We present to our readers, this article which is focused on contributing the information regarding Silver Rate in Madurai.

We keep the articles updated from time to time, so you will encounter correct Silver Rate in Madurai Today. Demand for the metal in Madurai is pretty high, and as a result, this article will majorly contribute to investments.

You will find a lot of information regarding the metal, apart from the Silver Rate in Madurai Live from different timelines. We have altogether created thorough research case scenario for our readers.

Silver Rate in Madurai – 10 gm, 100 gm & 1 kg Silver Price in Madurai Today

This section will cater to the 22 Carat Silver Rate in Madurai statistics for different weights. You will also discover the Silver Price in Madurai Today for 1 KG silver, which will majorly contribute to your decision making.

We provide you the precise stats of yesterday’s rate, today’s rate, change, change% and also performance.

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Silver Rate Forecast for Tomorrow

Silver Price in Madurai for Last 15 Days

Moving to a bit deeper analysis, we have the stats of Silver Price in Madurai from the past 15 days. This will let you study the major shift in price or in other terms the price flow.

This way, you can discover how the silver price has been taking a shift all these days, and if it is a favorable investment medium.

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Silver Price in Madurai – Past 12 Months Price

We take a deep dive into the last 12-month Silver Rate in Madurai data, as investing in the stock market takes a lot more data than 15 days.

May 2021, Silver Rate Movement in Madurai

Silver Rate in May 2021Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st May 202172800
8th May 202176100
15th May 202176000
22nd May 202175700
31st May 202176800
Highest Price78500
Lowest Price72800

We are incorporating this section to release the data of Silver Rates in Madurai, from the month of May 2021. The information of Silver Rate in Madurai per Gram is precisely mentioned for your convenience so; you can understand the major price fluctuations.

  • Check the essential dates, i.e. 1st and the last day of the month’s data.
  • Takedown the performance rate for the month, which was noted to be 5.49%.
  • The stated further information is in regard to the opening and closing prices, which are Rs.72800 and Rs.76800.
  • On the other end, the month recorded a high price of Rs.78500.
  • Contrary recorded low price for the month was Rs.72800, as on 1st May 2021.

April 2021, Silver Rate Movement in Madurai

Apr-21Silver Rate per KG
1st April,2021₹ 68,500
8th April,2021₹ 71,300
15th April,2021₹ 71,900
22nd April,2021₹ 75,700
30th April,2021₹ 74,000
Highest Price₹ 75,700
Lowest Price₹ 68,500
Percentage Change8.03%

This section caters the Silver Rate Movement in Madurai, pinpointing all the highs, lows and also the opening and the closing price of the month. Keep yourself updated with how the Silver Rate in Madurai per Gram fluctuated for April month.

  • You will find the rates mentioned in the form of Kg.
  • The documented performance of the month was 8.03%, which was commuted through the month’s high and low.
  • Registered opening price of the metal was Rs.68,500, which was the rate for 1st
  • The closing price however, was Rs.74,000, as registered on 30th
  • As for the highest price of the month and the lowest price of the month is of concern, it is Rs.75,700 and Rs.68,500.

March 2021, Silver Rate Movement in Madurai

Mar-21Silver Rate per KG
1st Mar 2021₹ 73,300
8th Mar 2021₹ 71,000
15th Mar 2021₹ 71,700
22nd Mar 2021₹ 70,000
31st Mar 2021₹ 67,300
Highest Price₹ 73,300
Lowest Price₹ 67,300

Moving on to the month of March, we have the Silver Price Movement in Madurai information for you. Refer to the pointer below to check out the entire month’s Silver Price in Madurai per Gram statistics.

  • KG rates are mentioned in the table for your convenience.
  • Written down information of the opening price of the metal is Rs.73,300, while the closing price of the metal is Rs.67,300.
  • The performance rate as put down is -8.19% as evaluated based on the months figures.
  • Now, mentioning the highest price of the month, the recorded Rs.73,300.
  • However, the recorded lowest price of the month was Rs.67,300.

February 2021, Silver Price Movement in Madurai

Silver Rate in February 2021Silver Rate per KG
1st Feb 2021₹ 79,200
8th Feb 2021₹ 73,100
15th Feb 2021₹ 74,600
22nd Feb 2021₹ 74,400
28th Feb 2021₹ 72,500
Highest Price₹ 79,200
Lowest Price₹ 72,200
Percentage Change-8.46%

For the month of February, we also have the notes of 22 Carat Silver Rate in Madurai price fluctuation. Take a peek to see the highest, lowest, and also the opening and closing price of the month.

  • We have incorporated the metal’s price in KG weightage, based on which you can evaluate the Silver Rate in Madurai per KG.
  • Evaluated performance as per the highest and the lowest price frequencies is -8.46%
  • The month started with the price, Rs.79,200 as on 1st
  • Last recorded price for the month was Rs.72,500.
  • The other recorded price level were Rs.79,200 as the highest price and Rs.72,200 as the lowest price.

January 2021, Silver Price Movement in Madurai

Silver Rate in January 2021Silver Rate per KG
1st Jan 2021₹ 72,400
8th Jan 2021₹ 74,500
15th Jan 2021₹ 70,600
22nd Jan 2021₹ 71,400
31st Jan 2021₹ 74,600
Highest Price₹ 75,100
Lowest Price₹ 69,000
Percentage Change3.04%

This section of the article comprises of the 22 Carat Silver Price in Madurai data, pertaining to the major price shifts. Check all the major intervals of the month, as in the opening, closing, high and also lowest price of the month.

  • Weight expression for the Silver Price in Madurai, for the above table is KG.
  • The data of the month indicates the performance rate as 3.04%
  • We again got the essential data for you, i.e. the highest price which was Rs.75,100, whereas the lowest price which was Rs.69,000.
  • Month started with the price record of Rs.72,400
  • The last price for the month was recorded as Rs.74,600

Silver Rate Movement in Madurai for December 2020

Silver Rate in December 2020Silver Rate per KG
1st Dec 202064800
8th Dec 202068800
15th Dec 202067900
22nd Dec 202072000
31st Dec 202072300
Highest Price73700
Lowest Price64800
Percentage Change11.57%

We believe our customers need to be explained and satisfied when it comes to dealing with the whereabouts and fluttering of rates of silver.

Having been utterly disoriented because of the altering rate changes with every passing week, our dedicated members in the research team promise absolute satisfaction and no scrutiny of any kind whatsoever.

  • To fulfill this particular desire, we have produced a massive table with roundabout charts that portray any and every change having taken place throughout the period of 30 days.
  • Every detail has been vividly portrayed for our consumers to comprehend.
  • The highest, lowest as well as an enormous percentage change, everything has been noted down in full fledgedness.
  • Highest price peak has been Rs.73700, the lowest one being Rs.64800 at a stretch.
  • The percentage shift noted down after the end of a month’s performance, is a rate of 11.57%.

Silver Rate Movement in Madurai for November 2020

Silver Rate in November 2020Silver Rate per KG
1st Nov 202065300
8th Nov 202070000
15th Nov 202067300
22nd Nov 202066700
30th Nov 202063300
Highest Price71000
Lowest Price63300
Percentage Change-3.06%

With gleaming eyes of hope and a distorted fortune, our consumers desire us to keep them streamlined about whatever variation has occurred throughout.

Maintaining the same level of oblation, we have poised a whole new section representing a fixed set of value that has been seen differing every 3 days or more.

  • An equipped chart with the changing modules of rates and emancipation has been put up in all its distinctiveness.
  • To keep our customers handy and on-foot with newly added information, we have made the entire process of surfing easy and efficient.
  • The highest price calculated at the end of the entire month of November has been Rs. 71000.
  • The lowest price of silver has been tracked down at Rs. 63300.
  • Concluding the computation with a hoard of data, the percentage fixture has been noted down at -3.06.

Silver Rate Movement in Madurai for October 2020

October – 2020Silver Rate per KG
1st Oct 202060700
8th Oct 202061000
15th Oct 202061000
22nd Oct 202063000
31st Oct 202065300
Highest Price65300
Lowest Price60200
Percentage Change7.58%

We have generated and aligned all the data for the Silver Rate in Madurai from the month of October for you. This ensures that you have the information; you need to construct fruitful investment strategies. This is a great idea of investment where past records are used for the purpose of technical analysis.

  • Commutation for the change in price of the metal is done and it was discovered at 7.58%.
  • As for the information that you need regarding the opening and the closing price, the stats are Rs.60,700 and Rs.65,300.
  • We have the number for the highest price level and it was Rs.65,300
  • While, the lowest price place as reached by the metal was Rs.60,200
  • In the similar fashion, you can also check the rates of per week from the above provided table.

September 2020, Silver Rate Movement in Madurai

September – 2020Silver Rate per KG
1st Sep 202068700
8th Sep 202068000
15th Sep 202069500
22nd Sep 202060600
30th Sep 202061000
Highest Price69500
Lowest Price57000
Percentage Change-11.21%

Keeping all the records handy, we have chosen to display the information which is of great importance. The Silver Rate in Madurai data is well examined, organized and then presented to you, in the best possible manner. You can see all the important price points in a stance, via the table.

  • Taking a routine check, we have the most importance data from the month, in KG expression, the most widely used metric.
  • The table shows that the opening price and the closing price of the metal in Kg expression was Rs.68,700 and Rs.61,000
  • Next of concern is in regards with the highest price interval, and it was stable at Rs.69,500
  • On the other end, the lowest of price record was Rs.57,000, and it is vividly provided in the table.
  • As far as the percentage change is of concern, we have the results of the same as well and it was a mere percentage of -11.20%

August 2020, Silver Rate Movement in Madurai

August-20Silver Rate per KG
1st August 2020₹ 65,110
8th August 2020₹ 74,200
15th August 2020₹ 68,000
22nd August 2020₹ 67,100
31st August 2020₹ 66,600
Highest Price₹ 76,510
Lowest Price₹ 65,000
Percentage Change18%

Let us be your guide for your silver investment, as we have all the details regarding Silver Rate in Madurai for the month of August. You can easily refer to the table, which provided above, for your reference. It contains all the major data you need to have a check about.

  • Each and every price details provided to you is expressed in KG form, whereas the change in price across the month is provided in percentage.
  • Moving in to the study, Rs.65,110 was the noted opening price of the month, and Rs.66,600 was the closing price.
  • Highest price of the month you need to be aware of is Rs.76,510, as discovered by us.
  • Furthermore, the lowest price point for the entire month was recorded to be Rs.65,000
  • We have sorted out the commutation process for you too, and 18% was the price change for this month.

July 2020, Silver Rate Movement in Madurai

Jul-20Silver Rate per KG
1st July 2020₹ 50,050
8th July 2020₹ 50,020
15th July 2020₹ 53,000
22nd July 2020₹ 58,950
31st July 2020₹ 65,000
Highest Price₹ 66,050
Lowest Price₹ 48,500
Percentage Change36%

Check the Silver Rate in Madurai presently reached, following various changes in the economy and also certain events taking places. Use the information from this section to construct your investment process.

  • The table you see above have all the information you are in need of, regarding the opening and the closing price of the metal and various other price points.
  • With the starting of the month, the first price record was Rs.50,050, which was followed by Rs.65,000 as the last price of the month.
  • You can check the price recorded of the entire month, post which you will see that the highest price record was Rs.66,050.
  • The same manner, the lowest recorded price level of the metal was stable at Rs.48,500
  • The commutation led to the 36%, which was the change in price level illustrated in the form of percentage.

June 2020, Silver Rate Movement in Madurai

Jun-20Silver Rate per KG
1st June,2020₹ 50,150
31st June,2020₹ 48,550
Highest Price₹ 50,160 per Kg
Lowest Price₹ 47,100 per Kg
Percentage Change6.50%

The above provided table is subject the variation in Silver Rate in Madurai which occurred in the latest month of our study – June. Almost all the essentials points of consideration related to the silver price are provided in the table.

  • The table which you see above has all the price illustrated in the form of KG. KG is frequently used for trading and hence, for the ease of our readers we have provided the same stats.
  • We can see that the month started with the rate of Rs.50,150, whereas the closing price was Rs.48,550, which was also carried onto the next month.
  • Highest recorded rate of the metal was found at Rs.50,160
  • On the contrary end, the lowest recorded price level was Rs.47,100
  • Taking all the price levels into consideration, you can see that the change percentage was 6.50%

Silver Rate in Madurai – Trend in 2020

Silver Rate in Madurai

This year has been happening enough till this point of time. Since we are living in the Pandemic of COVID-19, the remaining of the year will as well see somewhat similar trends.

The uncertainties this year has brought forward, led to an increase in demand of the metal, which also led to the increase in Silver Rate Trend in Madurai.

Trade tensions between China and India are another major reason for the rather sift in demand, as the Today Silver Rate in Madurai somewhat, moves in the same direct of gold.

So, this year year’s trends are slightly higher than previous year.

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Silver Rate in Madurai – Trend in 2019

Taking the Silver Rate Trend 2019 in Madurai into account, the major or steep changes in the price level were both negative and positive.

A vast change in demand level was recorded for the year, while stock market also experienced a major setback. The brexit deal and changing Dollar value as well had a major role to play.

You can examine the Historical Silver Rate in Madurai for yourself and you can notice that the fluctuation is of both fall and rise.

No specific change can be used to determine the price, as no specific pattern or movement can be recorded, just like any other year.

What makes Silver Rates in Madurai to increase or decrease?

Just like gold, a major set of reasons have make the Silver Rate in Madurai as on today drift, constantly. However, the most basically observed factor is the demand and supply of the product.

Silver unlike gold, is majorly used for commercial purposes, and has higher industrial demand, and which this demand takes the leash, the prices levels suffer as well.

The demand for the metal from residential units also has an impact on the Silver Rate in Madurai today per gram.

Whereas, the other items for frequent or steep shift in rates are dollar value, government policies, RBI rates, investment demand, expenses such as import and export duty, etc.

What are the various measuring units of Silver in Madurai?

A lot of metrics can be used to weigh in, or measure Silver in Madurai as per present days. Before we go through a lot of them, the majorly used metrics are troy weight and grams.

These metrics are basically similar to how we weigh in gold, and this will make it easier for you to understand.

Other referred to metrics are troy ounces, million ounces, grams, kilograms, tonnes, short tonne, metric tonnes, tolas etc., where 1 Troy ounce denotes 31.1035 gram, 1 tonne denotes 1000 kilogram and 1 tola is denoted by 12 masha or 11.67 gram.

How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in Madurai?

There were a lot of taxes in total, applicable on silver. But since the scenario now has changed, after goods and service tax was implemented from July 2017, a single rate, referred to as Tax on Silver Rate in Madurai is applicable. As per the government norms, the manufacturers are supposed to charge 3% tax on the commodity.

The seller will charge the same percentage of tax from the buyer, whereas the buyer will be obligated to make the likewise payment.

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How to check Silver purity in Madurai?

Just like the gold standard, there is a silver purity standard which should be met in order to declare the product pure.

You can then check the Pure Silver Rate in Madurai and see if the purchase is genuine enough. Firstly, the required percentage of silver proportion is 94.79% and 5.21% of other metal.

Only when the required rate is met, should a product be declared pure. The ways in which you can figure out the purity are a magnet test or a stink test.

For instance, you can run a magnet over the silver product, and when it does not stick, the product is pure. Impure products will generally stick to the magnet, and also, pure products have no smell.

Silver Rate in Madurai – Conclusion

Try developing your own strategies, keeping the Silver Rate in Madurai in concern, if you plan to invest in this metal. On the other hand, for the buyers of this metal, we have the precise Today Silver Rate in Madurai as per the changing scenario.

Use all the data we complied in this article, to the best of your benefit, or you can simply choose to learn the metal’s price fluctuation, or present and past price trends. Either way, this article has a lot of items to serve you with.

Silver Rate in Madurai FAQs

Ques – How to check today’s Silver Rate in Madurai?

Answer – You can visit our website’s article know the price of silver. We provide an all new trading experience  on our website with richer and smarter features with a faster and even at a lower internet connectivity where the user is precisely able to watch the  market trends and access the market scenario. To check the present days silver rate in Madurai, just click on the link and as soon as it opens you will be provided with all the present details.

Ques – Where to find Silver Rate in Madurai?

Answer – Our Website integrates the trader’s needs into a single platform in an effective manner so that one can quickly access the current silverrates on a daily monthly and yearly basis to have the best trading options possible. One can subscribe to our online trading website which will give you lot of predictions on commodity trading including gold and the share market recommendations. You can access our website for your trading options and we provide you with accurate commodity predictions.

Ques – Is this Live Silver in Madurai?

Answer – Yes, we keep you updated with the current trends with our live levels, and thereforethe silver prices of. Madurai you find in our article is live. We keep you updated with the most recent price and trading options and ensure to comply with the present market rates.  One can scan the Market live for scripts that are breaking at the key levels. Our team keep all the readers as well as the traders posted by providing accurate rate in the current market conditions and keep them updated.

Ques – Can I find last month’s Silver Price here?

Answer – Yes, our website provides you with the best user experience so that one can easily access  not only the last month’s silver prices but also provides you with the rates changing on daily, weekly , monthly and on an annual pattern too. For more information, visit our website for your daily update. Visit our website for a faster, smatter and a better trading experience.

Ques – Is the Silver Rate in Madurai update?

Answer – Yes, the silver rate in Madurai is kept up to date. We provide you with superior charting tool with useful historical data and multiple Indicators to keep you updated for user’s best trading experience. One can also compare the prices across the various time frames that is provided for your convenience.

Ques – Will I find Silver Rate Forecast here?

Answer – Yes, you can easily access to the Silver Rate Forecast in Madurai, in here.  We provide you with useful historical data and various Indicators where one can refer to the previous rates of gold to look at the current trends and use them to predict how the price may vary on the basis of market.

Ques – Where can I compare silver prices monthly and yearly?

Answer – Keeping the ease and comfort of the customer in mind, the rate of silver is effectively offered to our customers. Therefore in the tabular form, you find the entire results. So you just have to look at the facts and figures given in our article to compare the rate of silver from months to a year. Without any problems, you’ll get all of the information.

Ques – What are the various measuring units of Silver in Madurai?

Answer – Troy ounce is used by Silver as the basic measuring unit. The unit for measuring silver is therefore, identical to that of gold. Grams and the weight of Troy are the best way to quantify silver. But kilogrammes, million ounces, troy ounces, tonnes, tonnes, metric tonnes and Tola are the other units.

Ques – How to check Silver purity in Madurai?

Answer – To check the purity of silver, 94.79 percent is considered to be the appropriate proportion. Other metals are appropriate, or the remaining 5.21 per cent of other metals. The ways you can check for purity are to use a magnet over the item or to simply perform a stink search. Pure silver will never stink at all. It is also possible to conduct the magnet test, so the magnet does not bind to the product. If it sticks, the material is impure.

Ques – How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in Madurai?

Answer – As implemented in July 2017, the recent introduction of Goods and Services Tax, also known as GST, a single Silver Rate Tax in Coimbatore is applicable to the purchaser. The rate of tax charged by the purchaser is 3% according to the tax scheme. The customer is obliged to pay the extra tax regardless.

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