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Talking about what impacts silver, you should know that many factors influence the rate of silver. Different geographical parameters firstly affect Live Silver Rate in Mangalore Today (Dec 08, 2022).

You need to be aware of the fluctuation of the Silver Rate in Mangalore today, so that the investors can make informed purchase.

We have provided insight on the Silver Rate in Mangalore live from different timelines. Our readers will come across the vital components that influence the silver rate in Mangalore.

Keep up with the price trends of the 15 days and of the last 6 months along with other silver related information.

Silver Rate in Mangalore – 10 gm, 100 gm & 1 kg Silver Price in Mangalore Today (Dec 08, 2022)

This section enlightens you on the 1 Kg Silver Rate in Mangalore and is updated on a regular basis for your convenience. You can keep up with the regular changes in the 22-carat silver rate in Mangalore with the help of this section only.

You will also come across the percentage change in the Silver Price in Mangalore Today, and performance from today and yesterday’s prices as well.

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Silver Rate Forecast for Tomorrow

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Silver Price in Mangaluru for Last 15 Days

In order to help the investors make the right investment strategy, we have narrowed up the information in this table.

We have incorporated the Silver Price in Mangaluru for the last 15 days from today. Use the numeric as you need and discover the right price that you want to go for.

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Silver Price in Mangalore – Past 12 Months Price

In order to know a bit more about the Silver Rate in Mangalore, we have prepared the tabular data supported with proper statements for the last 12 months.

This is so done to help the investors invest in the right domain.

Silver Rate Movement in Mangalore for November 2022

Silver Rate in November 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st November 202259500
8th November 202260800
15th November 202262700
22nd November 202261200
30th November 202261400
Highest Price62700
Lowest Price58100

When we talk about investments and strategies it becomes inevitable to not keep a track on what brings better and wider profit margins. Silver being one of those assets, it then becomes very important to track down the metal’s rates.

  • Mangalore’s silver rates go hand in hand with general market rates, and thus November started with a standard silver price of Rs.59500.
  • Given the fluctuation that occured in silver rate, all across November silver experienced a great fluctuation in its graph.
  • The least possible price for silver in November for Mangalore being Rs.58100.
  • However silver around mid November gained the price of Rs.62700 that is also recorded to be the highest price for the metal.
  • The entire silver state of affairs for Mangalore can be wrapped in a percentage number of around 3.19%.

Silver Rate Movement in Mangalore for October 2022

Silver Rate in October 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st October 202256900
8th October 202260800
15th October 202255300
22nd October 202257700
31st October 202257500
Highest Price62000
Lowest Price55300

Looking at the Silver Rate in Mangalore stats for the month of October we have decided to construct this section for you. This section has all the minute and the major changes in the price levels which happened across the entire month, so you can see the present trends.

  • Taking into account the change which was noticed across the entire month, we have drafted the change in percentage form for you, which is 1.05%
  • As the October month started, the first recorded price for the month was Rs.56900 and the last recorded price was Rs.57500.
  • For the highest price in concern, you have the figure of Rs.62000 from all the records.
  • In context with the lowest price record of the month, the figures were Rs.55300.
  • The other parts of the tables show how the price of the metal varied on the basis of per week.

September 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Mangalore

Silver Rate in September 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st September 202251600
8th September 202254200
15th September 202257000
22nd September 202258000
30th September 202257000
Highest Price58000
Lowest Price51600

Keeping the statistics clear, we have provided the table and cleanly laid down the Silver Rate in Mangalore figures. The figures show how the price travelled across the entire month, and how the price of the metal took a toll as per certain events. Ensure you check the major and the minor price fluctuations.

  • The draft of September month is provided in this section, and all the figures that you see are provided in kg expression.
  • Rs. 51600 and Rs.57000 is the opening and closing price of the metal.
  • The spike in the price of the metal was as much as Rs.58000
  • Whereas, the lowest price level of the month was Rs.51600.
  • If you see the price level for the month, you can see that there was a matter of 10.47% change in the price level. Which means the price of the metal just fell down.

August 2022, silver rate movement in Mangalore

Silver Rate in August 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st August 202258000
8th August 202257400
15th August 202259300
22nd August 202255200
31st August 202250800
Highest Price59300
Lowest Price50800

Mangalore demands silver in the form of investment as well as in the form of ornaments that can further be liquefied in the future. The silver investment in Mangalore comes from its residents who wish to hold silver in their portfolio. The fluctuations of silver in the month of August is given below.

  • The important numbers for silver rate fluctuation is given in the table.
  • The opening price for silver was Rs. 58000 per kg for the month of August.
  • Closing price was Rs. 50800 per kg for silver.
  • The table also has the highest and lowest price for the month.
  • Net performance analysis is -12.41%. This signifies the movement of silver prices for the month of August in Mangalore.

July 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Mangalore

Silver Rate in July 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st July 202259000
8th July 202257000
15th July 202255000
22nd July 202255400
31st July 202258400
Highest Price62500
Lowest Price54500

While buying a metal, the first thought that crosses one’s mind is the price at which the metal should be brought. And for knowing the right price, keeping a constant check on the changes in prices in the past is an important factor to take a decision.

  • Weekly changes in prices is mentioned in the table.
  • The price of silver in Mangalore as on 1st July is Rs.59000 for a kg of silver, followed by Rs.55000 per kg on 15th July and Rs.58400 per kg on 31st
  • The highest price of the month is set at Rs.62500 per kg.
  • The lowest dip is at Rs.54500 per kg.
  • Percentage change in price is -1.02% for the silver rate in Mangalore.

June 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Mangalore

Silver Rate in June 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st June 202260600
8th June 202262100
15th June 202260000
22nd June 202260500
30th June 202258600
Highest Price62700
Lowest Price58600

Here is how the month of June has been for the metal silver. All the related information about the Silver Rate in Mangalore for the month has been provided in the table, for your convenience.

  • We have drawn out the price of the metal in terms of Kg which is the most widely used weight for any kind of transaction.
  • First notice from the table is the opening price, which stood at Rs.60600, whereas the closing price was Rs.58600.
  • Highest recorded price level for the month was Rs.62700
  • Lowest price on the other hand was stable at Rs.58600
  • The commuted percentage change was commuted at -3.30%

May 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Mangalore

Silver Rate in May 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st May 202263500
8th May 202262500
15th May 202259400
22nd May 202261400
31st May 202261600
Highest Price65000
Lowest Price58700

We have prepared a month-wise estimation of the Silver Rates in Mangaluru and described it in detail in the above table. You can also take the notes of the Silver Rate in Mangalore per kg from the above table.

  • You will see the price of the silver both on the first and last days of the month.
  • The opening price for the month based on per kg was recorded as 63500 while the closing price of the month is Rs.61600.
  • The month’s recorded high price was 65000/- per Kg in May 2022.
  • Similarly, the recorded less price for the month was 58700/- per Kg on 1st May 2022.
  • Thus, The silver price declines slightly in the third week, then increases by the end of the month. with the change in price percentage which is -299%.

April 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Mangalore

Silver Rate in April 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st Apr 202267600
8th Apr 202266800
15th Apr 202270000
22nd Apr 202267100
30th Apr 202263500
Highest Price74200
Lowest Price63500

Check out the Silver Rate Movement in Mangalore for the month of April. Also, verify the Silver Rate in Mangalore per kg, alongside the rate of fluctuation as well.

  • The table shows the silver rate for the first and last days of the month of April.
  • The opening price for the month was recorded as 67600 while the closing price for the was Rs.63500.
  • Percentage change in the price was recorded at -6.07%.
  • The highest price recorded was Rs.74200/- per Kg.
  • The lowest recorded price was Rs. 63500/- per Kg.

March 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Mangalore

Silver Rate in March 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st Mar 202265000
8th Mar 202270000
15th Mar 202269000
22nd Mar 202268900
31st Mar 202266800
Highest Price74700
Lowest Price65000

Go through the table and understand the points by taking a closer look at the Silver Price Movement in Mangalore for the month of March. For your convenience, you can check out the Silver Price in Mangalore per kg

  • You will find the statistics for the two days of the month that is the first and last day.
  • The percentage change in silver for this month was observed as 2.77% which was indeed huge.
  • The opening price for the month was Rs.65000 and the closing price for the same was Rs.66800.
  • Highest price recorded was 74700/- per Kg.
  • The lowest recorded price was 65000/- per Kg on March 2022.

February 2022, Silver Price Movement in Mangalore

Silver Rate in February 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st February 202262000
8th February 202261900
15th February 202263000
22nd February 202264400
28th February 202265200
Highest Price66000
Lowest Price60900

For the next month’s study, we have compiled February data to find out the movement of the 22 Carat Silver Rate in Mangalore. On top of that, you will also see the fluctuation in the silver Rate in Mangalore per kg including the opening and closing price.

  • Take a sneak peek into the opening and closing price of the silver as talked about in the table.
  • The change in the silver rate is observed throughout the month and you will see the difference which counts to 5.16%.
  • Opening price of the silver was Rs.62000 while the closing price for the silver was Rs.65200.
  • The highest recorded price was Rs. 66000/- per Kg for February 2022.
  • The lowest recorded price Rs. 60900/- per Kg of February 2022.

January 2022, Silver Price Movement in Mangaluru

Silver Rate in January 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st January 202262700
8th January 202260700
15th January 202261600
22nd January 202264900
31st January 202261300
Highest Price65400
Lowest Price60400

In this table, we will discuss the analysis of the 22 Carat Silver Price in Mangaluru for the month of January. Also, we have highlighted the opening and closing Silver Price in Mangalore.

  • Take a close look at the opening and closing price of the silver for the month of January.
  • The change in percentage for the price was recorded as -2.23%.
  • Price of the silver started with the price 62700 on 1st January while the closing price was Rs.61300 of January.
  • The highest rate of silver was 65400/- per Kg January 2022.
  • The lowest recorded rate was Rs. 60400/- per Kg.

Silver Rate Movement in Mangalore for December 2021

Silver Rate in December 2021Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st December 202161700
8th December 202161900
15th December 202160900
22nd December 202161900
31st December 202162200
Highest Price62500
Lowest Price60700

Silver has been considered as one of the most precious metals in Mangalore which is a major commercial centre in the Karnataka. Silver is also treated as a medicine against inflation.

It is used in authentic sarees as well. In this segment we will portray a brief picture regarding the silver rate change across the city of Mangalore.

  • Seeing the market trends, we can understand that initial week was beneficial for those individuals who were seeking to make investments into the white metal or silver market.
  • The silver rate started off with Rs 61700 at highest price reaching to 62500 and the lowest being the initial price 60700.
  • A change of 0.81% can be seen throughout the month when we compute the altering of the rates from the beginning of the month to the end of the month.
  • Seeing such trends it can be observed that December had been a beneficial month for investments.

Silver Rate in Mangalore – Trend in 2020

Silver Rate in Mangalore

This year 2020 has actually offered lots of uncertainties. Investors are constantly looking for a safe domain, so that they can invest without any inhibition.

Silver Rate Trend in Mangalore Today is certainly on the rise as the economy is showing a downfall. It is all because of the business tension between India and China.

Silver Rate in Mangalore is increasing because of the rising demand and also due to the rise in the US dollar value as well.

Therefore, investors are supporting the idea that it is good to invest in silver and gold as both the metals move in the same direction.

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Silver Rate in Mangaluru – Trend in 2019

The city has witnessed constant demand for the metal silver, which in return raises the Silver Rate Trend 2019 in Mangalore. Definitely, the price is unstable. It was because the movement of the price was both high and below the ceiling as well.

Historical Silver Rate in Mangaluru shows that the price of silver was less than what it is right now. Fluctuation in the dollar value was noticed followed by drift in the demand all throughout the year.

In addition to that, the stock market is another reason along with other factors that are responsible for the variation in the price.

What makes Silver Rates in Mangalore to increase or decrease?

Primary factors that influence Silver Rate in Mangalore as on today or in the past are demand and supply.

On the other hand, there are some of the other factors, which lead to the variation in the Silver Rate in Mangalore today per gram.

Silver is used in the industry, on the highest proportion, and the drift in the demand curbs the price level.

Other notable factors impacting the silver price rate are diminishing and rush in the dollar value, governmental policies, Regulations of the RBI, demand of the silver, and import duty.

What are the various measuring units of Silver in Mangalore?

Silver in Mangalore is measured in a similar way as that of gold. Accurately mentioning units of measurement for silver is the troy weight as well as the grams.

Other metrics that might be available for measuring are the troy ounces, million ounces, kilograms, grams, tonnes, short tonne, metric tonnes, tolas, etc.

Let us understand the metrics from the following:

  • 1 Troy ounce = 31.1035 gram
  • 1 tonne = 1000 kilogram
  • 12 Masha or 11.67 gram = 1 tola

How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in Mangalore?

There were different rates imposed previously and this was much before the introduction of the goods and services tax.

As the GST has been imposed throughout the country, the Tax on Silver Rate in Mangalore is decided to be 3%.

This tax is imposed on the buyer and they have to pay the compulsory percentage on the value of the item purchased.

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How to check Silver purity in Mangaluru?

Pure Silver Rate in Mangaluru is expressed in terms of the percentage. Here 94.79% of pure silver is present in the alloy which follows a mixture of 5.21 percent of other metals.

Now, people should verify these criteria while questing for the purity of the silver. You can use a magnet to check for the purity level of the metal.

Take a look, and if the magnet sticks to the silver then it is impure and if it does not then it is pure. You can also apply the stink test procedure as well which also states the purity of the metal.

Silver Rate in Mangalore – Conclusion

To wind up the article, we would like to state that the current situation indicates that the Silver Rate in Mangalore would continue to rise, provided the production of the metal is slowed in comparison to the rise in residential and industrial demand.

We have enclosed the price for Today Silver Rate in Mangalore. We have mentioned the price for the present; we also attached the price statistics for the last 6 months and also per day data from the last 15 days.

We have included all the major information in the article. Such information will help you make an informed decision pertaining to the purchase.

Silver rate FAQs Mangalore

Ques – How to check today’s silver rate in Mangalore?

Answer – We present with a complete information about the current market scenario when it comes to silver, with which we also present you with the current silver rates in this very article on top of which we preset you with past years’ or month’s silver rate as well to have a better comparison.

Ques – Where to find silver rate in Mangalore?

Answer – Our primary goal is to save your time, thus we bring every silver related information in the very same article, be it the current silver price on which the market today is functioning or the tax that is levied on it. You will find entire information in this very article.

Ques – Is this live silver price in Mangalore?

Answer – Yes, one of our main goal is to provide the most current and accurate price for silver, thus to achieve the very same we constantly update information in our page and present you with the live prices of silver in our finely curate article.

Ques – Can I find last month’s silver price here?

Answer – Comparing the past and present market scenario is very important for business who run on silver or similarly for household who wish to buy a larger quantity of the same metal. In our article we present you with the past month’s, week’s, and year’s prices for you to compare and think the best out of it.

Ques – Is the silver rate in Mangalore update?

Answer – Yes, in order to ease your entire experience we keep on updating our site to present you with nothing less than the current market price and also keeping you with the most fresh of market silver prices.

Ques – Where can I compare silver prices monthly and yearly?

Answer – In order for you to obtain sufficient information to compare silver price if last year or moth, you need not require to search tirelessly on web, rather we bring the entire information in our article. Ranging from last 15 days silver price to last month’s to last year’s we present you with the most fresh and accurate data.

Ques – Will I find silver rate forecast here?

Answer – Yes, we serve as a one stop solution for all of your silver related needs and present you the entire forecast which you might require for buy or sell of silver. Thus, providing better and wider horizon for you to make the best of decision, after making every comparison and being acknowledged with every market analysis about the metal.

Ques – What are the various measuring units of Silver in Mangalore?

Answer – The different units that are used to measure silver are usually of three kinds which are most famous and are generally used when it comes to compute silver.

  • 1 ounce of silver equals 31.1035 grams
  • 1 tonne of silver equals 1000 kilograms
  • While 12 masha of silver equals 1 tola

Ques – How to check Silver purity in Mangalore?

Answer – Most silver jewelry has a 935 mark on it, which usually mean the particular ornament have a high percentage of silver. While one of the best example of checking silver quality is the stamp says S925 it means that it is sterling silver.

Ques – How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in Mangalore?

Answer – On silver purchase the usual tax that is levied is the GST that is usually only 3% of the price and thus every buyer is required to pay the tax while buying the ornament without fail.

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