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It is a trend of the traders as they always seek trading platforms with amplified attributes. In that regard, traders would be satiated to get in touch with the user-friendly Geojit Selfie App. Eventually, it ranked the best in the listings of the NSE as well as the BSE.

In addition to that, the typical trading app offers a vivid insight into the top losers and gainers of the competitive yet dynamic trading arena.

Furthermore, the round-the-clock trading service is again one of the good points which need to be underlined. Thus, today the main highlight is on the prominence and the advantages of the Geojit App.

Geojit Financial Services Offers

Geojit Selfie App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Geojit Selfie App Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.9/10
Usability 6.9/10
Features 7.0/10
Speed 7.1/10
Performance 6.8/10
Overall Ratings 6.9/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Geojit Selfie App

Too many mobile trading apps are making an entry into the trading domain and have successfully earned victory. But the one distinguished from the set is none other than the Geojit Mobile App. Candidly it is one of the most preferred and talked about new-age mobile trading apps.

Since its inception in the year 2010, it has been certainly making glorious achievements. To date, it is considered singular with some unbeatable characteristics, which make it acclaimed among traders.

As years passed by the developers have enriched the app with additional trademarks so that using it gives a seamless and smooth experience to the users. In fact, an honest attempt has been made through up-gradation to make the app accessible from any of the advanced devices.

Unquestionably its trailblazing technological assistance will certainly awe any professional trader. Thus, the Selfie mobile is the desired platform to start off your trading experience on the mobile itself.

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    Geojit App – Top Features

    The Geojit Selfie App has some pioneering features which give the mobile trading app the first seat in the list and those are penned below:

    Real-time watch

    The very first feature that needs to be highlighted is that it offers real-time up-gradation regarding the market. Along with that have several markets watches as well.

    In addition to that, the users can also get to see several views of a particular scrip like security, graphs, news, and recommendations on one screen only.

    Technical indicators

    For the sake of the traders, the advanced mobile trading app has included technically researched studies with live charts options.

    In addition to that also facilitated the use of drawing sticks like candlesticks, bars, lines, and mountains for more clarity.

    Instant confirmation

    Now whether a trader chooses to place an order, or continue to search for research recommendations he is liable to get instant confirmation through pop-ups.

    Extra feature

    For traders, the mobile trading app Selfie from Geojit has prepped up the screen with additional attributes like the chain options. On top of that traders can also try their hands at the calculator as well as the F&O margin calculator as well.

    Modify the settings

    Honestly, you can say that the mobile trading app is definitely on the first seat because it permits the traders to modify the settings according to their needs and convenience.

    Call Customer care

    It might happen that the trader who is using the app for the first time might face some difficulty in operating it or with any of its functionality can press the automatic call option to the customer care team.

    Information on intraday charting

    Traders are eager to get detailed feed on intraday charting. And that is what they can expect to get from this user-friendly mobile trading app as it offers the tick by tick information on the intraday charting.

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    How to Set up Geojit Selfie App?

    In order to activate the Geojit MobileApp, the main lookout should be on the below-mentioned points:

    1. In order to activate firstly, you have to land upon the URL https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.git.flipmea.gbnpp&hl=en_US & start Geojit Selfie App Download
    2. Once you click this you will land on the page where you will see a green option saying install. Just click that to get this on your mobile phone.
    3. Else you can use the Google play store to download the app for the Android version.

    How to Own Geojit Trading App?

    To use the Geojit Trading App, you have to follow the rest of the pointers below:

    1. First, you have to visit the site geojit.com
    2. From there you scroll through the products.
    3. Then you have to scout through the equity.
    4. Once done you have to move to mobile trading and you will be directed to the link https://www.geojit.com/Equity-Products/mobile-trading.aspx.
    5. Else you can get the app directly from the Google Play store.
    6. Once you get that you have to use the login id and password.
    7. Then you can view some of the sections like the watch list, portfolio all, trading ideas and fund transfer, etc.

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    Advantages of the Geojit Mobile App

    Like its super beneficial traits, the Geojit App has some marked privileges as well. Therefore go through them at a glance in the below points:

    • The benefit of trading while moving is the first on the list as traders don’t have to wait to turn on the computer or any other devices.
    • It allows traders multiple tasks from viewing cash to getting access to the multilateral trading facility or the intraday.
    • Traders also have the flexibility to order both trade books and books online.
    • The interface is completely user-friendly.
    • At the same time, the mobile trading app developers have assured to keep it affordable as well.
    • The best is that the traders can get the streaming view of the portfolio as well as the MBP and the portfolio.
    • It is a blessing for customary traders because its initiation of instant order service through the pop-up service is something to watch for.

    Geojit Selfie App – Conclusion

    The Geojit Selfie App is a truly high-tech trading app for traders who diligently want to trade on the move. As per technology, it is definitely standing out. But subsequently, its affordability again makes it an awesome interactive interface.

    The idea of a pop-up facility along with the pay-in and out via online platform is something traders will recall every now and then.

    It is significant to mention that the mobile trading app has all sorts of features that you actually need to enjoy triumph as a trader.

    On top of that, the innovative styling view both in the form of line and grid is certainly making a mark again.

    Geojit Finance App FAQs

    What is the Geojit Finance mobile app called?

    The Geojit Finance App is called the Geojit Selfie App. It is a user-friendly app with dynamic features that are ranked best in the listings of NSE and BSE. You will find the app in the respective app store of your smartphone.

    Does Geojit Finance provide an iOS App?

    Yes, Geojit Finance does provide an iOS App that incorporates itself seamlessly with the iOS software and allows users to trade on the go. This is a great initiative portrayed by the broker, where it ensures keeping up with the technology demands of traders as well.

    Is Geojit Finance App Free to use?

    The Geojit Finance App is free to download from the Google Play Store and the App Store and does not contain any hidden in-app purchases. You can simply install the app, just like any regular app from the respected app stores.

    How to download Geojit Finance App?

    Android users can download the app from Google Play Store while iOS users can download the app from the App store for free. They will then need to approve certain permissions to the app to allow it to be installed.

    What features does Geojit Finance App have?

    The Geojit Finance App allows users to avail of real-time market watches, technical indicators, instant confirmation of orders, calls to customer care, information on intraday charting and additional attributes all in one place.

    Can I trade in Shares via Geojit Finance App?

    Yes, the app allows users to trade in multiple segments like equity, commodity, currency, derivatives, mutual funds etc. The most popular domain among all the asset classes is Equity Delivery and the majority of the app users are inclined towards shares trading.

    Is Geojit Finance Android App good?

    Yes, the Geojit Finance Android App is an exemplary app that has advanced features and a flexible and intelligent user interface. It has received positive reviews from existing users and this is a great factor to consider.

    Does Geojit Finance App have EKYC Feature?

    To access the Geojit Finance app, you have to be registered with an account with the company. If you don’t have one, you can click on the open an account section of the first screen that opens when you launch the app. You will need to fill in the form details and upload the required documents for the KYC. Once done, you will get a verification call and then a login ID and password will be provided to you that can be used to access the app.

    Does Geojit Finance App provide Tips?

    Yes, the app provides its users with research recommendations, information and regular updates and alerts to facilitate intelligent decision-making. Such tips and recommendations come in handy for beginners and also experts.

    How to Buy Shares via Geojit Finance App?

    In order to buy shares via Geojit Finance app, choose the order type, trading segment type, trade type, quantity, quoted price etc. Select the buy option and you will be redirected to a confirmation screen that will then allow your order to be put in the pipeline to be executed.

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