Investors consider silver as one of the precious hedging tools like gold, as it can protect one against any kind of economic setback. In order to make the best purchase one has to stay informed regarding the Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar.

But, there are vital factors such as the geographical scenarios, both internal and external cause that influence the price of silver.

Readers will come across some of the major constituents that influence the Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar Today. Enhance your knowledge regarding the price movement of the silver for the last 15 days, also consider the movement for the past 6 months as well.

Therefore, stay tuned to catch on the Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar Live.

Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar – 10 gm, 100 gm & 1 kg Silver Price in Bhubaneswar Today

The section on silver price in Bangalore today is uniquely categorized and updated from time to time to keep you updated regarding the whole process.

You can stay informed regarding the fluctuation in the 1 Kg Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar through this informative table.

You will also come to know about the change in percentage, the performance of yesterday, and today’s price pertaining to the Silver Price in Bhubaneswar.

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Silver Rate Forecast for Tomorrow

Silver Price in Bhubaneswar for Last 15 Days

Stock market investors would find this comprehensive table quite informative, as it will sort out the price dilemma in regards to the silver. Also, it will help the investors to purchase the right metal as well.

We have incorporated the Silver Price in Bhubaneswar for the last 15 days from today. You can resort to the figure, as you need to do so and expect to have to right priced item.

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Silver Price in Bhubaneswar – Past 12 Months Price

Here we have scrutinized the price details of the Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar considering its movement in the past 12 months. Now this information stated in the below segments will help you make an accomplished investment.

May 2021, Silver Rate Movement in Bhubaneswar

Silver Rate in May 2021Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st May 202172800
8th May 202176100
15th May 202176000
22nd May 202175700
31st May 202176800
Highest Price78500
Lowest Price72800

In this section of the table, we will update you on the changes in price pertaining to the Silver Rates in Bhubaneswar. In addition to that, you also come to know about the Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar per Gram according to the kg rates provided in this section.

  • Here you will come to know about the first and last day of the silver price for the month of May in this table.
  • The opening silver price was recorded as 72800 on 1st May, while the closing silver price was recorded as Rs.76800 on the 31st of May.
  • The highest recorded price for the month was 78500/- per Kg.
  • The lowest price of silver recorded was 72800/- per Kg.
  • The change in price in terms of percentage was 5.49% so you can certainly say that in the second week silver rate increases, then from the third week it starts declining. Later increases at the end of the month.

April 2021, Silver Rate Movement in Bhubaneswar

Apr-21Silver Rate per KG
1st April,2021₹ 68,500
8th April,2021₹ 71,300
15th April,2021₹ 71,900
22nd April,2021₹ 75,700
30th April,2021₹ 74,000
Highest Price₹ 75,700
Lowest Price₹ 68,500
Percentage Change8.03%

It is time to check out the Silver Rate Movement in Bhubaneswar as streamlined for the month of April. You should evaluate the Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar per Gram for the whole month, and find out the variations in the rate of fluctuation.

  • In this table, we have incorporated the closing and opening price of the silver rates for the month of April, which would help you to understand the price movement.
  • The price at which the metal started trading for the month of April was recorded as Rs.68,500.
  • On the contrary, the closing price of the silver was Rs.74,000 for the month of April.
  • The highest price level for the month was Rs.75,700/- per Kg whereas the lowest price level for the month of April was Rs. 68,500/.
  • Considering the lowest and highest price of the silver, you can definitely say that the price followed a moderate percentage change, which is 8.03%.

March 2021, Silver Rate Movement in Bhubaneswar

Mar-21Silver Rate per KG
1st Mar 2021₹ 73,300
8th Mar 2021₹ 71,000
15th Mar 2021₹ 71,700
22nd Mar 2021₹ 70,000
31st Mar 2021₹ 67,300
Highest Price₹ 73,300
Lowest Price₹ 67,300

Go through this table and the points at length to have an idea of the Silver Price Movement in Bhubaneswar for the month of March. This year consists of the price per KG for your comfort.

  • You will find out the statistics of the two days of the month that means the first day of the month and the last day.
  • The percentage change in the price of the Silver Price in Bhubaneswar per Gram for the month of March was observed as -8.19%. Definitely, this shows that the degree of the leap was huge for the whole month.
  • Pointing out to the numbers, the opening price for the month had been Rs. 73,300 on the 1st of March while the closing price for the month was Rs.67,300 on the 31st of March.
  • The highest recorded price for the silver was Rs. 73,300/- per Kg on 1st March 2021
  • The lowest price recorded for the silver was Rs. 67,300/- per Kg on 31st March 2021.

February 2021, Silver Price Movement in Bhubaneswar

Silver Rate in February 2021Silver Rate per KG
1st Feb 2021₹ 79,200
8th Feb 2021₹ 73,100
15th Feb 2021₹ 74,600
22nd Feb 2021₹ 74,400
28th Feb 2021₹ 72,500
Highest Price₹ 79,200
Lowest Price₹ 72,200
Percentage Change-8.46%

We studied the price movement of the silver for the month of February and also the 22 Carat Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar for this month only. The rates, change in percentage, lowest and highest rate from this month are recorded in the table.

  • Take a close look at the opening and the closing rate of the silver for the month of February.
  • The change of Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar per gram throughout the whole month was recorded as -8.46%. Certainly, you can see that the percentage of fluctuation between the price were huge.
  • Precisely the opening price of the silver recorded was Rs.79,200 on the 1st of February.
  • The closing price of the silver was Rs.72,500 for the 28th of February.
  • The highest recorded price level of the silver was Rs. 79,200/- per Kg on February 2021 and the lowest recorded price Rs. 72,200/- per Kg for February 2021.

January 2021, Silver Price Movement in Bhubaneswar

Silver Rate in January 2021Silver Rate per KG
1st Jan 2021₹ 72,400
8th Jan 2021₹ 74,500
15th Jan 2021₹ 70,600
22nd Jan 2021₹ 71,400
31st Jan 2021₹ 74,600
Highest Price₹ 75,100
Lowest Price₹ 69,000
Percentage Change3.04%

Our next month’s observation was performed for the month of January 2021. So according to the table, you will see the 22 Carat Silver Price in Bhubaneswar for both the closing and opening day of the month. Therefore, check out the price trend of the Silver Price in Bhubaneswar in the points compiled below.

  • Take a sneak peek of the price change for the month; also come to know about the opening and closing price for the month.
  • Find out the level of performance of the price in terms of percentage, which was recorded as 3.04%.
  • The price of the metal at the opening day of the month was recorded as Rs.72,400 on the 1st of January while the closing price of January was recorded as Rs.74,600.
  • The highest recorded price was Rs. 75,100/- per Kg.
  • The lowest recorded price was Rs. 69,000/- per Kg.

Silver Rate Movement in Bhubaneswar for December 2020

Silver Rate in December 2020Silver Rate per KG
1st Dec 202064600
8th Dec 202069500
15th Dec 202067900
22nd Dec 202072000
31st Dec 202072300
Highest Price73700
Lowest Price63900
Percentage Change11.92%

Bhubaneshwar is one of the ancient cities in eastern India. People extensively use silver across all age groups.

Silver rates in Bhubaneshwar is comparatively low, thus even small investors are inclined towards it more rather than gold. Keeping that in view, here we will be discussing briefly about the prices of silver in the month of December 2020 for Bhubaneshwar:

  • Silver rate has been recorded to be at the highest in the second last week at Rs 73700.
  • The month started with a high price which is Rs 64600 and within the next week the price gained peak at Rs 69500 and again dropped down a little.
  • The lowest rate in December has been Rs.63900 and the highest been Rs.73700.
  • Silver rates kept rising till the end of the month giving a percentage change of 11.92% for the entire month.
  • It can be measured that Bhubaneshwar started its month with a price much higher.

Silver Rate Movement in Bhubaneswar for November 2020

October – 2020Silver Rate per KG
1st Nov 202065300
8th Nov 202065400
15th Nov 202063600
22nd Nov 202066700
30th Nov 202063300
Highest Price68400
Lowest Price61900
Percentage Change-3.06%

Unlike other cities Bhubaneswar has had a very sporadic graph for silver rates. Given, the silver rates were highly varying and thus to customize the following table in a more liquefied data we present you with the following information.

  • While most cities started their winters with silver price being at lease, it wasn’t the same with Bhubaneswar. Bhubaneswar started with a silver rate of Rs.65300, higher than compared to most cities of the nation.
  • However, as expected the price went up strikingly and gained a pin-point perk value of Rs.68400.
  • Silver can be seen having an ease and moderate price by the mid of November. Thus, this time being highly favoured for hefty investment or purchase.
  • Silver has experienced a decrease in its value, gaining a value of Rs 61900. While that’s the least value for silver in Bhubaneswar, that’s still higher if we were to compare in a general spectrum.
  • It can be calculated down to around 3.06% for the entire silver rate change that has been occurred in the given month in Bhubaneswar.

Silver Rate Movement in Bhubaneswar for October 2020

October – 2020Silver Rate per KG
1st Oct 202060700
8th Oct 202061000
15th Oct 202061000
22nd Oct 202063000
31st Oct 202065300
Highest Price65300
Lowest Price60200
Percentage Change7.58%

We urge you to thoroughly read the stats of Silver Rate in Bubaneshwar from the month of October. This past data comes handy when you want to study the price behaviour of the metal and then choose to take the decision on the basis of a better understanding of price fluctuation.

  • As you can see the data of the month, we have commuted the percentage change from it, which stood at 7.58%
  • Records of the month started as Rs.60,700, whereas the last record for the month was positioned at Rs.65,300
  • The price of the metal, for the month of October, went as high as Rs.65,300
  • Keeping up with the data of the table, the lowest data of the month was Rs.60,200
  • The table offers a lot of information apart from the opening, closing, high and the low price of the metal.

September 2020, Silver Rate Movement in Bhubaneswar

September – 2020Silver Rate per KG
1st Sep 202068700
8th Sep 202068000
15th Sep 202069500
22nd Sep 202060600
30th Sep 202061000
Highest Price69500
Lowest Price57000
Percentage Change-11.21%

You need access to a lot of data which is in relation with the Silver Rate in Bhubaneshwar, if you wish to invest in the right manner. Right and smart manner is investment backed by strategies, to ensure efficient returns are made. Here is the collective facilitation of all the information.

  • Here is the data you need, 5 different price points from across the month, provided in the form of kg expression.
  • Take into account the opening and the closing price of the metal for the month and it was Rs.68,700 and Rs.61,000
  • Also, we have the information in relation with the highest price of the month and it was Rs.69,500
  • The lowest price level in the same fashion was Rs.57,000
  • -11.20% was the change which happened during the month and we helped commuted this figure.

August 2020, silver rate movement in Bhubaneswar

August-20Silver Rate per KG
1st August 2020₹ 65,110
8th August 2020₹ 74,200
15th August 2020₹ 68,000
22nd August 2020₹ 67,100
31st August 2020₹ 66,600
Highest Price₹ 76,510
Lowest Price₹ 65,000
Percentage Change18%

Like gold, investing in silver is also a very significant way to diversify ones portfolio. In the city of Bhubaneswar the silver rates moved alongside the gold and market indices. We have listed the key take away points on the silver rates in Bhubaneswar for the month of August.

  • Changes in silver rates with different time interval are given in the table.
  • The price for silver on the 1st day of the month was Rs. 65,110 per gram and on the last day of the month was Rs. 66,600 per gram.
  • Highest price that silver touched in Bhubaneswar was Rs. 76,510 per gram.
  • The lowest price touched by silver for the month was Rs. 65,000 per gram.
  • The performance analysis for the month is 18% for per gram of silver.

July 2020, Silver Rate Movement in Bhubaneswar

Jul-20Silver Rate per KG
1st July 2020₹ 50,050
8th July 2020₹ 50,020
15th July 2020₹ 53,000
22nd July 2020₹ 58,950
31st July 2020₹ 65,000
Highest Price₹ 66,050
Lowest Price₹ 48,500
Percentage Change36%

This section refers to the silver prices in Bhubaneswar for the month of July. This will help you gain more knowledge about the velocity in prices and make a way to take future investment bound decision.

  • Data for five different days are noted down in the table.
  • The month of July showed increasing trend line for silver prices.
  • The opening price for the month was Rs.50,050 per gram and the closing price was Rs.65,000 per gram.
  • Highest price for silver for the month was Rs.65,000 per gram and the lowest price was Rs.48,500 per gram.
  • The net change in prices are recorded to be 36%. This is also the average movement of prices that occurred during the month.

June 2020, Silver Rate Movement in Bhubaneshwar

Jun-20Silver Rate per KG
1st June,2020₹ 50,150
31st June,2020₹ 48,550
Highest Price₹ 50,160
Lowest Price₹ 47,100
Percentage Change6.50%

Now, we have the necessary information of the Silver Rate in Bhubaneshwar which is related to the month of June. This is the latest month of our study, and it shows the latest or present price trends. This will help you make a decision relating to the metal.

  • Let us begin with the study of June, where we have used KG units to study the highs and lows of the month of June.
  • First consideration while checking the price level is the opening price and it stood at Rs.50,150, whereas the closing price was Rs.48,550
  • Highest price level of the month was stable at Rs.50,160
  • Lowest price level on other account was Rs.47,100
  • Percentage change which happened across the entire month was 6.50% precisely.

Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar – Trend in 2020

Silver Rate in Bhubaneshwar

This year 2020, a sudden pandemic outbreak – COVID 19 created havoc and many other uncertainties popped up equally. That is why investors always have this tendency of searching for safe domains.

Talking about the Silver Rate Trend in Bhubaneswar, you will see that it followed the rising pattern but the economy slowed a bit because of the business hassle between the two countries India and China.

Investors would never want to invest in wrong assets, rather they have this anticipation of investing in trustworthy assets and in that regard, silver as a metal is the chosen one.

You should know that the value of both silver and gold always moves in the same direction.

Today Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar is increasing, which is because of the rise in the dollar value of the US as well as the rise in the demand for silver.

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Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar – Trend in 2019

If you talk about the city Bhubaneswar, obviously the demand for the silver among the buyers is more. Now, increase in demand leads to the escalation in the price of the metal.

The Silver Rate Trend 2019 in Bhubaneswar was not continuous because the movement of the price followed both a rising trend but, at the same time was below the considered ceiling.

Historical Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar reflects that the price of the metal was less compared to the present scenario. We also noticed the fluctuation in the dollar value as well.

All throughout the year, factors like the stock market, Brexit agreement to a great extent resulted in a continuous fluctuation in the price.

What makes Silver Rates in Bhubaneswar to increase or decrease?

You can always consider silver as one of the most precious in the category of metal. Definitely, silver acted as a reliable form of investment during this period of uncertainty.

Therefore, the primary factors that influenced the rise in the Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar as of today or in the past are because of the demand and supply.

On the other end, there might have been some other factors as well that influenced the fluctuation of the Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar today per gram.

Silver is widely used in the industrial domain, at a greater rate and shift in the demand of the silver influences the price of the silver.

Some of the other notable factors that resulted into a diminishing and rise in the dollar value are such as the policies of the government, import and export duty tax imposed on the silver, the terms and conditions of the Reserve Bank of India, demand of the silver and the increase in the price of the crude oil.

What are the various measuring units of Silver in Bhubaneswar?

Note that the silver uses troy ounce as the fundamental unit of measurement. And this is the considered metric system.

Therefore, you can say that the Silver in Bhubaneswar is measured in the same way just like that of the gold. Accurately the measuring unit of the silver follows the measuring units like the grams, and troy weight.

Besides that, other measurement units are the grams, kilograms, troy ounces, million ounces, tonnes, kilograms, tonne, metric tonnes, and tolas.

Let us understand some of the metric systems:

  • 1 tola = 12 Masha or 11.67 gram
  • 1 Troy ounce = 31.1035 gram
  • 1000 kilogram = 1 tonne

How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar?

In order to understand the tax imposed on the Silver, you have to know that the GST of 3% is imposed on silver. Out of which 1.5% is imposed on silver incorporating the other metals like platinum, gold or silver-plated ones.

In addition to that, another 1.5% is levied on the base metal covered with silver but without any further crafting. However, if you look at the previous times, lots of other taxes were imposed on the silver.

Currently, the Goods and Services tax is implied throughout the country. Hence, you can say that the Tax on Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar is 3%.

Note that this tax is imposed on the buyer and he is supposed to pay the tax in regards to the value of the items.

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How to check Silver purity in Bhubaneswar?

Pure Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar is elaborated in terms of percentage. Here, 94.79% of the genuine silver has to be there in the alloy with an expected mixture of 5.21 percent of the other metals.

This is the standard purity of the silver considered for this city particularly and buyers look for these characteristics when verifying the purity of the silver.

However, besides that buyers do also carry out some of the important methods like using a magnet on the coin. If the coin clings to the magnet, the silver is not pure and if it does not then it is genuine.

In addition to that, you should remember that if the silver were genuine then obviously you would hear a distinct sound of the ring as you rub one against the other.

Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar – Conclusion

Now it’s time to wrap up the entire article, we would like to say that the current situation shows that the Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar would increase provided the production of the silver is slowed in comparison to both the residential and industrial demand of the metal silver.

We have included details of the price forecast of Today Silver Rate in Bhubaneswar. We not only updated you regarding the present price information but also notify you of the price obtained from the last 6 months as well.

Additionally, we also enclosed the price details of the last 15 days. The concise information on the price movement of the silver will help the investors to make the right decision.

Silver Rate in Bhubaneshwar FAQs

Ques – How to check Today’s Silver Rate in Bhubaneshwar?

Answer – We provide you with all the rates in the article itself. The rates are given in a tabular form which has the weight of silver alongside the current rate. We also provide you with the previous day’s silver rate so that you can compare and see.

Ques – Where to find current Silver Rate in Bhubaneshwar?

Answer – Each and every information regarding the silver rate in Bhubaneshwaris easily available in the article itself. We provide all the required data for the customer to make things feasible for them. Therefore all you need to do is located the table where the data of your requirement is given.

Ques – Is this Live Silver Price in Bhubaneshwar?

Answer – Yes, this is live silver price in Bhubaneshwar..We make sure to provide the customers with the most current data and thereby update our information on a regular basis. We have the live silver prices at the very beginning of the article alongside the comparison with the previous days for the customer to choose.

Ques – Can I find last month’s silver price here?

Answer – Our tables of data are designed in such a way that the information of silver rates are provides across various timelines. We have the rates of silver from a week, 15 days, a month, 6months and a year. Therefore, with just a little effort you shall get access to last month’s silver rate.

Ques – Is the Silver rate in Bhubaneshwar updated?

Answer – Yes, the silver rate in Bhubaneshwar is updated from time to time. We believe in making things easy for our customers and therefore without fail we update our information on a regular basis. Therefore, you can find all the updates data without any hindrance.

Ques – Will I find Silver rate forecast here?

Answer – Yes, having designed the article across various time frames we give the feasibility of technical analysis to our customers. You will find the silver rate forecast in the given article as we make sure our data is updated every day. Therefore you can make your investment strategies easily.

Ques – Where can I compare Bhubaneshwar silver prices monthly and yearly?

Answer – We give you the data of silver rates across various timelines Making it extremely feasible and convenient for our customers. So to compare the monthly and annual silver rates, you have to open the link to our websites, check through the timelines in them and once you find the units you can easily sit and compare the silver rates.

Ques – What are the various measuring units of Silver in Bhubaneshwar?

Answer – Silver uses Troy ounce as the fundamental unit of measurement. Therefore, the unit to measure silver is similar to that of gold. The accurate way to measure silver is grams and Troy weight. But other units are kilograms, million ounces, troy ounces, tonne, tonnes, metric tonne and Tola.

Ques – How to check Silver purity in Bhubaneshwar?

Answer – The pure silver rate in Bhubaneshwar is elaborated in terms of percentage, which means 94.79% genuine silver and a mixture of around 5.21%. You can use magnet on the coin, to check whether or not the coin clings to find the purity of silver. Also the sound of the coin clinging against each other will give you an understanding of the silver.

Ques – How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in Bhubaneshwar?

Answer – The tax levied on Silver includes a GST of 3%. Within these 3 % 1.5% is imposed on over metals such as platinum, gold or silver plated. The rest 1.5% is levied on base metal cover with silver that has no further crafting. The tax that is imposed is actually imposed to the buyer.

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