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In this article, you will get a detailed analysis on Stock Broker Complaints, their Industry Ratings & Reviews. Lets get started.

Your stock broker company convinces you for investment but they don’t deliver as per their promise. This is nothing new, there are many people who have faced this problem in past.

But, what you will do if you are facing any problem? In this article, we will try to find out what a customer can do if he or she is facing any problem?

We will also tell you about the importance of checking reviews and ratings and how it can change the certain decisions of yours.

What is the Stock Brokers Complaints?

Stock Broker Complaints or Stock Broker RatingsTrading problems and issues are not new in the stock market fields.  There are many customers who faced problems because of the broker company.

You can face technical issues during the time of purchasing; if the broker sells your shares without informing you then also you can make complaints against the stockbroker.

If you lose money because of the negligence of the brokers, then you can take the necessary steps.

When the broker guides you to invest into a certain product and if it turns out as a bad investment, then you may have to bear the loss but you can take necessary steps against the sub-broker company.

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What are Stock Broker Ratings and Reviews?

When you are planning to invest with a stock broker or willing to become a sub-broker of a broking house, then it will be always beneficial for you to check the ratings and reviews.

The ratings and reviews of the previous clients and customers will help you to understand the service of that particular broking house.

From there you will get to know about their service, offers, customer experience, revenue model, brokerage and other important things about this company.

One of the biggest advantages of checking the ratings and reviews is that you can compare it with the other broking house and in this way; you can choose the best broking house for you.

Check out Complaints Report & Ratings of Best Stock Brokers

Zerodha Complaints & Ratings Angel Broking Complaints & Ratings
Axis Direct Complaints & Ratings 5Paisa Complaints & Ratings
Edelweiss Complaints & Ratings Kotak Securities Complaints & Ratings
HDFC Securities Complaints & Ratings Mastertrust Capital Complaints & Ratings
ICICI Direct Complaints & Ratings Motilal Oswal Complaints & Ratings
India Infoline Complaints & Ratings Nirmal Bang Complaints & Ratings
Indiabulls Ventures Complaints & Ratings SBICap Securities Complaints & Ratings
Karvy Complaints & Ratings Sharekhan Complaints & Ratings
Tradebulls Securities Complaints & Ratings SMC Global Complaints & Ratings
Upstox Complaints & Ratings Aditya Birla Money Complaints & Ratings

Where you can lodge stock broker complaints?

If you have a problem with the stockbroker company or if you think that you have been mistreated by your stockbroker or the brokerage firm, then you need to file a complaint against them.

There are a few ways in which you can lodge your complaints. You need to open a portal such as NSE or BSE in order to register a complaint against the sub-broker regarding funds, securities and documents on transactions and complaints against the listed company.

NSE – National Stock Exchange

NSE is a national investor service centre where a customer can register the problem against the broking house.

Once the complaints were taken up by the investor, then they will deal with the complaints of the investors against the trading member of the exchange or the listed companies.

The investors need to lodge the complaints with the supporting documents.  The investor needs to open the website and follow the instruction to lodge the complaints.

BSE – Bombay Stock Exchange

Investors can lodge a complaint against trading members but they need to submit the proper documents for this such as contract notes, bank statement, Demat account transaction statement etc.

If the investor wants, then he or she can lodge the complaint through email and they can also check the website because BSE is providing the facility to lodge a complaint under investor section “e- compliant registrations”

Third-Party Websites

Investors can also lodge their stock broker complaints on SCORES which is a web-based centralized system of SEBI. SEBI takes the complaints which are related to the transaction or no payment with the listed companies.

SCORES gives you to lodge your complaint online with SEBI against the sub-broker company. You can also view the status of your complaints.

You can also share you complaints & grievances at our site in the comment section. We will take it ahead with your Stock Broker. We work closely with all the stock brokers, hence, we will be able to resolve your queries fast.

Social Media Sites – Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin

In today’s time, you can also use technology to lodge complaints that means you can post your complaints there.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the three most popular platforms to post complaints against your broking house and chances are high to get a reply from the hierarchy in order to mitigate the issues.

List of more Complaints Report & Industry Ratings of Stock Brokers

Alankit Assignments Complaints & Ratings LKP Securities Complaints & Ratings
Alice Blue Online Complaints & Ratings Monarch Networth Capital Complaints & Ratings
Anand Rathi Complaints & Ratings Prabhudas Lilladher Complaints & Ratings
Arihant Capital Complaints & Ratings Reliance Securities Complaints & Ratings
Asit C Mehta Complaints & Ratings Religare Securities Complaints & Ratings
BMA Wealth Creators Complaints & Ratings SAMCO Complaints & Ratings
Bonanza Portfolio Complaints & Ratings Shri Parasram Holdings Complaints & Ratings
Choice Broking Complaints & Ratings Shriram Insight Complaints & Ratings
JM Financial Complaints & Ratings Sushil Finance Complaints & Ratings
K R Choksey Complaints & Ratings Swastika Investmart Complaints & Ratings
KIFS Trade Complaints & Ratings Ventura Securities Complaints & Ratings
Kunvarji Finstock Complaints & Ratings Way2Wealth Complaints & Ratings

Where you can provide stock broker ratings and reviews?

It is very important to provide the ratings and reviews about the stockbroker. It can help others to make their decision.

You can provide your reviews and ratings based on your experience. With the help of review and ratings, one person can get an idea about the service.

It will be also good for you to check the reviews before you are investing your money. There are many portals from where you can get unbiased reviews about the broking house.

Google Reviews and Ratings

Online reviews are very helpful for consumers to take help before they want to invest their money. Google reviews can help you to get an idea about your desired broking house.

If you want to post your review on Google, then search for the broking house and then click on the write a review.

Mouthshut Review and Rating

It is India based content and consumer review platform which is generated by the India based user. You can get honest user reviews from here.

It is one of the best review portals on which you can trust.  You need to open their website to post your review.

Facebook Reviews and Ratings

If you want to post a Facebook review, then you need to find the page of the broking house and then you can able to post the review of yours.

Google play store review and ratings

Google play store will give you the chance to post review and ratings. It is a very simple way to post a review on Google play store and if you are looking for honest reviews, then, of course, you trust the users who already posted their reviews.

Apple app store review and ratings

Apple app store will give you the chance to post your honest and unbiased review and if you are not satisfied with the service, then the authority will do the needful to mitigate your problems.

Glassdoor review and ratings

The glass door is an online portal from where you can get an authentic and genuine review about a company. On the other hand, if you want to post, then click on the write review and post your valuable point over there.

Indeed review and ratings

Indeed reviews and ratings can also help you to make certain decisions about some particular company. You can trust the reviews and if you are willing to post yours, then it is the same way. – Review & Ratings

You can also check review & ratings at our website, we provide unbiased review & ratings for all stock brokers listed on our site.

List of Stock Broker Complaints & Ratings

Coimbatore Capital Complaints & Ratings Indira Securities Complaints & Ratings
Comfort Securities Complaints & Ratings Inditrade Capital Complaints & Ratings
Competent Finman Complaints & Ratings Indus Portfolio Complaints & Ratings
Consortium Securities Complaints & Ratings Integrated Enterprises Complaints & Ratings
Dalal Broacha Complaints & Ratings Intime Equities Complaints & Ratings
DBFS Securities Complaints & Ratings Inventure Growth Complaints & Ratings
Dealmoney Securities Complaints & Ratings ISE Securities Complaints & Ratings
Elite Wealth Complaints & Ratings Jainam Share Consultants Complaints & Ratings
Emkay Global Complaints & Ratings Jhaveri Securities Complaints & Ratings
Escorts Securities Complaints & Ratings JK Securities Complaints & Ratings
Eureka Securities Complaints & Ratings Joindre Capital Complaints & Ratings
Exclusive Securities Complaints & Ratings Kalpataru Multiplier Complaints & Ratings
Fair Intermediate Investments Complaints & Ratings Kantilal Chhaganlal Complaints & Ratings
Fairwealth Securities Complaints & Ratings Karuna Finance Complaints & Ratings
Farsight Securities Complaints & Ratings Kaynet Finance Complaints & Ratings
Fast Capital Complaints & Ratings Khandwala Securities Complaints & Ratings
Findoc Investmart Complaints & Ratings Lakshmishree Investment Complaints & Ratings
FRR Shares Complaints & Ratings LFS Broking Complaints & Ratings
Ganpati Securities Complaints & Ratings Maheshwari Finance Complaints & Ratings
Geojit Finance Complaints & Ratings Shah Investor Complaints & Ratings
Globe Capital Complaints & Ratings Suresh Rathi Complaints & Ratings

Stock Broker Complaints & Ratings – Conclusion

Hence, after the discussion, it can be concluded that you may face problems with your broking house but there are ways by which you can mitigate the problems.

You can take help from different online portals. Along with this, when you want to invest or want to become a part of a broking house, then it will be good to check the reviews to get a better idea about the broking house.

Final List of Stock Broker Complaints & Ratings

ASE Capital Markets Complaints & Ratings Gogia Capital Complaints & Ratings
Bansal Finstock Complaints & Ratings Goldmine Stocks Complaints & Ratings
Basan Equity Complaints & Ratings Goodwill Wealth Complaints & Ratings
Berkeley Securities Complaints & Ratings Greenbucks Securities Complaints & Ratings
Bezel Stock Brokers Complaints & Ratings Grovalue Securities Complaints & Ratings
BGSE Financials Complaints & Ratings Guiness Securities Complaints & Ratings
BP Equities Complaints & Ratings Hedge Equities Complaints & Ratings
C M Goenka Stock Brokers Complaints & Ratings HEM Securities Complaints & Ratings
Canmoney Complaints & Ratings HSE Securities Complaints & Ratings
Capstocks Securities Complaints & Ratings IDBI Direct Complaints & Ratings
CD Equisearch Complaints & Ratings IFCI Financial Complaints & Ratings
Celebrus Capital Complaints & Ratings Indbank Online Complaints & Ratings
Cholamandalam Securities Complaints & Ratings India Advantage Complaints & Ratings
CIL Securities Complaints & Ratings Indianivesh Securities Complaints & Ratings

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