Rajahmundry is a beautiful South Indian city located on the banks of Godavari River.  The main objective of this article is to address the Gold Rate in Rajahmundry.

The gold trend for 2020 and 2019 and other factors will also be discussed that affect the Gold Rate in Rajahmundry Live.

This city houses a large number of gold jewelry shops that record high sales daily and thus, the Gold Rate in Rajahmundry Today plays an important role. Gold rates include the price of both 22 Ct and 24 Ct Gold as investors and traders deal with both of them here.

The city has a huge heritage and culture but, is also known for its gold traders. This article will bring forth the price of 22 Ct and 24 Ct Gold for the past 6 months along with the performance reviews.

22 Carat Gold Rate in Rajahmundry – Gold Price in Rajahmundry Today

22 Ct Gold is obtained by adding a certain amount of fillers into pure gold. It is the most suitable form of yellow metal that can be used for making jewelry.

The 22 Carat Gold Rate in Rajahmundry is always a matter of concern for traders and investors residing in this city.

They look for these rates because the buying and selling of gold jewelry take place in a huge amount in Rajahmundry. The 22 Ct Gold Price in Rajahmundry Today looks favorable for investors.

This rate keeps changing every hour according to the changes taking place in the stock market and the international gold market.

Investors should check out the rates thoroughly before getting into a deal with any gold merchant.

Gold Rate Forecast for Tomorrow

24 Carat Gold Rate in Rajahmundry Today – Gold Price in Rajahmundry

Gold in its purest form is available in 24 Ct which is, however, not suitable for making ornaments. This is because pure gold is very soft and cannot be given a shape which creates difficulties for goldsmiths.

Thus, they add fillers to it and convert into 22 Ct Gold which is the perfect form of this metal for making jewelry. The price of 24 Ct Gold is referred to as Pure Gold Price in Rajahmundry.

Gold rates are different for 22 Ct and 24 Ct in Rajahmundry and investors need to check them thoroughly before investing. The 24 Carat Gold Rate in Rajahmundry is always higher than that of 22 Ct.

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Gold Price in Rajahmundry for Last 15 Days

The Gold Price in Rajahmundry is variable and it keeps changing every day depending on various factors. Investors try to keep a record of the variations in gold prices every day as that helps them in making good investment decisions.

They become aware of the current market trend and identify the risk factors lying if any. The gold rates for at least the past 15 days can be very helpful for any trader or investor in Rajahmundry.

They will be able to check out if the rates are increasing or getting lower day by day. If the rates are on the higher side with no sign of reduction, then it is a clear indication that they shall remain high for some time.

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Graph of Gold Rate Today in Rajahmundry – Also Past Gold Price in Rajahmundry

We provide graphical representations for Gold Rate in Rajahmundry. This section projects the gold rates in this city in a graphical form. Investors can easily understand from these graphs whether the rates are increasing or decreasing for 22 Ct and 24 Ct.

Graphs are always better than figures because the former makes the picture clear at a glance. Readers need not check out the figures for the present and past Gold Rate in Rajahmundry separately. They can take a look at the graph and understand the differences in the rates within a few seconds.

  • Gold 22 CT :
  • Gold 24 CT :

Gold Price in Rajahmundry – Past 12 Months Price

Experienced traders and investors of Rajahmundry value the process of going through the past gold rates. These rates can be for the past few weeks or a few months as they can influence his investment decision immensely.

If the Gold Rate in Rajahmundry for the past 12 months is known to an investor, then he will be able to make wise deals.

This will prevent him from running into losses as gold is one of the most expensive commodities on earth. Below in this article, the gold rates in Rajahmundry for the 12 months shall be discussed briefly to help traders and investors there.

Gold Rate Movement in Rajahmundry for October 2021

Gold Rates in October 202122 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st October 202143974614
8th October 202144144639
15th October 202145204742
22nd October 202144864711
31st October 202145194744
Highest Rate in October 202145454770
Lowest Rate in October 202143834608

You can highly rely on strategic form of investment, rather than choosing to randomly invest, which is pure gambling and does not contain the assurity of return. Gold Rate in Rajahmundry from the month of October is the data which will help you determine the price changes and form a strategy accordingly.

  • Looking at the table, you can figure out the present prevailing market price of the metal and plan your investment accordingly.
  • We can see that the price change was 2.77% and 2.82% for the month and we commuted it for you.
  • Mentioning the highest price point for the month, they were Rs.4545 and Rs.4770 referring to both the 22 and 24 carat gold categories.
  • Refer to the lowest price frequency of the month which stood at Rs.4383 and Rs.4608 for both the categories of gold.
  • The price change was not a massive one as portrayed, as it was not more than the previous few months.

September 2021, Gold rate movement in Rajahmundry

Gold Rates in September 202122 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st September 202144574684
8th September 202144554680
15th September 202144744692
22nd September 202144174639
30th September 202143454561
Highest Rate in September 202145034729
Lowest Rate in September 202143454561

Studying the Gold Rate in Rajahmundry is very essential to check the trends which prevail in the market presently. For concise check of price trends, we have put together a table, which shows the opening price and the closing price. We have also included the price from each week of the month, the first day’s stats.

  • All the provided price details are in context with both the categories gold, i.e. 22 as well as 24 carat gold.
  • Did you notice the change in price already, and if you haven’t we would like to state it for you – -2.51% and -2.63% for both the categories respectively.
  • The change, though minute, gets a special mention as the price level of the metal fell down for this month.
  • Also, the highest of price which was recorded for both the category gold, i.e. 22 and 24 carat is Rs.4503 and Rs.4729
  • Furthermore, we wish to show you the recorded lowest price of 22 and 24 carat gold, which was Rs.4345 and Rs.4561

August 2021, Gold rate movement in Rajahmundry

Gold Rates in August 202122 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st August 202145664797
8th August 202145044726
15th August 202144374660
22nd August 202144724695
31st August 202144724690
Highest Rate in August 202145664797
Lowest Rate in August 202143754594

In Rajahmundry, gold was largely impacted by the onset of the pandemic. However, after the market started to revive, the gold prices also saw a good upside. To know more about prices of gold for the month of August, read the points below for further analysis.

  • The gold prices for the month of August in Rajahmundry is given in the table.
  • The opening price for the month was Rs. 4566 per gram for 22 carat gold and Rs. 4797 per gram for 24 carat gold.
  • The closing price was Rs. 4472 per gram for 22 carat gold and Rs. 4690 per gram for 24 carat gold.
  • The prices of gold are mainly impacted by the market forces of demand and supply and lately by the dreading economic conditions.
  • The net change in performance is -2.06% and -2.23% for 22 carat and 24 carat gold.

July 2021, Gold rate movement in Rajahmundry

Gold Rates in July 202122 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st July 202144464668
8th July 202145144742
15th July 202145624787
22nd July 202145064729
31st July 202145664797
Highest Rate in July 202145744799
Lowest Rate in July 202144464668

For latest gold rates for Rajahmundry, numbers related to the month of July are mentioned below. The fluctuation of prices on different dates are shown in the table along with highlighted points that will help the reader to understand the impact of gold rates in Rajahmundry.

  • Data as on five different dates are available in the table. These show how these five dates have different yet increasing prices for gold.
  • For 22 carat gold, the price as on 1st of July is Rs. 4446 per gram, on 15th July is Rs. 4562 per gram and on 31st July is Rs. 4566 per gram.
  • For 24 carat gold, the price as on 1st of July is Rs. 4668 per gram, on 15th July is Rs. 4787 per gram and on 31st July is Rs. 4797 per gram.
  • The month end week had the highest price for gold.
  • Overall performance is calculated for the month for both the categories and stands at 2.70% and 2.76% respectively.

June 2021, Gold Rate Movement in Rajahmundry

Gold Rates in June 202122 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st June 202146124842
8th June 202145944828
15th June 202145524780
22nd June 202144144634
30th June 202144134635
Highest Rate in June 202146384868
Lowest Rate in June 202143954618

Looking at numbers from every month is very necessary to understand gold rate movements. For the sole purpose of gaining a clearer picture we have filed down all the data for the month of June on gold rates in Rajahmundry. We hope this information helps you to make precise decision in gold investment.

  • Prices for different days of the month are mentioned in the table for better analysis.
  • For 22 carat gold, the highest price is noted to be Rs.4638 per gram and for 24 carat gold the highest touched price is Rs.4868 per gram.
  • Similarly, for 22 carat gold, the lowest price is Rs.4395 per gram and for 24 carat gold the lowest touched price is Rs.4618 per gram.
  • The prices have decreased from the starting of the month until the month end.
  • Overall performance for both the categories that is 22 carat gold and 24 carat gold is -4.31% and -4.28%.

May 2021, Gold Rates in Rajahmundry

Gold Rates in May 202122 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st May 202143854600
8th May 202144024625
15th May 202144934722
22nd May 202145644795
31st May 202145954822
Highest Rate in May 202146134847
Lowest Rate in May 202143814600

Investors can start with the performance report of the Gold Rate in Rajahmundry for the previous month, that is, May 2021.

  • The highest value attained by 22 Ct of this yellow metal in May 2021 was Rs.4613 and the lowest was Rs.4381
  • The highest 24 Ct Gold Rate in Rajahmundry per Gram was Rs.4847
  • The lowest value for 24 Ct Gold was marked to be Rs.4600
  • Gold showed a mediocre performance for both the forms in this month with 4.79% for 22 Ct and 4.83% for 24 Ct
  • This month recorded medium fluctuations in the rates of both the forms in Rajahmundry

April 2021, Gold Rate Movement in Rajahmundry

Gold Rates in Apr 202122 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01st April 2021₹ 4,181₹ 4,389
08th April 2021₹ 4,348₹ 4,568
15th April 2021₹ 4,381₹ 4,605
22nd April 2021₹ 4,492₹ 4,712
30th April 2021₹ 4,383₹ 4,606
Highest Rate in April 2021₹ 4,516₹ 4,738
Lowest Rate in April 2021₹ 4,181₹ 4,389

In India, April marks the beginning of a new financial year that brings along various fluctuations in the trade market. Below readers will be enlightened about the Gold Rate Movement in Rajahmundry for April 2021.

  • Rajahmundry saw the highest 22 Ct Gold rate to be Rs.4,516 and that for 24 Ct was Rs.4,738
  • The lowest rate for 22 Ct Gold went down to as low as Rs.4,181 and for 24 Ct Gold the figure was Rs.4,389
  • The performance of 22 Ct Gold Rate in Rajahmundry per Gram was outstanding with 4.83%
  • In April 2020, the performance of 24 Ct Gold was also very good with 4.94%
  • This month saw a huge fluctuation in gold rates in Rajahmundry with a steep hike and low for both 22 Ct and 24 Ct

March 2021, Gold Rate Movement in Rajahmundry

Gold Rates in Mar 202122 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
1st March 2021₹ 4,361₹ 4,574
8th March 2021₹ 4,228₹ 4,434
15th March 2021₹ 4,229₹ 4,441
22nd March 2021₹ 4,256₹ 4,466
31st March 2021₹ 4,176₹ 4,385
Highest Rate in March 2021₹ 4,361₹ 4,574
Lowest Rate in March 2021₹ 4,176₹ 4,385

March marks the financial year-ending and often creates favorable opportunities for investors and traders in the gold market of Rajahmundry. This portion of the article will address the Gold Price Movement in Rajahmundry for March 2021.

  • In March this year, the highest recorded 22 Ct Gold rate was Rs.4,361 for one gram
  • The lowest 22 Ct Gold Price in Rajahmundry per Gram was Rs.4,176
  • This month marked the highest value for 24 Ct Gold as Rs.4,574 and the lowest for the same was Rs.4,385
  • The performance percentage of gold rates for 22 Ct was -4.24% and for 24 Ct it was -4.13% which can be called very good
  • In Rajahmundry, this month also recorded a good amount of fluctuation in gold rates like the previous month

February 2021, Gold Price Movement in Rajahmundry

Gold Rates in February 202122 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
1st February 2021₹ 4,669₹ 4,902
8th February 2021₹ 4,471₹ 4,698
15th February 2021₹ 4,471₹ 4,692
22nd February 2021₹ 4,380₹ 4,600
28th February 2021₹ 4,337₹ 4,553
Highest Rate in February₹ 4,669₹ 4,902
Lowest Rate in February₹ 4,335₹ 4,551

Being the second month of the year, February brought some good news for Gold Rate in Rajahmundry per Gram which shall be discussed below.

  • 22 Ct Gold rate touched the highest mark of Rs.4,669 in February 2021 and the lowest mark of Rs.4,335
  • The highest Gold Rate in Rajahmundry per Gram for 24 Ct Gold was Rs.4,902 and the least recorded value was Rs.4,551
  • This expensive commodity performed on the negative end with -7.11% for 22 Ct and -7.12% for 24 Ct
  • In Rajahmundry, the price of 22 Ct Gold kept on falling all the while from the beginning of the month to the end.
  • The price of 24 Ct gold started falling right from the beginning of the month, also while it approached the end.

January 2021, Gold Price Movement in Rajahmundry

Gold Rates in January 202122 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
1st January 2021₹ 4,726₹ 4,965
8th January 2021₹ 4,812₹ 5,049
15th January 2021₹ 4,657₹ 4,887
22nd January 2021₹ 4,668₹ 4,900
31st January 2021₹ 4,657₹ 4,891
Highest Rate in January₹ 4,858₹ 5,105
Lowest Rate in January₹ 4,606₹ 4,834

Details for the performance of Gold Price in Rajahmundry for January 2021 shall be discussed below:

  • Rs.4,858 was the highest value attained by one gram of 22 Ct Gold in this month
  • The lowest value touched by 22 Ct Gold was Rs.4,606
  • The highest and the lowest rates recorded for 24 Ct Gold were Rs.5,105 and Rs.4,834 respectively
  • In January 2020, gold rates performed average with -1.46% in 22 Ct Gold and -1.49% in 24 Ct Gold
  • The 24 Carat and 22 Carat Gold Price in Rajahmundry remained more or less stable with small amount of fluctuations

Gold Rate Movement in Rajahmundry for December 2020

Gold Rates in December 202022 Carat Gold Rate24 Carat Gold Rate
1st December 202044734881
8th December 202046554884
15th December 202046644895
22nd December 202047855019
31st December 202047314965
Highest Rate in December47855019
Lowest Rate in December44734765

Keeping you informed of the data, i.e. the past records of the metal, we have this sector dedicated to December 2020. Precisely for the month, you can check the increase or decrease in the metal and when such fluctuation happened.

  • The shift can lead you to gaining insights on the events which greatly trigger the price and hence lead to the downfall or rise of rates.
  • A closer look at the table shows us that the metal reached a price change of 5.77& and 1.72%.
  • The percentage change shows that the price of the metal went through a noticeable shift for 22 carat gold precisely, whereas the 24 carat gold rate shift was almost negligible.
  • The shift is evident from the opening and the closing price as provided to you in the table.
  • Refer to the highest and the lowest price of the metal as well, from the table, while studying the price of gold closely.

Gold Rate Movement in Rajahmundry for November 2020

Gold Rates in November 202022 Carat Gold Rate24 Carat Gold Rate
1st November 202047625004
8th November 202048885134
15th November 202047845026
22nd November 202047635002
30th November 202045764808
Highest Rate in November48895134
Lowest Rate in November45764808

The needs of our clients are most important to us and their comfort is served as a top priority. Therefore in Rajahmundry over the month of November, both 22 carat gold and 24 carat gold rate variations are provided to you in detail so that you can easily and conveniently compare and contrast and make your choices.

  • For both the 22-carat and 24-carat prices, you can check the rates for all the relevant phases and dates for the month of November.
  • We have stated all the numericals and fluctuations for you to remind you of price changes over November in detail.
  • In relation to gold prices, all the important factors mentioned are given.
  • The highest price points for 22 carats and 24 carats have been mentioned as Rs.4889 and Rs.5134
  • The lowest price points were Rs.4576 and Rs.4808.

Gold Rate in Rajahmundry – Trend in 2020

Gold Rate in Rajahmundry

Traders in Rajahmundry are always interested in the trend of the gold rate for the current year. This helps them in making important business decisions and advancing in the trading market.

Half of the year has passed in 2020 and there have been some significant changes in the market that shaped the Gold Rate Trend in Rajahmundry for the current year.

The growing agitation between the two superpowers, America and China, has affected the rate of this expensive commodity to a major extent.

Another major role in determining the gold rate trend was played by the on-going pandemic. Today Gold Rate in Rajahmundry is becoming more stable and investors are getting back on track with their investments.

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Gold Rate in Rajahmundry – Trend in 2019

The year 2019 has seen some major changes in the international trade market that has affected the Gold Rate Trend 2019 in Rajahmundry.

Some serious political and trade issues were witnessed between the US and China which affected the prices at various times.

But, the overall rates were lower than the current year that kept the demand for this precious metal high. 2019 has also marked a Historical Gold Rate in Rajahmundry that impacted the gold rate trend.

What makes Gold Rates in Rajahmundry to increase?

Reasons responsible for the increase in the Gold Rate in Rajahmundry as on today are stated below:

  • Increase in demand in the local gold market of Rajahmundry
  • Inflation in the international trade sector that is increasing gold rate directly
  • The Gold Rate in Rajahmundry today per gram is increasing as the valuation of the US dollar is increasing in comparison to INR
  • If the Indian government has less amount of gold stored in their treasury then the rate will increase in the gold market of Rajahmundry automatically

What makes Gold Price in Rajahmundry to decrease?

Some of the imperative reasons that are contrary to the above ones and determine the decrease in the Gold Price in Rajahmundry are:

  • A good drop in the price of gold in the global gold market
  • An increase in the valuation of the Indian National Rupees concerning the Unites States Dollars
  • Today Gold Price in Rajahmundry per gram shall be in lower figures if the demand in the local market decreases
  • When the Reserve Bank of India changes its policies and reduces the rate of interest on gold loan then the gold rate decreases instantly

Why Central Bank Policies impacts Gold Rates in Rajahmundry?

The world gold market, valuation of the US Dollars, inflation, etc. are some of the prominent reasons that have a huge impact on the Gold Rate in Rajahmundry.

However, another major factor that affects the gold rates of this city is the policies dictated by the Central Bank.

This bank often makes some major changes in its policies that either increase or decrease the rate of gold. The Gold Price in Rajahmundry Today will be less if the bank maintains some profitable policies.

Why Gold Price in Rajahmundry is different from other Cities?

Each city in India has some self-laid policies by the native administrative body. Rajahmundry also has some of those policies that have direct impacts on the Gold Price in Rajahmundry.

These policies include taxes, transportation charges, etc. and they make the gold rates in this city different from others. The local jewelers’ association plays a pivotal role in fixing the Gold Price in Rajahmundry 916.

What is Gold Rate in Rajahmundry 916 Hallmark gold?

Almost all of the jewelry shops in Rajahmundry use hallmark gold for making ornaments. 916 is the symbolic representation of hallmark gold and its price is referred to as the Gold Rate in Rajahmundry 916. The price of hallmark gold is same as that of 22 Ct Gold and it is considered as a standard across the nation.

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How much is the Tax Levied on Gold Rate in Rajahmundry?

Gold is subjected to a 5% GST that is imposed by the central government of India. Another Tax on Gold Rate in Rajahmundry is levied on the making charges of gold jewelry. It is also of 5% and varies from one jewelry shop to another.

Gold Rate in Rajahmundry – Conclusion

The main purpose of this article was to serve readers with valuable information on the Gold Rate in Rajahmundry.

One can find a host of important details in this article concerning the factors that have a serious impact on the gold rates in this city.

Investors should go through all the points thoroughly and check Today Gold Rate in Rajahmundry before investing.

Gold Rate in Rajahmundry FAQs

Ques – How to check today’s gold rate in Rajahmundry?

Answer – The gold rate of Rajahmundry is shown in the report. With regard to the sum and price of gold, we provide all details. The data in the article shows the gold rate as measured. We include the data from the previous day to give you a clearer view. Gold prices are given for both 22 carat and 24 carat.

Ques – Where to find gold rate in Rajahmundry ?

Answer – Right in the article you will find the Gold Rate in Rajahmundry. We are committed to providing all our customers with the details conveniently and easily, and hence we have both 22 carat gold and a 24 carat gold rate. The article takes account of the usability of the consumer and can thus quickly find queries.

Ques – Is this live gold price in Rajahmundry?

Answer – Yes, the gold price given in the article in Rajahmundry is entirely important. We ensure that we constantly update all the details so that our customers can identify their needs without any problems. The article is updated daily and all the information is live.

Ques – Can I find last month’s gold price here?

Answer – For your convenience, we have gold prices in various time frames. This helps you to find the whole historical records, i.e. seven days, one month, six months or even annually, at all periods. So, yeah, the gold price of last month can be found in the post.

Ques – Where to find 22 Ct Gold rate in Rajahmundry?

Answer – The gold rate of 22 carat is set out in the article in question. The tableshave been designed to provide the customer with optimum comfort and are available for 22 and 24 carat gold. We first make the table details for the category 22 carats and then the category 24 carats.

Ques – Is the Gold rate in Rajahmundry update?

Answer – Yeah, the Rajahmundry gold rate has been revised. We want to make it easier for our customers to update all the data we provide without fail. In this way the customer will look for knowledge and prepare his investments.

Ques – Will I find Gold rate forecast here?

Answer – Yes, for both the 22 and 24 carat gold grades, the forecast can be found. Our data are designed in different timescales, which make technical analysis simple for customers. You can conveniently formulate your plans with all historical details

Ques – Can I use gold investment calculator?

Answer – Yeah, in order to have a view of the benefit and loss you suffered, you can use the gold investment calculator. The calculator is for the consumer receiver. You can only find your gain or loss by completing some simple details such as the state or region, investment date and amount of investment. Click calculating and you will find your data once you’ve filled out the appropriate fields

Ques – Can I calculate the Gold rate in Tola?

Answer – Yes, the gold rate in Tola can be measured. The investment gold calculator facilitates the measurement of the rate in different units. Open the calculator you’ll get your list of selected units, fill in the details that are mandated and click to know your profitability.

Ques – What is 24 Ct Gold in Rajahmundry?

Answer – The distinction between 24 carats of gold and 22 carat of gold is that 24 carat is the purest form of gold and can only be measured in bars and is costlier than 22 carats of gold. No other adornment is possible with 24 carat gold.

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