The firm was incorporated in the year 1994 and it started off with different financial services and also advisory services. One of its main services is Anand Rathi Intraday Trading services which is being providing since the inception of the firm.

Anand Rathi is one of the oldest stock brokerage houses in the country which has been popular ever since, because of its excellent services in the field of investment and especially in the brokerage field.

Anand Rathi Offers

In this article, we will discuss the various benefits you will get, by using the Anand Rathi Intraday facility and also about the costs that you need to pay for using the facility.

The article will be a guide to start intraday trading as well, here you can learn about the process of opening account with Anand Rathi. It briefly covers the details of the charges and also about the other facilities like exposure and etc.

Anand Rathi Intraday Trading & Benefits

If you are thinking about starting intraday trading then you should once go through the benefits of Anand Rathi Intraday Trading services.

The firm being experienced enough knows how to strike the balance and is why clients believe in the firm for their daily trading needs.

  • Anand Rathi is a popular name in the stock market and investment arena. One of the most important benefits that you will get is call & trade facility which is required for intraday trading.
  • The firm has more than two hundred branches in the country spread across different cities and towns. This huge network offers the services of the firm to a wider base of clients.
  • The firm has been excellent in research and analysis and it provides daily Anand Rathi Intraday Tips for the traders.
  • The stock brokerage house offers a variety of investment options to trade on a daily basis. There are equities as always, there are different commodities, mutual funds, bonds and derivatives as well as currencies.
  • If you are looking to trade on a daily basis on two different exchanges – NSE and BSE, then you can easily use the intraday trading facility of Anand Rathi as it provides a trading opportunity on both the Stock Exchanges.
  • There are seven trading platforms which this firm offers and this is really a rare sight to see in the market. There is a trading platform for every kind of trader.
  • The firm provides a margin trading facility to the clients and this is one of the crucial benefits for the intraday traders.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Anand Rathi?

    If you are looking to start Intraday Trading in Anand Rathi then you need to follow these steps:

    1. Here you will find a button where it is mentioned – “Open Demat account” with Anand Rathi. Click on the link and you will see a pop up form.
    2. Fill the form with the correct details and then submit the same.
    3. Once you submit, you will receive a call from the Anand Rathi executives within a few hours or a day and they will guide you about the rest of the procedure.
    4. Keep your documents ready to upload for the verification purpose. Once the verification process is over, you will receive the login details of the account.
    5. Now you have to log in and download the trading platform that you want and need for daily trading.
    6. Once you download, set it up properly as per your requirement.
    7. For setting up you need to install the software or use the online browser platform and then create a market watch option. Search for the stocks you want to add to the market watch and closely monitor them. You can remove the scrips anytime as well and replace them with other stock scrips.
    8. After you set up the trading platform, you can start trading. You will find buy and sell options besides the scrips when you click on any of them. You can also see buy and sell and other trading options on the menu bar of the platform. Select the “Intraday or day trade” option while checking out.
    9. The research tools are also present on the platform, use them to research and understand the market movement.

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    Anand Rathi Intraday Charges

    The Anand Rathi Intraday Charges are variable and it depends on the amount of margin you keep in the trading account.

    You can trade on daily basis at 0.015% Anand Rathi Intraday Brokerage charges as well as you might have to pay 0.05% of the transaction amount depending upon the margin money and the type of plan you chose for trading.

    The intraday charges include some other charges as well which are over and above the brokerage charges that you will pay to the firm.

    Anand Rathi Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge0.05% – 0.015%
    Intraday Brokerage CalculatorAnand Rathi Brokerage Calculator

    There is Securities Transaction Tax or STT levied on the turnover amount, SEBI Turnover charges levied on the same, GST levied on Transaction cost and transaction cost is levied on the turnover amount at the certain percentage as per the firm.

    Then there is Stamp duty as well levied on the turnover amount and decided as per the state from where you are trading.

    The range of brokerage charges of Anand Rathi for intraday traders is fair enough and it offers one of the lowest brokerage charges as well if you take the lowest rate of brokerage.

    Anand Rathi Intraday Margin

    For an intraday trader, the margin trading facility and the leverage he or she gets in the margin trading service is really crucial.

    Anand Rathi Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin FundingUpto 5x
    Intraday Margin CalculatorAnand Rathi Margin Calculator

    The Anand Rathi Intraday Margin can go up to 5 times which is more than the average in the market and thus, the traders who trade bulk volume and daily have an advantage.

    The Anand Rathi Intraday Limits is comparatively higher than most of the trading firms in the country. If you have Rs.10,000 in the trading account you can trade shares worth Rs.50,000.

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    Anand Rathi Trading – Types

    Anand Rathi Online Trading can be performed on Trade Lite and Trade X’Press. These two are the browser-based trading platform of the firm. These two are loaded with different features like intraday charts, heat maps, order book and many more.

    While the Trade Lite is for regular trading, the later one can be used for occasional trading as well.

    Trade X’Pro and Trade X’Pro+ is the trading terminals which you can use for bulk trading. These two platforms are required to be downloaded and installed on your computer and then you can trade any volume of stocks on a daily basis.

    There are loads of resources for analysis and research on stocks apart from other technologies and features.

    The firm also offers three more Anand Rathi Trading platform which is Trade Mobi that is a mobile trading application. Trade On Move helps you call the Anand Rathi terminal operator and you can place the order easily without any hassle.

    There is Trade Flexi which is also for intra-day trading in the future and cash segment.

    Anand Rathi Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    With Anand Rathi Intraday Trading services, you can really explore the market well in-depth and also the advanced trading platforms help a lot in intraday trading.

    Especially the trading terminals and Trade On Move platform are exceptional. You get one of the lowest brokerage plans with Anand Rathi and a higher level of exposure too.

    Anand Rathi Intraday FAQs

    Ques – Is Intraday Trading safe in Anand Rathi?

    Answer – As intraday trading requires buying and selling of shares in single day, no other name can mean security and reliability other than Anand Rathi. The broker has been a very popular name in the stock market and thus in investment area, providing their clients with nothing but wonderful experience and full security in their transactions.

    Ques – What is Intraday Exposure at Anand Rathi?

    Answer – The exposure that’s provided at Anand Rathi has been widely appreciated, given the broker house provide up to 5x margin funding that is way more than the average exposure that’s provided in the market.

    Ques – What are Intraday Charges in Anand Rathi?

    Answer – Brokerage charges at Anand Rathi are very near to ground, reason being the broker wishes to provide a seamless and economic trading platform for active traders. At Anand Rathi the trading charges are only 0.05% – 0.015%.  While other charges which can also add up to the total charge can be securities transaction TAX or STT levied on the turnover.

    Ques – How to do Day Trading in Anand Rathi?

    Answer – Starting one’s journey to the intraday platform of trading at Anand Rathi is in fact a piece of cake; the broker has now made it easy for traders to open a trading account with Anand Rathi online.  One needs to first open a DEMAT account with the broker which can be done  Just after submission of a few crucial documents, clients will receive a call from the executives,  they can then get down on trading by following the brokerage charges.

    Ques – Does Anand Rathi provide Day Trading?

    Answer – Anand Rathi provides a bag full of services to their clients; day trading is one of them. In fact, Anand Rathi is one those trusted and preferred broking houses for day trading among modern day trader, given their low cost on brokerage and their seamless easy services.

    Ques – Is Intraday Trading Free in Anand Rathi?

    Answer – Intraday trading is not free at Anand Rathi; the broker here does charge a very minimal brokerage charge on this segment of trading. Clients at Anand Rathi have to bear a 0.015% charge on this segment of trading.

    Ques – Does Anand Rathi have App for Intraday?

    Answer – Anand Rathi is the new age broker; they follow online trading and even have a trading app for the same. The clients are asked to download the trading platform and log in after the verification process is complete. The log in details for the app will be sent to the clients from the broker house themselves once the verification process gets completed.

    Ques – Is Intraday Profitable at Anand Rathi?

    Answer – Intraday at Anand Rathi is indeed profitable and a smart choice for active and emerging traders given – low cost of brokerage on intraday, the online set up for trading which makes it easy for traders who are into intraday, broker assistance in every step of trading which the client takes., clients are provided with trade X’ pro and trade X’ pro+ for trading in bulk.

    Ques – Does Anand Rathi provide Intraday Tips?

    Answer – Anand Rathi takes care of their client’s in every possible way, the broker house is specially known for their excellent research and analysis which they provide to their clients. Anand Rathi specially provides their clients with a margin trading facility to help them do trading with intraday segment better.

    Ques – What is Anand Rathi Intraday mean?

    Answer – Intraday at Anand Rathi means the clients will be having the luxury to not just explore but also easily trade in different types of intraday trading. Ranging from occasional trading to bulk trading ,as intraday trading requires the trader to buy and sell the stokers the very same day, Anand Rathi’s panel of experts often lend the traders with valuable advises to have better trade benefits.

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