We crafted the whole article with a thought to give a clear insight on Gold Rate in Madurai Today. We have also used an updated version of the Gold Rate in Madurai chart.

Gold holds a special value among the customers. Now the price of the metal actually varies that too depending on several factors.

This chart and other information of the article will be your handy guide to let you stay informed regarding the 22-carat gold, 916 hallmarks, and other information. So Find Gold Rate in Madurai Live here in this content.

22 Carat Gold Rate in Madurai – Gold Price in Madurai Today

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In this section, we have conscripted the whole details pertaining to the 22 Carat Gold Rate in Madurai. For your knowledge, this category of gold is considered the basic one for crafting gold jewelry.

In this section, we have also uploaded all the actual statistics regarding the gold price in Madurai today. Also, we updated the rate pertaining to yesterday and the major variation in the gold price.

On top of that, we also stated the change in price percentage of the gold in regards to its performance.

Gold Rate Forecast for Tomorrow

24 Carat Gold Rate in Madurai Today – Gold Price in Madurai

Pure 24-Carat Gold Rate in Madurai is presented in a tabular format. We have majorly concentrated on informing the customers regarding the pure gold price in Madurai.

The gold price of yesterday and change in the price along with the percentage in change is elaborately mentioned in the above table.

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Gold Price in Madurai for Last 15 Days

Buyers often pay heed to the past price fluctuation of the gold, in order to make an affordable and profitable buy.

Have a look at the table to understand that the 15 days gold price in Madurai data. Now this will help you infer the change in the gold price at once.

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Graph of Gold Rate Today in Madurai – Also Past Gold Price in Madurai

Take a quick look into the graphical presentation of the price change in the Gold Rate in Madurai. We supported the statement with proper numerical figures and statistics as well. Our intention is to assist you completely so that you find out the current trend in the gold price.

  • Gold 22 CT :
  • Gold 24 CT :

Gold Price in Madurai – Past 12 Months Price

The entire movement of the Gold Rates in Madurai for the last 12 months has been comprehensively added in the below sections.

Gold Rate Movement in Madurai for October 2021

Gold Rates in October 202122 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st October 202143924791
8th October 202144134814
15th October 202145154926
22nd October 202144844892
31st October 202145064916
Highest Rate in October 202145384951
Lowest Rate in October 202143824780

In accordance with the need you have, we have the information of Gold Rate in Madurai from the month of October. This will let you learn how the prices are deemed to variation and then you will be able to understand how specific events have effect on price changes.

  • So, we have taken the necessary consideration into account and provide the stats of October month price changes for both 22 and 24 carat gold.
  • Take a look at the percentage change for the month, which was 2.60% and 2.61% for both categories gold
  • Here is how the change went up for the maximum level – Rs.4538 and Rs.4951
  • On the contrary end, the price change was as low as – Rs.4382 and Rs.4780
  • We cannot refer to the price change as a high change, and the percentage is quite low.

September 2021, Gold rate movement in Madurai

Gold Rates in September 202122 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st September 202144564861
8th September 202144524857
15th September 202144604866
22nd September 202144104811
30th September 202143364730
Highest Rate in September 202144974906
Lowest Rate in September 202143364730

Continue with the research and analysis process and check out the Gold Rate in Madurai for September month. We have derived the information for you, and carefully placed it together in the form you can easily understand. Hence, we chose the tabular representation of the same.

  • 22 carat gold rate and also 24 carat gold rates have been provided in the table for your reference.
  • Begin with the change in the price of the metal which was 2.69% and -2.69% for the month.
  • Now, the change revels that the metal’s price went down and fell, after a long time.
  • Highest price level as reached by the metal was Rs.4497 and Rs.4906 for 22 and 24 carat gold.
  • 4336 and Rs.4730 were the contrary figures, i.e. the lowest price point for both 22 as well as 24 carat gold.

August 2021, Gold rate movement in Madurai

Gold Rates in August 202122 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st August 202145484962
8th August 202144404844
15th August 202144364839
22nd August 202144654871
31st August 202144664872
Highest Rate in August 202145484962
Lowest Rate in August 202143724769

Gold is a safe investment for many. Even in Madurai, investors wisely choose to invest in gold with a perspective to fetch good long term gains. For buying gold, analysing its past movement is necessary. So, we have jotted points on the fluctuation of gold rates in August in Madurai.

  • The gold prices on a weekly basis is given in the table to facilitate comparison.
  • For 22 carat gold, the price on the 1st day of the month is Rs. 4548 per gram and on the last day of the month is Rs. 4466 per gram in Madurai.
  • For 24 carat gold, the prices on the first day of the month is Rs. 4962 per gram and on the last day of the month is Rs. 4872 per gram.
  • The month opened with a higher price and closed at a lower price.
  • Performance analysis for both the types of gold is around -1.80% and -1.81.

July 2021, Gold rate movement in Madurai

Gold Rates in July 202122 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st July 202144434847
8th July 202145504964
15th July 202145754990
22nd July 202145004901
31st July 202145484962
Highest Rate in July 202145754990
Lowest Rate in July 202144434847

Watching the movement of gold rates every month is important while studying gold rate trends in Madurai. For the month of July, the movement in prices of gold are mentioned in this section along with some necessary points that are focused on:

  • Data for five different days for the month of July is available in the below table. This data will help to get a better insight on the analysis.
  • The highest price for 22 carat gold in Madurai is Rs.4575 per gram and lowest price is Rs.4443 per gram for the same category.
  • For 24 carat gold the highest price is Rs.4990 per gram and lowest is Rs.4847 per gram.
  • There is a gradual increase in prices this month which also means the stability is large.
  • The overall performance for change in per gram gold rates for the city of Madurai is calculated to be at 2.36% for 22 carat gold and 2.37% for 24 carat gold.

June 2021, Gold Rate Movement in Madurai

Gold Rates in June 202122 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st June 202146395060
8th June 202146305050
15th June 202145764992
22nd June 202144404844
30th June 202144104810
Highest Rate in June 202146555079
Lowest Rate in June 202144104810

We have drafted the table above to give you an insight into the gold rate in Madurai. We have segregated the columns into two segments like 22 carats and 24-carat gold. Here you will also come to know about the highest and lowest price for both including the percentage change in price.

  • If you compare the price pattern, you will see that the price for the 22 carat gold is less compared to the 24 carat gold.
  • The highest recorded gold price for 22 carat gold was Rs.4655
  • Lowest recorded gold price for 22 carat gold price Rs.4410
  • The highest recorded gold price for 24 carat gold in regards to the month of June was Rs.5079
  • The lowest recorded gold price for 24 carat gold was recorded as Rs.4810
  • Percentage performance of the 22 carat gold was -4.94%
  • The change in percentage for the 24 carat gold was recorded as -4.94%.
  • In fact, the difference in price between the 22 carat and 24 carat gold was not much.

May 2021, Gold Rates in Madurai

Gold Rates in May 202122 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)24 Ct Gold Rate (Rs)
1st May 202144104811
8th May 202145104920
15th May 202145204931
22nd May 202145905005
31st May 202146285048
Highest Rate in May 202146505070
Lowest Rate in May 202144104811

The table we have devised includes the Gold rates in Madurai statistics exclusively for the month of May. We have drafted the gold rate in Madurai per gram for both the 22 carat and 24-carat gold categories.

  • The price of gold at various intervals is documented in the above table that indicates the major variation in the gold price.
  • The highest recorded price for 22 carat gold is 4650 and the lowest price for the same is Rs.4410
  • The highest price recorded for the 24 carat gold was Rs.5070 and the lowest price was Rs.4811.
  • The overall price performance of the month is stated in percentage. For 22 carat gold, it was 4.94% while for 24-carat gold it was 4.93%.
  • For the whole month, the price has increased gradually as you can see in the table.

April 2021, Gold Rate Movement in Madurai

Gold Rates in Apr 202122 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
01st April 2021₹ 4,238₹ 4,620
08th April 2021₹ 4,345₹ 4,740
15th April 2021₹ 4,363₹ 4,760
22nd April 2021₹ 4,537₹ 4,950
30th April 2021₹ 4,410₹ 4,811
Highest Rate in April 2021₹ 4,537₹ 4,950
Lowest Rate in April 2021₹ 4,238₹ 4,620

The statistics regarding the Gold Rate Movement in Madurai of the month of April are projected in the above table layout. It shows the Gold Rate in Madurai per Gram for both the segments of the gold.

  • The price change of the gold is shown at major intervals for the month of April.
  • You can notice that the price of the gold takes an increasing turn at the end of the month.
  • The highest recorded gold price for the 22 carat gold was 4,537 but the highest price was Rs.4,950 for 24 carat gold.
  • On the other end, the lowest recorded rate for 22 carat gold was Rs.4,238 and Rs.4,620 for 24 carat gold.
  • The performance percentage of both 22 and 24 carat gold was recorded as 4.06% and 4.13%.

March 2021, Gold Rate Movement in Madurai

Gold Rates in Mar 202122 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
1st March 2021₹ 4,355₹ 4,751
8th March 2021₹ 4,221₹ 4,605
15th March 2021₹ 4,229₹ 4,613
22nd March 2021₹ 4,212₹ 4,595
31st March 2021₹ 4,174₹ 4,454
Highest Rate in March 2021₹ 4,355₹ 4,751
Lowest Rate in March 2021₹ 4,174₹ 4,454

The gold price movement in Madurai is clearly depicted in the above table. For your comfort, we have drawn the price change in regards to Gold price in Madurai per gram for the whole month.

  • The gold price at major recorded intervals is clearly discussed in the table along with the price for each day.
  • You can observe a great shift for the whole month; in this case, you can see that the trend seems to be quite fluctuating across the entire month.
  • Percentage price performance for both 22 carat and 24-carat gold was -4.16% and -6.25% respectively.
  • The lowest price point for 22 carat gold was Rs.4,174 and Rs.4,454 for 24 carat gold.
  • On the other hand, the highest recorded price was Rs.4,355 for 22 carat gold and Rs.4,751 for 24 carat gold.

February 2021, Gold Price Movement in Madurai

Gold Rates in February 202122 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
1st February 2021₹ 4,625₹ 5,045
8th February 2021₹ 4,458₹ 4,863
15th February 2021₹ 4,457₹ 4,863
22nd February 2021₹ 4,378₹ 4,776
28th February 2021₹ 4,330₹ 4,724
Highest Rate in February₹ 4,625₹ 5,045
Lowest Rate in February₹ 4,330₹ 4,724

Here we have analyzed the 22 Carat Gold Rate in Madurai for the month of February. You can verify the Gold Rate in Madurai per gram from the table and check the movement in the gold price for the whole month.

  • The table displays the price frequency of the gold drafted through the major intervals of time.
  • The price of the gold seems to take the downturn for the entire month.
  • Percentage performance of both the 22 carat and 24 carat gold is -6.38% and -6.36% respectively.
  • The highest shift in the gold price for 22 carat gold was Rs.4,625 and for 24 carat gold was Rs.5,045.
  • However, the lowest price shift for 22 carat gold was Rs.4,330 and Rs.4,724 for 24 carat gold.

January 2021, Gold Price Movement in Madurai

Gold Rates in January 202122 Ct Gold Rate24 Ct Gold Rate
1st January 2021₹ 4,726₹ 5,156
8th January 2021₹ 4,792₹ 5,227
15th January 2021₹ 4,656₹ 5,079
22nd January 2021₹ 4,664₹ 5,088
31st January 2021₹ 4,656₹ 5,078
Highest Rate in January₹ 4,885₹ 5,329
Lowest Rate in January₹ 4,607₹ 5,026

The price of the gold followed a low trend pertaining to 24 carat and 22 carat gold for the whole month.You can observe the 22 Carat Gold Price in Madurai for the month of January, and the type of price shift in the gold that took place for the same month. Take a view of the frequent change in the Gold Price in Madurai.

  • You can notice that the table reflects the shift in the price for 5 different states for the whole month.
  • Talking about the price stability that was to some extent quite much stable as the lowest price recorded for 22-carat gold was Rs.4,607 and Rs.5,026 for 24-carat gold.
  • The highest recorded price for 22 carat gold was Rs.4,885 and for 24 carat gold, it was Rs.5,329.
  • Statistics of the end price-performance were -1.48% and -1.51% respectively.

Gold Rate Movement in Madurai for December 2020

Gold Rates in December 202022 Carat Gold Rate24 Carat Gold Rate
1st December 202045264938
8th December 202047085136
15th December 202046535073
22nd December 202047255156
31st December 202047245154
Highest Rate in December47695203
Lowest Rate in December45264938

Market trends are not constant for gold, rather significant and constant shift, often of daily basis, take place. This makes it essentially crucial to check the events and how they have triggered the price of the metal in the past. This will give you a vast overlook into the future likely shift in the price.

  • We recommend you try out and check our article, where we have vowed to keep all the aspects of the metal gold updated.
  • We provide all the recent and latest fluctuation details to you. As per the records, the percentage change is
  • Now we need to speak of the percentage change, which was commuted as 4.37 for both the category gold.
  • The shift in price of the metal was not as much as investors had anticipated, as it was a minor shift, on the contrary to drastic.
  • Price shift was stable in the beginning of the month, which took a back step around 15th December, and again began to rise.

Gold Rate Movement in Madurai for November 2020

Gold Rates in November 202022 Carat Gold Rate24 Carat Gold Rate
1st November 202047615194
8th November 202048855316
15th November 202047845216
22nd November 202047615199
30th November 202045244935
Highest Rate in November49225338
Lowest Rate in November45244935

Our sole aim to provide our customers with nothing but the absolute best. As far as gold rates are concerned, making sure their susceptible changes are marked and addressed to you time and again is our topmost priority. All the price fluctuations have been marked and presented to you in the article herein.

  • Each and every modification made into the gold rates has been marked on the chart for proficiency and ease of lookout.
  • The table shows a vivacious performance for the month of November, marking a -4.98% for 22 carat gold and -4.99% for 24 carat gold category.
  • The table also portrays the highest as well as the lowest price of it all in Madurai.
  • Highest price hike has been noted to be a staggering Rs.4992 and Rs.5338 for 22 and 24 carat gold categories respectively.
  • The lowest price degradation has been noted to be Rs.4524 and Rs.4935, as per the chart shown, for both the categories subsequently.

Gold Rate in Madurai – Trend in 2020

Gold Rate in Madurai

While talking about gold price trends in 2020, the major outbreak of the pandemic situation to a great extent influenced Gold Rate Trend in Madurai.

In addition to that, the recent trade tension between Indian and China is also influencing the gold price.

Initially, the price escalated that was due to the commercial deal, but the price trend sloped downward it is because of the COVID 19 occurrence.

It is because of the COVID situation that the Stock market actually dipped down.

Also, the rise in the US dollar is equally responsible for the gold price fluctuation. However, you can see that the rate increased during the month of March due to the improvisation of the governmental policies to meet the COVID hazard.

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Gold Rate in Madurai – Trend in 2019

After a comprehensive analysis of the year 2019, ultimately we came to the conclusion that the Gold Rate Trend 2019 in Madurai was quite happening in a true sense. That means gold prices displayed a consistent rise and fall.

The Historical Gold Rate in Madurai again shows that the year 2019 had lots of occurrences which to a great extent impacted the price of the gold. Above all, the one and the only cause was the souring business tension between the China and USA.

The price of the gold just slipped down because of the setback in the demand for the gold metal. However, the price of the gold is very much dependent on the US Dollar value.

What makes Gold Rates in Madurai to increase?

Gold Rate in Madurai as of today fluctuates depending on both overseas and local circumstances. Happenings such as the increase in the demand for the gold or accentuated value of US Dollars are also responsible for the major shift in the gold price.

Therefore, go through the major factors at once to understand that in detail:

  • The price of the gold rises during the period of inflation because during this time the demand for gold is quite high in the market.
  • The movement of the global market also influences the price of gold. For India, the import price of the gold changes due to any sudden movement in the foreign market.
  • The gold storage of the Reserve Bank of India plays a dominant role in influencing the price of the gold.
  • Indians have a fetish for Gold jewellery. Furthermore, there is a tendency of buying gold during the festivity periods. Considering that surge in demand, the price of the gold automatically shoots up during such times.
  • The less rate of interest also causes the price of the gold to rise. This is because the demand for gold increases as there is more cash in the people’s hands.

What makes Gold Price in Madurai to decrease?

Just in the above section, we penned the possible factors that contribute to the rise of the gold price. Now in this section, we will highlight the contrary factors that cause a decline in the gold price in Madurai.

  • First, if the dollar value is high then it causes the gold price to fall.
  • The market scenario that means the bear market also causes a drop in the gold price.
  • More supply of gold with less demand for the same also causes the price of gold to fall.
  • You all know that interest rate shares are inversely proportional to the gold price, which means the fall of the gold price is due to the rise in the rate of interest.

Why Central Bank Policies impacts Gold Rates in Madurai?

The central bank for many countries is the real vault for storing the gold and currencies. Each time when the Central bank plans to preserve the gold, the rate of the gold actually rises up.

Now it so happens because the cash flow in the economy accentuates but on the other hand, the gold supply is reduced.

Note that the change in the US dollar value causes the Indian currency to rise. Now investors consider this inflationary situation as a hedge and try to meet the increasing cost of living by purchasing gold, in accordance with Gold Price in Madurai.

On the whole, the revised bank policies such as the increase in the stock rates and government are the reasons behind the fall in the gold price altogether.

Why Gold Price in Madurai is different from other Cities?

Often times, gold buyers have seen that the gold price is different for different states. Now the variation in the price is definitely because of the international market.

However, if you consider the gold price in Madurai, then that is actually decided by the local association of the gold sellers.

Additionally, the US dollar also leaves a strong impact on the gold rate. Now, this causes the gold price to vary from one city to another.

Besides these, other conditions like the cost of transportation, quantity purchased, supply, and demand curve also influences the gold price.

On top of everything, you should note that the Indian currency also affects the gold price. That means, if the strength of the Indian currency is less than the gold price will rise.

What is Gold Rate in Madurai 916 Hallmark gold?

Now 916 hallmarks always assure that the gold you purchased has been manufactured according to all the regulations set by the Bureau of Indian statistics.

You can precisely call the 916 hallmarks as the 22 k gold. It shows that 91.6 grams of gold are present in 100 grams of the alloy.

Besides that, note that the hallmark gold ensures that, the product is very pure and authentic Therefore, gold rate in Madurai 916 is actually the price of the 22 carat gold.

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How much is the Tax Levied on Gold Rate in Madurai?

Well according to the governmental regulation, about 3% of the charges are levied on the gold.

In the case of gold crafted jewellery, the extra 5% is imposed on the making charge of the gold ornaments. Note the word that GST is basically implied on both supply and service provided.

That means, GST is levied on the gold itself and on the manufacturing of the gold as well. You should know that the making price of the gold differs from one seller to another seller and this can be a fixed percentage on the final output.

On the other hand, the government fixes the tax on the gold rate in Madurai. Overall, you should remember that the GST charge of 5% on the making of the jewelry that is demanded by the seller would always remain the same.

Gold Rate in Madurai – Conclusion

Thus, we have reached to the conclusion and in this section, it would be worth saying we have tried to enlighten you on Gold Rate in Madurai and about the other factors that affect the price.

In this article, you got a detailed sneak peek of the fundamental determinants of gold price for the 22 carat and 24 carat gold. In addition, we stated the Today Gold Rate in Madurai, as well as the trends and the factors.

Madurai Gold Rate FAQs

Ques – How to check Today’s Gold Rate in Madurai?

Answer – Here in the site every information has been provided regarding gold rates in Madurai. There are far too many tables and charts provided over here in order to have a sequential understanding of the rates differing along with the weights.

Ques – Where to find Gold Rate in Madurai?

Answer – Gold rates in Madurai can be found out by referring to the tables and charts provided over here. The chart also allows you to figure out any comparison in prices over the years down the lane.

Ques – Is this Live Gold Price in Madurai?

Answer – Gold prices in Madurai in this very website is refreshed time and again. Changes occur over a particular period of time and every change is updated for our customers to dodge through with absolute ease.

Ques – Can I find last month’s Gold Price here?

Answer – Last month’s old price is displayed in this website. And not just last month’s but years before that as well. There is a particular chart hanging which gives related data from years before the current time.

Ques – Where to find 22 Ct Gold Rate in Madurai?

Answer – 22 carat gold is undeniably the finest category of gold available. In this website price distribution has been made pretty vivid to all our customers. 22 carat gold rates are flashed on the top most section of this article and the others are written in a topographical manner inside the tables.

Ques – Is the Gold Rate in Madurai Update?

Answer – The gold rates in Madurai are updated in a short span of time. This is done majorly for all the customers to go through the website and obtain insights without much effort. We believe in making them relieved and fully informed about any changes occurring in the market.

Ques – Will I find Gold Rate Forecast here?

Answer – You will definitely find gold rate forecast over here. What you can also fetch is a few connections by jotting down any change in the market by using those information to figure out if at all any change in price is going to take placein the near future.

Ques – Can I use Gold Investment Calculator?

Answer – You can definitely use gold investment calculator and the added benefit is that it comes totally free of charge. What you need to put over here is: your city details, category of gold you’re willing to buy and the money that you wishing to invest. Once you’re done, it will show how much profit you will make, if at all.

Ques – Can I calculate Madurai Gold Price in Tola?

Answer – Yes, we can calculate Madurai gold price in Tola by making use of the gold rate calculator. Just click on the link of the calculator, provide details of a city or state, category of gold, Tola in the particular unit time and the time of investment. Off you go!

Ques – What is 24 Carat Gold in Madurai?

Answer – 24 carat gold in Madurai is the purest form of gold to exist. It doesn’t have any added mixture of any impure chemical and that makes it pretty posh and sophisticated for anyone to possess as such. This is also the reason why it is more expensive than 22 carat gold.

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