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We direct you to the necessary information in context with Silver Rate in Pune via this article. It serves you with the purpose of knowing about Live Silver Rate in Pune Today (Aug 30, 2023), the previous day and also several other past timelines.

For your benefits, this article also incorporates all the other items which you need to know about the metal.

Demand for Silver in Pune is quite high, speaking of purchasing the metal or its contracts for instance. The residents are quite enthusiastic to invest in this metal, and this article is the perfect place to fine Silver Rate in Pune Live before investing.

Silver Rate in Pune – 10 gm, 100 gm & 1 kg Silver Price in Pune Today (Aug 30, 2023)

The change in 22 Carat Silver Rate in Pune from yesterday is given in this section. You will most precisely find the Silver Price in Pune Today, past day, the change in price it brought, the change in percentage and also the performance of the metal.

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Silver Rate Forecast for Tomorrow

Tomorrow Silver Rate Prediction or Forecast in Pune

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Silver Price in Pune for Last 15 Days

The last 15 days is Silver Price in Pune will help you monitor how the present trend of price has been. You can simply go through the entire table and see the upwards or downwards moving trend.

This will help you past the step of making a decision to invest in the metal.

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Silver Price in Pune – Past 12 Months Price

The following sections have the data you need for a 12 months study of Silver Rate in Pune if you require.

January 2023, Silver Price Movement in Pune

Silver Rate in January 2023 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st January 2023 71300
8th January 2023 71800
15th January 2023 72700
22nd January 2023 72300
31st January 2023 72300
Highest Price 72900
Lowest Price 71000
Performance 1.40%

Our discussion for this section, for 22 Carat Silver Price in Pune evaluation is January 2023. This month’s Silver Price in Pune movement is well explained below.

  • Almost negligible price change in the highest and the lowest price levels of the company was witnessed.
  • So, the percentage change which was derived from the price shift is 1.40%.
  • Recorded first price of the month was Rs.71300, while the last recorded rate was Rs.72300.
  • Highest price was witnessed of the month, where the metal’s price stood at Rs.72900, which was way higher than the closing price.
  • On the other hand, the lowest recorded price level of the month was Rs.71000.

Silver Rate Movement in Pune for December 2022

Silver Rate in December 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st December 2022 63600
8th December 2022 64300
15th December 2022 65200
22nd December 2022 65200
31st December 2022 66500
Highest Price 72300
Lowest Price 63600
Performance 4.56%

As a firm with years of expertise in the field, we make sure we manage our consumers’ needs and demands and deploy them with whatever they ask for.

The silver rate shift, for instance, has been an area of concern for the longest time with the users losing their mind over the everyday fluctuation in rates, as unpredictable as it gets.

  • Nevertheless, we have built up a separate format of a table in the form of particular subsections and charts.
  • This displays an outright version of the changes having taken place the entire 30 days at a go.
  • It has subsidiary insight about the highest as well as lowest rate recorded as well as the change in percentile after having been monitored for a month.
  • The highest high has been Rs.72300 with the lowest armature being Rs.63600.
  • The percentage difference at the end being a solid 4.56%.

Silver Rate Movement in Pune for November 2022

Silver Rate in November 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st November 2022 59500
8th November 2022 60800
15th November 2022 62700
22nd November 2022 61200
30th November 2022 61400
Highest Price 62700
Lowest Price 58100
Performance 3.19%

While it’s very normal for market statistics to be fluctuating when it comes to metals like silver, which are widely considered as an asset.  The following information deals with the most liquefied and easily understandable laid data regarding the respective metal.

  • Around the month silver has very strikingly experienced a decrease of price that can be accurately given as – a decrease of 3.19% from the start of the month to its end.
  • While the metal has reached its perk price around mid week of the November and reached a price slack of Rs.62700.
  • Silver price came to a great leisure around the month end and opened a larger spectrum for investments by dropping the prices down to Rs.58100.
  • While the rate change has been small yet very striking when we talk about investment or purchase that are to be done in bulk.
  • However, despite the continual fluctuation in the price which can be seen from the table, it can be noticed that in the last week of November the price have astoundingly went down. Making, silver purchase a bit more pocket friendly and cost-effective on a wider range.

Silver Rate Movement in Pune for October 2022

Silver Rate in October 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st October 2022 56900
8th October 2022 60800
15th October 2022 55300
22nd October 2022 57700
31st October 2022 57500
Highest Price 62000
Lowest Price 55300
Performance 1.05%

We have the Silver Rate in Pune from the month of October portrayed for you. We have recorded the data and now wish to provide it to you, so you can refer back to it for the purpose of technical analysis. This article has all the historical data information that you need, and this section has the October month’s data in particular.

  • The change in the price of the metal has already been commuted by us and the change was of 1.05%.
  • Also on the other note, the you need information of the opening and the closing price which were Rs.56900 and Rs.57500.
  • As for the information about the highest price level, the rate was Rs.62000
  • On the other note, the lowest price level was Rs.55300.
  • Referring to the table, you may take a peek at the other information of the month, i.e. price from each week.

September 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Pune

Silver Rate in September 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st September 2022 51600
8th September 2022 54200
15th September 2022 57000
22nd September 2022 58000
30th September 2022 57000
Highest Price 58000
Lowest Price 51600
Performance 10.47%

Now, let us take you past the Silver Rate in Pune which is through the month of September. As laid down below, we chose to provide you the data in the form of a table and then also explain the same. Any of the data can be used, and as per your need to achieve your investment goals, which are based on thorough research.

  • Research is essential and investing in the right way is strategizing. Use the data we provided and make the best investment call.
  • Check out the first and the last recorded price of the month and they were Rs.51600 and Rs.57000
  • If you can see all the price intervals, you can see the highest price point is Rs.58000
  • On the similar manner, the lowest price point was Rs.51600, for the specified month.
  • We wish to help you check out the change which occurred throughout the month and it stood to be 10.47%.

August 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Pune

Silver Rate in August 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st August 2022 58000
8th August 2022 57400
15th August 2022 59300
22nd August 2022 55200
31st August 2022 50800
Highest Price 59300
Lowest Price 50800
Performance -12.41%

To provide you the necessary information on the Silver Rate in Pune, we have constructed this particular section. Here, you can see how the price of the commodity changed, on account of several happenings. This will show you, the major changes which happened across the month.

  • Check major price points for the month, which are all mentioned to you in the form of KG. This is furthermore used to evaluate the percentage change.
  • 58000 is the record on the books, as the first price of the month, whereas the records shows Rs.50800 as the last price of the month.
  • As per the records, Rs.59300 was the highest attained price for the month by the metal.
  • Contrarily, Rs.50800 was the lowest recorded price, as per the records.
  • We also have the insights about the change in price of the metal and it was -12.41%

July 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Pune

Silver Rate in July 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st July 2022 59000
8th July 2022 57000
15th July 2022 55000
22nd July 2022 55400
31st July 2022 58400
Highest Price 62500
Lowest Price 54500
Performance -1.02%

We are sure you need data for your strategy formulation, in relation to the investment process, and hence, we present the entire month of July’s Silver Rate in Pune data for you to consider.

  • The rise and fall in price levels are stated in the table, portraying the price at the beginning of each week.
  • The first number you need to stay aware of is the opening price, which was Rs.59000, followed by the closing price which was recorded at Rs.58400.
  • You must know that the price of the metal went far above, to the point of Rs.62500.
  • Also, the decline in the price was as much as Rs.54500, in the month of July.
  • This brings the change of the month to -1.02%, which was quite a noticeable percentage, portraying there was a vast amount of fluctuation in price levels.

June 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Pune

Silver Rate in June 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st June 2022 60600
8th June 2022 62100
15th June 2022 60000
22nd June 2022 60500
30th June 2022 58600
Highest Price 62700
Lowest Price 58600
Performance -3.30%

All the required information from the month of June, in relation with the Silver Rate in Pune is provided in the table above. We have the necessary insights of the metal, which will allow you to check how the present price flow is unfolding.

  • Here is the price of the month, provided in terms of Kg. You can see that a lot of rates are provided and all of them in common are provided in Kg terms.
  • Learn about the opening price of the metal, which was Rs.60600, where the closing price was Rs.58600, as provided in the table.
  • You can check out the highest price level as well, which was reportedly Rs.62700
  • Lowest price on the contrary end was Rs.58600, and well categorized for your convenience.
  • On account of all the data provided, it was discovered that -3.30% was the percentage change.

May 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Pune

Silver Rate in May 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st May 2022 63500
8th May 2022 62500
15th May 2022 59400
22nd May 2022 61400
31st May 2022 61600
Highest Price 65000
Lowest Price 58700
Performance -2.99%

Starting with the first month of our discussion, if you are for a lookout for May 2022 Silver Rate in Pune per Gram, this section will grant you the needful information.

  • The expression used to pinpoint the Silver Rates in Pune for the month is kilograms.
  • Starting with this month’s opening price, i.e. the rate as on 1st May, it was recorded as Rs.63500.
  • The closing price of the month however was recorded as Rs.61600.
  • The percentage change that happened across the month was -2.99%.
  • The month recorded Rs.65000 as the highest price, while the lowest price it recorded was Rs.58700

April 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Pune

Silver Rate in April 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st Apr 2022 67600
8th Apr 2022 66800
15th Apr 2022 70000
22nd Apr 2022 67100
30th Apr 2022 63500
Highest Price 74200
Lowest Price 63500
Performance -6.07%

The second month we will review is April from the year 2022. The table consists of the study of Silver Rate Movement in Pune so you can know the way this metal’s price fluctuation.

  • You can check the Silver Rate in Pune per Gram from the table, which also has the highest, lowest, opening and closing price of the month.
  • Somewhat noticeable shift in the price level was witnessed in the month, as the percentage change witnessed was -6.07%.
  • First recorded rate of the month was Rs.67600, while the last recorded rate of the month was Rs.63500
  • Highest level this metal reached for the month was Rs.74200.
  • On the contrary end, the lowest price this metal hit for the month was Rs.63500

March 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Pune

Silver Rate in March 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st Mar 2022 65000
8th Mar 2022 70000
15th Mar 2022 69000
22nd Mar 2022 68900
31st Mar 2022 66800
Highest Price 74700
Lowest Price 65000
Performance 2.77%

Happenings of the month play a major role in the Silver Price Movement in Pune, and this section gives out the information on the changing numbers on account of March’s happening list.

  • Take an investment decision sooner or later following the Silver Price in Pune per Gram pattern provided in the table. You can see that the performance for the month has been kinda high, as a major rise in price level was witnessed.
  • So, the lowest recorded price of the month was witnessed on the 1st day of the month, i.e. Rs.65000.
  • Then, we have the highest price of the month which stood at Rs.74700.
  • The percentage change however is recorded to be 2.77%
  • Opening price of the month was Rs.65000, whereas the closing price of the month was Rs.66800.

February 2022, Silver Price Movement in Pune

Silver Rate in February 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st February 2022 62000
8th February 2022 61900
15th February 2022 63000
22nd February 2022 64400
28th February 2022 65200
Highest Price 66000
Lowest Price 60900
Performance 5.16%

Here is what you need to know about the 22 Carat Silver Rate in Pune, for the month of February. You can make your call of investment on basis of the trend seen in the month of February 2022.

  • Make a call on investment based on the Silver Rate in Pune per KG data, which was pretty tiny for this month. Prices were more or less quite stable.
  • Here are the month’s opening and closing prices – Rs.62000 and Rs.65200.
  • Accordingly, the percentage change which was witnessed across the entire month was commuted to be 5.16%.
  • Speaking of the highest price of the month, we have Rs.66000, as expressed in kg.
  • The other end of the spectrum is the lowest recorded price, which stood at Rs.60900.

Silver Rate in Pune – Trend in 2020

Silver Rate in Pune

Let us move on with the article, and discuss the Silver Rate Trend in Pune for the year 2020. This year has come up with a lot of challenges, which is on account of the global pandemic COVID-19.

Today Silver Rate in Pune are soaring high as the demand for the metal is on rise, because the economies are shrinking, and metals are considered safe hub of investment.

Other factors which are a major reason for the change in price levels are trade tensions with the neighbours, the shift in dollar value and other similar yet major happenings.

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Silver Rate in Pune – Trend in 2019

If you take a look at the Silver Rate Trend 2019 in Pune, you will see a constant fluctuation rather than a same fashion of change.

This is just like any other year, where the Historical Silver Rate in Pune keeps fluctuating, both in up and downwards movement.

Well, let us check out some of the major happenings from the year 2020, which caused constant change in price levels.

They were change in demand, brexit deal, stock market rates, Dollar value change, and other similar instances.

What makes Silver Rates in Pune to increase or decrease?

We have the list of major events which lead to the basic change in Silver Rate in Pune as on today. First on the list is Dollar value changes, then we have the government policies, RBI policies, demand and supply equilibrium, import and export change, crude oil prices, and the list goes on.

Well, the major event which causes the greatest of impacts is the demand created by the industries. Industries are the greatest consumers of this metal, and the proportionate use of this metal they make, have a direct impact on the Silver Rate in Pune today per gram.

What are the various measuring units of Silver in Pune?

You must know that the Silver in Pune is weight in the similar manner as gold is. The many measuring units to sell or purchase silver are troy ounces, million ounces, grams, kilograms, tonnes, short tonne, metric tonnes, tolas etc. However, troy weight and grams are the widely used units.

You must however know the weights of some of the most common measuring units. To lend you a hand, here are the ones you must know about.

  • 1 Troy ounce = 31.1035 gram
  • 1 tonne = 1000 kilogram
  • 12 masha or 11.67 gram = 1 tola

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How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in Pune?

Tax on Silver Rate in Pune is to be borne by the customer, and if you choose to purchase this metal, you shall be obligated to pay a making change and also a certain amount of tax. Now, the making charge is somewhat dependent upon the trader you choose.

However, speaking of the Tax level, it is imposed by the government. You only need to pay a 3% of GST on the product, as Goods and Service tax was imposed since the year 2017.

How to check Silver purity in Pune?

Now, as the pure and silver gold have certain amount of purities in them, silver too requires a percentage of purity.

You can denote a product pure, and pay as per the Pure Silver Rate in Pune when you see that the product has a proportion of 94.79% silver, where 5.21% of other metals can exist.

There are many ways in which you can figure out the pure silver product from the others. For instance, try to run a magnet over the product, and if the product does not stick to the magnet, it can be considered as pure. It is because; no pure silver product would stick to a magnet.

Silver Rate in Pune – Conclusion

On the final note, you can make your investment in this metal in products form or even in contract. You have access to all the Silver Rate in Pune from various timelines, which will help you take a well read decision which will also yield you sufficient profits.

We keep updating the Today Silver Rate in Pune as per the present price levels. You can check out how the metal in performing on a daily basis here.

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