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The Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited is launching its IPO soon. Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited, a pharma company based in Gujarat is all set to float an IPO. Let’s have a detailed review of Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited IPO and an in-depth analysis of the IPO release date, IPO offer price, Finecure Pharmaceuticals IPO subscription, IPO allotment, greymarket price and other details like the company’s background, its financial positions, its promoters and other related things.

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Finecure Pharma IPO Review & Ratings

Finecure Pharmaceuticals IPO Ratings & Review
Criteria Ratings
Industry Sentiments 6.0/10
Industry Ranking 6.1/10
Company Background 6.1/10
Company Reputation 6.4/10
Competitive Edge 6.2/10
Financial Statements 6.3/10
Popularity Index 6.2/10
Promoters Reputation 6.1/10
Retail Appetite 6.1/10
Top Brokers Review 6.2/10
Overall Ratings 6.2/10
Star Ratings ★★★☆☆

Summary of Finecure Pharmaceuticals IPO

Finecure Pharmaceuticals IPOThe Finecure Pharmaceuticals’ main goal is to make lives easier. There are a lot of core strengths of the company that provides you the assurance to invest in these IPO without a second thought.

Quality assurance and standards, Experienced management team, Diversified business operations and revenue base, Strong sales, marketing and distribution capabilities, Enhanced focus on process development, Scalable Business Model and Global Presence are the USP of the company.

Initial Public Offering of up to 43, 40,000 Equity Shares of face value of ₹ 10 each, at an Offer Price of ₹ [●] per Equity Share for cash, aggregating up to ₹ [●] Lakhs comprising of a Fresh Issue of up to 36,40,000 Equity Shares aggregating ₹ [●] Lakhs and an Offer for Sale of up to 7,00,000 Equity Shares aggregating to ₹ [●] Lakhs comprising an offer of up to 1,00,000 Equity Shares aggregating to ₹ [●] Lakhs

The Promoters of this company are

  • Vikash Rajgarhia
  • Vivek Rajgarhia
  • Vishal Rajgarhia

The Lead Manager to the issue is Hem Securities Limited and the registrar to the offer is Linktime India Private Limited.

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    Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited IPO date

    The opening and the closing date of the Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited IPO is not known yet.

    Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited IPO Subscription

    Day 1 X
    Day 2 X
    Day 3 X
    Day 4 X
    Day 5 X

    The IPO issue date has not been announced yet. Once the IPO date has been issued, the subscription details will be updated regularly.

    Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited IPO Allotment Status

    Since the issue date has not been fixed yet, the Allotment Status is not out. The Allotment status will be announced about 3-4 weeks of the IPO issue date.

    Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited IPO Price Band

    The face value of each share is ₹10 each and the Offer Price is [●] times of the face value at the lower end of the Price Band

    Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited IPO Issue Size

    The Issue Size is not known as of now.

    Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited IPO Equity Share Offerings

    Initial Public Offering of up to 43,40,000 Equity Shares of face value of ₹ 10 each, at an Offer Price of ₹ [●] per Equity Share for cash, aggregating up to ₹ [●] Lakhs.

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       Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited-Company Overview

      Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited is a pharma company based in Gujarat. The company was found in the year 2005 as a private limited concern. The company manufactures and is involved in the process development of Anti-Infective, Gastrointestinal, and Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Allergic, Anti-Asthmatics, Multi-Vitamins and Nutraceuticals drugs.

      The company had also invested in few other genuine and famous pharma companies with a motive to expand their business. The best quality of medical representatives chosen by the company is the backbone of the success of this firm. The best portfolio available at present for the medical markets is the reason why there is a great demand for the Indian drugs in African countries.

      The Indian pharma industry has recorded humongous growth levels in the past few years. There is constant demand not only in international markets but also in domestic markets. The company has garnered several awards and recognition in the past few years. The strict quality control measures taken by the company provides genuine quality goods. The company also participates vigorously in many social causes.

      They have the best human resources who work together striving to attain the goals. Any dosage that is manufactured by the company undergoes stringent product quality checking before they are disbursed into the market for sales. The distributors throng the company due to the reception of the people for the products of Finecure.

      The key management personnel of the company is:

      • Ashish S.Sanghvi, Chief Financial Officer
      • Sonamben Zatkiya, Company Secretary, and Compliance Officer

      Competitive Strengths of Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited:

      • Quality assurance and standards
      • Experienced management team
      • Diversified business operations and revenue base
      • Strong sales, marketing and distribution capabilities
      • Enhanced focus on process development
      • Scalable Business Model
      • Global Presence

      Business strategy of Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited:

      • Broaden and Deepen presence in existing product portfolio
      • Focus on chronic division
      • Increase global market presence by targeting regulated markets
      • Expand manufacturing scope by adding more products
      • Improve operational efficiencies

      Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited-Financial Statements

      Have a look at the financial statements of the firm before you invest in the firm.

      Assets of the Company

      Asstes (in INR Lacs)
        Mar-17 Mar-16 Mar-15 Mar-14 Mar-13
      Non-current assets         3,539         2,346         1,949         1,099            966
      Current assets         3,318         3,337         2,234         2,096         1,595
      Total Assets         6,857         5,684         4,183         3,196         2,561

      Revenue & PAT of the Company

      Revenue & Profits (in INR & Lakh)
        Mar-17 Mar-16 Mar-15 Mar-14 Mar-13
      Revenue         9,841         8,828         6,573         4,584        3,190
      Profit After Tax         1,369          1,013             720             443           417

      Earnings per Equity Share

      Earning per Equity Share (in INR)
        Mar-17 Mar-16 Mar-15 Mar-14 Mar-13
      Basic  10.77 7.97 5.66 3.49 3.28
      Diluted 10.77 7.97 5.66 3.49 3.28

      The company has progressed with the revenue as well as the profits in a quite consistent manner and hence can be looked upon as a safe venture.

      Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited-Promoters

      The Promoters of this company are

      • Vikash Rajgarhia
      • Vivek Rajgarhia
      • Vishal Rajgarhia

      The interest of Promoters in the Promotion of the company

      The promoters of the company are interested in the promotion of the company. They have invested so they obtain the dividends from the company.

      The interest of Promoters in the Property of the company

      The promoters of the company are not interested in acquiring any property of the company. No property has been acquired ever in the last two years before the filing of the Red Draft Herring Prospectus.

      There are no other common interests of the promoters.

      Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited IPO Offer Details or Issue Details

       Particulars  No. Of Equity Shares
       Equity Shares Offered Up to 43,40,000 Equity Shares
       Of which:
       Reserved for Market Makers [●] Equity Shares
       Net Issue to the Public [●] Equity Shares
       Of which:
       Retail Investors Portion Not less than [●] Equity Shares
       Non-Retail Investors Portion Not less than [●] Equity Shares
       Equity Shares outstanding prior to the Issue 1,27,08,650 Equity Shares
       Equity Shares outstanding after the Issue [●] Equity Shares

      The details will be updated once the company finalises on the same.

      Finecure Pharmaceuticals IPO Issue Object

      These are the IPO Issue Objects

      • The money raised out of the IPO would be used for the setting up of the new plant at Sanand, Gujarat.
      • The money would also be used for funding the capital requirement for the effective functioning of the company
      • The general corporate financial needs would also fall under the curfew of this IPO money.

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      Finecure Pharmaceuticals IPO-Basis of Offer Price

      The issue price is determined by the company in consultation with the Lead manager on the basis of the following qualitative and quantitative factors. The face value of each share is Rs 10 and the price band of the IPO is Rs 45 per share.

      Qualitative factors are:

      • An experienced team of Promoters
      • Diversified revenue sources and customer base
      • Implementation of modern processes and technology
      • Management team highly professional in nature
      • Work culture focused on customer satisfaction.

      The relevant quantitative factors are:

      • Basic and Diluted Earnings per Share (EPS) as per Accounting Standard 20 as adjusted for changes in capital
      • Price to Earnings (P/E) ratio in relation to Issue Price of Rs. 45 per Equity Share of Rs. 10 each fully paid up
      • Return on Net worth (RoNW)
      • Minimum Return on Total Net Worth post Issue needed to maintain Pre-Issue EPS for the year ended March 31, 2017, is 7.15%
      • Net Asset Value (NAV)

      List of Latest IPOs of 2018

      Finecure Pharmaceuticals IPO Registrar to the Issue

      Registrar to the Issue
      Link InTime India Private Limited

      Finecure Pharmaceuticals IPO Lead Manager

      Lead manager to the issue
      Hem Securities Limited

      Finecure Pharam IPO Review by Top 10 Stock Brokers

      Top Stock Brokers Review Company Repu-tation Compe-titive Edge Finan-cial State-ment Popu-larity Index Promo-ters Repu-tation
      Angel Broking 6.2/10 6.3/10 6.2/10 6.0/10 6.0/10
      Sharekhan 6.2/10 6.0/10 6.2/10 6.0/10 6.2/10
      Kotak Securities 6.3/10 6.2/10 6.3/10 6.0/10 6.3/10
      ICICI Direct 6.3/10 6.3/10 6.3/10 6.0/10 6.0/10
      IIFL 6.2/10 6.2/10 6.4/10 6.0/10 6.0/10
      Edelweiss 6.2/10 6.3/10 6.3/10 6.3/10 6.2/10
      Zerodha 6.3/10 6.0/10 6.2/10 6.0/10 6.0/10
      5Paisa 6.0/10 6.0/10 6.3/10 6.0/10 6.0/10
      Karvy 6.3/10 6.3/10 6.2/10 6.0/10 6.0/10
      Motilal Oswal 6.0/10 6.0/10 6.2/10 6.3/10 6.2/10

      Finecure Pharma IPO Grey Market Premium

      Grey market for Funecure Pharma will open 15 days before the release of the IPO. Thus, once the IPO release date is announced, this section will be updated with the grey market open date and the grey market premium or the kostak rates will also be published herein.

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