For innumerable reasons that change Silver Rate in West Bengal it is important to study the important facts underlining it.

Silver stands firm with a whole lot of properties that makes it a precious metal and is in high demand from the public, specifically from the rural population.

The people in West Bengal demand for silver for different uses. May it be jewellery or silverware, items for worship or for technology, silver does not go out of date for the state of West Bengal.

One’s investment strategy should be based on portfolio diversification. And, the best way to draw conclusions is by making use of all information possible.

This article is based on Silver Rate in West Bengal today and how different factors can lead to change in Silver Rate in West Bengal Live.

Silver Rate in West Bengal – 10 gm, 100 gm & 1 kg Silver Price in West Bengal Today

Fluctuations on the Silver Price in West Bengal today and yesterday are given in this section. We have compared data for 10 gram, 100 gram and 1kg for a better picture.

This information is based on 22 Carat Silver in West Bengal. To know about comparative and relative change in rates, follow the section below.

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Silver Rate Forecast for Tomorrow

Silver Price in WB for Last 15 Days

We have tabulated the fluctuations of the past 15 days below. These movements of Silver Price in WB are a sneak peak for your future investment.

Take a closer look at how silver rates tend to fluctuate every day and understand the next course of action.

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Silver Price in West Bengal – Past 12 Months Price

Past records are always supposed to be taken into account whenever portfolio diversification is talked upon. A similar thumb rule applies to silver prices in West Bengal.

To make sure you purchase silver at the correct time and correct price, run through information on the past 12 months for a stronger view.

Silver Rate Movement in West Bengal for October 2021

Silver Rate in October 2021Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st October 202159500
8th October 202161200
15th October 202163600
22nd October 202165300
31st October 202164600
Highest Price66000
Lowest Price59500

Check out the Silver Rate in West Bengal from the past month which is a necessary for strategy formulation. This part of the article in particular has all the information that you need, from the month of October. You can read the minute and also the major changes in price from the month.

  • Change in the price level is as well commuted for you and hence, the percentage change was 8.57%
  • On the account of the first recorded price of the month, it was Rs.59500 and the last recorded one was Rs.64600
  • Checking out the information from the table, you can see that the highest price of the metal was Rs.66000
  • On the other note, the lowest recorded price was Rs.59500
  • Furthermore, you can refer to the other parts of the table, wherein you will find the rates from the beginning of each week.

September 2021, Silver Rate Movement in West Bengal

Silver Rate in September 2021Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st September 202163000
8th September 202164800
15th September 202163400
22nd September 202160900
30th September 202158300
Highest Price65400
Lowest Price58300

For your reference we have noted down the price change in the Silver Rate in West Bengal and have kept them in our inventory. The table provided above is right out of our inventory and is provided to you, so you can strategize your investment and ensure fruitful returns are made.

  • For your reference we have attached the price details from 5 time intervals, all across the month. All of them are provided to you in the form of kg.
  • One of all the references you must consider is first and the last recorded price of the month and the same is Rs.63000 and Rs.58300
  • Next, you must take a keep look at the highest price level and it was Rs.65400
  • Rs 58300 was the other price you must consider, the lowest price to be precise.
  • The percentage change for the month turned out to be -7.46%, which shows a decline in price level for the month.

August 2021, silver rate movement in West Bengal

Silver Rate in August 2021Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st August 202167900
8th August 202165000
15th August 202163200
22nd August 202161700
31st August 202163500
Highest Price68000
Lowest Price61700

The state of West Bengal invests in all the available market indices so that portfolios can be diversified and the investor can gain from many mediums in the market. The silver rates fluctuated quite much in the month of August in West Bengal. We have listed the important statistics below.

  • Although silver is a cheaper metal than gold, it somewhat moves alongside the gold index.
  • The highest price for the month was Rs. 68000 per kg.
  • The lowest price was Rs. 61700 per kg.
  • The table has the highest price and the lowest price for the month as well.
  • We have calculated the change in rates of silver this month, and for the state of West Bengal, it is -6.48%.

July 2021, Silver Rate Movement in West Bengal

Silver Rate in July 2021Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st July 202168700
8th July 202169000
15th July 202169500
22nd July 202166900
31st July 202167900
Highest Price70600
Lowest Price66400

Knowing about changes that silver rates undergo is an important step towards portfolio diversification. This allows the investor to know if it is the correct time to buy, sell or average the metal. To make it easier for the investor, changes in silver rates in West Bengal are laid down below.

  • For the investor’s reference, the price for the first and the last day of the month is mentioned in the table.
  • The highest price level for the month was Rs. 70600 per gram of silver.
  • On the other hand, the lowest price level for the month was Rs.66400 per gram.
  • Price on first day of the month was Rs.68700 per gram and on last day of the month was Rs.67900 per gram.
  • The overall analysis for this month forSilver Price in West Bengal per Gram stands at -1.16%.

June 2021, Silver Rate Movement in West Bengal

Silver Rate in June 2021Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st June 202172600
8th June 202171700
15th June 202171500
22nd June 202167800
30th June 202167600
Highest Price72600
Lowest Price67600

For the state of West Bengal, we have made sure to include all necessary aspects on its study to get precise portfolio related guidance. These numbers are directly extracted from the silver market and tabulated in the simplest format below. Read the important points to take into account while studying silver rates in West Bengal as well.

  • The opening price that is on the first day of the month and the closing price as on the last day of the month is shown in the table
  • The highest and lowest touched price is also mentioned.
  • Price as on 1st June is Rs.72600 per gram and on 30th of June is Rs.67600 per gram.
  • The highest price for the month is Rs.72600 per gram and lowest price Rs.67600 per gram.
  • We have made note of the overall percentage change for the month, which is approximately calculated as -6.89% for the state of West Bengal.

May 2021, Silver Rate Movement in West Bengal

Silver Rate in May 2021Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st May 202167500
8th May 202171500
15th May 202171000
22nd May 202171100
31st May 202172000
Highest Price74000
Lowest Price67500

We have put up the silver rates in West Bengal in the table below. Look through the necessary information and make notes of the important extracts mentioned below.

  • For the month of May, prices as on the first day of the month and the last day of the month are mentioned in the table.
  • On May 1st the recorded price for the silver rate in West Bengal per gram is Rs.67500 per kg.
  • And the price as on 31st May was Rs.72000 per kg for the same.
  • The highest price was Rs. 74000 and the lowest price was Rs. 67500 in May 2021
  • The silver price declines slightly in the third week, then increases by the end of the month.
  • The percentage change in prices is estimated to be 6.67%

April 2021, Silver Rate Movement in WB

Apr-21Silver Rate per KG
1st April,2021₹ 63,600
8th April,2021₹ 66,660
15th April,2021₹ 67,800
22nd April,2021₹ 70,300
30th April,2021₹ 67,500
Highest Price₹ 70,300
Lowest Price₹ 63,600
Percentage Change6.13%

Take a glance at the changes in the silver rate movement in WB for the month of March. Key take-away points for the readers benefit are jotted down in a lucid format below.

  • We have enclosed below a table with prices of silver rate fluctuations for the month of April.
  • The prices for the first day and the last day of the month are mentioned along with the highest price and the lowest dip.
  • The peak price forsilver rate in West Bengal per gram this month is at Rs.70,300 per kg and the lowest rate touched is Rs.63,600 per kg.
  • The two prices are mentioned in the table. As on 1st April, the per kg silver rate is Rs.63,600 per kg and on 30th April is Rs.67,500 per kg.
  • The price showed major movement in the third week of the month and noted an overall performance of 6.13%

March 2021, Silver Rate Movement in West Bengal

Mar-21Silver Rate per KG
1st Mar 2021₹ 68,200
8th Mar 2021₹ 66,500
15th Mar 2021₹ 67,400
22nd Mar 2021₹ 66,600
31st Mar 2021₹ 63,200
Highest Price₹ 68,200
Lowest Price₹ 63,200

The month of March showed volatile trends for the silver price movement in West Bengal. We hope this section helps you to understand how global changes can impact the prices of silver in the local market.

  • The price movement this month is negative as the country was strongly hit by the global pandemic.
  • The opening price for the month is Rs.68,200 per kg and closing price is Rs.63,200 per kg.
  • In March, the highest price was seen at Rs.68,200 per kg.
  • And in March, the lowest was touched at Rs.63,200 per kg.
  • We have calculated the overall percentage change in Silver Price in West Bengal per Gram, which is -7.33% for this month.

February 2021, Silver Price Movement in West Bengal

Silver Rate in February 2021Silver Rate per KG
1st Feb 2021₹ 73,000
8th Feb 2021₹ 69,200
15th Feb 2021₹ 69,800
22nd Feb 2021₹ 69,200
28th Feb 2021₹ 67,500
Highest Price₹ 73,000
Lowest Price₹ 67,300
Percentage Change-7.53%

Numbers on changes in 22 Carat Silver Rate in West Bengal is covered in this section. Points to be noted are jotted down in the below section.

  • The price movement in silver rates for the month of February .
  • For the month of February, the opening price is Rs.73,000 per kg.
  • And for the same month the closing price is at Rs.67,500 per kg.
  • The peak point of price was Rs.73,000 kg for Feb and the lowest price level for the month was Rs.67,300 per kg for Feb 2021.
  • There were huge fluctuations in the silver rate in West Bengal per gram throughout the month. The overall performance is calculated to be -7.53 %.

January 2021, Silver Price Movement in West Bengal

Silver Rate in January 2021Silver Rate per KG
1st Jan 2021₹ 68,100
8th Jan 2021₹ 69,900
15th Jan 2021₹ 66,600
22nd Jan 2021₹ 67,400
31st Jan 2021₹ 69,800
Highest Price₹ 71,400
Lowest Price₹ 63,900
Percentage Change2.50%

The month of January marks the beginning of a new year which impacts prices of metal, be it gold or silver.

Buying precious metal for good luck leads to change in prices as compared to previous year rates. All information on 22 carat silver price in West Bengal is laid down in this section.

  • Take a bird’s eye view for January for the change in price from January 1st to January 31
  • The table also has numbers on the highest and lowest price for the month.
  • For this month, the price of the metal as on 1st January is Rs.68,100 per kg and on 31st January 2021 is Rs.69,800 per kg.
  • The peak point for this month was Rs.71,400 per kg for January and the lowest point is Rs.63,900 per kg for January 2021.
  • The performance level has been calculated as 2.50% for silver price in West Bengal.

Silver Rate Movement in West Bengal for December 2020

Silver Rate in December 2020Silver Rate per KG
1st Dec 202060200
8th Dec 202065500
15th Dec 202064150
22nd Dec 202067700
31st Dec 202068400
Highest Price70700
Lowest Price60200
Percentage Change13.62%

When we talk about silver we are exclusively talking about a metal that is not even as asset for various medical as well heath acre industries but also is widely used in ornaments and other kind of fashion industries.

Thus, seeing the demand for this very metal, the prices are very open to change. Hence, we bring forward a complete analysis for this metal for the month December in West Bengal.

  • Silver rate change in West Bengal has been drastically unsteady and thus for the month December the entire change can be brought down into a single value of 13.62%
  • Silver have reportedly acquired a rate of Rs 70700 as its highest price for the month.
  • Well, Silver mapped to a price of Rs 60200 for its lowest in December.
  • Seeing the table values it can be very easily concluded that started of December has been very welcoming and economic for big investments.
  • December end proved to be very dense for investment and showcased a very high value for the metal, resulting in expensive purchase, if made any.

Silver Rate Movement in West Bengal for November 2020

October – 2020Silver Rate per KG
1st Nov 202060100
8th Nov 202065400
15th Nov 202063600
22nd Nov 202062300
30th Nov 202059100
Highest Price65400
Lowest Price59100
Percentage Change-1.66%

We have curated the most liquefied information revolving around the silver state of affair of the entire West Bengal.  Starting from the price change to the whole month stat of silver, the following context has every information.

  • West Bengal have been successfully stated their November with a price that runs hand to hand with various investment opportunities.
  • While the winter at West Bengal started with a considerate silver rate of RS 60,100
  • If the table is to be believed, silver price at West Bengal quickly took a step ahead and gained a rate of Rs.62,300 in the mid month itself. Thus the price change has been drastically high in mid November.
  • West Bengal has reached the maximum silver rate of Rs.65,400 while the minimum has been Rs.59,100.
  • The entire month stat of West Bengal for the given month could be vividly calibrated into a number percentage of 1.66%.

Silver Rate in West Bengal – Trend in 2020

Silver Rate in West Bengal

The demand for silver in West Bengal is an on-going cycle as silver is highly used in West Bengal. Its uses are plenty which include making of batteries, jewellery, ornaments, chemical generation and more.

Due to constant demand for silver from the state, the silver rate in West Bengal is seen to have positive trends and keeps on increasing.

For the year 2020 in particular, initially silver rates in West Bengal and the entire nation saw major volatility due to the pandemic and tension between India and China.

However, after changes made in economic policies, silver rate again began to take a steady upside.

Today silver rate in West Bengal is at a good place as investors chose to invest in metals believing in it to be a safe tool to hedge against future inflation.

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Silver Rate in WB – Trend in 2019

The silver rate trend 2019 in West Bengal can be said to be fluctuating as many political and social happenings indirectly impacted silver rates. United States of America and China faced off trade imbalances which struck metal rates in India.

The stock market shows a fine lined link between prices of silver. If the market rates increase, silver price also tend to increase and vice versa.

The historical silver rate in WB has seen changes due to inflation, increase in interest rates and demand from jewellery market.

Silver being a precious metal has high rated value in the market. Against limited supply, demand for silver to store in for future needs also raises silver rates.

What makes Silver Rates in West Bengal to increase or decrease?

West Bengal is considered to be the largest importer of silver in world. Of all the demand for silver from the entire world, 20% of the overall world demand comes from the state of West Bengal.

States of West Bengal are rich with artisans who are gifted with artsy skills and who make silver bangles and coins.

Some more reasons for change in silver rates in West Bengal as on today are discussed below.

  • Silver rates move hand in hand with gold rates. When gold rate increases, silver rate in West Bengal today per gram rise too and when gold rates plunge, silver rate face a drop as well.
  • Because of West Bengal being the largest importer of silver. Silver is used to make ornaments and jewellery by famous artisans and jewellers.
  • International factor can also cause volatility in the silver market.
  • With an increase in economic uncertainty, the demand for silver to store in times of crisis increases which leads to increase in silver rates.

What are the various measuring units of Silver in West Bengal?

Measuring units differ from metal to metal. Silver has a standard measuring unit and is recognized nation-wise.

The need for a measuring unit is very essential when it comes to purchase or sale of a metal. Silver in West Bengal is measured as per troy ounce.

1 troy ounce measures 31.1035 gram of silver. Thus, standard of measurement initially began in the French town of Troy and is still continued to be in practice even today.

How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in WB?

The onset of GST in 2017 made it mandatory to levy taxes on all luxuries. The central government imposed 3% GST on silver which is applicable in all the states of the country. Other additional charges and taxes imposed on silver differ from state to state.

The tax on silver rate in WB is used by the government for bringing up the state and on infrastructure, transportation and heritage protection.

Additional charges inputted on silver in West Bengal are making charges, import duties and broking charges.

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How to check Silver purity in West Bengal?

Purity of silver can be checked by different methods. The most accurate one is, by testing it through chemicals in order to differentiate between pure silver and silver coating.

Pure silver rate in West Bengal is influenced by the final products made out of pure silver. Another local trick to find out pure silver is by using magnet.

If magnet sticks to your silver product then the silver is pure and if not then there could be a fault in the particular product. However, it is always recommended to follow the chemical testing for apt results.

Silver Rate in West Bengal – Conclusion

We have summed up all the reasons that impact the silver rates in West Bengal in this article. We hope you analyse the past data that we have laid down to make further analysis of your investment possible.

Proper research is always necessary when it comes to investment. We have compiled all necessary information on today silver rate in West Bengal so, that it helps you for your portfolio diversification.

Therefore, for a collective decision make sure you take in account all the points that we have discussed in the article.

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