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This article focuses on the Silver Rate Prediction or Forecast for Today (Mar 31, 2023), Tomorrow, Weeks, Months & Years.

The rates, demands, returns, and benefits related to silver investment have been emphasized here.

Silver is a very precious metal used in many bullion coins alongside gold. The demand for silver arises from several fields.

The traditional use began in currency and then in solar panels, water filtration, jewellery, high-value utensils, tableware, electrical contacts, and conductors.

Silver Rate Forecast or Prediction for Today (Mar 31, 2023)

Here is the latest Silver Rate Forecast for Today –

Silver Rate Forecast for Today – 10 Gram Silver in INR
Date – 31st Mar 2023
Today’s Silver Rate (Predicted) 744
Today’s High (Predicted) 746
Today’s Low (Predicted) 742
Yesterday’s Close (Actual) 733
Change 11
Change% 1.504%

As per Today’s Silver Rate Prediction, it is expected that the Silver rate will change by Rs.11. Today’s high & low Silver rate target is 746 & 742 respectively.

We can expect a percentage rise of 1.504% in Today’s Silver Price Forecast.

Check Out Today’s Silver Rate & Compare it with the Forecast.

Silver Rate Prediction or Forecast for Tomorrow

The below table explains about Silver Rate Prediction for tomorrow here –

Silver Rate Forecast for Tomorrow – 10 Gram Silver in INR
Date – 1st Apr 2023
Tomorrow’s Silver Rate (Predicted) 754
Tomorrow’s High (Predicted) 756
Tomorrow’s Low (Predicted) 751
Today’s Close (Predicted) 744
Change 10
Change% 1.285%

Silver Price Prediction for Tomorrow is Rs.754, It will touch a high of Rs.756 & low of Rs.751.

From Today’s Close, the change is Rs.10 & change% is 1.285%. This Silver Price Target is expected for Tomorrow.

Compare Silver Rate Forecast of Top Indian Cities

Check out the Silver Prediction of Major Indian Cities & States for Tomorrow –

Silver Rate Forecast for Top Indian Cities – 12th Feb 2023
For 10 Gram Silver
Cities / States Silver Prediction Rate (Rs.)
Ahmedabad 706
Bangalore 706
Chennai 728
Delhi 706
Hyderabad 728
Kerala 706
Kolkata 706
Lucknow 706
Mumbai 706
Pune 706

Silver Rate Target for Next 1 Month

Take a look at the Silver Rate Forecast or Target of Next 30 Days –

Silver Rate Target – 1 Gram Silver (INR)
Date Silver Rate Change Change% High Low
30-03-2023 733 733 733
31-03-2023 744 11 1.504% 746 742
01-04-2023 754 10 1.285% 756 751
02-04-2023 749 -5 -0.649% 752 746
03-04-2023 750 1 0.174% 753 747
04-04-2023 761 11 1.472% 765 757
05-04-2023 755 -6 -0.847% 759 750
06-04-2023 754 -1 -0.099% 758 749
07-04-2023 766 12 1.610% 771 761
08-04-2023 776 10 1.248% 781 771
09-04-2023 771 -5 -0.631% 776 765
10-04-2023 772 1 0.169% 777 766
11-04-2023 783 11 1.431% 789 777
12-04-2023 777 -6 -0.823% 782 771
13-04-2023 776 -1 -0.096% 782 770
14-04-2023 788 12 1.564% 794 782
15-04-2023 797 10 1.213% 804 791
16-04-2023 793 -5 -0.613% 799 786
17-04-2023 794 1 0.164% 801 787
18-04-2023 805 11 1.391% 812 798
19-04-2023 799 -6 -0.801% 806 791
20-04-2023 798 -1 -0.093% 805 790
21-04-2023 810 12 1.521% 818 802
22-04-2023 819 10 1.180% 827 812
23-04-2023 815 -5 -0.597% 823 807
24-04-2023 816 1 0.159% 824 808
25-04-2023 827 11 1.354% 835 819
26-04-2023 820 -6 -0.779% 829 812
27-04-2023 820 -1 -0.091% 828 811
28-04-2023 832 12 1.480% 841 823
29-04-2023 841 10 1.149% 850 832
30-04-2023 837 -5 -0.581% 846 827

This section extends the information relating to Silver Price Forecast for Today, Tomorrow & the next 30 days.

The Silver forecast provided in this section is not accurate and therefore is provided for the mere purpose of reference.

We suggest you check the figures as provided in the prediction and form a comparison with the actual rates, and study the figures thoroughly in order to make an investment decision.

Silver Price Forecast for 6 Month

This section covers the figures from the periods between Mar 2023 – Aug 2023

Silver Rate Target – 1 Gram Silver (INR)
Month Silver Rate Change Change% High Low
Mar-23 731 734 728
Apr-23 738 8 1.020% 754 722
May-23 750 12 1.551% 773 727
Jun-23 756 6 0.803% 784 728
Jul-23 764 8 1.068% 798 731
Aug-23 776 12 1.488% 814 738

As per the forecast for Mar 2023 to Aug 2023, the total percentage change stood at 5.79% which reveals that the fluctuations are at a minimum.

The closing points in a manner have been recorded as 731 in Mar while it increases to 750 May.

The next forecast increases to 764 by Jul, again further increases to 776 in Aug.

Silver Rate Predictions for 1 Year

Here are the stats relating to the Silver Price Forecast for the period between Sep 2023 – Feb 2023

Silver Rate Target – 1 Gram Silver (INR)
Month Silver Rate Change Change% High Low
Sep-23 782 6 0.791% 824 740
Oct-23 794 12 1.477% 840 747
Nov-23 801 7 0.915% 851 751
Dec-23 806 5 0.658% 860 752
Jan-24 818 12 1.422% 876 760
Feb-24 826 8 1.004% 887 765

According to the year 2023, a closing point of 782 is recorded for Sep month.

The stats show which increases to 794 in Oct-23, which further values increases to 801 in Nov-23 ending up at 826 by Feb-24 where the total percentage obtained is 5.36%.

Rate and Demand of Silver 

Despite this broad 628, it is an investment medium. Investors buy or sell silver in the stock market in the form of coins or bullion.

Silver Rate ForecastBut, the price of silver in the market depends on numerous factors. The foremost factor is the rate calculation.

Silver prices quote in troy ounces, where one troy ounce is equal to 31.103 grams. This price is determined by several major international banks.

They are further used by London bullion market members for trading that day. The prices later display in USD, EUR, and Pound Sterling(GBP). The demand continues to be stable because of its uniqueness.

The properties of silver make it an element of richness for various purposes including, jewelry, window coatings, photography, mirrors, stained glass, and specialized confectionery.

Its enduring role in most human cultures continues to exist, whereas, on the contrary, in medicine, silver is incorporated into wound dressings and acts as an antibiotic coating in medical devices.

Industries demand silver in bulk to manufacture electronic and electrical devices such as conductors and cavity filters.

It also acts as a raw material to create an alloy for making ceramic capacitors or other components.

Silver Rate Forecast or Prediction

The Silver Rate Forecast for the first six months in the period March 2021 to August 2021, average points have been within the range of 606 – 661 with the gradual fluctuation since the beginning.

The closing points was the highest in March for the first three months with 661 and July for the next three months at 628.

Therefore, the opening of the year 2021 is with an increase.

The Silver Rate Forecast for the period of September 2021 to February 2022 shows some fluctuated curve as the average point starts with 640 an decrease in three consecutive months, after which there is a increase of 41 points.

The September, October and November months have secured the lowest points in the set. As for the closing points, the September, October and November has 622-641 points with the rest of the months having 650+. The total change also has been 6.40% in February.

The market for the period of  March to august 2022 , has shown minimal fluctuations throughout. With March starting at a 702 closing points and total change of 2.93%, the period fluctuates within 660-702 points and ends with a 666 closing points and -5.13% total change.

Although there are not any huge spikes or turnovers in the prediction, the possibility of a decrease or increase in prices in the same range exists.

Change in Momentum

Because of silver carrying stronger momentum than gold, now is a good time to invest in it. It is the second most precious metal.

The coefficient of determination on a graph, gold’s return explains, approximately 62% of silver’s return and vice versa. But, recently, this r-square determination calculates to be declined to about 57%.

It diversifies the market risk and the US dollar risk. Also, it shows a good hedge against the inflation risk that affects the prices greatly. It is witnessed by other potential assets in the long term.

Returns and Benefits

Good returns attract investors and provide potential benefits in the current economic and policy environment.

The silver assets, including bonds, stocks, currencies, and commodities, are worldwide experiencing a return momentum that lead to positive returns. It is an important predictor of near-term commodity returns.

The major silver mining stocks funds are roughly 100%, where the silver r-square is only 70%. It indicates that silver efficiently diversifies the market.

One thing to remember is that two large and liquid physical silver exchange-traded funds that particularly allow silver trade.

These are the iShare Silver Trust (SLV) and Aberdeen Standard Physical Silver Shares ETF (SIVR).

There are no significant differences between these ETFs in terms of risk and return. The differences are structural. SLV is the largest with a higher trading volume.

The Choice

For frequent traders, SLV is a smart and attractive choice, but its expense ratio lies on the high side at .50%.

SIVR, on the other hand, has a lower expense ratio of .30% with a higher bid-ask spread of .17%. Both of these are legal authorities that act as grantor trusts.

Another interesting fund that is the Sprott Physical Silver Trust (PSLV) is a very large and liquid closed-end fund that invests in physical silver.

But, three silver mining stocks fund include:

Global X Silver Miners ETF (SIL)

ETFMG Prime Junior Silver Miners ETF (SILJ)

iShares MSCI Global Silver Miners ETF (SLVP)

The largest, cheapest, and most liquid of all three is the SIL.


There are several ways of predicting silver prices forecast. These include parabolic movement, Fibonacci trend extension, the ratio of one’s asset price to another, Elliott Waves, price gain in percentage.

Effect of Rate Fluctuation

Therefore, according to this prediction, it indicates that the movement of prices does not differ largely. That is, the prices don’t jump in big amounts and do not affect or upset the market.

Experts say that there will be no significant or random change in the price of silver. It is until and unless the factors that make up the price demand for the same.

These factors include mining and supply, demand from international banks, industrial and investor demand, and sales in traditional markets.

Benefits of Silver Rate Target

Silver goes in hand in hand as an asset for investment with similar security given by gold.

The value store of silver is comparatively high. Meaning that if gold prices go higher, silver goes higher.

Unlike gold, silver seems protected from currency debasement.

The Swing trade Silver Mining stocks manage the price, and depending on its current condition, investing in silver provides benefits.

Silver provides portfolio diversification away from traditional stocks and bonds and therefore differentiates prices from local markets for big investors.

Drawbacks of Silver Rate Prediction

These predictions depict that by 2030, the prices can fall. This means that long-term investment may not be preferable.

But, this price is subject to change by the effects of value differences in the US dollar. Geopolitics may impact it too. Therefore, the predictions cannot be reliable.

Moreover, the supply also plays an important role. Beginning with mining, the availability of metal is an essential factor.

Although the predictions consider this factor, it does not reflect the exact quantity available.

Silver Rate Forecast – Conclusion

The lower level of stock market risk makes silver a preferable asset. The demand, supply, rate fluctuations, forecasts, and predictions reveal better news about the investment.

They show no risk in investment, and its movement is also not a reason to worry. It also reduces market, dollar, and inflation risk that overall attracts investors.

Silver Rate Forecast FAQs

Here are list of FAQs on Silver Rate Forecast –

What are the factors that affect silver rate?

Silver rates are highly dependent on the vivid parameters that are related to industrial demand or the metal, as well as the value assisting with dollar. A lot of factors including national and international have influence on the value of this white metal.

Where can I check silver rate forecast or prediction?

We provide a one stop solution to all our readers when it comes to silver rate prediction or forecast. Our article thoroughly explains the next 30 day to couple of years prediction for silver rates.

Where can we find silver rate for next 30 days?

From the next 30 days to next one year, we provide an analytically constructed silver rate forecast to our readers to not just stay updated with the silver state of affair in the market but also to stay ahead of it.

What are the pros and cons of investing in silver?

While investing in silver automatically means the individual is gaining an asset security, but seeing the other side of the coin, it is to be predicted that in the coming 10 years the rates are to fall, thus long term investments aren’t advised.

What is the current silver rate scenario?

We cannot shy away from the fact that silver is widely used in various industries, be it health, beauty or electric. Silver stands in the global line as the second most precious metal, thus investments on this asset are undoubtedly a synonym of greater returns.

Can I check current silver price for various cities?

Silver rates for various cities can be checked in order to gain more clarity about the silver rate moment throughout the country. Therefore, yes readers can not just find city vise silver rate but can also get a glance at silver’s monthly state of affair.

What are the effects of silver rate fluctuation?

As long as the factors that make up the price demand are same, not much fluctuation in silver is to be predicted in any near future. Thus, silver at present is said to be stable, taking in note the supply and demand is at symmetry.

What are the factors considered for silver rate forecast?

An overall silver rate forecast is made by taking in various factors or say branches of the matter.  While factors such as the usual parabolic movements and Fibonacci trend extension deeply contribute in the prediction.

What are the other types of silver investment?

Thanks to the current market scenario there are various investment opportunities for frequent traders. Ranging from Global X silver miners ETF to ishares MSCI Global Silver miners, there are various funds to invest in.

Will silver price rise in future?

Seeing the next 30 day prediction, silver rates are open to change. It can be seen that silver rates in the following month will weigh more than the current silver rates.


This Silver Rate Forecast or Predictions should be used only for reference & educational purpose. The Data or Information provided may or may not be accurate or reliable for Investment & hence, should be used at one’s own risk. This is not an offer to sell or solicitation to buy any Silver and Top10stockbroker.com will not be liable for any losses incurred or investment(s) made or decisions taken/or not taken based on the information provided herein. Information contained herein does not constitute investment advice or a personal recommendation or take into account the particular investment objectives, financial situations, or needs of individual subscribers. Before acting on any recommendation, subscribers should consider whether it is suitable for their particular circumstances and, if necessary, seek an independent professional advice.


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