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Paytm Money is the new member of the Indian full-service brokers’ family, structured to also provide Paytm Money Intraday Trading.

The company does not really need an introduction. It is part of a much bigger conglomerate. And, you know who we’re talking about right? Yes!

Paytm Money Intraday Trading

The legendary company that pretty much altered the way Indians think about monetary transactions. Anyway, Paytm Money was established in the year 2019. This means that the company is not even a year old.

However, under the able guidance of Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the company is in a thriving condition. It does not have any physical branches so far. However, its array of online trading platforms is already taking the industry with a smash.

We’ll share with you the list of benefits Paytm Money Intraday has to offer. We’ll elaborate on the brokerage charges they incur, the process of getting intraday trading done and other related subtopics.

Paytm Money Intraday Trading & Benefits

Paytm Money Intraday trading follows in the footsteps of other preceding brokerage houses. This compels them to provide their traders with loads of benefits.

And, we’re not only referring to the technical assistance they lend. In fact, there’s a lot more of what they grant and the list goes as follows:

  • The brokerage charges incurred for Intraday Trading are limited and are only to be provided as per trade irrespective of the Trade value basis. This allows the clients of the company to save a lot. And, everyone knows that a penny saved is a penny earned.
  • The company does not seek clients to maintain a huge margin balance. In fact, they very much allow their clients to trade even when the margin balance is zero. This allows the clients to commence trades of even lesser quantities.
  • Free Trading Accounts are provided to the clients. In fact, they don’t even charge their clients in terms of AMC. This means that the clients can use all the features of Trading Accounts for free. And, they can do that throughout their life without any restrictions.
  • They even grant discounts on trading brokerage. This, however, is subject to the company’s decision. Anyway, the mere fact that they offer discounts on an already low brokerage is great news for the clients.
  • The structure of a great referral program is also in place. This allows the clients to get additional benefits by referring Paytm Money to their peers.
  • They offer a humongous trade margin to their clients.
  • They even provide certain advisory including Paytm Money Intraday Tips, Free Stock Tips and more.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Paytm Money?

    Intraday Trading comes with a lot more complexities than conventional trading. However, this fact always overshadows the fact that Intraday Trading even comes with a lot more profit possibilities.

    That is the reason why brokerage houses provide many benefits to clients. And, Paytm Money does the same with its clients. Anyway, now that you’re aware of all the benefits, it’s time to get aware of the process to commence Intraday Trade in Paytm Money.


    Here is a brief procedure, to help you with intraday trading.

    1. This is a simple 4-step process. And, you must begin by acquiring the rights to one of Paytm Money Trading Accounts. However, if you feel troubled in doing so, then you can always refer to some of our other articles. They’ll help you understand and execute the steps in which you may get registered for their Trading Account.
    2. Once you get your hands on one of Paytm Money Intraday Trading Accounts, you must log in to it. This can be done using any of the company-provided trading platforms. However, to log in, only the account-specific credentials must be used. There is something else we want to suggest as well. Once you log in to the account, try to change the default password. This helps to retain the security of your account.
    3. The third step in this process is determining which shares to trade in. For this, we recommend creating a watchlist of your own. This’ll help you segregate and monitor the trades you prefer for trading. You may even bring into use, the Free Stock Tips granted by the company for this purpose.
    4. The last step in this process is to commence the trade. And, for this, you must go to the ‘Buy / Sell’ section of your account. You must take special care to ensure selecting the ‘Intraday / Day Trading’ option. And, this must be done before commencing the trade.

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    Paytm Money Intraday Charges

    Paytm Money Intraday brokerage is incurred at Rs.10 per trade. However, there is a lot more to Paytm Money Intraday Charges than just brokerage. And, here’s the list of all of the inclusive taxes:

    • A Transaction charge worth 0.00310% is charged over the total turnover.
    • An STT or Securities Transaction Tax is charged at 0.01% over turnover.
    • SEBI Turnover Fee is charged at 0.00005% over total turnover.
    • A Stamp Duty is charged as per varying state regulations. This depends on the state where the trade takes place.
    • Even 18% GST is charged over the sum of brokerage and transaction charges.
    Paytm Money Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge Rs.10 per Trade
    Intraday Brokerage Calculator Paytm Money Brokerage Calculator

    You’ll be able to understand this better with an example. And, for this we want you to consider a special case.

    Suppose that you want to buy 1,000 shares of a particular company. The unit share price of this company is accounted for worth Rs.10. So, at the time of purchase, your holding value is accounted for worth Rs.10,000.

    Now, you wait for a couple of hours. And, you realize that the unit price has gone up by Rs.5 per share. So, you decide to sell off the entire lot.

    Now, your holding value at this unit is worth Rs.25,000. Considering that the trade takes place in Chhattisgarh, you need to pay Rs.36.685 as brokerage and taxes. So, your net profit is Rs.4,963.315.

    Paytm Money Intraday Margin

    As we’ve mentioned earlier, Paytm Money follows in the footsteps of older brokerage firms. So, the traders get to experience the Paytm Money Intraday Margin service. This is granted at a rate of 5x trade margin.

    Paytm Money Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin Funding Up to 5x (based on the stock)
    Intraday Margin Calculator Paytm Money Margin Calculator

    In simple words, the clients can buy 5 times more shares than their actual capability (as per their holding balance) at a time. This means that with the Paytm Money Intraday limit, traders with a holding account balance of Rs.100 can get shares worth up to Rs.500.

    The additional amount is granted as a loan to the traders. And, it must be paid back with interest. So, we recommend that you go through all the terms of the company before utilizing such a facility.

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    Paytm Money Trading – Types

    There are no Paytm Money Trading facilities except Paytm Money Online Trading. We’ve already mentioned this in the above sections.

    This is simply due to one reason; the company does not have any physical branches to commence the trades from.

    Paytm Money Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    Paytm Money is a fairly new addition to the Indian brokerage industry. And, we believe it will be inappropriate to form any specific views about them this early. Having said that, we truly believe that their services are worth trying at some point.

    Paytm Money Intraday Trading FAQs

    Is Intraday Trading Safe in Paytm Money?

    Under the very guidance of an able founder, the company has always been at the threshold of success and popularity. Having been considered one of the most reliable sources to be dependent on, Paytm Money is anything but to be scared of.

    What is Intraday Exposure at Paytm Money?

    The margin is a fortunate 5x of the actual money you have in your trading account. Paytm Money makes sure to follow the footsteps of those brokerage firms that have been in the market for a long time and know the way through obstacles. The Intraday trading exposure is provided in subtle quantities to all the clients without charging them any hefty sum whatsoever. With low brokerage and a high promise of profit, it is just the right firm to invest in.

    What are Intraday Charges in Paytm Money?

    Intraday brokerage charges are levied at the rate of Rs.10 per trade you make. Then comes the transaction charge worth 0.00310%, the STT or Securities Transaction Tax charged at 0.0121%, SEBI Turnover Fee charged at 0.00005%, Stamp Duty charged as per the state rules and 18% GST on the total transaction charge.

    How to do Day Trading in Paytm Money?

    For this, you first need to create a demat account with this firm. After you’ve logged in, you need to make a bundle of the scrips you want to track and trade. Then you must go to the ‘Buy / Sell’ section of your trading account and make sure to select the ‘Intraday / Day Trading’ option.

    Does Paytm Money provide Day Trading?

    Yes, it pretty much does. This way, they make their firm a lot more compatible and efficient to rely on, unlike many others. Day trading facilities ripes the business spirit of people, wanting to fetch more profit and indulging in the process of making more investments.

    Is Intraday Trading Free in Paytm Money?

    It is actually not. Intraday Trading comes with a fair sum of Rs.10 per trade you do. Then comes a variety of other charges including the STT, SEBI charges and the GST, of course. However, all this seems pretty feasible, given how much profit an investor can make out of it.

    Does Paytm Money have an App for Intraday?

    Apparently, they do. And it is absolutely easy to operate. They provide immense facilities all the time which makes money investment easier and more secure. The company doesn’t have a physical branch, nonetheless, from where they can operate but a mobile app does the work just as benevolently as anything else.

    Is Intraday Profitable at Paytm Money?

    Being one of the top-notch companies of all time, Intraday is definitely profitable over here. This makes Paytm Money a huge business success. Having been known nationwide for its high-speed technological advances, Paytm Money makes sure to lure you in.

    Does Paytm Money provide Intraday Tips?

    Paytm Money has a team of researchers that make sure new investors are thorough with the processes of investing.  They avoid any discrepancy and make full effort to prepare them with new ideas, tricks and trips so they feel confident at every stage of marketing.

    What is Paytm Money Intraday mean?

    It means trading within the day. With the help of this, you could get better at improving your number of shares, not succumbing to personal dread and trading your way out of every trouble.

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