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This article will take you through all that you need to know about Geojit finance Intraday Trading. Geojit Finance, which originally started its operations in 1987.

It is a Kerala based company which has around 470 offices in India and has significant presence in Middle East as well. They have more than 10 lakh customers across the country being serviced by offices in 19 cities & 2 Union territories.

Geojit Financial Services Offers

After joining hands with BNP Paribas, the company has seen a tremendous upward movement and a spike in their overall turnover. This has been possible due to their focus on some radically designed products for their customers.

One of their key segments, Geojit Finance Intraday Trading, is something that every trader can vouch for. They surely offer a cutting edge experience in this segment.

They have come up with some great offers and benefits for customers in their Intraday Trading services. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

Geojit Finance Intraday Trading & Benefits

Regular trades and Intraday Trading is quite different from each other and we shall talk in detail about it in this article. But first let’s talk about what benefits you will get with Geojit Finance Intraday Trading Account:

  • Unlike other competitors, Geojit Finance offer free Trading Account as well as Demat Account. Yes, there are no account opening charges whatsoever for either of them.
  • Low Brokerage charges are an added advantage to your pocket.
  • There is comfort and ease of working with a leading market player and a pioneer in the industry. Geojit Finance has been the First Mover in a lot of aspects – they were the first ones to launch Internet trading.
  • An Array of products to choose from makes investment solutions better and flexible.
  • Being a High-tech organization, their inclination towards technology is inevitable. The world class trading platforms that they have deployed for smooth trading has been phenomenally appreciated and accepted by their customers.
  • The research team brings to you some amazing Geoji Finance Intraday tips which can help you build corpus even with least experience.
  • Being a company which is more than three decades old in the Stock broking business, Geojit Finance is a trusted name and you are sure to get the best assistance from them.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Geojit Finance?

    As a practice, people who are first timers in the stock market industry wouldn’t directly jump into the Intraday Trading field; however with Geojit Finance you can be rest assured as you will get complete assistance regarding that.

    From account opening to getting you started with Intraday trading in Geojit Finance, everything will be an assisted approach by the Geojit team. You will also get post account opening assistance in the form of Stock tips and recommendations from the experts.

    With Geojit Finance, opening an account is a very simple step-by-step process. We have listed down all the details for you:

    1. First and foremost, you will need to get your KYC (Know Your Customer) form filled as per the SEBI governance. In case you are not an existing member of any other trading organisation and first timer in trading, then Geojit will get your KYC formalities also done along with the account opening.
    2. For opening a trading account with Geojit Finance, you need to first fill up the entire Client registration form and upload you KYC documents (if not already registered).
    3. Once you are successfully registered, you will receive the client kit which will include you Trading user id and password and PIN number as well.
    4. Your account will be activated post verification of your documents and thereafter you will receive a notification on you inbox as well.
    5. Once your account is activated, you can immediately start using your Trading Account.
    6. For starting off your Intraday trading in Geojit Finance, you can also go through a demo of the same which is available on their website.
    7. The first thing you should do before starting your Intraday trade is have a look at the market indices and trending list, make your own watchlist of the stocks that you want to follow and then also look for some stock tips that the tool provides.
    8. You need to select the shares that you want to trade in and then select the Buy/ Sell option. You then need to select the intraday or day trade option while placing your order.

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    Geojit Finance Intraday Charges

    Geojit Finance offers extremely competitive brokerage rates on all the segments, specifically for Intraday, they offer 0.03% of the transaction value.

    Apart from the Geojit Finance Intraday brokerage charges, there are some other mandatory charges as well which are governed on the trader / investor. Have a look at those as well:

    • A Transaction charge is charged on the overall transaction value
    • STT or Service Transaction Tax is charged as levied by the government
    • A 5% -7% Stamp Duty is charged depending upon which state you are trading from
    • SEBI has levied another charge called SEBI Turnover charge
    • GST of 18% on the Transaction charge is also charged as per government norms

    I am sure these charges must be scaring you and you would be thinking that you would probably pay more than your transaction value in these charges; however these are extremely minimal sums that are charged.

    Geojit Finance Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge0.03%
    Intraday Brokerage CalculatorGeojit Finance Brokerage Calculator

    Let us get this clarified to you with an example so that you understand the Geojit Finance Intraday charges properly. Let’s suppose you buy 1000 shares worth Rs.2 per share, which means you spent Rs.2000 in buying the shares. And when you sold them, their sell price was Rs.3 per share.

    This means the total turnover has been Rs.5000. This trade has happened in Karnataka and hence those States laws would apply.

    • The following charges will be applied on to your trade:
    • Brokerage: Rs.15
    • Service Transaction Tax: Rs.0.630
    • SEBI Turnover Fees: Rs.0.010
    • Stamp Duty: Rs.0.150
    • Transaction Charge: Rs.0.163
    • GST: Rs.2.729
    • Total Brokerage + Taxes Paid: Rs.18.682

    Hence your Total Profit post paying all these charges would be Rs.981.318.

    Geojit Finance Intraday Margin

    The Geojit Finance Intraday Margin is also something which is very much talked about in the industry. Geojit offers one of the best leverage options. You can trade up to 5x of your Margin money.

    Margin money, is basically a deposit kept in the broker’s custody which will allow you to borrow a certain amount from them whenever required as an overdraft facility. The Stock broker will charge you an interest in lieu of that but you will surely benefit out of it.

    Geojit Finance Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin FundingUpto 5x
    Intraday Margin CalculatorGeojit Financial Margin Calculator

    This Margin money is utilized when you are falling short of funds; you then borrow some amount from the broker against your margin and then return it to them with interest.

    The Geojit Finance Intraday limit is up to 5 times your margin money. This means that if your margin money kept with them is Rs.10,000, then you can utilize up to 50,000 from them if required.

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    Geojit Finance Trading – Types

    Geojit Finance operates its trading through both channels – offline and online. Under the Geojit Finance online trading options, the company has launched tools for desktop users, web based tools for people who are always on the go and Mobile App as well for the ones who prefer trading through their mobile.

    For the offline Geojit Finance, one can visit their branch and also avail for the on call benefit the company provides to its users.

    Geojit Finance Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    Geojit Finance Intraday Trading is one the best options available in the industry as they offer a lot of benefits to the customers. The fact that the company is a trusted name and has a brand reputation, your funds are in safe hands.

    The legacy and experience that this company carries comes to your advantage and you can surely build a good capital in case you follow their recommendations as well.

    Geojit Finance Intraday FAQs

    Ques – Is Intraday Trading safe in Geojit?

    Answer – Geojit’s three decades long service speaks for itself when it comes to trading security, the broker house has more than 470 offices in India with a customer base more than 10 lakhs. Thus speaking volumes about the trust and security their one million customers have on the name – Geojit.

    Ques – What is Intraday Exposure at Geojit?

    Answer – When joining hands with Geojit, clients will get a major taste of being offered with the best of intraday margin funding. The exposure at Geojit has been exceptionally good and have been backing up many traders in their quest to a better trade- at Geojit clients are provided with a 5x margin funding.

    Ques – What are Intraday Charges in Geojit?

    Answer – Geojit stands out of competition and offers very less brokerage on intraday segment of trading. Traders are only required to bear a charge of 0.03% on intraday, while the necessary and government charged expenses are SEBI, STAMP DUTY, GST.  Making Geojit one of the most celebrated broker houses in the country.

    Ques – How to do Day Trading in Geojit?

    Answer – Geojit has made it exceedingly easy for anyone to open an account for trading, be it first timers or more experienced brokers. The traders are only required to start their journey with opening a trader’s account at Geojit. The broker house offers full assistance to traders from opening an account to getting started with trading; clients can expect a fully fledged support from this broker house.

    Ques – Does Geojit provide Day Trading?

    Answer – Yes Geojit provides day trading, thanks to their compelling services and help in the intraday section of trading, Geojit have been number one choice of traders when trading in the intraday segment.

    Ques – Is Intraday Trading Free in Geojit?

    Answer – Geojit does provide a charge free account opening and free demat AMC but intraday at Geojit carries a certain amount of charge.  The brokerage for intraday trading is 0.03% per trade, which the clients are obligated to pay. Along with the intraday charges clients may also have to bear a few government charges.

    Ques – Does Geojit have App for Intraday?

    Answer – Geojit is known for providing for a world-class trading platform embedded with modern technology to their clients. Owning to the big name Geojit have earned over the years of practice they provide their clients with top most technology to perform hassle free trading just through their Smartphone.

    Ques – Is Intraday Profitable at Geojit?

    Answer – Geojit has been in the stock broking business for three decades, they are known for providing new horizons to their clients with lucrative amount of profit payback. Geojit’s team of experts leave no stones unturned to help traders get the best out of the trade and obtain profit at the end of every transaction.

    Ques – Do Geojit provide Intraday Tips?

    Answer – Geojit have been a full-service broker for more than 30 years now, they have a refined team of expects to help the traders analysis market and trade accordingly. The assistance provided at Geojit goes unmatched and have been proven an epitome of success for many trades till date.

    Ques – What is Geojit Intraday mean?

    Answer – Intraday trading at Geojit means the traders will be flooded with tools and softwares to help them not just trade effortlessly but also gain a better insight at the market scenario. Geojit’s way of transforming their trading platform have helped various traders to sell and buy the assets in the same day as that being the main pillar of intraday trading.

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