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ICICI Direct, being a part of ICICI Group, is one of the most reliable share brokers in the country, providing ICICI Direct Intraday Trading facility to traders and investors.

It is regarded as one of the premier brokerage houses in the country, and it is associated with many companies in the financial structure as brokers or bankers or any other financial association.

ICICI Direct Intraday opportunities are spread across various verticals of investment, enabling traders to maximize their returns and make the most out of their trades.

ICICI Direct Review

The company is also known for its exceptionally well-designed technologies for Trading that they provide via its trading platforms. In intraday trading, trading platforms play a great role, and ICICI Direct takes good care.

ICICI Direct provides comprehensive financial services to the clients it has, and the clients are from varied backgrounds and with varied interests. There are institutional clients as well as retail clients.

However, ICICI Direct is a brokerage house mainly for retail day traders, where they get great services at really affordable brokerage charges.

ICICI Direct Intraday Trading & Benefits

If you are thinking about intraday trading, you need to think about a few things from the beginning, including the trading platform, fund transfer, and range of products.

Also, intraday is usually suggested for experienced traders as it involves higher risk and requires much experience. Therefore, start intraday trading with a company which is the Best Intraday Tips provider.

ICICI Direct offers thoroughly researched data to its customers which are helpful in making trade decisions. Some of its features are:

  • Trade Racer, the name of the terminal provided by ICICI Direct, is a super power-packed platform for intraday trading. It has an abundance of features to support bulk, active daily Trading. You can use the mobile application and the online platform as well.
  • ICICI Direct, being a traditional brokerage house of such a high stature, includes all kinds of investment products, from common equities to mutual funds. You can trade as per your convenience and risk appetite. There are bonds, GOI Bonds, and many other savings schemes available for investment.
  • With ICICI Direct, you can have a three-in-one account that will include the ICICI bank account as well, and in this case, you do not have to link any other bank account for transferring your funds generated from the trading platforms.

Additional Benefits

  • Being a full-service brokerage house, ICICI provides ICICI Direct Intraday Tips for investors, clients, and traders. The research wing of ICICI Direct is one of the best in the market. They provide daily, weekly, and monthly market reviews.
  • ICICI Direct offers to trade both BSE and NSE stocks.
  • There is a feature called my GTC, which enables the trader to place orders with BUY and SELL Limits in the equity scrips as per their investment goal where they need to mention a particular time frame until the order instructions will be valid.
  • Gain insights about every crucial aspect related to ICICI Direct from the ICICI Direct Review section.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in ICICI Direct?

    To start Intraday Trading in ICICI Direct, you have to:

    • Open an ICICI Direct Demat account, trading account, and ICICI Bank account. When you click on the green “Open Demat Account” button, you will require filling a form, and submit the form with the correct details, and ICICI Direct executives will call you for the application purpose. Refer to our site’s other articles for a step-by-step account opening process.
    • Once your account is open, you will receive login details on your email, which you have registered. Log in to the ICICI Direct website, and you can open the browser-based trading platform or download the terminal.
    • After choosing the right platform for your intraday trading, you need to set it up. First, you have to create a market watch list. Add the scripts that you want to track and trade. You can change it anytime by removing a script that you are no longer interested in and then adding the one which is your current interest.
    • Then, you can click on the script you want to trade for placing orders. You will find BUY and SELL options there. Click on the option you want to perform and then mention the details.

    You can set up a notification for various market events, price movements, etc.

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    ICICI Direct Intraday Charges

    For intraday trading, brokerage matters a lot as you have to pay brokerage continuously on all the trades you perform daily. ICICI Direct Intraday Charges are Rs.20 per order.

    ICICI Direct Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge Rs.20 per order
    Intraday Brokerage Calculator ICICI Direct Brokerage Calculator

    It is quite average, and the minimum brokerage is on the lower end than other big brokerage houses like ICICI Direct.

    ICICI Direct Intraday Brokerage is charged along with a few mandatory charges by the government.

    • There is a Securities transaction Tax that the government levies,
    • Then there are SEBI Turnover Charges levied by SEBI.
    • Stamp Duty is charged as per the state from where you are trading.
    • Then there are GST and transaction charges.

    The GST is charged on the sum of the brokerage and the transaction charges are at the rate of 18%.

    ICICI Direct Intraday Margin

    The ICICI Direct Intraday Margin is five times the average exposure any big brokerage house provides.

    The marginal trading facility is crucial for intraday traders as it enables them to trade without worrying about the amount they have in their trading account.

    ICICI Direct Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin Funding Upto 5x
    Intraday Margin Calculator ICICI Direct Margin Calculator

    Let us consider an example of the same. If you have Rs.5000 in your trading account, your ICICI Direct Intraday Limits will be Rs.5000*5 = Rs.25,000.

    ICICI Direct Trading – Types

    ICICI Direct Trading can be done using the Trading terminal for the best possible results. The Trade Racer terminal, as we mentioned above as well, is great for intraday trading.

    Ample features are also provided through ICICI Direct Online Trading for making daily trades. You can also opt for the call and trade feature.

    ICICI Direct Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    All the essential features are present in ICICI Direct Intraday Trading services for intraday trading. It offers an abundance of investment options for traders to choose from.

    One can trade equities and, at the same time, invest in bonds. ICICI Direct provides one of the lowest brokerage plans for the traders of the intraday segment, and the schemes are as per the investment done by the investor.

    So, if you are looking for a brokerage house that is reliable and affordable, then ICICI Direct can be your choice for your intraday trading need.

    ICICI Direct Intraday Trading FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the ICICI Direct Intraday:

    Is Intraday Trading safe in ICICI Direct?

    Intraday trading is safe in this firm. One of the most reliable firms available in this country is that it provides traders and investors with huge profits. It is regarded as one of the potential houses for brokerage in the entire nation, ensuring hefty profits.

    What is Intraday Exposure at ICICI Direct?

    The intraday exposure here at ICICI Direct is a tremendous 5x. This stands unwavering as the highest profit-ranging firm to open fortunes.

    With a tremendous scope of skyrocketing gains, ICICI Direct enables every trader to make their investment ten times better and more reliable, grabbing a ton of profit, thus maximizing their returns.

    What are Intraday Charges in ICICI Direct?

    The brokerage charge ranges within a fiddling Rs.20 per order of the total transaction value.

    Then comes the other charges, the Securities transaction, followed by the SEBI Turnover Charges levied by SEBI, Stamp Duty taken after getting thorough with the state from where the trade is happening, and the GST charges on the transaction, at a profound rate of 18%.

    How to do Day Trading in ICICI Direct?

    First and foremost, you have to open a Demat account with this firm.  We see how there appears to be one feature in the firm which makes it possible for the traders to buy and sell their orders in the equity scrips depending upon their investment goals, followed by selecting the buy and sell option.

    This will take them to the last option, that is, to press the sequence that says “Day trading.”

    Does ICICI Direct provide Day Trading?

    ICICI Direct does provide day trading. This multiplies the chances of customers investing in the firm and making a fortune. This company ensures absolute customer satisfaction with continual updates.

    Is Intraday Trading Free in ICICI Direct?

    It is not. The brokerage charge is, however, less. They charge investors a rate of Rs.20 per order. This rate is pretty average compared to all the major companies out there.

    Does ICICI Direct have an App for Intraday?

    It does. It has a trading terminal that can give you the best results. The terminal is immensely important and favourable for intraday trading. If you have issues over here, you can opt for the call-and-trade feature.

    Is Intraday Profitable at ICICI Direct?

    Intraday is pretty profitable in ICICI Direct, per see. The terminal they provide is a power-packed one that assists in smooth intraday trading. It has a lot of resources and features which support daily Trading.

    Does ICICI Direct provide Intraday Tips?

    ICICI Direct provides massive tips for euphoric customers to know about this in utter detail. Knowing how tough it can get to manage yourself in the stock market and all the risk involved, ICICI Direct has a team of experts waiting to provide you with amazing tricks and tips.

    What does ICICI Direct Intraday mean?

    It means trading “within the day.” It supports careful and calculated buying and selling. The trade, in totality, is made easy by their trading platforms.

    They take good care of customers and have them completely relieved by the end of the Day. They provide customers with one of the finest services and charge extremely less, making them more desirable.

    How can I do intraday trading in ICICI?

    To trade in intraday trading with ICICI Direct, you must first open a 3-in-1 account. You will have your Bank account, Demat account, and Trading account in these three accounts open.

    1. You can apply for an account opening from the ICICI Direct website, go to the lead form and fill out the mentioned details correctly.
    2. After receiving the account opening request, an ICICI Direct representative will contact you to process the account opening.
    3. Once your account has been opened, you will receive your account ID and password on your registered Email ID.
    4. Thereafter, you can kick off your trading and investment journey with ICICI Direct.
    5. You can trade on the website available for trading or install the ICICI Direct mobile application from Google Play Store.
    6. Create your watchlist, select the stock you want to trade in and buy/sell them.

    What is intraday trading in ICICI Direct?

    Intraday trading is also called Day trading. In intraday, buying and selling a financial instrument occur within the same trading day.

    Intraday is different from buy & hold and strategic investment plans. The trader usually only aims at making profits out of such trades.

    What is the intraday limit for cash in ICICIdirect?

    The maximum cash limit offered by ICICI Direct on ‘Cash on Spot’ is Rs. 10 lakhs per customer. This is a daily restriction, and ICICI Direct can alter this limit at its discretion.

    What is basket order in ICICI Direct?

    Basket Order is a feature provided by ICICI Direct where a customer can multiple trade orders with a single click at the same time.

    How can I get a nifty 50 in ICICI Direct?

    Customers can trade in the Nifty 50 and Navi Nifty 50 Index Fund with ICICI Direct.

    How can we stop loss in intraday trading in ICICI Direct?

    By filling out the ‘Stop Loss Trigger Price’ application form, you can place an order for the stop-loss order. The order is executed the stock reaches only the triggered price. You can avail of the stop-loss order facility from the website or mobile app.

    What happens if I don’t sell intraday shares?

    In case a trader does not sell the stock bought through intraday within the day, they are automatically sold at the end of the day at the prevailing price.

    Also, in case you do not want to sell the stock, you can convert them to a delivery trade.

    What is SLTP ICICI Direct?

    SLTP stands for Stop Loss Trigger Price. You can avail of the feature by filling out an additional application form from the website or mobile app.

    SLTP is an order where you enter the price when placing the order, and the stop-loss order is executed when the share or security reaches the trigger price.

    What is the margin rate in ICICI Direct?

    Margin is a leveraged product where customers can buy shares by paying a small portion of the trade value upfront. With Margin, you can pay 20% of the trade value and buy shares.

    What is the future plus stop loss in ICICI Direct?

    FuturePLUS Stop Loss is in the F&O segment. It is an intraday product with an order placement feature; you can place two orders simultaneously. The feature is available for intraday trading.

    Does ICICIdirect provide algo trading?

    Algo Trading or Algorithm Trading is used to execute orders with the help of pre-programmed instructions set for trading. Here, you can specify a time, price, and volume and place a trade order.

    Can I do short selling in ICICI Direct?

    Yes, you can do short selling with ICICI Direct. It is available in the margin segment. Short selling means borrowing the security and selling the same in the open market to profit.

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