Gold Rate in Meerut – Find 22 Ct & 24 Ct Gold Price in Meerut Today

The city of Meerut, located in Uttar Pradesh is well known for its traces back to the Indus valley civilization. It is very well known for goods on sports and large industrial estate.

The study in this article pertains to the use of gold and changes in gold rate in Meerut time and again and the factors responsible behind these fluctuations.

You can find the gold rate in Meerut today for both, 22 carat and 24 carat gold. More information on changes in gold rate in Meerut live and what possible decisions should be taken under such changes are discussed here.

22 Carat Gold Rate in Meerut – Gold Price in Meerut Today

22 carat gold has 22 parts of gold mixed along with 2 parts of metals like silver or zinc, and is used to make jewellery and ornaments.

The below table has information on 22 carat gold rate in Meerut. Comparison is made between gold price in Meerut today and yesterday on 1 gram, 10 gram and 100 gram of gold.

24 Carat Gold Rate in Meerut Today – Gold Price in Meerut

24 carat gold is the most pure form of gold. Its uses are vast and are mainly found in the form of bars and coins.

This section is purely based on data related to 24 carat gold rate in Meerut today. To check pure gold price in Meerut as on yesterday and change undergone, refer to the section below.

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Gold Price in Meerut for Last 15 Days

To make investments one must always make use of past data and gather information on its movement along different periods of the year. This section gives data for the gold price in Meerut for the last 15 days for 22 carat gold and 24 carat gold.

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Graph of Gold Rate Today in Meerut – Also Past Gold Price in Meerut

A summarised graphical view on the gold rate in Meerut is given below for the reader’s reference. Glance through this section to know more on the gold rate in Meerut.

  • Gold 22 CT :
  • Gold 24 CT :

Gold Price in Meerut – Past 6 Months Price

We have compiled information on gold rate in Meerut for the past 6 months. We hope that fluctuations in past half years gold prices are helpful for you to further analyse future trends.

Gold rate analysis in Meerut for August 2020

Gold Rates in August 202022 Carat Gold Rate24 Carat Gold Rate
01-08-2020₹ 5,188₹ 5,447
08-08-2020₹ 5,419₹ 5,688
15-08-2020₹ 5,117₹ 5,375
22-08-2020₹ 5,136₹ 5,391
31-08-2020₹ 5,008₹ 5,254
Highest Rate in August₹ 5,481₹ 5,752
Lowest Rate in August₹ 4,988₹ 5,239

Meerut is an ancient city in Uttar Pradesh that has always maintained the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. People here still take a lot of interest in buying and selling precious metals, especially gold. A large portion of the trading revenue of this city is generated through investments in both the forms of gold.

Residents of this city buy a lot of gold jewelry which increases the demand for 22 Ct Gold. On the other side, big traders deal with the purest form of gold which is 24 Ct.

Thus, the balance remains constant between the two forms of this precious commodity in this city. Below the rates of these two forms of gold have been mentioned along with the performance percentages.

  • The maximum price of 1 gram of 22 Ct Gold was Rs.5481 and the minimum for the same was Rs.4988
  • 24 Ct Gold rates fluctuated heavily throughout the month and saw an increase of more than Rs.500 per gram
  • The highest and lowest values for one gram of 24 Ct Gold were Rs.5752 and Rs.5239 respectively
  • 88% was the performance percentage for 22 Ct Gold price and that for the 24 Ct Gold price was 9.79%
  • The opening and closing rates for 22 Ct Gold were Rs.5188 and Rs.5008 respectively
  • Gold prices in Meerut were the highest in the second week and then decreased steadily from the third week of August 2020

Gold rate analysis in Meerut for July 2020

Gold Rates in July 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-07-2020₹ 4,713₹ 4,951
08-07-2020₹ 4,730₹ 4,966
15-07-2020₹ 4,778₹ 5,021
22-07-2020₹ 4,789₹ 5,031
31-07-2020₹ 5,154₹ 5,410
Highest Rate in July₹ 5,154₹ 5,415
Lowest Rate in July₹ 4,696₹ 4,931

Gold investors who are searching for the latest gold rates in Meerut should not miss out on this article. Here, the highest and the lowest prices for this precious commodity shall be discussed along with the performance percentage. Traders will get a lot of help from these figures and they can invest profitably in the metal.

  • In July this year, the price of 22 Ct Gold touched the highest mark of ₹ 5,154 per gram and the bottom price was ₹ 4,696 for 1 gram
  • The highest recorded rate for 1 gram of 24 Ct Gold was ₹ 5,415 which is on par with many other cities
  • The lowest 24 Ct Gold rate was ₹ 4,931 per gram in Meerut in July 2020
  • 24 Ct Gold showed a huge amount of price fluctuations with a massive performance percentage of 9.82%
  • The price change of 22 Ct Gold was calculated to be 9.75% which is very good in the present market condition

June 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Meerut

Gold Rates in June 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-06-2020₹ 4,576₹ 4,802
08-06-2020₹ 4,546₹ 4,773
15-06-2020₹ 4,607₹ 4,836
22-06-2020₹ 4,680₹ 4,914
30-06-2020₹ 4,728₹ 4,963
Highest Rate in June₹ 4,728₹ 4,963
Lowest Rate in June₹ 4,512₹ 4,742

In the city of Meerut, the gold is regarded as a symbol of wealth and status and thus in this section, we will be discussing the price of the two types of gold – 22-carat and 24-carat gold so that you can get the idea of their price trends and invest accordingly.

  • The price of the purest form of gold, 24-carat gold was going down in the initial weeks of June 2020. The price tanked quite significantly in the second week of the month but then started inching up from the third week onwards. Though the progress or the increase in the price was very slow it moved upwards for the rest of the month.
  • The highest price also recorded in the latter part of the month and the price was Rs. 4728 while the lowest price for this month was Rs. 4,512. The difference in these two prices suggests that the gap was significant and there was a good amount of volatility in the price of the commodity- 22-carat gold.
  • The 24-carat gold’s highest and lowest price was Rs. 4963 and 4,742 respectively. Here also, the gap between the highest and lowest price is evident, and that because of the volatility in the market.
  • Both 22-carat and 24-carat gold performed averagely this month and progressed by 4.79% and 4.66% respectively.

May 2020, Gold Rates in Meerut

Gold Rates in May 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-05-2020₹ 4,478₹ 4,702
08-05-2020₹ 4,531₹ 4,756
15-05-2020₹ 4,566₹ 4,795
22-05-2020₹ 4,623₹ 4,856
31-05-2020₹ 4,574₹ 4,800
Highest Rate in May₹ 4,654₹ 4,888
Lowest Rate in May₹ 4,433₹ 4,648

The table summarises the prices of 22 carat and 24 carat gold rates in Meerut for the most recent month. Some noteworthy highlights are also mentioned below:

  • Price variations on 5 different days are mentioned in the table.
  • The peak rate for 22 carat gold is Rs.4,654 and for 24 carat gold is Rs.4,888.
  • The lowest drop this month was Rs.4,433 for 22 carat gold and Rs.4,648 for 24 carat gold.
  • Performance analysis for the month is 4.99% for 22 carat gold and 5.16% for 24 carat gold rate in Meerut per gram.
  • Recent trends can be analysed using 10 or 15 days moving average.

April 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Meerut

Gold Rates in Apr 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-04-2020₹ 4,057₹ 4,255
08-04-2020₹ 4,053₹ 4,255
15-04-2020₹ 4,051₹ 4,259
22-04-2020₹ 4,561₹ 4,784
30-04-2020₹ 4,539₹ 4,768
Highest Rate in Apr₹ 4,620₹ 4,849
Lowest Rate in Apr₹ 4,051₹ 4,254

The month of April showed drastic changes in the gold rate movement in Meerut. Some important points to be noted are also compiled.

  • The prices this month have been increasing since the starting of the month until he end.
  • For 22 carat gold, the highest price is Rs.4,620 and lowest is Rs.4,051.
  • For 24 carat gold, the highest is Rs.4,849 and lowest Rs.4,254.
  • Performance analysis for the month is 14.05% for 22 carat gold rate in Meerut per gram and 13.99% for 24 carat gold.
  • This month has greater changes in prices than last month fluctuations.

March 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Meerut

Gold Rates in Mar 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-03-2020₹ 4,072₹ 4,280
08-03-2020₹ 4,327₹ 4,542
15-03-2020₹ 4,226₹ 4,438
22-03-2020₹ 3,995₹ 4,191
30-03-2020₹ 4,055₹ 4,260
Highest Rate in Mar₹ 4,327₹ 4,542
Lowest Rate in Mar₹ 3,920₹ 4,117

For a better understanding of the reader, we have compiled the gold price movement in Meerut for the month of March. Pointers on important numbers are noted as well.

  • The month of March shows volatile trend in prices due to the lockdown that was announced in this month.
  • The peak rate for 22 carat gold is Rs.4,327 and for 24 carat gold is Rs.4,542.
  • The lowest drop this month was Rs.3,920 for 22 carat gold and Rs.4,117 for 24 carat gold price in Meerut per gram.
  • Performance analysis for the month is 10.38% for 22 carat gold and 10.32% for 24 carat gold.
  • Prices on weekly basis are compiled in the table.

February 2020, Gold Price Movement in Meerut

Gold Rates in Feb 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-02-2020₹ 3,973₹ 4,177
08-02-2020₹ 3,925₹ 4,121
15-02-2020₹ 3,978₹ 4,177
22-02-2020₹ 4,102₹ 4,302
29-02-2020₹ 4,161₹ 4,371
Highest Rate in Feb₹ 4,193₹ 4,400
Lowest Rate in Feb₹ 3,924₹ 4,121

This section summarises the fluctuations in the 22 carat gold rate in Meerut and 24 carat gold rates in Meerut for the month of February. The highlights have been summarised in the following points.

  • The prices were volatile around the second week of the month and post third week it began to increase.
  • Highest shift in price was Rs.4,193 and Rs.4,400 is clearly visible from the table.
  • Lowest shift however was Rs.3,924 and Rs.4,121 for both the categories.
  • Performance analysis is recorded as 6.86% and 6.77% for this month for each category.
  • Trends for the gold rate in Meerut per gram can be calculated by the data.

January 2020, Gold Price Movement in Meerut

Gold Rates in Jan 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-01-2020₹ 3,811₹ 3,999
08-01-2020₹ 3,931₹ 4,125
15-01-2020₹ 3,848₹ 4,039
22-01-2020₹ 3,927₹ 4,117
30-01-2020₹ 3,922₹ 4,123
Highest Rate in Jan₹ 4,018₹ 4,218
Lowest Rate in Jan₹ 3,811₹ 3,999

We have taken a sneak peak on the prices of January to look at how a beginning of the year can change the gold price in Meerut. To know details on 22 carat gold price in Meerut and compare it to 24 carat gold, check the points below.

  • Being the first month of the year, the prices show a steady increase.
  • For 22 carat gold, the highest price is Rs.4,018 and lowest is Rs.3,811.
  • For 24 carat gold, the highest is Rs.4,218 and the lowest is Rs.3,999.
  • Performance analysis is recorded as 5.43% and 5.48% for this month for each category.
  • The trend this month is seen to be positive upward sloping.

December 2019, Gold Rate Movement in Meerut

Gold Rates in Dec 201922 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-12-2019₹ 3,727₹ 3,907
08-12-2019₹ 3,694₹ 3,880
15-12-2019₹ 3,667₹ 3,849
22-12-2019₹ 3,714₹ 3,903
30-12-2019₹ 3,817₹ 4,003
Highest Rate in Dec₹ 3,817₹ 4,003
Lowest Rate in Dec₹ 3,667₹ 3,849

This section compares statistics on 22 carat and 24 carat gold rate in Meerut. Facts to be noted are also jotted below.

  • The movement is in an upward trend.
  • Highest recorded gold rate in December in Meerut is Rs. 3,817 for 22k and Rs.4,003 for 24k as the new year approached.
  • On the contrast, the lowest recorded price is Rs.3,667 for 22 Carat gold and Rs.3,849 for 24 Carat.
  • Performance analysis is recorded as 4.09% and 4.00% for the gold rate in Meerut for each category.
  • Last year prices play a key role in comparison of data.

Gold Rate in Meerut – Trend in 2020

Gold Rate in Meerut

Investors often study all the economic factors, year-wise in order to understand market behaviour.

Market trends are created when the gold prices change in accordance with changes in economic related policies and demand and supply curves.

The gold rate trends in Meerut for 2020 were bad because of the pandemic but later on turned better after the government announced policies to stabilize the economy.

With the decrease in prices this year, investors panicked as their value of investment dropped because of which the stock market saw major selling.

The futures COMEX market however had more buying because investors wished to transfer their funds to a platform that would serve them more future return. However, after major ups and downs, today gold rate in Meerut has stabilized.

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Gold Rate in Meerut – Trend in 2019

The year 2019 had few but major disruption in economy. An important factor that changed gold rate trend 2019 in Meerut was the tension between China and US.

Any minor negative happenings in the world can affect local gold prices. Therefore, amid the war like situation between US and China, the gold rates in 2019 saw a steep decline and later on a large hike.

Other reasons leading to change in the historical gold rate in Kochi are change in the value of rupee to dollar strength. Gold is considered to be a safe tool for investment and is often used by investors to hedge against inflation.

What makes Gold Rates in Meerut to increase?

The demand for gold as a metal is the highest in India. Of which, good monsoon can contribute to high demand of gold with 60% demand coming only from the rural population. The gold consumption in India is about 800 to 850 tonnes annually.

Apart from demand and revenue from monsoon, there are supplementary factors that impact gold rate in Meerut as on today as well. These are listed as follows:

  • International relations. Trade relations with other countries like US and Korea can highly rise gold prices
  • The rise in the stock market leads to changes in gold rates.
  • When demand for gold increases against its limited supply, gold prices tend to rise.
  • Gold rate in Meerut today per gram rises during times of festivals and occasions. Gold is also used to build idols and sculptures in temples as a mark of purity and worth.

What makes Gold Price in Meerut to decrease?

Apart from factors that positively impact gold rates, there are many negative factors that can decline the slope for gold price in Meerut. They are majorly the opposite of the happenings that increases gold demand. We have jotted down factors that affect today Gold Price in Meerut per gram.

  • With an increase in supply of gold, gold prices tend to decrease.
  • Over speculation of prices in the market also impacts gold rates.
  • With a rise in interest rates of other assets, gold rates decrease as the demand for other asset increases.
  • Poor monsoon can lead to minimal income to rural residents making it impossible for them to invest in gold.

Why Central Bank Policies impacts Gold Rates in Meerut?

Central Bank has complete authority on gold and cash reserves. When gold is leant out in the market the supply of gold is increased which stabilized gold rates or rather shows an upward trend in prices.

In turn, when cash is lead out in the market instead of gold, the gold flow decreases which leads to higher demand and hike in gold rate in Meerut.

The changes in economic policies also impact gold rates. When policies are stringent, gold rate in Meerut today can increase as gold is considered as a safe haven for investment. Similar is the situation vice-versa.

Why Gold Price in Meerut is different from other Cities?

Gold prices differ from city to city. Gold price in Meerut can vary depending on purchase price of gold, taxes imposed by jewellers association and the demand of gold from the residents of the city.

International factors usually influence gold prices in Meerut along with additional costs like local taxes, transportation and hauling costs.  Wholesale or bulk purchases can also be a reason for the gold price in Meerut 916.

What is Gold Rate in Meerut 916 Hallmark gold?

22 carat gold is also called as 916 Hallmark Gold. The name refers to 91.67% of gold parts mixed with other alloy. Hallmark refers to gold and purity standards that are met.

This type of gold is usually found in households and is highly demanded by general public during times of marriages and festivities.

The mark of an ornament or jewellery in the Indian culture signifies a blessing for a new beginning. Therefore, the gold rate in Meerut 916 is highly impacted by the demand from residents.

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How much is the Tax Levied on Gold Rate in Meerut?

Various tax on Gold rate in Meerut apply and are levied on purchase of gold in Meerut and can range from between Rs. 30 to Rs. 60 per gram.

The different taxes that are factored in are 5% mandatory GST, making charges influenced by jeweller’s association and tax on final product levied by the state government.

Gold Rate in Meerut – Conclusion

All the factors mentioned in this article impacts today gold rate in Meerut. We have tried to lay down all the necessary facts that impact gold prices in the city and nation-wide.

All the information on 22 carat gold and gold rate in Meerut will help you understand how past fluctuations can change future trends as well and how economic activities can also impact gold rate movements.

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