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This article is our part of the contribution to the keep residents of Coimbatore, who plan on investing in one of the high demanded metals – Silver.

The need to stay updated regarding the Silver Rate in Coimbatore is always present. So, we have incorporated all the information, including the Live Silver Rate in Coimbatore Today (Feb 05, 2023) figures.

It will be easier for you to keep notes of the Silver Rate in Coimbatore Live through this article. Various timelines figures are mentioned in this article and other related information which has a direct impact on the price level.

Silver Rate in Coimbatore – 10 gm, 100 gm & 1 kg Silver Price in Coimbatore Today (Feb 05, 2023)

We give you the up to date data about 22 Carat Silver Rate in Coimbatore here. The figures included are of Silver Price in Coimbatore Today, yesterday, change, change% and also the performance analysis. Refer to the data as provided and make a purchase decision.

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Silver Rate Forecast for Tomorrow

Tomorrow Silver Rate Prediction or Forecast in Coimbatore

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Silver Price in Coimbatore for Last 15 Days

If you want to take a well read decision, you need Silver Price in Coimbatore data pertaining to a lot period, apart from 2 days data, as provided above.

So, this section caters to your need, where you can discover the data from previous 15 days, starting from today.

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Silver Price in Coimbatore – Past 12 Months Price

Make a call to invest in the metal, based on brief research activity, i.e. past 12 months data of Silver Rate in Coimbatore.

Silver Rate Movement in Coimbatore for December 2022

Silver Rate in December 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st December 202269800
8th December 202271000
15th December 202271600
22nd December 202271600
31st December 202272500
Highest Price74700
Lowest Price69800

Our consumers are ecstatic to find out the varying directions of silver rates, no matter what month it is. To allow them to do the same, in a much smoother manner, with little to no extravagance and bulk whatsoever, has been our first lookout.

  • To make matters easier for everyone, we have portrayed an enormous table with small sections, all pertaining to the varying rates of silver for the month of December.
  • The table makes it exceedingly comfortable for consumers to refer and realize what’s keeping the market going forward.
  • Many a changes have been noted down, with the exuberant rise noted by us being a staggering Rs.74700.
  • The lowest round about been recorded to be Rs.69800 and the percentage change all along has being 3.87%.
  • These particular densities of insight allow the users to pick up speed and realize how to play along, knowing very well how upfront the market is.

Silver Rate Movement in Coimbatore for November 2022

Silver Rate in November 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st November 202265000
8th November 202266700
15th November 202268500
22nd November 202267000
30th November 202268000
Highest Price68500
Lowest Price64000

The interchanging rates of silver for the month of November in the city of Coimbatore have been put up in separate tables for the benefit of our customers to look at and conclude their findings. The table proclaims the refashioning dynamics of silver values over a period of 30 days.

  • The categories that illustrate the highest, lowest as well as the concluding percentage change have been put up.
  • The rates of silver which has changed on a weekly timeline has also been added for further assistance as an example.
  • Highest price has been revealed to be Rs. 68500 while the lowest price was penned down at Rs. 64000.
  • This particular difference in amount is reason enough to point out the fluidity of silver rates.
  • The last calculation has been knocked off at the percentage change checker, which has been noted down at 4.62%.

Silver Rate Movement in Coimbatore for October 2022

Silver Rate in October 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st October 202263700
8th October 202265200
15th October 202267700
22nd October 202269800
31st October 202268900
Highest Price70300
Lowest Price63700

Here are the stats in relation with the Silver Rate in Coimbatore from the month of October. This provides you a display of how the price of the metal ranged for the entire month and you can see the presently developed trends which will help you make an investment decision in particular.

  • We have the necessary data already sorted for you, where the commuted change is 8.16%
  • The change commutation has been done on the basis of the opening price of Rs.63700 and the closing price of Rs.68900
  • On the similar note, the highest price level for the month is Rs.70300
  • Also for the next consideration, we have the lowest price level and it was Rs.63700
  • As for the other parts from the table, you can view the price on the basis of per week.

September 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Coimbatore

Silver Rate in September 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st September 202258000
8th September 202259500
15th September 202261100
22nd September 202263000
30th September 202262000
Highest Price63000
Lowest Price58000

Investment with access to brief and well thought strategy works great, for starters. Hence, to help you go through the right way we are determined to provide you with the raw materials that you might need. This is where you can see the provided Silver Rate in Coimbatore for the month September.

  • KG is the most frequently used metric and hence, we have chosen the same as our base metric.
  • Following up with the first and the last recorded price of the month, we have the figures of Rs.58000 and Rs.62000.
  • For the next factor, we have the data pertaining to the highest price record and it was Rs.63000
  • Also, the next important consideration is of the lowest price, which again stood at Rs.58000
  • We have also laid out the percentage change in the price and it was 6.90%, indicating that the price of the metal fell down.

August 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Coimbatore

Silver Rate in August 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st August 202263300
8th August 202263000
15th August 202264800
22nd August 202261100
31st August 202260000
Highest Price64800
Lowest Price60000

Let us get going with the study of Silver Rate in Coimbatore, which is inclined towards the month of August. We have extracted all the information from the month, and provide you the exact details which are to follow. You can see details of opening price, closing price, price of first day from each week, highest and also the lowest price.

  • For further consideration and understanding, we have also provided the percentage change, while the prices are provided in KG weight.
  • The data regarding the opening and the closing price is Rs.63300 and Rs.60000 precisely.
  • For the next thing, we have the data of the highest price point for the month, which was Rs.64800
  • The second thing we wish to show you is the lowest price point of the month, and it was Rs.60000
  • Taking into account all the major fluctuations, the price change noticed across the month was -5.21%

July 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Coimbatore

Silver Rate in July 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st July 202265000
8th July 202262500
15th July 202260400
22nd July 202261600
31st July 202263700
Highest Price65000
Lowest Price60000

We have the present prevailing market Silver Rate in Coimbatore for you to consider which will let you make a pretty well defined investment, making the process of decision making feasible and highly profit oriented.

  • For your convenience, we figured out the highest price intervals of the month, and also the change which took place in the form of percentage.
  • You can take the opening price into account which was Rs.65000, and then the closing price for the month stood at Rs.63700.
  • You can check that the metal’s price went as high as Rs.65000 along the entire month.
  • The other end of the spectrum was Rs.60000, which was the lowest recorded price of the month.
  • We also did the commutation part, where the change percentage stood at -2.00%.

June 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Coimbatore

Silver Rate in June 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st June 202267000
8th June 202268000
15th June 202266000
22nd June 202266000
30th June 202265100
Highest Price68500
Lowest Price65100

Follow up on the table to check the latest Silver Rate in Coimbatore, i.e. for the month of June. Here, you will be able to read the likely change which occurred during the entire month. For further consideration, take the following description on account.

  • Check out the favourable data of the month in Kg terms. Here the price levels are highest, lowest, opening closing and, you will also find the percentage change.
  • Prime consideration of the readers will be the opening and the closing price from the table. The opening price was recorded as Rs.67000 and Rs.65100 was recorded as the closing price of the metal.
  • Topmost price level, as recorded in the table stood at Rs.68500 for the month.
  • Next is the lowest price level which was recorded at Rs.65100
  • -2.84% was the considerable change as expressed in percentage for better insight.

May 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Coimbatore

Silver Rate in May 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st May 202269500
8th May 202266800
15th May 202263700
22nd May 202265900
31st May 202267500
Highest Price69500
Lowest Price63400

Here is the first month of our discussion, i.e. May, where we have included all the figures pertaining to Silver Rates in Coimbatore. Take a look at the quick draft which has the month’s high, low, and also opening and closing prices.

  • We let you take a better peek into the Silver Rate in Coimbatore per kg. Here you can see the opening and closing price of the metal.
  • So, the opening price of the month was Rs.69500, as expressed in KG weight.
  • On the other hand, the closing price of the month was Rs.67500.
  • As per the high and the low price is of concern, the highest was Rs. 69500 and the lowest rate of the month was Rs. 63400
  • Evaluating the performance of the month, it was at -2.88%.

April 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Coimbatore

Silver Rate in April 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st Apr 202271700
8th Apr 202271300
15th Apr 202274400
22nd Apr 202272100
30th Apr 202269500
Highest Price75200
Lowest Price64200

We provide you all the means which will sum up and form the Silver Rate Movement in Coimbatore for the month of April 2022. You can see how the Silver Rate in Coimbatore per kg performance for the month has been.

  • The first row is of the opening price and the second one is of the closing price, i.e. the net reported price carried on and from previous and next month.
  • Speaking of the performance of the month, it was around -3.07%.
  • The performance was evaluated as per the highest price which was Rs.75200 for the month, followed by the lowest price of Rs.64200.
  • So, the opening price of the month was Rs.71700
  • The closing price of the other end of the month was Rs.69500

March 2022, Silver Rate Movement in Coimbatore

Silver Rate in March 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st Mar 202270000
8th Mar 202274600
15th Mar 202272800
22nd Mar 202273400
31st Mar 202271300
Highest Price76700
Lowest Price70000

March is the next month of discussion, and this section classifies the Silver Price Movement in Coimbatore for the same month. Evaluate the Silver Price in Coimbatore per kg and also check out the performance for this month.

  • Check out for the reported opening price, closing price, highest and the lowest price of the month.
  • Note down the performance for the month was 1.86%.
  • Reported opening price was, Rs.70000.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, the closing price was Rs.71300.
  • Likewise the highest price was recorded Rs.76700 and lowest was Rs.70000.

February 2022, Silver Price Movement in Coimbatore

Silver Rate in February 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st February 202265600
8th February 202265100
15th February 202268200
22nd February 202269100
28th February 202269900
Highest Price72700
Lowest Price64900

The major changes in 22 Carat Silver Rate in Coimbatore make up this section, and the table incorporates all the essential data you need. Refer to the points mentioned below:

  • We included the Silver Rate in Coimbatore per kg from the first day and also the last day of the month.
  • First day of this month recorded the price level of Rs.65600 for one kg
  • Last day of the month however, recorded the price level of Rs.69900
  • Performance analysis based on the high and low was 6.55%.
  • High and low of the month was Rs.72700 and Rs.64900.

January 2022, Silver Price Movement in Coimbatore

Silver Rate in January 2022Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st January 202266600
8th January 202264600
15th January 202265500
22nd January 202269000
31st January 202265400
Highest Price69300
Lowest Price61000

Refer to the 22 Carat Silver Price in Coimbatore in relation to the month of January. The above table has Silver Price in Coimbatore in the form of figures, alongside the explanation in pointers:

  • Month’s opening price, and also the rate as on the last day of the month are included in the table for your reference.
  • The performance commuted shows the stats at -1.80%.
  • Performance commuted was on account of the highest price of the month – Rs. 69300 and lowest price of the month – Rs.61000
  • Rate which was recorded on the first day of the month was Rs.72,400
  • Last recorded rate for the month was Rs.65400

Silver Rate in Coimbatore – Trend in 2020

Silver Rate in Coimbatore

We can say that the Silver Rate Trend in Coimbatore for the year 2020 are somewhat increasing. The reasons for the upwards move in the metal is the constant increase in demand.

Economies have slowed down and as uncertainties trigger the residents, they turn towards investment in metals such as silver.

The Today Silver Rate in Coimbatore is high on account of the increasing demand which prevails in the present market.

There also exist trade tensions with the neighboring countries, which also have an impact on the constant rising prices.

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Silver Rate in Coimbatore – Trend in 2019

Silver Rate Trend 2019 in Coimbatore was rather fluctuation than stabilized. A shift of both downwards as well as upwards was witnessed in the metal, throughout the year as it is bought to be.

Generally, the prices of silver and gold move in the same manner, as the circumstances which impact both the metals are somewhat same

If you take the 2019 Historical Silver Rate in Coimbatore into consideration, you can see that the major fluctuations was on account of change in Dollar value, demand for the metal, brexit, stock market situations and a lot more other similar reasons.

What makes Silver Rates in Coimbatore to increase or decrease?

You can make up your mind regarding the Silver Rate in Coimbatore as on today, as in, if you wish to purchase the commodity.

However, the reason or factors which make the price of metal surge or fall are vast; demand and supply being the greatest of all the factors.

Greatest demand of the metal is found in the industrial sectors, and for commercial use, and when this takes a turnaround, the price as well goes in the same direction.

Among the other factors that affect Silver Rate in Coimbatore today per gram, we have import and export duty, cruel oil prices, RBI and government norms, Dollar value, etc.

What are the various measuring units of Silver in Coimbatore?

Same metrics are use to measure Silver in Coimbatore, as they are for the metal gold. The basic metrics which are used to measure this metal are troy weight and grams, as commonly done with gold. However, there are a lot of other metric, in which silver can be expressed.

Some of the common metrics are troy ounces, million ounces, grams, kilograms, tonnes, short tonne, metric tonnes, tolas etc. As rightly used, 1 Troy ounce is equal to 31.1035 gram, 1 tonne is equal to 1000 kilogram and 1 tola is equal to 12 masha or 11.67 gram.

How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in Coimbatore?

If you aren’t aware of the obvious, a set of taxes were charged on the commodity previously. However, the recent launch of Goods and Services Tax, as implemented on July 2017, one single Tax on Silver Rate in Coimbatore is applicable on the buyer.

According to the tax scheme as issued by the government, the rate of tax charged from the buyer is 3%. Buy us obligated to pay the additional tax.

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How to check Silver purity in Coimbatore?

Rational buyer will be willing to make a purchase of pure silver, and likewise pay as per the Pure Silver Rate in Coimbatore.

So, it is necessary for the buyer of the commodity to check if the product contains pure silver or it has other materials as add-ons. The required proportion supposed to be met by the product is 94.79% of pure silver.

Other or the remaining 5.21% of other metals is acceptable. The ways in which you can check for the purity are use a magnet over the product or simply perform a stink check.

Pure silver basically has no stink, and if you perform the magnet test, the magnet should not stick to the product. If it does stick, the product is impure.

Silver Rate in Coimbatore – Conclusion

We hope to have cleared a lot of your major concerns about the metal through this article. Alongside the figure of Silver Rate in Coimbatore, we have also mentioned the factors which are responsible for the price shift. You will find the metrics used to weight Today Silver Rate in Coimbatore, alongside the tax rate.

This article is actually a complete package for you, if you are interested to invest in this particular metal – Silver. A lot of other items are as well mentioned for your benefit.

Silver Rate in Coimbatore FAQs

Ques – How to check today’s Silver Rate in Coimbatore?

Answer – In recent years, the markets have seen a rise because more and more people are ready to make investments invaluable metals such as Silver. All of our rates have vary according to the measurements and from time to time, i.e. 10 grams, 100grams and 1kg. Once you’ve opened the link the first information states the present silver rate in Coimbatore.

Ques – Where to find Silver Rate in Coimbatore?

Answer – The silver rates in Coimbatore can be easily found in the article provided at our website. We ensure the maximum information and thereby design the article very intrinsically. Therefore any information regarding silver rates are all present in charts and maps in the article present.

Ques – Is this Live Silver Price in Coimbatore ?

Answer – You can subscribe to our online trading website, which provides a variety of market recommendations and commodity trading forecasts (including both silver and gold). You can use our website or trade and we will provide you with reliable product forecasts. Our team is extremely efficient and thereby work very hard to keep up all the latest updates keeping the customer’s needs in mind.

Ques – Can I find last month’s Silver Price here?

Answer – Yeah, you can just search for the headSilver Price in Coimbatore  for the previous month.Since our reader’s insurance is complied with and our web site offers you rate increases every day, weekly and annually. Continue to search the website and you will find the suitable information.

Ques – Is the Silver Rate in Coimbatore Update?

Answer – Our website offers regular up-to-date, specific functionality. We ensure that our readers get correct silver prices as soon as possible. The prices are provided in many time lines and can also be compared via our website. You can visit our website occasionally for more information.

Ques – Will I find Silver Rate Forecast here?

Answer – Yeah, we send you a regular rate of silver so that our readers can predict and see the best trading opportunities in our forecast. It’s on the basis of past research trends that one can look up to previous silver prices and see if price fluctuations can be predicted by market analysis.

Ques – Where can I compare  silver prices monthly and yearly?

Answer – For their ease and comfort, the rate of silver is effectively offered to our clients as the utmost. Therefore in the tabular form, you find the full details. Therefore, you just have to look at the facts and figures given in our article to compare the rate of silver from months to a year. Without any problems, you’ll get all the information.

Ques – What are the various measuring units of Silver in Coimbatore?

Answer – As its basic measurement unit, Silver uses Troy Ounce. Therefore the unit used to weigh silver is equivalent to that of gold. The best way to quantify silver is by grammes and the weight of Troy. The other units, however are kilogrammes, million ounces, troy ounces, tonnes, tonnes, metric tonnes and Tola.

Ques – How to check Silver purity in Coimbatore?

Answer – In order to check the purity of silver, 94.79 percent is the requisite proportion. Certain metals are suitable or the remaining 5.21 percent of other metals. The ways you can check for purity are by using a magnet over the item or simply performing a stink scan. Pure silver will never stink anymore. It is also possible to do the magnet test, so the magnet does not stick to the object. When it does adhere, the material is impure.

Ques – How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in Coimbatore?

Answer – As implemented in July 2017, the recent launch of Goods and Services Tax, also known as GST, a single Silver Rate Tax in Coimbatore is applicable to the purchaser. The rate of tax charged by the purchaser is 3 percent according to the tax scheme. The customer is obliged to pay the extra tax regardless.

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