggregating  up  to  ₹[●] milion
    Offer for Sale by Dr. K.V. Prasad  Up  to  4,500,000  Equity  Shares  aggregating  up  to  ₹[●] million
    Offer for Sale by Ms. K. Suryanarayanamma Up to 900,000 Equity Shares aggregating up to ₹[●] million
    Offer for Sale by Mr. K. Anand Kumar Up  to  3,600,000  Equity  Shares  aggregating  up  to  ₹[●] million
    Offer for Sale by Mr. K. Arun Kumar Up  to  3,600,000  Equity  Shares  aggregating  up  to  ₹[●] million
    The Offer consists of:
    Employee Reservation Portion   Up to [●] Equity Shares aggregating up to ₹[●] million
    Net Offer   [●] Equity Shares aggregating ₹[●] million
    The Net Offer consists of:
    A) QIB Portion   [●] Equity Shares
    Of which:
     Anchor Investor Portion   Upto [●] Equity Shares
     Balance  available  for  allocation  to  QIBs  other  than Anchor Investors (assuming Anchor Investor Portion is fully subscribed) [●] Equity Shares
    Of which:
     Available  for  allocation  to  Mutual  Funds  only  (5%  of the QIB  Portion  (excluding  the  Anchor  Investor portion) [●] Equity Shares
     Balance for all QIBs including Mutual Funds [●] Equity Shares
    B) Non-Institutional Portion Not less than [●] Equity Shares
    C) Retail Portion Not less than [●] Equity Shares

    Objects of Sandhya Marines IPO issue

    The main objects and the objects ancillary to the main objects of our MoA enables our Company

    (i) to undertake our existing business activities;

    (ii) to undertake activities for which funds are being raised by us through the
    Offer; and

    (iii) activities undertaken for which loans were raised and which are proposed to be prepaid from the
    Net Proceeds


    Sandhya Marines IPO : Basis of Offer Price

    The equity share face value is Rs 10 and the offer price is yet to be determined by the company in consultation with BRLM. Below are the various factors both qualitative and quantitative, that will determine the offer price:

    Qualitative Factors:

    • Established Reputation as a Supplier of Quality Seafood Products;
    • Global Revenue Base with a Growing Presence in the US Market;
    • Experienced Promoters and Management Team;
    • Strategically Located Processing Facilities with Modern Equipment
    • Strong Procurement Network; and
    • Track Record of Robust Financial Performance and Profitability.

    Quantitative Factors:

    • Earnings Per Share (“EPS”) (as adjusted for changes in capital, if any)
    • Price / Earning (P/E) Ratio in relation to Offer Price of Rs [●] per Equity Share
    • Minimum return on increased net worth after the Offer required for maintaining pre-offer EPS at
      March 31, 2017

    Return on net worth (%) = Profit after tax as restated * 100 / Net worth at the end of the year / period i.e., Ma
    31 of the respective years.
    Net Worth = Equity Share Capital + Securities Premium Account + General Reserve + Surplus / (Deficit) in
    statement of profit and loss + Other Reserves created out of profits but does not include revaluation reserve.

    IPO Lead Managers

    Karvy Investor Services Ltd
    SBI Capital Markets Ltd

    IPO Registrar of the Offer

    Karvy Computershare Pvt Ltd

    Sandhya Marines IPO Review by Top 10 Stock Brokers

    Here is what stock brokers & their research analyst has to say about the IPO:

    Top Stock Brokers Review Company Repu-tation Compe-titive Edge Finan-cial State-ment Popu-larity Index Promo-ters Repu-tation
    Angel Broking 6.0/10 6.5/10 6.0/10 6.3/10 6.5/10
    Sharekhan 6.1/10 6.6/10 6.8/10 6.5/10 6.7/10
    Kotak Securities 6.3/10 6.5/10 6.9/10 6.5/10 6.6/10
    ICICI Direct 6.3/10 6.3/10 6.2/10 6.4/10 6.4/10
    IIFL 6.5/10 6.5/10 6.2/10 6.0/10 6.5/10
    Edelweiss 6.5/10 6.5/10 6.1/10 6.3/10 6.6/10
    Zerodha 6.4/10 6.4/10 6.0/10 6.1/10 6.5/10
    5Paisa 6.1/10 6.6/10 6.8/10 6.5/10 6.3/10
    Karvy 6.4/10 6.3/10 6.7/10 6.6/10 6.5/10
    Motilal Oswal 6.1/10 6.5/10 6.9/10 6.3/10 6.4/10

    Sandhya Marines IPO Grey Market Premium

    The Grey Market Premium of Sandhya Marines IPO has not been released yet. It will release 2 weeks before the IPO issue date.

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       Sandhya Marines IPO News

      News 1 – Public Issues : Sandhya Marines Limited Draft Offer Documents filed with SEBI

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