Getting you started on the Silver Rate in Patna, we have compiled all the data and figures related to the metal. The need for information is proportionate to the demand for the metal, which is high.

So, we got your back in context with the Silver Rate in Patna Today, yesterday and also different past timelines.

You can locate Silver Rate in Patna Live here, tax related information, purity level, metric of calculation used and various other aspects. You can anticipate a brief and well compiled article about silver.

Silver Rate in Patna – 10 gm, 100 gm & 1 kg Silver Price in Patna Today

For this section we bring forth the 22 Carat Silver Rate in Patna in 1 kg, 10 gms and 100 gms terms. You can locate the Silver Price in Patna Today and yesterday.

The included figures are the change the difference in price, change percentage and performance of the metal in comparison with today and yesterday’s price.

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Silver Rate Forecast for Tomorrow

Silver Price in Patna for Last 15 Days

A read up on present prevailing trend will let you figure out the likeliness of investment, and if it is a fruitful investment strategy.

So, we compiled data of 15 days Silver Price in Patna clearly and precisely. This way, you can understand if the level of price and if they are favorable for investment purpose.

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Silver Price in Patna – Past 12 Months Price

We wish to further perform the in-depth study, where we provide 12 months Silver Rate in Patna to help you develop investment strategies.

Silver Rate Movement in Patna for October 2021

Silver Rate in October 2021Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st October 202159500
8th October 202161200
15th October 202163600
22nd October 202165300
31st October 202164600
Highest Price66000
Lowest Price59500

Referring to the shift in Silver Rate in Patna from the month of October, we have crafted this section. This section is well curated to help investors come up with constructive investment strategies. You may use the data as per your need and planning, to ensure fruitful returns.

  • Change developed for the month was of 8.57%, which was a minute change.
  • You must check the first recorded price and the closing price of the month, which were Rs.59500 and Rs.64600.
  • In account of the highest price of the metal, you can see the figure of Rs.66000
  • However, the lowest price record for the month was Rs.59500
  • In order to get a closer view at the month’s data check the data of per week. This will help you know the pace of the trends.

September 2021, Silver Rate Movement in Patna

Silver Rate in September 2021Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st September 202163000
8th September 202164800
15th September 202163400
22nd September 202160900
30th September 202158300
Highest Price65400
Lowest Price58300

Here is the data in regard with the Silver Rate in Patna for September. The price level for the entire month is vividly displayed for you and you must take every minute fluctuation into account. So, as per the recorded stats, you can decide if investment is worth at such level or they must be postponed.

  • To fulfil the need of your historical data demand, we have provided the table and following information. The rates are all provided in the form of kg.
  • Provided are the first and the last recorded figures from the month as well and they are Rs.63000 and Rs.58300
  • Here is the detail regarding the highest price level of the month and it was Rs.65400
  • If you check out the lowest price level of the month, Rs.58300 was the recorded figures.
  • Also, we need to take into account the percentage change, and it was -7.46%.

August 2021, Silver Rate Movement in Patna

Silver Rate in August 2021Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st August 202167900
8th August 202165000
15th August 202163200
22nd August 202161700
31st August 202163500
Highest Price68000
Lowest Price61700

Investment in silver is subject to risk, which is why one must study and perform enough research before investing, to eliminate the possibility of loss up to an extent. The Silver Rate in Patna Patna details for the month of August will be a major contributor to your study, and they are provided in this section.

  • To provide you with the exact data, we have provided a table which shows all the data clearly and precisely.
  • Here is the first and the last recorded price of the month, i.e. the opening and the closing price, which was Rs.67900 and Rs.63500 reportedly.
  • Well, on the higher front, the highest price of the month was Rs.68000.
  • To give you the information on the lowest price of the month, Rs.61700 was the record as we checked.
  • We have also done the commutation part, wherein -6.48% was the recorded change in the price levels.

July 2021, Silver Rate Movement in Patna

Silver Rate in July 2021Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st July 202168700
8th July 202169000
15th July 202169500
22nd July 202166900
31st July 202167900
Highest Price70600
Lowest Price66400

We have drafted the right data pertaining to the month of July, in relation with Silver Rate in Patna, through this section. The table has the vivid illustration of the same, which we explain few of the important points below.

  • Ensure you check the highest and the lowest price points of the entire month as per the data given in the table.
  • Here is the focus of opening and the closing rates, which were both Rs.68700 and Rs.67900.
  • So, when the price of the metal was at Rs.70600, it was at the highest price of the month.
  • Contrarily, the lowest price of the metal was recorded at Rs.66400.
  • We have the percentage change commuted for you, so you can understand the level of change which took places across the entire month and it was -1.16%.

June 2021, Silver Rate Movement in Patna

Silver Rate in June 2021Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st June 202172600
8th June 202171700
15th June 202171500
22nd June 202167800
30th June 202167600
Highest Price72600
Lowest Price67600

This section’s need is related with the Silver Rate in Patna for the latest month – June. We have the necessary consideration of the month’s price for you. It contains all the data you need for your study, in a way or two.

  • Starting with the month’s study, we have established the rates in the form of Kg. This is the most used weighing unit for trading and also purchase.
  • Check out the opening price of the month which was discovered to be Rs.72600 and closing price which stood at Rs.67600
  • The highest price interval of the metal was Rs.72600
  • Note down the likely lowest price rate of the month, which was Rs.67600
  • Percentage change you can view for the metal is -6.89%, which was commuted taking all the essential figures of the month into consideration.

May 2021, Silver Rate Movement in Patna

Silver Rate in May 2021Silver Rate per Kg (Rs)
1st May 202167500
8th May 202171500
15th May 202171000
22nd May 202171100
31st May 202172000
Highest Price74000
Lowest Price67500

Let us begin with the first-month study, wherein we shall discuss May 2021. This is our first month of discussion and we present a table that portrays all the essential Silver Rates in Patna.

  • We have entered a lot of figures related to the metal in the above table. It shows all the necessary intervals of price for the month, wherein you can figure out the Silver Rate in Patna per Gram for the precise month.
  • The first thing you should check is the opening price of the month and it was Rs.67500 for May.
  • Then, the month reported Rs.72000 as its closing price of May 2021.
  • The noted percentage change in the ratio has been 6.67%.
  • As we have discussed, Rs.74000, was reportedly the highest price of the month. So, the bottom-most price level was Rs.67500 on the contrary.

April 2021, Silver Rate Movement in Patna

Apr-21Silver Rate per KG
1st April,2021₹ 63,600
8th April,2021₹ 66,660
15th April,2021₹ 67,800
22nd April,2021₹ 70,300
30th April,2021₹ 67,500
Highest Price₹ 70,300
Lowest Price₹ 63,600
Percentage Change6.13%

Necessary aspects of the month of April comprise of the above table. You will find every other Silver Rate Movement in Patna from the month and they will let you figure out the month’s price trend.

  • Figure out the Silver Rate in Patna per Gram from the table. Here we included the figures in terms of KG which is the most common used weight.
  • Percentage change for the month was 6.13%, taking into account all the price levels of the month.
  • The first recorded price of the month was Rs.63,600, however, it went above this threshold, where Rs.67,500 was reportedly the last recorded price.
  • Highest level reached by the metal for the month was however, Rs.70,300, greater than the closing price.
  • Now, mentioning the lowest price level of the month on contrary, it stood at Rs.63,600.

March 2021, Silver Rate Movement in Patna

Mar-21Silver Rate per KG
1st Mar 2021₹ 68,200
8th Mar 2021₹ 66,500
15th Mar 2021₹ 67,400
22nd Mar 2021₹ 66,600
31st Mar 2021₹ 63,200
Highest Price₹ 68,200
Lowest Price₹ 63,200

Moving to the next month, we have the information for the month of March as well. We have all the necessary Silver Price Movement in Patna. Take a look at the table for or read the following pointers for a dept analysis.

  • Take all the necessary Silver Price in Patna per Gram aspects from the table into account. While we mentioned the price in kg, as it is the most favourable weight generally looked for.
  • Here is the lowest price level of the month you need to know about Rs.63,200.
  • The highest price level reached by the metal for the month was Rs.68,200 which would also illustrate a higher percentage change.
  • So, pin pointing the precise percentage change of the month, we commuted it as -7.33%.
  • First entry to the month’s price record was Rs.68,200, while the last entry to the records was stable at Rs.63,200.

February 2021, Silver Price Movement in Patna

Silver Rate in February 2021Silver Rate per KG
1st Feb 2021₹ 73,000
8th Feb 2021₹ 69,200
15th Feb 2021₹ 69,800
22nd Feb 2021₹ 69,200
28th Feb 2021₹ 67,500
Highest Price₹ 73,000
Lowest Price₹ 67,300
Percentage Change-7.53%

Here is the further data which will add on to our study of 6 months. Taking into account the 22 Carat Silver Rate in Patna, the related figures are presented via the table in the section and also through a set of pointers, which has brief explanation.

  • The highest, lowest and the opening and closing prices of the month are presented in the table in the form of kg so you can figure out the Silver Rate in Patna per gram.
  • Beginning with the opening price of the month, it was stable at Rs.73,000 while the closing price of the month amounted to be Rs.67,500 as seen on the last day of the month.
  • Speaking of the price levels of the month, the percentage change which took place was -7.53%.
  • The greatest level of price reached by the month for this particular month was Rs.73,000.
  • Then, the dip in prices for the month was as low as Rs.67,300.

January 2021, Silver Price Movement in Patna

Silver Rate in January 2021Silver Rate per KG
1st Jan 2021₹ 68,100
8th Jan 2021₹ 69,900
15th Jan 2021₹ 66,600
22nd Jan 2021₹ 67,400
31st Jan 2021₹ 69,800
Highest Price₹ 71,400
Lowest Price₹ 63,900
Percentage Change2.50%

Our next month of discussion is January, where again we have the data of 22 Carat Silver Price in Patna. Almost all the major aspects of Silver Price in Patna are mentioned in the table and pointers below, which makes it easy for you to study the month trend.

  • Furthermore, we have all the necessary aspects mentioned in the form of kg so the price movement across the entire month can be discovered.
  • The first feature of the table is probably the percentage change in the month as it was 2.50%.
  • The first price of the month was reportedly Rs.68,100, and on the other end, the last recorded price for the month was Rs.69,800.
  • Best recorded price performance of the metal for the month, i.e. the highest rate was stable at Rs.71,400.
  • Well, Rs.63,900was witnessed as the lowest record for the month.

Silver Rate Movement in Patna for December 2020

Silver Rate in December 2020Silver Rate per KG
1st Dec 202060200
8th Dec 202065500
15th Dec 202064150
22nd Dec 202067700
31st Dec 202068400
Highest Price70700
Lowest Price60200
Percentage Change13.62%

The Bihar capital being one of the largest metropolis in Eastern India has a large number of silver buyers.

There are various forms of silverwares and jewellery which are associated with the traditions or rituals in Patna.

It is also considered as a precious gift on several occasions, therefore the prices aren’t likely to affect any class. Here is a brief analysis of silver price variations in Patna for the month of December 2020:

  • Going according to the calendar dates, it is observed that Patna had very low rate and then suddenly the price jumped to Rs 65500 from Rs 60200, which is very spontaneous.
  • But also, with such high jump in the price it dripped to Rs 64100 and then again rose to Rs 67700 and finally to the highest Rs 68400.
  • The volatility rate is very high in case of Patna as the prices increased and decreased with slightly high amount, though the complete percentage variation accounted for 13.62%.

Silver Rate Movement in Patna for November 2020

October – 2020Silver Rate per KG
1st Nov 202060100
8th Nov 202065400
15th Nov 202063600
22nd Nov 202062300
30th Nov 202059100
Highest Price65400
Lowest Price59100
Percentage Change-1.66%

Patna continued to be the city of interest when it comes to purchase of silver. Given various businesses Patna has, they have been attracting a huge crowd for their silver market. In the following context we bring forward the silver pattern which Patna has experienced in the month of November.

  • While Patna has been having silver as metal of central attention, November started with a silver rate of Rs.60100.
  • The rates has then spiked to an optimal level around the month mid and easily attributed a value of Rs.65400.
  • As the rise in silver is common, given the new arrangements built up by participants on an affirmative domestic trend.
  • Silver however around the month end experienced a shrink in its price and said to be recorded a price of Rs.59100.
  • While silver has been gaining various prices all over the month and kept on having fluctuation in its graph. The entire silver scenario of Patna can be marked in difference percentage change as – 1.66%

Silver Rate in Patna – Trend in 2020

Silver Rate in Patna

Presently, the prevailing Silver Rate Trend in Patna is rather high. A lot of present happenings are the result for high and rising silver rates.

Pandemic situation is the most difficult phase all the economies of the world are going through, which has a diverse effect on the Today Silver Rate in Patna.

Also, the demand for the metal is on rise, as investors yearn to put their money is rather safe places such as metals. Therefore, there is a proportionate rise in price levels as well.

Also, the present trade relationships with neighbouring countries are heated up and so, it has a direct impact on the silver rates.

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Silver Rate in Patna – Trend in 2019

This section portrays the Silver Rate Trend 2019 in Patna. The price pattern for the month was not stable as a lot of fluctuation was noticed. This is a common drift, which is witnessed across every other where economies are booming and strive to excel.

The Historical Silver Rate in Patna for the year 2019 was somewhat low, if a comparison measure is found in pertaining to the last year.

The major happenings of the year were, change in the dollar value, shift in stock market stature, brexit deal and also the change ration in demand and supply.

What makes Silver Rates in Patna to increase or decrease?

A lot of reasons together add on to either rise in Silver Rate in Patna as on today or a simultaneous fall in prices. Highest affecting factor of all the other reasons is the demand factor.

Most of the demand for metal is generated from the industries and if a serious downfall or rise in demand takes place, it has a straight effect on the price levels.

Other reasons contributing to the Silver Rate in Patna today per gram are the demand derived from the household and the commercial sectors, change in dollar value, government related policies, RBI norms, stock market scenarios such as bear and bull market, etc.

What are the various measuring units of Silver in Patna?

In order to buy or check the rates of the metal, you must know the current most popularly traded units. While troy weight and grams are the most frequently used metrics to measure Silver in Patna, there are a lot of the metrics you may see traders trading in.

Common units of measurements are troy ounces, million ounces, grams, kilograms, tonnes, short tonne, metric tonnes, tolas etc. Here are the values of some units:

  • 1 Troy ounce = 31.1035 gram
  • 1 tonne = 1000 kilogram
  • 12 masha or 11.67 gram = 1 tola

How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in Patna?

You will pay two different rates on the silver purchase you make, where one of the same is Tax on Silver Rate in Patna.

This comes after the introduction of GST in the year 2017, which signifies you are required to pay only one tax rate. The present levied tax rate is 3%, and you, as a buyer are obligated to pay the same.

The next charge you need to pay is the making charge, which will be levied by your trader or seller. Sellers can either take a percentage of the metal in making charge or they can take a fixed figure as making charge.

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How to check Silver purity in Patna?

The last section of our article covers up the level of purity which should be present in a product, to which the Pure Silver Rate in Patna will apply.

The requirements are 94.79% of silver proportion and 5.21% of other metals, which makes it favourable for transforming it into an ornament or likewise items.

Now, speaking of the ways in which you can read figure out the purity level of the metal, we suggest you fetch a magnet for the same.

Now, you simply have to run the magnet around the metal and if the magnet attracts the product, then it is impure. The product must not stick to the magnet, and then shall it be declared pure.

Silver Rate in Patna – Conclusion

This article is a sum total of our careful attempt to put forth the Silver Rate in Patna. You will find all the details which are in related to silver in every possible way.

At the beginning of the article we direct you to the Today Silver Rate in Patna, yesterday’s rate and the change in price of both the days.

We tried to finely compile all the items relating to silver and we hope each of the aspect is now clear to you. The collection we presented in this article touched up all the essentials aspects.

Silver rate FAQs Patna

Ques – How to check today’s silver rate in Patna?

Answer – The following article has been finely written to guide you through the current silver rate scenario in Patna. Given all the information in the following article also focuses on the latest demand and price associated with silver in Patna city.

Ques – Where to find silver rate in Patna?

Answer – The foremost purpose of this article here is to provide one stop solution for all customer related query that might arise when it comes to price check of silver. Every information about the same has been carefully embedded in the article to not just ease the customers from extensive searching from web but also to keep them updated with the current market scenario of silver.

Ques – Is this live silver price in Patna?

Answer – As the purpose of this article carefully highlights the current silver price scenario, i.e. presenting only the current or latest information to you. Yes, this article provides live information with regular update from our side to present the fresh and most up-to-date of prices.

Ques – Can I find last month’s silver price here?

Answer – Coming to the last month prices of silver, the article has also been present in a way to provide you with a literal and better comparison of silver rates, not just month ago but also 15 days , week, or even 6 months, carefully highlighting the decrease or increase in the price as well.

Ques – Is the silver rate in Patna update?

Answer – We regularly update the information in our article, given our primary goal lies in presenting you with the best and most up-to date information about the prices. Silver prices are bound to change and often change time to time; we make sure to update it to give you the most refined information.

Ques – Where can I compare silver prices monthly and yearly?

Answer – One of the finest experience that we present you is the accessibility to compare the past month or past week or even past year silver rates at most accuracy in the comparison. The article has been finely written to provide not just the live silver price but to help reader get an overall idea about the mutation of the price.

Ques – Will I find silver rate forecast here?

Answer – Yes, we specialize in providing very detailed information about every area which you might require to know. The article contains all the hooks and nooks to present you with the most elaborated information about silver rates.

Ques – What are the various measuring units of Silver in Patna?

Answer – There are various measuring units for silver which are used globally and also in Patna on a regular basis. The first one being troy, which is 1 troy ounce = 31.1035 gram, 1 tonne which is 1000 kilograms.

Ques – How to check Silver purity in Patna?

Answer – One of the best ways to check silver purity is to rub them against each other; pure silver makes a very strong ringing sound when rubbed against each other. Thus, one of the best ways to check silver purity is by rubbing them against each other.

Ques – How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in Patna?

Answer – While buying silver in Patna, customers are supposed to pay two different rates on silver, where one of them is the tax on silver rate.  The present tax that is levied on silver is 3% and customers are obligated to pay that along with the original price of the silver.

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