Gold Rate in Rajasthan – Find 22 Ct & 24 Ct Gold Price in Rajasthan Today

A detailed study of 22 carat and 24 carat gold rate in Rajasthan today is noted along with important takeaway points in this article.

The insight of this article will give you an idea about the gold rate in Rajasthan live. We will also focus on reasons for movements of Gold rate in Rajasthan. The people of Rajasthan are very inclined towards gold in the form of ornaments and sculptures.

They put on ornaments on a daily basis as well as demand for it in bulk during weddings and major occasions. This article will help you to understand the trends and fluctuation of gold prices in Rajasthan.

22 Carat Gold Rate in Rajasthan – Gold Price in Rajasthan Today

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22 carat gold is 22 parts of gold out of 24, and the rest 2 parts of metals like zinc or nickel. Jewellery is made of 22 carat gold, because of which 22 carat gold rate in Rajasthan is very peculiar.

The below table gives today and yesterday’s information on gold rate, the change in prices of gold and the percentage change. Check the section below for information on gold price in Rajasthan today.

Gold Rate Forecast for Tomorrow

24 Carat Gold Rate in Rajasthan Today – Gold Price in Rajasthan

24 carat gold, which is pure gold, is used to make coins and bars. The below section will give you details about 24 carat gold rate in Rajasthan today.

You can use the data for comparative study of prices and percentage from yesterday to today. Refer this section to check pure gold price in Rajasthan.

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Gold Price in Rajasthan for Last 15 Days

An important parameter while making an investment decision is monitoring past movement of the investment in order to buy/sell at the correct price.

The below 15 day data will help you to build a good strategy and understand what will be the right rate to buy/sell. Refer below for the past 15 days gold price in Rajasthan and understand the current trend.

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Graph of Gold Rate Today in Rajasthan – Also Past Gold Price in Rajasthan

Below is a graph of gold rate in Rajasthan put together to understand better. To gaze through a panoramic view for the past data of gold rate in Rajasthan refer the section below.

  • Gold 22 CT :
  • Gold 24 CT :

Gold Price in Rajasthan – Past 6 Months Price

The below section depicts a detailed study for the gold rate in Rajasthan for the past 6 months. The main aim for this data is studying price movements for a long term period. It will help you to study of the price trend for the past half year.

Gold Rate Movement in Rajasthan for October 2020

Gold Rates in October 202022 Carat Gold Rate24 Carat Gold Rate
1st October 202048955342
8th October 202048905334
15th October 202049265374
22nd October 202049615412
31st October 202049205267
Highest Rate in October49805433
Lowest Rate in October48905245

We urge you to refer to this section in particular, if you need to check the Gold Rate in Rajasthan data and information. You can see how the metal performed for the month and how the happenings led to the particular rates that were recorded.

  • You can refer to the particular section of 22 carat or the 24 carat gold categories as per the kind of investment you plan at.
  • Changes for the month was recorded by us, and commuted its percentage expression of 0.51% and -1.40%
  • As for the highest price for the month record, it was Rs.4980 and Rs.5433
  • Similarly for the lowest price record, it was Rs.4890 and Rs.5245 for the same month.
  • Accounting for all the price changes, we can draw of the conclusion, that the change for this month was pretty tiny.

Gold rate analysis in Rajasthan for September 2020

Gold Rates in September 202022 Carat Gold Rate24 Carat Gold Rate
Highest Rate in September50455503
Lowest Rate in September48355274

Keep going through this section which is meant to educate you regarding the Gold Rate in Rajasthan for the month of September. As you can see, the price of the metal is provided in a clear and concise make, which make it easy for you to refer to it and study the price behaviour of the metal.

  • You are free to draw your conclusions on the basis of the price rates as provided for both 22 as well as 24 carat gold.
  • Take a look at the table and as you can see, we found out the information on price change for you and it was -2.38% and -2.42%.
  • This information states that the fluctuation in price level was just decline in nature.
  • Moving on with the highest price level of the metal, we have the data as Rs.5045 and Rs.5503
  • The last focus in this section is of the lowest price level in the metal, which states the numbers of Rs.4835 and Rs.5274

Gold rate analysis in Rajasthan for August 2020

Gold Rates in August 202022 Carat Gold Rate24 Carat Gold Rate
01-08-2020₹ 5,225₹ 5,345
08-08-2020₹ 5,435₹ 5,929
15-08-2020₹ 5,115₹ 5,509
22-08-2020₹ 5,100₹ 5,560
31-08-2020₹ 5,035₹ 5,493
Highest Rate in August₹ 5,475₹ 5,930
Lowest Rate in August₹ 4,985₹ 5,345

Rajasthan is the largest West-Indian state in terms of area and holds the seventh-largest population of the nation. It has several big cities that are known for its forts and palaces. This state has always gained popularity for its royalty and ecstatic beauty. People in Rajasthan earn a lot of money from the hotel and tourism business.

But the state also houses a large number of traders and investors who focus mainly on gold.  Almost everyone residing here hasa fetish for gold ornaments and they save from their monthly earning for investing in this expensive metal.

Below in this article readers will find the details of the rates of 22 Ct and 24 Ct Gold for August 2020. Investors looking for investing in this precious metal should not miss out on them.

  • At the beginning of August 2020, gold rates were Rs.5225 per gram and Rs.5345 per gram for 22 Ct and 24 Ct respectively
  • The month-end price for one gram of 22 Ct was Rs.5035 and for 24 Ct was 5493 per gram
  • The highest and the lowest rates recorded for one gram of 22 Ct Gold were Rs.5475 and Rs.4985 respectively
  • One gram of 24 Ct Gold fluctuated in the range of Rs.5345 and Rs.5930 in August this year
  • The performance percentage for 24 Ct Gold was 10.94% which was quite high concerning 9.83% of 22 Ct Gold
  • The second week saw the highest rates for of both the forms of gold

July 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Rajasthan

Gold Rates in July 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-07-2020₹ 4,755₹ 4,875
08-07-2020₹ 4,750₹ 4,870
15-07-2020₹ 4,795₹ 4,915
22-07-2020₹ 4,875₹ 4,995
31-07-2020₹ 5,220₹ 5,320
Highest Rate in July₹ 5,220₹ 5,320
Lowest Rate in July₹ 4,690₹ 4,810

A table has been drafted to inform readers regarding the gold rate in Rajasthan. We have added the gold rates for 22 carat and 24 carat gold. Also, thought to enlighten the readers with the highest and lowest gold rates. We have added the percentage analysis for both the gold rates. For the easy understanding of the reader, we thought to add both the highest and lowest value for 22 and 24 carat gold. Note minutely that we have offered the gold values for the month of June 2020.

  • The highest price for 22 carat gold was witnessed as Rs 5,220.
  • The lowest rate of gold for 22 carat was recorded as Rs 4,690.
  • Highest and lowest gold rate for 24 gold was Rs 5,320 and Rs 4,810.
  • The percentage analysis for 22 carat gold was 11.30%.
  • The percentage performance for 24 carat gold was found to be 10.60%.

June 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Rajasthan

Gold Rates in June 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-06-2020₹ 4,581₹ 4,761
08-06-2020₹ 4,506₹ 4,626
15-06-2020₹ 4,600₹ 4,720
22-06-2020₹ 4,677₹ 4,797
30-06-2020₹ 4,710₹ 4,830
Highest Rate in June₹ 4,725₹ 4,845
Lowest Rate in June₹ 4,500₹ 4,620

Readers from Rajasthan will be extremely benefitted from this portion of the article as it will discuss the rate of gold for June 2020. It will give a clear picture of how this precious commodity performed this month and investors can make investment decisions strategically. Therefore, one should not miss out on any points that are mentioned below.

  • In June this year, the difference between 22 Ct and 24 Ct Gold rates were very high in Rajasthan in comparison to other parts of the country
  • The highest rate of 22 Ct Gold was Rs.4725 per gram and that for 24 Ct was Rs.4845 per gram
  • 1 gram of 22 Ct Gold rate and 24 Ct Gold rate was the lowest at Rs.4500 and Rs.4620 respectively
  • The performance percentage of 22 Ct Gold rate was 5.00% and that for 24 Ct Gold was 4.87%
  • Gold rates increased gradually throughout the month with a downfall in the second week

May 2020, Gold Rates in Rajasthan

Gold Rates in May 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-05-2020₹ 4,530₹ 4,702
08-05-2020₹ 4,473₹ 4,650
15-05-2020₹ 4,541₹ 4,751
22-05-2020₹ 4,606₹ 4,786
31-05-2020₹ 4,561₹ 4,741
Highest Rate in May₹ 4,654₹ 4,894
Lowest Rate in May₹ 4,454₹ 4,621

The most recent trend is the trend of the month of May. Therefore, this section depicts data of gold rates in Rajasthan for different dates of the month of May. Important points to keep in mind from this data are summarized below.

  • Gold rate changes for different days of the month are given below, which replicates major changes.
  • For this month the highest recorded rate is Rs.4,654 for 22 Carat and Rs.4,894 for 24 Carat gold.
  • Lowest recorded rate is Rs.4,454 for 22 Carat gold and Rs.4,621 for 24 Carat gold.
  • There is an increase in price for both 22 and 24 carat gold nearing the month end.
  • The overall percentage change in the gold rate in Rajasthan per gram for 22 carat and 24 carat gold is 4.49% and 5.91% respectively.

April 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Rajasthan

Gold Rates in Apr 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-04-2020₹ 4,036₹ 4,236
08-04-2020₹ 4,030₹ 4,236
15-04-2020₹ 4,360₹ 4,586
22-04-2020₹ 4,201₹ 4,468
30-04-2020₹ 4,505₹ 4,677
Highest Rate in Apr₹ 4,575₹ 4,796
Lowest Rate in Apr₹ 4,029₹ 4,230

The below table has a summary of 22 carat and 24 carat gold rate movement in Rajasthan for the month of April. Key takeaway are jotted below for your reference.

  • For this month the highest recorded rate is Rs.4,575 for 22 Carat and Rs.4,796 for 24 Carat gold.
  • And the lowest recorded rate is Rs.4,029 for 22 Carat gold and Rs.4,230 for 24 Carat gold.
  • The prices have hiked during the end of the month.
  • The overall percentage change in the gold rate in Rajasthan per gram for the both the categories from the beginning to the end of the month are 13.55% and 13.38%.
  • April’s change in gold rates is greater than that of May.

March 2020, Gold Rate Movement in Rajasthan

Gold Rates in Mar 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-03-2020₹ 4,089₹ 4,297
08-03-2020₹ 4,287₹ 4,505
15-03-2020₹ 4,229₹ 4,437
22-03-2020₹ 4,031₹ 4,232
30-03-2020₹ 4,035₹ 4,231
Highest Rate in Mar₹ 4,290₹ 4,505
Lowest Rate in Mar₹ 3,962₹ 4,157

To get a better understanding, data for gold price movement in Rajasthan for the month of March is compiled below in a lucid and detailed manner. Check this section to understand more on the trends for March and draw necessary conclusions.

  • The peak rate for March in Rajasthan is Rs.4,290 for 22 carat gold and Rs.4,505 for 24 carat gold.
  • The lowest rate for March in Rajasthan is Rs.3,962 for 22 carat gold and Rs.4,157 for 24 carat gold.
  • Prices are volatile in this month and initially show an increase until a certain point and then tend to decrease till the end of the month.
  • Compared to the month of February, the percentage changes in the gold price in Rajasthan per gram are 8.28% for 22 carat and 8.37% for 24 carat gold.
  • For both the categories, the gold prices have decreased at the end of the month.

February 2020, Gold Price Movement in Rajasthan

Gold Rates in Feb 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-02-2020₹ 4,002₹ 4,196
08-02-2020₹ 3,967₹ 4,169
15-02-2020₹ 4,008₹ 4,209
22-02-2020₹ 4,120₹ 4,327
29-02-2020₹ 4,172₹ 4,385
Highest Rate in Feb₹ 4,219₹ 4,429
Lowest Rate in Feb₹ 3,967₹ 4,169

The below section gives data on the 22 carat gold rate in Rajasthan and the changes in 24 carat gold rates in Rajasthan during the month span. Take a look at the noteworthy points extracted from the data that are given below.

  • The graph of for this month is an inverted U.
  • The highest rate for February is recorded at Rs.4,219 for 22 carat and Rs.4,429 for 24 carat gold.
  • Lowest rate recorded for the same month is seen to be Rs.3,967 for 22 carat gold and Rs.4,169 for 24 carat gold.
  • Overall performance for the month is 6.35% and 6.24% for each of the category.
  • You can also find additional information on gold rate in Rajasthan per gram for the month of February in the table.

January 2020, Gold Price Movement in Rajasthan

Gold Rates in Jan 202022 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-01-2020₹ 3,838₹ 4,025
08-01-2020₹ 3,973₹ 4,171
15-01-2020₹ 3,912₹ 4,107
22-01-2020₹ 3,952₹ 4,151
30-01-2020₹ 3,952₹ 4,150
Highest Rate in Jan₹ 4,057₹ 4,263
Lowest Rate in Jan₹ 3,838₹ 4,025

Monthly comparison is always important when it comes to an investment, because each and every aspect that impact gold price in Rajasthan must be understood before making a decision.

From the fluctuation of rates in the month on January, some necessary key notes are mentioned below.

  • The prices are increasing at the end of the month
  • The highest rate recorded at Rs.4,057 for 22 carat and Rs.4,263 for 24 carat gold.
  • Lowest rate recorded for the same month is Rs.3,838 for 22 carat gold and Rs.4,025 for 24 carat gold price in Rajasthan.
  • The overall percentage change is 5.71% and 5.91% for each of the category.
  • There is data for 5 different time interval in the table.

December 2019, Gold Rate Movement in Rajasthan

Gold Rates in Dec 201922 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01-12-2019₹ 3,756₹ 3,942
08-12-2019₹ 3,716₹ 3,903
15-12-2019₹ 3,712₹ 3,895
22-12-2019₹ 3,745₹ 3,934
30-12-2019₹ 3,843₹ 4,033
Highest Rate in Dec₹ 3,843₹ 4,033
Lowest Rate in Dec₹ 3,702₹ 3,887

Many a times as the year fleets by, there is major change in rates of gold. Therefore, we will also run through the movement 22 carat and 24 carat gold rate in Rajasthan for the month of December 2019. From the data, we have also compiled some important take away points.

  • Price intervals on 5 different days of the month are available in the table.
  • There is a gradual increase in prices during this month.
  • The highest price for the month remains Rs.3,843 and Rs.4,033 for each of the category.
  • Lowest price is Rs.3,702 and Rs.3,887 for each of the category.
  • The overall percentage change in the gold rate in Rajasthan per gram from the 1st day of December to the last day of December is been approximately 3.81% for 22 carat and 3.76% for 24 carat gold.

Gold Rate in Rajasthan – Trend in 2020

Gold Rate in Rajasthan

Gold rates are impacted highly by the change in rate of US dollar. With the weakening of the dollar against rupee, the price of gold shows a considerable amount of increase because of high demand of gold.

This is one of the reasons that influenced the gold rate trends in Rajasthan and the entire country.

Another factor impacting gold rates are the economic conditions in the country and the world. Specifically talking about 2020, the pandemic that hit the entire globe severely, lead to a dip and then plunge in gold rates.

Since the panic that has been created post the announcement of the lockdown, it is seen that traders have been buying gold futures from COMEX because of the fear of lack of investment and risk on liquid assets.

However, today gold rate in Rajasthan has stabilized and we further expect a smooth positive progress in the gold market.

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Gold Rate in Rajasthan – Trend in 2019

For 2019, the Gold rate Trend 2019 in Rajasthan had been increasing initially but within few months showed a steep decline.

However, by the end of the year it increased considerably. The reason for the fluctuation in prices during some months of 2019 was the trade tensions between US and China.

There are many other factors that also affected the historical gold rate in Rajasthan during this year. Inflation, leads to an increase in consumers demand for gold.

If inflation sustains for a longer period of time, gold is used as a hedge tool against inflation, because of which an increase in inflation always leads to an increase in gold prices.

What makes Gold Rates in Rajasthan to increase?

Rajasthan is well known for its art and craft. The people of Rajasthan are very inclined towards gold ornaments and women fancy wearing jewellery on a regular basis. Many reports also state Rajasthan to be rich in gold deposits, however, more facts remains unclear.

The state, rich in culture and heritage, celebrate festivals with pomp and grandeur. There are multiple reasons that affect the gold rate in Rajasthan as on today. Some of them are penned down below:

  • Increase in inflation. When inflation increases, the gold prices also tend to rise.
  • The amount of gold floated in the market by the central bank also impacts gold rates.
  • Demand for gold increases during times of marriages and festivals.
  • The weakening of dollar against rupee, increases demand and prices of gold.
  • The supply of gold is limited and its demand keeps on increasing. With an intention of need for demand of gold in the future, today’s gold rate in Rajasthan today per gram is increasing.

What makes Gold Price in Rajasthan to decrease?

With reasons that lead to an increase in price of gold, there are many factors that lead to a decline in the gold price in Rajasthan as well. We have jotted few reasons that lead to changes in Today Gold Price in Rajasthan per gram.

  • A sudden increase in supply will lead to decrease in demand and prices may fall.
  • Chaotic international relations also decrease gold prices in the nation.
  • Market conditions impact the prices of gold largely. Bear market leads to a decrease in gold prices.
  • Global pandemic may cause erratic gold rate trends.
  • With an high demand for fixed assets, the prices of fixed assets increase and decreases the demand for gold

Why Central Bank Policies impacts Gold Rates in Rajasthan?

Central Banks hold currency and gold reserves and have the ability to float them in the market whenever required. When, central bank plans for economic expansion, the demand for gold increases with lack of gold floating in the market.

During times like this the central bank can convert their cash reserves to gold and vice versa. When risk is speculated, public try to invest their liquid assets into gold with an aim that it can serve them high rated return in the future.

Other investment parameters like bonds, shares and debentures also affect the Gold rate in Rajasthan. Therefore, directly or indirectly, the decisions by the central bank have a great impact on the Gold Rate in Rajasthan today.

Why Gold Price in Rajasthan is different from other Cities?

Gold pricesvary in different cities due to different reasons, the main being, transportation cost, import cost, demand for gold etc. Gold price in Rajasthan fluctuates depending on international measures and the state policy implanted on sale of gold.

As per the state and central norms the Gold Price in Rajasthan 916 continue to change with time and international factors that directly affect them.

What is Gold Rate in Rajasthan 916 Hallmark gold?

The synonym for 22 carat gold is 916 Hallmark Gold, wherein it means that this gold is made of 91.67% pure gold and remaining 8.33% of metals like alloys, which is then used to make jewellery and sculpture.

Not being 100 percent pure gold, 916 hallmark is expected to meet the gold and purity stands laid down by the BSI. This helps us to know more about the Gold Rate in Rajasthan 916 as on today.

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How much is the Tax Levied on Gold Rate in Rajasthan?

The mandatory tax of 5% GST is levied on the purchase of gold. Other charges like making charges are also factored in which differ from jeweller to jeweller. These charges are either imposed on price per gram or as percentage on the product as a whole.

Since 2017, with the introduction to GST, tax on Gold rate in Rajasthan is already fixed by the government.

Gold Rate in Rajasthan – Conclusion

The reasons that impact today gold Rate in Rajasthan are mentioned in this article.  We hope you got a clear insight on the meaning, fluctuation and trends of 22 carat and 24 carat gold and that this compilation will help you for further study and analysis of gold rate in Rajasthan.

Gold Rate in Rajasthan FAQs

Ques – How to check today’s gold rate in Rajasthan?

Answer – From the article we have you can check Rajasthan’s gold rate as it comes with the feasibility of testing the values over different time frames and through a variety of measurements. Therefore, firstly, just by opening our post, you will find the show of the current day’s gold rate and you will find it over a variety of timelines as you continue.

Ques – Where to find gold rate in Rajasthan?

Answer – In the article given on our website, all the detailed information related to the gold prices in Rajasthan is available. We need to scroll through the article and look for the head that you are searching for. For the easy comprehension of clients, we present all the details in tables and maps.

Ques – Is this live gold price in Rajasthan?

Answer – Yes, Rajasthan’s gold rate is completely current, as our team works very effectively to update all the facts and figures that confirm to market prices. This way, our customers can get the updated data instantly at any time needed.

Ques – Can I find last month’s gold price here?

Answer – Yes right in our post, you can easily find last month’s gold rate in Rajasthan. In a range of timelines from the present day, 7 days, 15 days, 1 month, 6 months and the annual details, we give our clients the feasibility to search through the gold prices, so it is very convenient for the client to find all the time with regard to every timeline.

Ques – Where to find 22 Ct Gold rate in Rajasthan?

Answer – Via various measurements and time frames, the 22-carat gold category list is present. The 22-carat gold is much more versatile than the 24-carat gold category, becoming the most sought-after alternative. Therefore the tables of its facts and figure above the 24-carat gold category are shown.

Ques – Is the Gold rate in Rajasthan update?

Answer – Yes, we are making it a point to keep all the Rajasthan gold rates updated. For the client to verify and compare between the various measures varying from a gram to 100 grams, the current gold rate is present right at the top of the article.

Ques – Will I find Gold rate forecast here?

Answer – Yeah, here is the gold rate forecast for gold prices in Rajasthan. Our website provides customers the opportunity to analyze all previous years’ cumulative data so that they can easily forecast the investments they want to make.

Ques – Can I use gold investment calculator?

Answer – The investment calculator for the gold rate is a cost-free system for all clients. After clicking the link right below the 24-carat gold category, fill in all the appropriate fields, then you can click the calculate button and the calculator will show your profitability.

Ques – Can I calculate the Gold rate in Tola?

Answer – Yes, Tola is given by the gold rate calculator as a simple unit of calculation. After clicking on the link right below the 24 carat gold category, fill in all the details needed. You can then pick which unit is convenient for your necessary results from a list of units.

Ques – What is 24 Ct Gold in Rajasthan?

Answer – Without any fillers or mixture in it, 24 carat gold is the purest type of gold. This category of gold is also very expensive compared to the 22-carat category. In addition, 24-carat gold should not be used to produce any ornaments or objects of this kind and its units come in bars and bullion. 22 carat is known to be flexible.

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