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If you wish to purchase the second well known metal after gold, you need to stay in line with the data related to Live Silver Rate in Jaipur Today (Aug 31, 2023).

For instance you need to know the Silver Rate in Jaipur Today, to presently invest in this metal. This article will guide you across various other facets about the metal.

So, you will find the Silver Rate in Jaipur Live, and from different other past time frames, the reason for increase and decrease in price of the metal, the trends for the present and also past year, and other similar, yet major things.

Silver Rate in Jaipur – 10 gm, 100 gm & 1 kg Silver Price in Jaipur Today (Aug 31, 2023)

Let us begin with this article, and discuss the present 22 Carat Silver Rate in Jaipur, in terms of kilogram. We have the stats pertaining to Silver Price in Jaipur Today and yesterday.

These figures are updated on a daily basis, on account of which you can check the change, change% and performance.

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Silver Rate Forecast for Tomorrow

Tomorrow Silver Rate Prediction or Forecast in Jaipur

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Silver Price in Jaipur for Last 15 Days

The present trend of Silver Price in Jaipur can be well known if the price movement from the past 15 days is taken into account.

So, this section is to do the needful, where the past 15 days data is fetched and stored for our readers to evaluate. You can see the present flow of the metal’s prices here.

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Silver Price in Jaipur – Past 12 Months Price

If you are an investor, willing to pitch in heavy investments, the past 12 months’ Silver Rate in Jaipur will help you make the right decision.

January 2023, Silver Price Movement in Jaipur

Silver Rate in January 2023 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st January 2023 71300
8th January 2023 71800
15th January 2023 72700
22nd January 2023 72300
31st January 2023 72300
Highest Price 72900
Lowest Price 71000
Performance 1.40%

First month of the year related 22 Carat Silver Price in Jaipur finds its way to this section. The table pretty much comprises all the major trends of Silver Price in Jaipur from January month.

  • You shall again find the opening, closing, high and low prices of silver in KG. Also, the percentage change across the month is provided in the table.
  • First statistics you need to check is the percentage change, which was 1.40%, a pretty minute change in price levels of the month.
  • The metal’s first recorded price for the month was Rs.71300, followed by the closing price of the month which was Rs.72300.
  • We took the entire price record of the month, only to find that the highest price for the month was Rs.72900 precisely.
  • So, after we recorded all the price levels of the month, we discovered that the lowest of all prices of the month was Rs.71000

Silver Rate Movement in Jaipur for December 2022

Silver Rate in December 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st December 2022 63600
8th December 2022 64300
15th December 2022 65200
22nd December 2022 65200
31st December 2022 66500
Highest Price 72300
Lowest Price 63600
Performance 4.56%

Jaipur is geographically a large state where buying silver wasn’t often thought of as an investment, but it is being highlighted as a tradable commodity that rises in value depending on market trends.

Nowadays with ease of internet, people can easily track the rates of Silver in Jaipur. Hence, to provide an easy understanding, a brief detailed analysis has been given below:

  • The silver rates in Jaipur on the first day of December 2022 were quite similar with other states which was Rs 63600.
  • A gradual hike was observed in the rates within the next day which was Rs 64300 after which the prices continued to rise with each day till December 08, 2022.
  • It is a drastic change that can be observed on 15th day which signifies a jump from the lowest to the highest rate of Rs 65200 including little bit of price fluctuations in between.
  • With high volatility the highest prices of silver was Rs 72300 with the lowest being Rs 63600 we can conclude the complete % change of 4.56%.

Silver Rate Movement in Jaipur for November 2022

Silver Rate in November 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st November 2022 59500
8th November 2022 60800
15th November 2022 62700
22nd November 2022 61200
30th November 2022 61400
Highest Price 62700
Lowest Price 58100
Performance 3.19%

The following information talks about the market related fluctuation which the metal silver experienced during the month November.

While a reasonable amount of strategy seeing the price trends can help business gain exponentially good amount of profit.  The silver stat of the month November goes the following way-

  • Jaipur start their November festivals with a silver price of around Rs.64400. This seemed fair corresponding to the current economic situation.
  • While the silver price graph quickly gained a peak point in the starting week itself and gained a value of Rs.62700.
  • The assortment of the silver rates have been such that it starts with a peak value at the start of month and reached the least rate in the month end.
  • All across November silver experienced a price decrease of 3.19%. While it can be seen that the lowest prices has been Rs.58100.
  • Jaipur like other states experienced a subtle and usual decrease and increase in silver all across the month. Given, the month end has been undoubtedly been more favourable for everyone looking to make an investment in silver.

Silver Rate Movement in Jaipur for October 2022

Silver Rate in October 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st October 2022 56900
8th October 2022 60800
15th October 2022 55300
22nd October 2022 57700
31st October 2022 57500
Highest Price 62000
Lowest Price 55300
Performance 1.05%

Investment must be done with strong hold of the recent events in concern, i.e. the present trend of the Silver Rate in Jaipur. This section caters for the information on the October month from the year 2022, so you can see how the price took turn at multiple intervals.

  • We have provided the details of the price change from the month and it was commutated to be 1.05%.
  • As per the records, the first recorded price was Rs.56900 and the last recorded price was Rs.57500.
  • On the similar context of the rates, you can see that the metal’s price went up to Rs.62000
  • According to the fall in the price level, the least of price recorded was Rs.55300
  • As for the information relating to every week of the month that you want, you can refer to the other sections of the table.

September 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Jaipur

Silver Rate in September 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st September 2022 51600
8th September 2022 54200
15th September 2022 57000
22nd September 2022 58000
30th September 2022 57000
Highest Price 58000
Lowest Price 51600
Performance 10.47%

This section is a shout out for the Silver Rate in Jaipur from the month of September. A table has been provided to show you the price pattern for the month and the following pointers are the explanation, so you can make the most out of the information we tried to provide to you.

  • No matter what the purpose of your purchase is, you must see how the price of the metal varied throughout the month and we have provided you with the same.
  • We took the data of the entire month into account and Rs.51600 was the first laid out record, and Rs.57000 was the last record.
  • For your concern, we have put the entire information for you in a brief manner and Rs.58000 was the highest record price for the month.
  • Well, for the next consideration, Rs.51600 was the lowest recorded price.
  • Final consideration is the percentage change for the month and 10.47% being the same, we can say that the month witnessed a fall in price level.

August 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Jaipur

Silver Rate in August 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st August 2022 58000
8th August 2022 57400
15th August 2022 59300
22nd August 2022 55200
31st August 2022 50800
Highest Price 59300
Lowest Price 50800
Performance -12.41%

Let us now check out the Silver Rate in Jaipur for the month of August, and we have laid down the necessary items clearly and precisely for you. If you take a look at the table, the entire data is clearly mentioned, and if you still have confusions, we have also drafted the explanation further for you.

  • If you take a check at the table, you can see that all the price listed is provided in kg weight, which the most frequent used metric.
  • Now, you must take a step ahead and check out the opening and the closing price of the metal which was Rs.58000 and Rs.50800
  • On the other hand, the highest price of the metal was Rs.59300 to be precise.
  • Then, the price of the metal fell below as much as Rs.50800 as witnessed across the entire month.
  • You must take the change in the price of the metal into account as well, which was discovered as -12.41%

July 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Jaipur

Silver Rate in July 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st July 2022 59000
8th July 2022 57000
15th July 2022 55000
22nd July 2022 55400
31st July 2022 58400
Highest Price 62500
Lowest Price 54500
Performance -1.02%

The right information is very necessary to obtain, which will further lead to the right investment plan, and likewise returns. We have just what you are in need of, the Silver Rate in Jaipur across the entire month, along with the highest and lowest price points.

  • We let you focus upon the highest and the lowest price points of the entire month, using which we have commuted the price change.
  • Here is the opening and closing record of the metal, where Rs.59000 was the opening price, and Rs.58400 was the closing price of July.
  • The entire month’s records show that the highest recorded price of the metal was Rs.62500.
  • Well, in the same manner, the lowest recorded price frequency was known to be Rs.54500.
  • This brings us to the commutation of percentage change, which was calculated at -1.02%, a yet massive shift in the price level.

June 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Jaipur

Silver Rate in June 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st June 2022 60600
8th June 2022 62100
15th June 2022 60000
22nd June 2022 60500
30th June 2022 58600
Highest Price 62700
Lowest Price 58600
Performance -3.30%

Take your study analysis into consideration on account of the Silver Rate in Jaipur. You will encounter the June month’s data in this section and the necessary data will let you see predict the future price of the commodity, to an extent.

  • We wish to mention that the price as provided in the table is given in the form of KG, which is highly considered for purchase.
  • You can take a quick look at the opening and the closing price of the metal. Opening price as such stood at Rs.60600 and Rs.58600 was described as the closing price.
  • Keep the highest price of the month in record, which was Rs.62700
  • 58600 was however, the lowest recorded price level.
  • Taking into account all the major price levels, we have the percentage change commuted at -3.30%

May 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Jaipur

Silver Rate in May 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st May 2022 63500
8th May 2022 62500
15th May 2022 59400
22nd May 2022 61400
31st May 2022 61600
Highest Price 65000
Lowest Price 58700
Performance -2.99%

Let us go on with the study of Silver Rates in Jaipur on a per month basis. The first month we will study in May, where you can evaluate the latest Silver Rate in Jaipur per Gram.

  • KG is used to mention various prices of the metal, in the table we provided in this section.
  • The first price record for the month has been Rs.63500, i.e. the first day of the month’s price.
  • Here is the concerned closing price of the month, which was recorded on 31st May 2022 – Rs.61600.
  • Speaking of the percentage change which happened across the month, it was -2.99%.
  • According to the percentage commuted, the highest price for the month was Rs.65000. On the other front, the lowest recorded price was stable at Rs.58700, which is the reason for the high percentage change.

April 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Jaipur

Silver Rate in April 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st Apr 2022 67600
8th Apr 2022 66800
15th Apr 2022 70000
22nd Apr 2022 67100
30th Apr 2022 63500
Highest Price 74200
Lowest Price 63500
Performance -6.07%

Convenience to take on the analysis further is endorsed by this section, which provides the Silver Rate Movement in Jaipur for April.

This is the second month of our study and likewise, you can evaluate the major Silver Rate in Jaipur per Gram trends of the month.

  • Prices which are incorporated in the article are in the form of KG and you will encounter the major price points from the month.
  • Percentage of change you might have anticipated from the different price levels is -6.07%.
  • On the first day of the month, the metal recorded the price of Rs.67600. The price level then went up towards the end of the month, where the last day of the month recorded the price Rs.63500.
  • However, the metal reached the highest rate of Rs.74200 for the month.
  • On the other hand, the bottom price recorded for the month was Rs.63500.

March 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Jaipur

Silver Rate in March 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st Mar 2022 65000
8th Mar 2022 70000
15th Mar 2022 69000
22nd Mar 2022 68900
31st Mar 2022 66800
Highest Price 74700
Lowest Price 65000
Performance 2.77%

Taking a step ahead, into the Silver Price Movement in Jaipur for our 3rd month March, we have constructed a separate section here. With the same nature table and data, we will see the price trends of March.

  • The various Silver Price in Jaipur per Gram points related to the month you need to know are highest, lowest, opening and also closing price of the metal. They are all provided in the table.
  • Heading to the lowest price point of the month, it was Rs.65000.
  • Well, the metal then surged up to the level of Rs.74700 at the maximum. This however shows that the percentage change for the month is going to be high enough.
  • Well, mentioning the percentage change precisely, after commuting it, it is 2.77%, and this is a great recorded difference in the price intervals, at least for a month.
  • When the month started, the first price which was recorded by the metal was Rs.65000, however, the month ended with the silver price being stagnant at Rs.66800.

February 2022, Silver Price Movement in Jaipur

Silver Rate in February 2022 Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st February 2022 62000
8th February 2022 61900
15th February 2022 63000
22nd February 2022 64400
28th February 2022 65200
Highest Price 66000
Lowest Price 60900
Performance 5.16%

The next information you will find from this section is – 22 Carat Silver Rate in Jaipur of February 2022. Likewise previous tables and months, we put together this month’s analysis to figure out Silver Rate in Jaipur per gram.

  • If will be easy if you check the same high, low, opening and closing prices of the metal for the month of February.
  • Starting with the first recorded price of the month, it was Rs.62000 or in other words referred to as the opening price. The other price, i.e. the closing price was Rs.65200, the price level of the last day.
  • So, this brings the percentage performance down to 5.16%, which is quite low as compared to the other previous months we discussed.
  • Highs of the month was Rs.66000, and this is a rather stable shift in price level for the month.
  • Contrarily, the lowest price level of the month was Rs.60900.

Silver Rate in Jaipur – Trend in 2020

Silver Rate in Jaipur

Presently, WHO declared pandemic situation which has occurred because of the deadly virus COVID-19.

This situation is not only a barrier for people’s lives but also an obstacle for well functioning economies. So, in order to safeguard their money, investors wish to invest in rather safe places, such as metal.

This way, the demand for silver grows high and then, it leads to rise in Silver Rate Trend in Jaipur as well.

Other situations of high Today Silver Rate in Jaipur are the trade issues we have developed with our neighbouring countries and also the change in dollar value.

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Silver Rate in Jaipur – Trend in 2019

So, moving on with the last year’s Silver Rate Trend 2019 in Jaipur, it was common on account of the general year to year happenings.

Fluctuations were part of the Historical Silver Rate in Jaipur, and also for 2019, which made the prices soar high and eventually fall down at some point.

So, basically the major events which took place in the year, and led to a high or rather low price fluctuation are demand, brexit deal, stock market, Dollar value change, and other similar events.

What makes Silver Rates in Jaipur to increase or decrease?

Mentioning some of the major reasons for the shift in Silver Rate in Jaipur as on today we have – dollar value, government policies, RBI role, demand from the commercial and also the residential sector, import and export charges, crude oil prices, etc.

Well, speaking of the demand in dept, industries use silver in the greatest proportion to manufacture various kinds of products.

This leads to a major change in the Silver Rate in Jaipur today per gram if the demand ratio falls or even raises high according to the production.

What are the various measuring units of Silver in Jaipur?

Starting with the numbers which are related with weighing Silver in Jaipur, here is what you need to know:

  • 1 Troy ounce = 31.1035 gram
  • 1 tonne = 1000 kilogram
  • 12 masha or 11.67 gram = 1 tola

Commonly, troy weight and grams are the most commonly used expressions to trade silver. However, there are a lot more commonly used units for the metal – troy ounces, million ounces, grams, kilograms, tonnes, short tonne, metric tonnes, tolas etc.

How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in Jaipur?

Tax on Silver Rate in Jaipur is simply 3% on the metal for every product hence purchased. Before 2017, when GST came into the play, there were a bunch of charges applicable on the silver products, while the scenario now has completely changed.

Also, there is a separate kind of change you need to pay, i.e. the making charge and this is applicable as per the personal preference of your seller.

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How to check Silver purity in Jaipur?

There is a definite silver proportion a commodity needs to meet to be referred as pure silver, and then the Pure Silver Rate in Jaipur follows as provided in the article above.

The proportion required for the product is 94.79% of silver proportion and 5.21% of other mixture which are used alongside silver.

There are few ways in which you can check the purity level of the metal. You firstly need to fetch a magnet and run it over the product you consider to buy, if it does not stick to the magnet, the product is pure. Also, pure silver products do not smell.

Silver Rate in Jaipur – Conclusion

This is the end of the article, where we want to mention that the Silver Rate in Jaipur keeps fluctuating more than often.

Hence, you need to check the ever changing Today Silver Rate in Jaipur, and our article provides you the update information of the same.

If shall be easy for you to stay informed as the present and yesterday’s price level is given on top of the entire article. We ensure the prices are updated on a daily basis.

Silver rate Jaipur FAQs

Ques – How to check today’s silver rate in Jaipur?

Answer – The easiest way to updated with the entire forecast regarding the current scenario about silver, be it current silver rate or the tax that is levied on silver is to refer to this article. This particular article have carefully written and refined to present you with the best of silver forecast with most recent silver rates.

Ques – Where to find silver rate in Jaipur?

Answer – We take extreme pleasure in providing with the most updates silver rates, you dint need to search on web about the same, this article serves the core purpose of providing you with the most resent silver price. You will find the recent silver rates right here, in this very article.

Ques – Is this live silver price in Jaipur?

Answer – Yes, we work hard towards providing you with nothing less than the most fresh and recent silver rates. As the market revolving around silver keep changing so does silver rates, we highly prioritize updating our article to present you with the most live and recent rates.

Ques – Can I find last month’s silver price here?

Answer – Yes, you cannot just find the last month’s silver price but also can find last 15 days silver rice as well as last six months and also last one years. We provide entire one year’s data with statically showing the decrease and increase in the silver rate.

Ques – Is the silver rate in Jaipur update?

Answer – Yes, the entire information in this article is updated to best ensure an say and hassle free price check or comparison for our customers. Thus, we constantly update the information to provide you with the most latest of information.

Ques – Where can I compare silver prices monthly and yearly?

Answer – We present you with entire past years’ as well as month’s silver price chart to best compare seeing the given present statistics. While with that we also present you with the last 15 days price change as well for those customers who wish to keep a track on current silver price changes.

Ques – Will I find silver rate forecast here?

Answer – Yes, the main role of this article to present you with the most accurate forecast in order for our customers to come up with the best of conclusion to every comparison and every market analysis.

Ques – What are the various measuring units of Silver in Jaipur?

Answer – Various units used to measure silver in Jaipur are troy ounce, 1 tonne, and masha.  While the most common units are troy weight and grams in silver trade.

Ques – How to check Silver purity in Jaipur?

Answer – The universal proportion required for silver is – 94.97% of silver while 5.21% of other metals. While the easiest way to find silver purity is to run a magnet over the product you consider buying, if it does not stick to the magnet its pure silver.

Ques – How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in Jaipur?

Answer – The tax on silver rate in Jaipur is simply 3% on the metal for every product that you buy, as before GST came into the ground, customers had to bear a bunch of charges, while for now the scenario has completely changed.

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