Gold Rate in Telangana – Find 22 Ct & 24 Ct Gold Price in Telangana Today

Gold is the most sought-after metal in the world today. In fact, it has retained that stature since centuries. That’s why we’ve created a series of articles to help you out. This one specifically talks about gold rate in Telangana. It accounts all the parameters that impact the gold rate in Telangana today.

It often becomes difficult for people to locate the current price of Gold and, even if they manage to do that, it’s nearly impossible to track down the trend of its price variations.

So, we’ll talk about the rates of 24 and 22 carat gold. We’ll help you understand about 916 Hallmark gold.

In fact, we’ll even discuss about certain international occurrences that affect the gold rate in Telangana. In short, you may consider this the right place to fetch gold rate in Telangana live.

22 Carat Gold Rate in Telangana – Gold Price in Telangana Today

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22 carat gold is usually used to make jewellery throughout the world. It’s basically 22 parts gold mixed with 2 parts of other metals like nickel, zinc or even silver.

This section is all about 22 carat gold rate in Telangana. In fact, it includes a thorough mention of gold price in Telangana today as compared to the past few days.

24 Carat Gold Rate in Telangana Today – Gold Price in Telangana

24 carat gold is known as the purest form of gold. It does not have any other metal mixed to it. Hence, the it’s highly priced as compared to 22 or 18 carat gold.

This particular section will tell you about 24 carat gold rate in Telangana. This sort of gold is widely used to create gold bars and bricks.

It’s uses even apply to several medical and electronic equipment. Thus, its price often keeps on shifting as per the market demand.

However, you’ll easily be able to detect pure gold price in Telangana using this section because of the detailed chart it consists.

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Gold Price in Telangana for Last 15 Days

Gold price in Telangana is as volatile as it is in other states of India. However, it often follows a pattern of change. This can be used by the buyers to fetch gold at best prices.

Therefore, it’s always wise to keep a track of daily changes. This section tells you about the gold price variations in Telangana in the last 15 days with a clear distinction for 22 and 24 carat gold.

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Graph of Gold Rate Today in Telangana – Also Past Gold Price in Telangana

Gold rate in Telangana is always a matter of change. In fact, it varies frequently on a daily basis. That’s why it’s important to keep a track of the change in a systematic manner.

Hence, we’ve dedicated this section by including a graph depicting the pattern of the price change in gold price.

  • Gold 22 CT :
  • Gold 24 CT :

Gold Price in Telangana – Past 6 Months Price

If you’re willing to invest in gold, it’ll be a smart move to track down the Gold rate in Telangana for the past 6 months. Fortunately, now you can do that with ease with the help of the following sections.

July 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Telangana

Gold Rates in July 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-07-2020₹ 4,765₹ 4,865
08-07-2020₹ 4,660₹ 4,760
15-07-2020₹ 4,790₹ 4,890
22-07-2020₹ 4,870₹ 4,970
31-07-2020₹ 5,190₹ 5,290
Highest Rate in July₹ 5,190₹ 5,290
Lowest Rate in July₹ 4,623₹ 4,750

We aim to provide you with all the material, which will give you all the information about the Gold Rate in Telangana. This section contains all the data which is in line with the month of July’s price movement, and you can see how the price curve took shape all along the month.

  • In the table, you can check how above the common threshold the rate of gold rose up to and also how low the prices fell.
  • Now, we must take a look at the change in price which is expressed in the form of percentage, and stood at 12.26% and 11.37% for both the category gold.
  • This was a major change as witnessed by the investors and the gold fanatics.
  • As you can see the records, the highest price level of 22 carat gold was Rs.5190 and for 24 carat gold it was Rs.5290.
  • On the other end, the lowest of the records were when the 22 carat gold was at Rs.4623 and 24 carat gold was Rs.4750.

June 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Telangana

Gold Rates in June 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-06-2020₹ 4,511₹ 4,920
08-06-2020₹ 4,432₹ 4,840
15-06-2020₹ 4,532₹ 4,945
22-06-2020₹ 4,610₹ 5,029
30-06-2020₹ 4,627₹ 5,048
Highest Rate in June₹ 4,645₹ 5,066
Lowest Rate in June₹ 4,427₹ 4,779

This is our attempt to introduce you to the trend of gold rate in Telangana during June 2020. We’ve collected the gold prices throughout the month to compile this section. This’ll help you to figure out the pattern of change in the gold rates. So, just go ahead and read out:

  • The lowest price determined for the 22 carat gold category was worth Rs. 4,427 per gram. This price was collected during the 4th week of the month. Things went well post this time. In fact, the highest rate for this category was recorded on the very last day of the month. It was determined to be worth Rs. 4,645.
  • 24 carat category of gold had a totally different path for the changes in rates. It registered a record low for the month of June 2020 at Rs. 4,779 per gram. this was recorded ruing the transition from 2nd to 3rd The highest price for this segment was articulated during the last day nonetheless. This was the day it registered a record high of Rs. 5,066.
  • The two concerned segments followed two entirely different paths of change. For the 22 carat part, the prices took off at a moderate high in the 1st However they gradually dropped all the way till the 4th week before shooting over during the 5th. For the 24 carat category however, prices started off at a moderate high in the beginning, succumbed till the 3rd week and again shot up by the 4th.
  • The performance of 22 carat segment was recorded at 4.92%. however, the performance of the 24 carat segment was worth 6.01%.

May 2020, Gold Rates in Telangana

Gold Rates in May 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-05-2020₹ 4,392₹ 4,670
08-05-2020₹ 4,432₹ 4,708
15-05-2020₹ 4,479₹ 4,782
22-05-2020₹ 4,506₹ 4,887
31-05-2020₹ 4,491₹ 4,898
Highest Rate in May₹ 4,590₹ 4,908
Lowest Rate in May₹ 4,360₹ 4,640

The table underneath has detailed information on gold rate in Telangana for the entire month of May 2020. In fact, it distinguishes gold rate in Telangana per gram for both 22 and 24 carat gold. So, here’s how it goes:

  • The table shows gold price per gram distinctively for both 22 and 24 carat gold.
  • The data present within the table varies by 7 days. Therefore, the highest and lowest price per gram may vary.
  • Highest rate achieved by 22 carat gold in May 2020 was 4,590 INR. However, 4,908 INR was the highest value for 24 carat gold in this month.
  • The lowest price for 22 carat gold throughout the month was 4,360 INR. The lowest price for 24 carat gold however, reached not less than 4,640 INR.
  • Performance of the 22 carat segment was enlisted at 5.28%. However, the 24 carat section enlisted a performance of 5.78%.

April 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Telangana

Gold Rates in Apr 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-04-2020₹ 3,954₹ 4,158
08-04-2020₹ 4,024₹ 4,420
15-04-2020₹ 4,191₹ 4,571
22-04-2020₹ 4,073₹ 4,445
30-04-2020₹ 4,419₹ 4,695
Highest Rate in Apr₹ 4,492₹ 4,710
Lowest Rate in Apr₹ 3,953₹ 4,151

This part represents gold rate movement in Telangana during April 2020. That’s why we’ve presented the entire data within the table below. So, just take a look:

  • Highest 22 carat gold rate in Telangana per gram went to 4,492 INR. This occurred in April 2020. However, the 24 carat segment recorded a high of 4,710 INR per gram.
  • The least value for 22 carat section was recorded at 3,953 INR. However, the same parameter for 24 carat went as low as 4,151 INR.
  • Overall fluctuation for both 22 and 24 carat gold price was mostly uniform. The prices were low at the beginning of the month. They increased steadily till third week. There was a downfall of prices during the 4th However, the price again gained pace at the month end.
  • The performance rate of the 22 carat segment during April 2020 was 13.64%. The same parameter for 24 carat the segment was analysed to be 13.47%.
  • April 2020 has been promising for gold. Performance change in the price of both 22 and 24 carat segments were highest this month.

March 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Telangana

Gold Rates in Mar 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-03-2020₹ 3,989₹ 4,192
08-03-2020₹ 4,211₹ 4,424
15-03-2020₹ 4,023₹ 4,226
22-03-2020₹ 3,972₹ 4,166
30-03-2020₹ 3,954₹ 4,154
Highest Rate in Mar₹ 4,239₹ 4,449
Lowest Rate in Mar₹ 3,837₹ 4,028

Gold price movements in Telangana take place in a specific manner. This is especially true for the month of March 2020. Here’s some information about gold price in Telangana per gram for the month:

  • The table denotes the price variation in 22 and 24 carat gold separately. It specifically considers the price change across March 2020 in every 7 days.
  • 22 and 24 carat gold reached to 4,239 INR and 4,449 INR respectively. This took place within the 2nd week of March 2020.
  • March 2020 even recorded the lowest price at 3,837 INR and 4,028 INR. This recording was taken for 22 and 24 carat gold respectively.
  • The prices seemed to elevate in the 2nd week of the month. However, the table shows a steady decrease in the price post 2nd
  • The overall change in the performance of 22 carat was 10.48%. However, we observe a change worth 10.45% for 24 carat gold within the table.

February 2020, Gold Price Movement in Telangana

Gold Rates in Feb 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-02-2020₹ 3,889₹ 4,080
08-02-2020₹ 3,869₹ 4,061
15-02-2020₹ 3,929₹ 4,082
22-02-2020₹ 4,079₹ 4,278
29-02-2020₹ 3,988₹ 4,191
Highest Rate in Feb₹ 4,106₹ 4,307
Lowest Rate in Feb₹ 3,842₹ 4,034

This section is dedicated to gold rate change in Telangana in Feb 2020. It shows 22 carat gold rate in Telangana in every 7 days. It even shows the same for 24 carat gold. So, just take a look at the table:

  • The table shows steady growth of gold price from 1st to 4th However, the price for both 22 and 24 carat gold dropped post the 4th week.
  • The highest value for 22 carat gold was Rs. 4,106. The same for 24 carat gold was Rs. 4,307.
  • Lowest price for 22 carat gold was however, Rs. 3,842. And, the lowest 24 carat gold price was Rs. 4,034.
  • The overall performance of 22 carat gold was recorded at 6.87%. However, 24 carat gold recorded a performance worth 6.77%.
  • The table shows gold rate in Telangana per gram across Feb 2020. However, the readings are shown at a difference of 7 days.

January 2020, Gold Price Movement in Telangana

Gold Rates in Jan 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-01-2020₹ 3,744₹ 3,927
08-01-2020₹ 3,935₹ 4,129
15-01-2020₹ 3,806₹ 3,997
22-01-2020₹ 3,812₹ 4,004
30-01-2020₹ 3,863₹ 4,055
Highest Rate in Jan₹ 3,935₹ 4,129
Lowest Rate in Jan₹ 3,739₹ 3,924

We’ve dedicated this section to tell gold price in Telangana. However, the price change is only shown here for the month of Jan 2020. Here are some facts about the table underneath:

  • 22 carat gold price in Telangana went as high as Rs.3,935. 24 carat gold price however, was recorded at a high of Rs. 4,129 throughout the month.
  • The lowest price for 22 carat gold was recorded at Rs.3,739 and, the same was recorded for 24 carat gold at Rs. 3,924.
  • 22 carat gold performed at 5.24% this month. However, the performance of 24 carat gold was recorded for an average of 5.22%. This has been the lowest performance of the metal throughout the year 2020 so far.
  • The table mentions the price for 22 and 24 carat gold over 5 weeks of Jan 2020. However, the listings have only been made over a period of 7 days each.
  • You may even observe a straight elevated curve of growth throughout the month. This means that the price kept on increasing through all of Jan 2020. And, this is true for both 22 and 24 carat gold.

December 2019, Gold Rate Movement in Telangana

Gold Rates in Dec 201922 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-12-2019₹ 3,651₹ 3,830
08-12-2019₹ 3,620₹ 3,801
15-12-2019₹ 3,624₹ 3,807
22-12-2019₹ 3,640₹ 3,823
30-12-2019₹ 3,731₹ 3,917
Highest Rate in Dec₹ 3,745₹ 3,933
Lowest Rate in Dec₹ 3,594₹ 3,773

Gold rate in Telangana has always been a subject to change and, the month of Dec 2019 was no different. That’s why we’ve dedicated this entire section to describe the gold rate in Telangana during the month. So, just have a glimpse at the table and the description underneath:

  • The table consists of price listings for 22 and 24 carat gold. The prices of both these segments were recorded every seventh day. This grants a clear picture of the performance of gold rates in Dec 2019 and, when plotted on a graph, we get a uniform curve with the peeks at the beginning and end of the month. However, the curve also gets a trough during the third week.
  • The lowest price for 22 carat gold went to Rs. 3,594 and, that for 24 carat gold went down to Rs. 3,773.
  • The highest price for 24 carat gold was analysed at Rs. 3,933 and, that for the 22 carat gold was recorded at Rs. 3,745.
  • 22 carat gold rate performed at 4.20% throughout the month.
  • 24 carat gold rate however, performed at 4.24% during Dec 2019.

Gold Rate in Telangana – Trend in 2020

Gold Rate in Telangana

Gold Rate Trend in Telangana during the year 2020 has been promising so far and, that’s been the scenario despite the impact of the Pandemic.

The lowest price for 24 carat gold was recorded at Rs.4,072 per gm in Jan 2020. This was definitely higher than the highest price of Dec 2019. So, there was an upwards trend.

Covid 19 hit the country bad by March 2020. However, the gold rates in Telangana remained mostly unaffected. This can also be assumed by the constant rise in the price per gram ever since Jan 2020.

In fact, the gold rates are on a constant rise and, the 24 carat gold rates recorded the highest in June 202 at Rs.4,967 per gram.

In short, you may say that the people who’ve invested on 24 carat gold earlier this year have earned a definite profit. As far as gold rate today in Telangana is concerned, it does not seem to face a down trend any time soon!

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Gold Rate in Telangana – Trend in 2019

Gold rate trend 2019 in Telangana fluctuated a bit. 24 carat gold rate was in an up trend for the first two months. We can say so based on historical gold rates in Telangana. The lowest value of it was recorded at Rs.3,206 in Jan 2019. This was higher than the preceding month’s highest value.

However, the trend showed a sudden decline by the third month. This continued till May 2019. Even the lowest price of 24 carat gold was recorded at its least during this month. The value was recorded at Rs.3,170 per gram. The price increased steadily post that.

In fact, the highest rate for 24 carat gold per gram was established in Dec 2019. The price then, was recorded at Rs.4,069 per gram. On the whole, the gold rate trend in 2019 for Telangana was promising with some minor inconveniences.

What makes Gold Rates in Telangana to increase?

Gold rate in Telangana as on today can be observed through tables above. However, in order to invest in gold, it’s important to understand the reasons that set the rate on an up trend. That’s what this section is meant to do. So, here are the reasons that effect the gold trends the most:

  • Gold prices are known for their positive elastic nature. This means, that the prices rise along with a rise in demand.
  • Gold is viewed as a priced possession by most. This is true especially in Asian and Mediterranean countries. that’s why most of gold purchased by people is often stored and not traded for. This also elevates the price of the metal to some extent.
  • India imports gold in humongous quantities. Therefore, any change in the movement or the price of gold in international markets impact the gold rates in Indian states.
  • Central banks of countries hoard gold as reserve. Therefore, the gold prices shoot every time RBI decides to procure even more gold.

What makes Gold Price in Telangana to decrease?

Gold price in Telangana declines for several reasons. Anyway, here is a list of the most impactful ones:

  • Gold prices are often brought down when large reserve banks ted to shed their gold reserves.
  • Gold prices are also inversely proportional to stock market prices. Thus, a positive raise in the stock prices may lower the gold price per gram.
  • International trade policies also impact the gold prices to decline.
  • An up surge in the supply also decreases the gold prices sometimes.

Why Central Bank Policies impacts Gold Rates in Telangana?

Gold rate in Telangana has a direct correlation to the national monetary schemes. In fact, the gold rates have always been inversely proportional to the inflationary situations. That’s one of the prime reasons it’s treated as a way out of a negative portfolio due to inflation.

In simple terms, gold rates in Telangana today are impacted by the value of the Indian rupee. So, if the rupee observes an appreciation, the gold rate would rise. However, the gold rate will fall down to some extent in case the Indian rupee depreciates as compared to the US dollar.

Why Gold Price in Telangana is different from other Cities?

Gold price in Telangana often tend to vary from the other states. However, the gold price is always determined in the same manner as other states.

This is known to most that the international gold rates are disclosed on a daily basis. However, states like Telangana add more parameters to establish the final price for their people.

These parameters include the hauling prices. Since gold is a precious metal, its transportation requires heavy security.

This also adds up the final gold price. Even the local bullion associations have great role in the final price. They analyse multiple parameters before finalising the price.

They often consider the ongoing or approaching festivals and local demand for this matter. Lastly, the quantity of gold being ordered by the local vendors is included. In short, if they order a higher quantity, the state wise price declines a bit. Vice versa is also true in this matter.

What is Gold Rate in Telangana 916 Hallmark gold?

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) grants hallmark status to gold and, it is believed that gold with this rating is of high quality.

Then there is the 916 gold. You must understand that gold is a soft metal. So, it is impossible for the jewellers to create artifacts using 100% pure gold.

However, adding certain impurities strengthens gold to be used for ornamental purposes. So, 916 gold is the standard for 22 carat gold.

It denotes that the gold is 91.6% pure. Gold rate in Telangana 916 is as per the present and past 22 carat gold rates.

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How much is the Tax Levied on Gold Rate in Telangana?

Tax on gold rate in Telangana is a subject to national policies. There are three major taxes that are levied on gold in India. We’re referring to the import duty, GST and tax on making charges.

Telangana also taxes its gold buyers based on these parameters. The import charges at present are levied at a rate of 10%.

However, the GST is fixed at 3%. Tax on making charges was initially established to be worth 8%. However, with time it was brought down to 5%.

Gold Rate in Telangana – Conclusion

We’ve dedicated this entire article to locating gold rates in Telangana. We’ve included many historical data within the article.

These are supposed to draw a clear picture for you about the states orientation towards gold rates. We hope that the article comes handy for you.

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