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In ancient times, silver was used for business, trading and enterprises which made the state of Telangana one of the largest patrons of silver in history. We have concocted the article to furnish our pursuers with data in regards to the Live Silver Rate in Telangana Today (Dec 08, 2022).

This article helps keep the pursuer’s stay refreshed regarding any data about the silver rate in Telangana.

The article will discover all the significant constituents that affect the Silver Rate in Telangana. Analyze the value patterns of 15 days and furthermore the previous half a year via this article, tax rate levied on silver articles.

Silver Rate in Telangana – 10 gm, 100 gm & 1 kg Silver Price in Telangana Today (Dec 08, 2022)

This segment will address the 10 gm, 100 gm & 1 kg Silver Rate in Telangana today and will also provide an in-depth analysis of today’s, in addition to yesterday’s Silver rate in Telangana. Furthermore, a percentage change evaluation in the Silver rate will also appear here.

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Silver Price in Telangana for Last 15 Days

Silver prices of previous 15 days not only provide a base for trading on the MCX but also can be used by value investors for various investment strategies in metals stocks.

Take advantage of the Silver price in Telangana for a better price discovery and to stay up-to-date.

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Silver Price in Telangana – Past 12 Months Price

Silver Rate Movement in Telangana for November 2022

Silver Rate in November 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st November 202265000
8th November 202266700
15th November 202268500
22nd November 202267000
30th November 202268000
Highest Price68500
Lowest Price64000

The month November has been quiet happening when seen from a business point of view. The market spectrum is constant to change every month. Silver, has been repeatedly considered an epitome when it comes to investment on jewellery.

  • Seeing the following table it can be safely considered that Telangana started their month with a price much higher than other states.
  • Silver prices in Telangana remained around Rs.65000 for the first week.
  • While the prices took a peak turn mid month and gained exponentially high value.
  • Silver prices took their peak value in the mid November and thus around second week in November silver prices changed to a whooping Rs.68500.
  • Telangana’s entire November month silver stats could be wrapped in a percentage value of 4.62%.

Silver Rate Movement in Telangana for October 2022

Silver Rate in October 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st October 202262000
8th October 202266000
15th October 202260500
22nd October 202263200
31st October 202263000
Highest Price67000
Lowest Price55300

Keep yourself accounted with the Silver Rate in Telangana from the month of October and you can feasible understand the price behaviour of the metal. You can keep track of the price changes and see how certain events impact the price of thee metal, so you can construct your investment strategies.

  • The trends that we noted, lead us on the percentage change, which was 1.61% for the month of October.
  • So, as viewed in the table, the price on the first day of the month was Rs.62000 and that of the last day was Rs.63000
  • The highest of the price point for the month was Rs.67000
  • Contrarily lowest price point for the month was Rs.55300
  • The table clearly shows the change from across the entire week and as per the changes you can see how the price trends have developed.

September 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Telangana

Silver Rate in September 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st September 202258000
8th September 202259500
15th September 202261100
22nd September 202263000
30th September 202262000
Highest Price63000
Lowest Price58000

According to the need of investment, we have set up the table pertaining to the Silver Rate in Telangana. This table is precisely inclined towards the month September, the year 2022. You can see how the price of the metal went through changes via this section.

  • Now, we wish to discuss the most important aspects of the table, and you must see that they are provided in KG form for you.
  • You must now refer to the opening and the closing price of the month and the stats are like – Rs.58000 and Rs.62000
  • The statistic of the opening price on the highest price level for the month was Rs.63000
  • Also, the statistics for the closing price of the month was Rs.58000
  • 6.90% was the commutation result, when we commuted the change in the price level for the month.

August 2022, silver rate movement in Telangana

Silver Rate in August 2021Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st August 202263300
8th August 202263000
15th August 202264800
22nd August 202261100
31st August 202260000
Highest Price64800
Lowest Price60000

Just like gold, many investors also wish to invest in silver. Since gold is more on the expensive side of a metal, silver is comparatively cheaper and can be brought in larger quantities than gold. For Telangana, the silver rate saw fluctuating movement in the month of August. The key highlights for the silver rate movement is mentioned below.

  • The prices for silver for the entire month of August is given in the table.
  • On 1st August the recorded price is Rs. 63300 per kg and for 31st the recorded price is Rs. 60000 per kg.
  • Mid-month saw peak price which was at Rs. 64800 per kg.
  • Changing silver rates also impacted the demand from the residents of Telangana.
  • Overall analysis for the month was -5.21%, which reflect the fluctuating silver rates in the state.

July 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Telangana

Silver Rate in July 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st July 202265000
8th July 202262500
15th July 202260400
22nd July 202261600
31st July 202263700
Highest Price65000
Lowest Price60000

After the pandemic hit the nation, the economy faced a tremendous downfall with the stock market, the gold market and the silver market. However, the month of July showed an upside in the silver rates after the crowd started to gain trust in the reviving market. Look at the below prices to understand better.

  • The change in prices over the month is given in the table.
  • The recorded price on 1st July is Rs.65000 per gram and on 31st July is Rs.63700 per gram.
  • Highest recorded price is Rs.65000 per gram for silver rates in Telangana.
  • The lowest price is at Rs.60000 per gram.
  • The change in performance for the month of July 2022 is -2.00%.

June 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Telangana

Silver Rate in June 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st June 202267000
8th June 202268000
15th June 202266000
22nd June 202266000
30th June 202265100
Highest Price68500
Lowest Price65100

We have made a note on some important numbers to keep in mind while studying the silver rates in Telangana for the month of June. The data in this section helps to know more on silver fluctuations in the state and its impact on demand for silver.

  • The prices on the first and the last day of the month is shown in the table along with the highest and lowest price in the month.
  • The price as on 1st June is Rs.67000 per gram and on 30th of June is Rs.65100 per gram.
  • Highest price touched this month is Rs.68500 per gram.
  • And the lowest price touched is noted to be Rs.65100 per gram.
  • The overall percentage change for this month is -2.84% for the silver rate in Telengana.

May 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Telangana

Silver Rate in May 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st May 202269500
8th May 202266800
15th May 202263700
22nd May 202265900
31st May 202267500
Highest Price69500
Lowest Price63400

In this section, a monthly review of the Silver Rates in Telangana will be discussed with regards to the Silver Rate in Telangana per Kilogram as well as the monthly percentage change.

  • The open price for the month of May was reported at Rs. 69500 per KG which also was the lowest price of the month.
  • Closing price of the month was noted at Rs. 67500 per KG.
  • The highest price was observed was Rs. 69500 in May 2022
  • This indicated a rise in the price by -2.99% during the month of May.
  • The silver price declines slightly in the third and fourth week, then increases by the end of the month.

The shifts in the Silver rate in Telangana for the prior 12 months can be reviewed in this section.

April 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Telangana

Silver Rate in April 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st Apr 202271700
8th Apr 202271300
15th Apr 202274400
22nd Apr 202272100
30th Apr 202269500
Highest Price75200
Lowest Price64200

This segment will evaluate the changes in the Silver Rates in Telangana in the month of April. It includes a discussion on the Silver Rate in Telangana per Kilogram along with the rate of change.

  • The open price for the month of April was reported at Rs. 71700 per KG with the closing price being noted at Rs. 69500 per KG.
  • Highest price was observed on 22nd April, 2022 at Rs. 75200.
  • The lowest price was noted to be Rs 64200.
  • This indicated a rise in the price by -3.07% during the month of April.
  • Silver showed a good price fluctuation throughout the month but, the rate increased gradually and then again decreased steadily by the end of the month.

March 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Telangana

Silver Rate in March 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st Mar 202270000
8th Mar 202274600
15th Mar 202272800
22nd Mar 202273400
31st Mar 202271300
Highest Price76700
Lowest Price70000

Examine the Silver Rate in Telangana per Gram, as updated in the third month of our report. Track the complete month’s Silver Price Movement in Telangana and ascertain the oscillation in the rate of change.

  • You will find the first and the most recent day’s cost of the month on the table.
  • The open price for the month of March was reported at Rs.70000 per KG.
  • Closing price of the month was noted at Rs. 71300 per KG which also was the lowest price on the very last day of the month.
  • The highest price was observed in March, 2022 at Rs. 76700 per KG.
  • During the month of March, a dip in the price was seen by 1.86%.

February 2022, Silver Price Movement in Telangana

Silver Rate in February 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st February 202265600
8th February 202265100
15th February 202268200
22nd February 202269100
28th February 202269900
Highest Price72700
Lowest Price64900

Look at the 22 Carat Silver Rate in Telangana, as smoothed out in this section of our analysis. Screen the Silver Rate in Telangana per gram, for the whole month and find the changes, as in, the pace of variance.

  • Bring a sneak look into the opening and the end cost of silver, as given in the table.
  • The open price for the month of February was reported at Rs. 65600 per KG.
  • The closing price of the month was noted at Rs. 69900 per KG and the lowest price was Rs.64900 .
  • Highest price was observed at Rs. 72700 per KG.
  • During the long stretch of February, a plunge in the cost was seen by 6.55%.

January 2022, Silver Price Movement in Telangana

Silver Rate in January 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st January 202266600
8th January 202264600
15th January 202265500
22nd January 202269000
31st January 202265400
Highest Price69300
Lowest Price61000

The following month analysis we will examine is January 2022. Along these lines, according to the table, you will locate the 22 Carat Silver Price in Telangana opening cost of the month, which is likewise the initial cost of the year.

  • Carefully screen the difference for the month, as indicated by the Silver Price in Telangana measurements from the first day and the most recent day of the month.
  • We can note a minor dip of -1.80% in the fluctuation of the rate of change in the prices of silver.
  • The year began with an opening price of Rs. 66600 per KG with the highest price touching Rs. 69300 per KG for January, 2022.
  • Lowest dip in the price was recorded in the middle of the month at Rs. 61000 per KG.
  • The closing price of silver for the month was recorded at Rs. 65400 per KG.

Silver Rate Movement in Telangana for December 2021

Silver Rate in December 2021Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st December 202166300
8th December 202165600
15th December 202164600
22nd December 202165800
31st December 202165400
Highest Price66300
Lowest Price64600

The newly formed state has a number of traders who deal in the silver business. Though the market changes profoundly, but given here is the detailed analysis of the silver market in Telangana:

  • Silver rate has been recorded the highest value of Rs 66300, in the month of December 2021.
  • Telangana also had the start of the month with highest price of silver.
  • The month started with the price of Rs.66300 and the highest benchmark was Rs 66300.
  • The total variation in the silver rates for the whole month of December came down to be -1.36%.
  • If we go by each and every date of the calendar, then we will observe that the whole December month prices kept soaring.
  • The lowest rate or prices for silver has been Rs 64600, which is at the end of the initial week.

Silver Rate in Telangana – Trend in 2020

Silver Rate in Telangana

This year the Silver Rate Trend in Telangana has seen many oscillations. The valuable white metal costs have dropped, driven by a firm U.S. dollar value and a fall in the hazard conclusion of speculators.

This was, thus, driven by the pressures blending between the U.S. and China.

While today Silver Rate in Telangana has shot up also leading to the paces of the metal expanding in the wake of seeing a plunge during the past meetings.

This is because the U.S. had discharged feeble financial information and this had underscored the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic. Financial specialists all over the world were hanging tight for the U.S. to discharge its jobless cases report.

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Silver Rate in Telangana – Trend in 2019

The historical Silver Rate in Telangana has generally been rising since an interest for the white metal has consistently been high in Telangana as individuals have a penchant to buy Silver because of different reasons and it represents there social height.

Flatware is considered as a promising component in the custom here, the equivalent is bought lasting through the year.

Silver Rate Trend 2019 in Telangana had been substantially rising throughout the year with an endless wavering in the price levels due to the pressures blending between the U.S. and China, finalizing of BREXIT.

What makes Silver Rates in Telangana to increase or decrease?

Other than the key reason of demand and supply of the precious metal – silver, the Silver Rate in Telangana today per gram has a principle explanation behind the variance in the Silver Rate in Telangana as on today.

Some of the crucial variances are the feeble US dollar value oscillations, exchange talk worries among China and the US, Middle East strains, along with the unprecedented coronavirus.

A portion of different elements which lead on to the lessening and flood in esteem are government approaches, RBI guidelines, speculation request of the metal, fare and import obligation, rising raw petroleum costs, and so forth.

What are the various measuring units of Silver in Telangana?

Telangana may be the most up to date state in the nation however; it has a long social and chronicled past which is difficult to coordinate.

The state has an inheritance of being administered by probably the most extravagant realms of the nation, where silver in Telangana was utilized for business, exchange and industry, making the state perhaps the greatest buyer of silver before.

The amount of Silver in Telangana is estimated in troy weight and grams. In Telangana, Silver is likewise accessible in troy ounces, million ounces, grams, kilograms, tons, short tons, metric tons, tolas and so forth. Silver may likewise be estimated in carats like how gold is estimated.

  • 1 Troy ounce = 31.1035 gram
  • 1 tonne = 1000 kilogram
  • 12 masha or 11.67 gram = 1 tola

How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in Telangana?

On the off chance that one has purchased silver bullion above Rs. 5 lakh in real money, he will be required to pay a duty of 1% at source (at the hour of Silver buy).

1% Wealth charge is payable if the net available abundance of your Silver surpasses Rs.30 lakh for the money related year.

Silver is given as a blessing is tax-exempt in Telangana just as all over India. In any case, one must track the blessing that he has gotten to maintain a strategic distance from disarray with the Income Tax (IT) Department.

Post the implementation of GST (Goods and Services Tax) the tax on the Silver rate in Telangana is charged at 3%.

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How to check Silver purity in Telangana?

Silver immaculateness is estimated in Percentage (%). Normally pure Silver Rate in Telangana is ensured by adding copper to silver to create progressively tough coins. The standard Silver Purity in Telangana is 94.79%.

Hence, the compound contains 94.79% unadulterated silver and 5.21 percent copper or different metals.

The authentic silver combination is 92.5% unadulterated silver and 7.5 percent copper or different metals. Stick test is an alternative approach to check for the silver’s immaculateness.

Silver Rate in Telangana – Conclusion

This article gives all the adjustments in the silver rate in Telangana alongside other data which will enable the individuals to improve their insight.

We have given the today silver rate in Telangana which will assist individuals with understanding the adjustments in the cost of silver without any difficulty.

To wrap up the article, we might want to express that, current circumstances demonstrate that the Silver Rate in Telangana would keep on escalating, given the increasing economic tensions, with the rising modern and private interest.

An approximate value estimation of the Today’s Silver Rate in Telangana has also been incorporated here.

Silver Rate in Telangana FAQs

Ques – How to check today’s silver rate in Telangana ?

Answer – In the article that is provided, we include all the updates on the silver rate in Telangana. Prices are given via different measures such as 10 gram and 100 grams and 1 kg are given. Therefore in our article you will find all the silver prices and information, which keep you up-to-date with all new facts and figures.

Ques – Where to find silver rate in Telangana ?

Answer – In relation to the silver prices in Telangana, we keep our clients updated with all the facts and figures. We supply the data over seven days and 15 days in order to give consumers a clearer view of price adjustments. We make our customers as happy as possible.

Ques – Is this live silver price in Telangana ?

Answer – Yes, Telangana’s silver rates live. We ensure that we update our articles time to time to follow current market rates. The first item on show is the current silver rate quoted in many measurements when you open the link to our website.

Ques – Can I find last month’s silver price here?

Answer – We ensure that we give the customer all the information they need. Therefore, we provide the silver prices in different schedules and measurements to ensure the customer has everything they need. Last months silver rates in Telangana can easily be found by searching for it.

Ques – Where can I compare Telangana silver prices monthly and yearly?

Answer – We provide you with silver values over different time frames. Either in the form of tables or maps, this is finished. We include the rates from various measurements, too. Therefore you have to check the data given to you in the article to compare the silver rate and do your analysis.

Ques – Is the Silver rate inTelangana updated ?

Answer – Yes, the silver rate as shown on our website is up-to-date. We recognise the need of the customer for the current price at all times, hence we include up-to-date information in the article taking into account the customer’s comfort. We supply all the necessary facts and figures and update them constantly.

Ques – Will I find Silver rate forecast here?

Answer – Yes, for all our customers, the Silver Rate forecast is available. Once all the historical data have been supplied, a historical study can also be rendered and price trends expected. This facilitates and allows customers to work.

Ques – What are the various measuring units of Silver in Telangana?

Answer – The generic silver metric is known as the troy ounce. The measure of 1 troy ounce is 31,103 gram of silver. This measurement comes from the measurement metric system and is primarily used only for calculating metal values.

In order to determine authenticity, the purity of silver is often inspected during its calculation. Silver is also detectable in:

1 tonne is 1000 kilogrammes per tonne.

1 tola is 12 masha or 11.67 grams, respectively.

Ques – How to check Silver purity in Telangana?

Answer – In Telangana, the pure silver rate includes 94.79 percent silver that is combined with other alloys. Using the ice cube test is a local way of testing the purity of silver. It is said that silver has the highest thermal conductivity. It is also said that real silver would melt the ice at a very high rate when putting ice on silver. Bleach is sometimes used in order to test silver’s authenticity. If after placing silver on it the bleach appears to tarnish, then the silver is considered to be pure.

Ques – How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in Telangana?

Answer – Every state imposes a mandatory luxury goods tax. As per central government regulations, the state of Telangana has levied a 3 percent GST on the purchase and sale of gold and silver. Other charges come from the cost of transportation and transport, making charges and broking expenses that vary from jeweller to jeweller.

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