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Gold is one of the prime metals among all but you cannot expect the gold price to follow a definite trend. That is why, we have documented this article to let you know about the Live Gold Rate in Nellore Today (Aug 30, 2023).

Therefore go through the whole content and stay tuned to Find Gold Rate in Nellore Live.

To help you we have included charts so that you can understand the price of both the 22 carat and 24-carat gold Rate in Nellore Today.

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22 Carat Gold Rate in Nellore – Gold Price in Nellore Today (Aug 30, 2023)

In this category, we have added the variation in the gold price pertaining to the  22 Carat Gold Rate in Nellore. 22 carat is always the basic one for crafting gold jewellery.

In this section, you will get the exact price of the gold price in Nellore today, yesterday and about the price change.

We have mentioned the price percentage reflecting the performance of the gold rates.

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24 Carat Gold Rate in Nellore Today (Aug 30, 2023) – Gold Price in Nellore

24-Carat Gold Rate in Nellore has been documented in this above table. It also shows the current nature of the pure gold price in Nellore. We also stated the price of the gold yesterday, change in the statistics of the price percentage as well.

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Gold Price in Nellore for Last 15 Days

Gold purchasers think wittily when it comes to buying the gold. That mean,s they don’t want to take the risk with the rate which is why they always consider the last price variations for a fruitful buy.

Now you take a look at the table to understand that we have mentioned the 15 days gold price in Nellore, so that you can get a clear picture of the current trend of the gold price.

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Graph of Gold Rate Today in Nellore – Also Past Gold Price in Nellore

We have drafted the graphs to demonstrate the price fluctuation of the gold. We also added charts to show the Gold Rate in Nellore stats in regards to the present day scenario. Also, we gave you an insight into the previously recorded price variation of the gold rate in Nellore.

  • Gold 22 CT :
  • Gold 24 CT :

Gold Price in Nellore – Past 12 Months Price

The whole movement of the price on account of the Gold Rate in Nellore for the last 12 months is compiled together in the below tables.

January 2023, Gold Price Movement in Nellore

Gold Rates in January 2023 22 Ct Gold Rate (Rs) 24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st January 2023 5130 5387
8th January 2023 5221 5482
15th January 2023 5296 5561
22nd January 2023 5320 5586
31st January 2023 5350 5618
Highest Rate in January 2023 5380 5649
Lowest Rate in January 2023 5130 5387
Performance 4.29% 4.29%

You can observe that for the whole month the price of the gold specifically for the 22 carat gold followed low price pattern.Take a view of the 22 Carat Gold Price in Nellore for the January month, and the type of drift in the price that took place in this month. Therefore, understand the frequent fluctuation for the Gold Price in Nellore.

  • Talking about the price stability yes you can see no major fluctuation all throughout the month. Note that the lowest and highest recorded price for the 22 carat was Rs.5130 and Rs.5380
  • The price movement is almost stabilised for the 24 carat gold which shows the recorded price as Rs.5387 and Rs.5649 as the low and high.
  • The performance percentage of the gold price recorded at 4.29% and 4.29%.
  • Additionally, the variation in the price can be seen for 5 different dates for the whole month.

Gold Rate Movement in Nellore for December 2022

Gold Rates in December 2022 22 Ct Gold Rate (Rs) 24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st December 2022 4955 5203
8th December 2022 5023 5274
15th December 2022 5060 5313
22nd December 2022 5124 5380
31st December 2022 5130 5387
Highest Rate in December 2022 5130 5387
Lowest Rate in December 2022 4955 5203
Performance 3.53% 3.54%

Turns out, this major inflationary hedge needs constant monitoring as well. To obtain the best of what gold has to offer to you, we have collected the scattered data for your information. Refer to the table and fetch the details you are in need of at any point of time.

  • The vivid representation of the price change has been mentioned clearly, in order to make things easy for the investors.
  • We rather prefer to provide all the details to you apart from the general shift in prices, which includes the percentage change. It was a massive 3.53% for 22 carat while a minor shift of 3.54% for the 24-carat gold.
  • Now that we have seen the percentage change, we can say that the 22-carat gold went through a major fluctuation phase across the month.
  • Speaking of how the price was at the beginning of the month and the end, the opening price was Rs.4955 and Rs.5203, whereas the closing price was Rs.5130 and Rs.5387.

Gold Rate Movement in Nellore for November 2022

Gold Rates in November 2022 22 Ct Gold Rate (Rs) 24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st November 2022 4696 4928
8th November 2022 4696 4696
15th November 2022 4940 5187
22nd November 2022 4905 5150
30th November 2022 4916 5162
Highest Rate in November 2022 4960 5208
Lowest Rate in November 2022 4696 4696
Performance 4.68% 4.75%

Since we need to keep track of Nellore’s records of gold prices, this segment was included alongside a table showcasing the price fluctuations during the month of November. You’ll see how both gold groups performed during the month.

  • Here are statistics from the beginning to the end for the whole month alongside the change in prices and percentages.
  • After the change that took place during the whole month we have recorded this data for your utmost convenience.
  • The first thing, we’ve got id the highest prize for 22 carats per month and it’s Rs.4960 and Rs.5208 for 24 carats of gold.
  • The lowest price is Rs.4696 for 22 carat gold compared to Rs. 4696, for 24-carat gold.
  • For the month, the percent change is a synthesis of recorded member of 22 is 4.68%and 24 carat is 4.75%.

Gold Rate Movement in Nellore for October 2022

Gold Rates in October 2022 22 Carat 24 Carat
1st October 2022 4700 4702
8th October 2022 4696 4696
15th October 2022 4696 4696
22nd October 2022 4696 4696
31st October 2022 4696 4928
Highest Rate in October 2022 4700 4928
Lowest Rate in October 2022 4696 4692
Performance -0.09% 4.81%

Making plans for investing in Gold must not be done randomly, rather backed by a lot of research and analysis post which investment strategies can be constructed. According to the need investors have, we have this section catered for the October Gold Rate in Nellore.

  • The table you see above has the insights regarding the peak price points of October month in relation with the 24 and 22 carat gold.
  • Speaking of the percentage change it is -0.09% and 4.81% for both the categories of gold
  • On the other end, the highest price as recorded for the month was Rs.4700 and Rs.4928
  • We also have the recorded lowest price for the month and it was Rs.4696 and Rs.4692
  • Taking into account the percentage change, it was not much of a change, but tiny amount.

September 2022, Gold rate movement in Nellore

Gold Rates in September 2022 22 Carat 24 Carat
1st September 2022 4760 4760
8th September 2022 4699 4699
15th September 2022 4708 4708
22nd September 2022 4627 4627
30th September 2022 4687 4687
Highest Rate in September 2022 4760 4760
Lowest Rate in September 2022 4526 4615
Performance -1.53% -1.53%

We wish to further educate you on the Gold Rate in Nellore for the month of September. You can check the table provided to you, and then the following explanation to see if the price levels were at the highest point or at the lowest point of order. Then you can invest accordingly.

  • We have covered the 22 carat gold and also 24 carat gold category for you, separately and in a clear manner.
  • The percentage change in the metal has been determined by us, and the same was -1.53% and -1.53%.
  • The percentage change which happened in the month shows the price of the metal went down, i.e. the metal’s price declined.
  • On the other end, you need to take a look at the highest price of the metal which was recorded as Rs.4760 and Rs.4760
  • Well, we also have the lowest price records for you, and they were Rs.4526 and Rs.4615.

August 2022, Gold rate movement in Nellore

Gold Rates in August 2022 22 Carat 24 Carat
1st August 2022 4801 5037
8th August 2022 4855 5100
15th August 2022 4894 5137
22nd August 2022 4832 4832
31st August 2022 4796 4796
Highest Rate in August 2022 4915 5165
Lowest Rate in August 2022 4772 4772
Performance -0.10% -4.78%

For investing in Gold, knowing precisely the prices of Gold in the city is important. The lower price you invest in Gold, the higher return it can fetch in the future. In this section we have discussed about the points on the gold rate movement in Nellore for the month of August.

  • For the month of August, the gold prices first increased then stooped until the month end.
  • The opening price for the month was Rs. 4801 per gram for 22 carat gold and Rs. 5037 per gram for 24 carat gold.
  • The closing price was Rs. 4796 per gram for 22 carat gold and Rs. 4796 per gram for 24 carat gold.
  • Nellore’s gold prices were impacted by the trades in the global market.
  • The performance analysis is calculated for both the categories which reflects the overall movement underwent by prices and is around -0.10%  and -4.78% for the 22 carat and 24 carat gold respectively.

July 2022, Gold rate movement in Nellore

Gold Rates in July 2022 22 Ct Gold Rate (Rs) 24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st July 2022 4790 5028
8th July 2022 4674 4913
15th July 2022 4661 4898
22nd July 2022 4670 4905
31st July 2022 4807 5048
Highest Rate in July 2022 4810 5052
Lowest Rate in July 2022 4631 4859
Performance 0.35% 0.40%

For diversification of portfolio, reading of gold trends is very necessary. And to read the trends accurately looking at the change in gold prices every month is an important factor. This section highlights the numbers for gold rates for the month of July in Nellore.

  • Data for change in prices as on five different dates are available in the table.
  • For 22 carat gold, the price as on 1st of July is Rs. 4790 per gram, on 15th July is Rs. 4674 per gram and on 31st July is Rs. 4807 per gram.
  • For 24 carat gold, the price as on 1st of July is Rs. 5028 per gram, on 15th July is Rs. 4898 per gram and on 31st July is Rs. 5048 per gram.
  • The month closed with the highest price that was Rs. 4810 and Rs.  5052.
  • Overall performance is calculated for the month for both the categories and stands at 0.35% and 0.40% respectively.

June 2022, Gold Rate Movement in Nellore

Gold Rates in June 2022 22 Ct Gold Rate (Rs) 24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st June 2022 4744 4984
8th June 2022 4777 5011
15th June 2022 4747 4981
22nd June 2022 4771 5010
30th June 2022 4737 4978
Highest Rate in June 2022 4838 5085
Lowest Rate in June 2022 4718 4748
Performance -0.15% -0.12%

The table conscripted above shows a precise image of the gold rate in Nellore for both the 22-carat gold and 24-carat gold rate. You will be surprised to see how the price changes on different dates. In addition to that, come to know about the percentage change in price as well.

  • The month of June shows the variation in the 22 carat and 24 carat gold at different intervals.
  • The highest price for the 22 carat gold was recorded as Rs.4838
  • On the flip side, the highest price for the 24 carat gold was Rs.5085
  • The lowest price for both the 22 carat and 24 gold was Rs.4718 and Rs.4748 respectively
  • You can see that the price for both the gold categories decreased at the end of the month.
  • You can see that the percentage performance for both the 22 carat and 24 carat gold was -0.15% and -0.12%. That means the change was almost same for both the gold segments.
  • The 24 carat gold showed a price decline in this month of June.

May 2022, Gold Rate Movement in Nellore

Gold Rates in May 2022 22 Ct Gold Rate (Rs) 24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st May 2022 4889 5133
8th May 2022 4882 5126
15th May 2022 4770 5004
22nd May 2022 4792 5030
31st May 2022 4777 5016
Highest Rate in May 2022 4909 5151
Lowest Rate in May 2022 4743 4980
Performance -2.29% -2.28%

The table we have documented above comprises of Gold Rates in Nellore for the month of May. We have conscripted the gold rate in Nellore per gram for both the 22 carat and 24-carat gold categories.

  • The variation in the gold price for different intervals is shown in the table.
  • The highest price for the gold recorded as 4909 and Rs.5151 for 22 carat and 24 carat gold.
  • At the same time, the lowest rate of the gold was recorded as Rs.4743 and Rs.4980 for 22 carat and 24 carat gold respectively.
  • The overall performance in terms of percentage is recorded at -2.29% and -2.28% eventually.
  • You can see that the price took the leap at the month-end only for both the segments of gold.

April 2022, Gold Rate Movement in Nellore

Gold Rates in April 2022 22 Ct Gold Rate (Rs) 24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st April 2022 4800 5036
8th April 2022 4887 5128
15th April 2022 5007 5260
22nd April 2022 4976 5222
30th April 2022 4885 5131
Highest Rate in April 2022 5049 5306
Lowest Rate in April 2022 4800 5036
Performance 1.77% 1.89%

The gold price statistics during the month of April is stated in the above table. It consists of the Gold Rate Movement in Nellore. Also, we tried to keep you informed regarding the Gold Rate in Nellore per Gram for both the divisions of the gold.

  • The change in the gold rate statistics at the major intervals is well observed in the above table.
  • Price of the gold seems to increase till 3rd week then start decreasing as the month reaches the end for both the gold segments.
  • The highest recorded gold price for 22 carat gold was 5049 and the lowest price for the same was Rs.4800.
  • In the meantime, the highest gold price for the 24 carat gold was Rs.5306 and the lowest price for this was Rs.5036.
  • The performance percentage of the gold price was 1.77% and 1.89%.

March 2022, Gold Rate Movement in Nellore

Gold Rates in March 2022 22 Ct Gold Rate (Rs) 24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st March 2022 4792 5030
8th March 2022 5061 5061
15th March 2022 4826 5064
22nd March 2022 4800 5043
31st March 2022 4800 5036
Highest Rate in March 2022 5106 5366
Lowest Rate in March 2022 4792 4910
Performance 0.17% 0.12%

The movement of the gold price in Nellore for the month of March has depicted in the above table. For the ease of your understanding, we have documented the change in the Gold price in Nellore per gram for the whole month.

  • The gold rate frequency is drafted all throughout the month at major time intervals.
  • We have examined the price performance of the gold, which hit 0.17% and 0.12% for the 22 carat, and 24 carat gold respectively.
  • The highest recorded price was Rs.5106 for 22 carat gold and Rs.5366 for the 24 carat gold.
  • The lowest shift on the gold price was Rs.4792 and Rs.4910 for the 22 and 24 carat gold.
  • A minor shift in the gold price can be seen across the full month but the price trend seems to be a bit higher in the 2nd week of the month.

February 2022, Gold Price Movement in Nellore

Gold Rates in February 2022 22 Ct Gold Rate (Rs) 24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st February 2022 4534 4757
8th February 2022 4546 4770
15th February 2022 4741 4980
22nd February 2022 4768 5004
28th February 2022 4820 5058
Highest Rate in February 2022 4833 5076
Lowest Rate in February 2022 4519 4746
Performance 6.31% 6.33%

Take a close look through the 22 Carat Gold Rate in Nellore for the month of February, understand that we have analyzed Gold Rate in Nellore per gram to let you know about the price movement across the whole month.

  • The highlighted price of the golds recorded at different intervals is jotted in the table with each day price records.
  • The performance of the gold price in terms of percentage as 6.31% and 6.33% for the 22 carat and 24 carat gold is also mentioned in the above table.
  • Highest recorded price for both the gold segments such as 22 carat and 24 carat are Rs.4833 and Rs.5076.
  • The lowest recorded price for 22 carat and 24 carat golds are Rs.4519 and Rs.4746 respectively.
  • We observed that the price of the gold followed a rising trend all across the month.

Gold Rate in Nellore – Trend in 2020

Gold Rate in Nellore

Considering the recent events like the India and China trade contract and the sudden outbreak of the Pandemic COVID 19, you can observe that a major drift is seen in the Gold Rate Trend in Nellore.

Definitely, such a shift can be seen in the beginning of the year actually.

The trend seemed escalating in regards to the trade agreement, but later on, a setback in the price trend can be witnessed. Now, this was again due to the uncertain and unfortunate COVID 19 situation.

The fall of the stock market followed by the increase in the dollar price equally resulted into the gold price fluctuation.

The highest price of the gold can be observed in the month of March due to the Government’s initiative to stand tall against all the Pandemic Corona Circumstance.

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Gold Rate in Nellore – Trend in 2019

Gold Rate Trend 2019 in Nellore is concisely summarised in this section considering the entire analysis of the year. In fact, you can see that the year showed a secured rise and fall in the gold price actually.

The Historical Gold Rate in Nellore shows considerable occurrences all over the year, and it affected the price of the gold. But, the vital cause behind that was the business stress among China and USA.

As you can see, the vital decline in the price was actually raised by the continuous demand for the yellow metal. The fluctuation of the gold price was due to the change in the dollar value of the US.

What makes Gold Rates in Nellore to increase?

Gold Rate in Nellore as of today differs because of the different international and domestic scenarios. Events like the increase in the demand of the metal or the rise in the US Dollar value altogether causes a major change in the Gold rate.

Still follow the below bullet points to get the precise idea on that.

  • The rate of inflation leaves an impact on the gold price. That means, during the inflated situation, the demand of gold also increases as people think it is better to have gold instead of the currency.
  • If any price fluctuation takes place in the overseas market, then obviously that is going to influence the gold price in the local markets.
  • Reserve bank of India as the premium reservoir of gold also determines the price of the gold.
  • The demand for gold during the festive months also increases the price of the metal as well.
  • The rate of interest also shares a reverse relationship with the gold price. That means if the interest rate is low then the gold price will increase.

What makes Gold Price in Nellore to decrease?

Here you will see some of the conscripted contrary causes that resulted in the fall of the gold price in Nellore. Therefore follow each one of them to understand that:

  • The condition of the market especially inthe bear market, the price just falls drastically that automatically reduces the gold price.
  • The affairs in the international market also influence the price of gold.
  • Rush in the supply of gold followed by less demand of the metal will also cause the gold price to fall.
  • If the rate of interest is more then you will naturally see that there is a fall in the rate of the gold.

Why Central Bank Policies impacts Gold Rates in Nellore?

Central Bank is the ultimate place known to store the gold and the currencies. Each time you will see that the central banks of the prominent countries reserve the gold.

When they do so, automatically the price of the gold shoots up. It so happens because the cash flow in the market also gets escalated followed by a fall in the supply of the gold.

The US dollar influences the gold price or increases in the Indian currency makes the gold metal quite worthy for the investors.

That is why you will see that investors do like to use gold as the hedging tool during periods of inflation, which makes them adjust with the rising Gold Price in Nellore.

Such type of investment options become very much attractive especially when there is the revised policies of the bank and the rise in the stock rate as well as the government. But, the fall in the price of the gold leads to the decline in gold rate in Nellore Today.

Why Gold Price in Nellore is different from other Cities?

In this section, we will highlight that the gold rates are different in different cities. Such a difference is because of the international market condition. It is also because of the power of US dollars as well. If you want to check the variation, then you will see that it is very less.

The main reason behind the variation in the gold price in Nellore is the logistics, cost of transportation, quantity purchased and the local condition of the market.

The value of the Indian currency also affects the gold price. In addition to that, if the currency value weakens then it will also cause the gold price to rise. Eventually, it is the government’s import duty; which also affects the price of the gold to manifold.

What is Gold Rate in Nellore 916 Hallmark gold?

The BIS or the Bureau of Indian statistics came into light with the thought to impose some regulation on the gold manufacturer in India.

According to that, they traders follow the rule of engraving the 916 hallmarks on the gold. It means that gold is very pure and genuine.

Therefore, you should remember that the gold rate in Nellore 916 is actually 22 carat gold. It shows that the 91.6 grams of the gold are present in 100 grams of alloy.

That explains the gold purity. Also, this is what the sellers use to ensure that the sculpture and quality are the same as the 22 carat gold.

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How much is the Tax Levied on Gold Rate in Nellore?

Talking about the rates levied on the gold, you will see that on the gold, government imposed 3% rates. But, 5% is imposed as the GST on the making of the jewellery. As making charge of the seller differs, that is why it was necessary to have a fixed percentage on the gold.

In fact, you will see that the government fixes the tax on the gold rate in Nellore. Therefore, the GST charge of 5% is fixed and it will not change.

Gold Rate in Nellore – Conclusion

The article was fabricated to give you the statistical information on the Gold Rate in Nellore and other factors influencing the gold price.

We tried to offer the complete nuance on the vital determinants of the 22 carat and 24 carat gold. On top of that, we gave you the sneak peek of the Today Gold Rate in Nellore in addition to trends and factors.

Nellore Gold Rate FAQs

Ques – How to check Today’s Gold Rate in Nellore?

Answer – In this very website, we have provided our customers with every question and information that they  need to be thorough with, in order to move forward with buying gold. Different weights have different expense and that can be found out after referring to the table herein.

Ques – Where to find Gold Rate in Nellore?

Answer – All of the information regarding finding a proper gold rate in Nellore has been put up on this article. A table has been displayed along with sequential chart formation which you can look at, and check or even compare prices.

Ques – Is this Live Gold Price in Nellore?

Answer – Yes this is the live gold price in Nellore. The prices and its comparison go over the course of many weeks. We make sure that our customers are always updated with the newest information regarding gold rates.

Ques – Can I find last month’s Gold Price here?

Answer – You can definitely find last month’s gold price over here. And if you think this is just it, you are in for a surprise. You can even figure out the expense that range up to 10 years back. A chart gives you a vibrant data regarding every gold information there is.

Ques – Where to find 22 Ct Gold Rate in Nellore?

Answer – 22 carat gold rate is apparently the most sought-after gold category in the market. Every distinction when it comes to price regulation has been put out over here in this website in different sections and tables. Carat gold category has been flashed on the topmost area of this article.

Ques – Is the Gold Rate in Nellore Update?

Answer – The rates in the subside or updated, time and again. And all these are done for our customers to doors through this website with little to no issue taking place while figuring out the prices, dropping or skyrocketing.

Ques – Will I find Gold Rate Forecast here?

Answer – Definitely you will. What you can also do, is find out what connects these different rates that is prevalent in the market, jot down any change that you note and make use of it to now calculate how the price of gold may change or not in the future.

Ques – Can I use Gold Investment Calculator?

Answer – You can surely use the golden as my calculator without any fuss whatsoever. Fill up a few details that will  come of use here. First things first, you are residents, you category of girl and then the money that you want to invest over here.

Ques – Can I calculate Nellore Gold Price in Tola?

Answer – You can definitely calculate the price of gold. And by using the gold rate calculator. All you need to do over here is make sure you give your city details, the category of gold the unit type, in that particular unit type and the time of investment.

Ques – What is 24 Carat Gold in Nellore?

Answer – 24 carat gold is pretty pure, comes with no complexity whatsoever, and is absolutely not suitable for making jewellery of any kind. It is way higher than the train to 22 carat gold category and is thus extremely popular in the market.

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