SAS Online Intraday Trading – Benefits, Process, Charges, Margin & more

SAS Online is a New Delhi based financial trading and advisory provider. The company represents a new breed of brokerage houses. With a dedicated team of analysts and an arsenal of trading platforms for SAS Online Intraday Trading, the company is taking over the Indian stock trading industry.

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It was initiated in the year 2013. And, the reasons for its establishment can well be accredited to Shrey Jain, Siddhant Jain and Anubha. All, the founders are young and enthusiastic, and this can be well seen within the company’s operations.

One of the most interesting facts about the company is its way of operations. The company leads from its head office in New Delhi. This is the only physical establishment it has. Rest of the advisory is provided to the clients through versatile online media.

The company claims to have over 30,000 clients in merely a span of 6 years. In this article, we’ve outlined the map to begin trading with SAS Online Intraday, its benefits, types margin and much more.

SAS Online Intraday Trading & Benefits

SAS Online is a company with a motto ‘By Traders, For Traders’. They understand the complexities involved in Intraday Trading. And, that’s exactly why they’ve taken numerous measures to ensure the convenience of the traders.

In fact, we’ve enlisted all the major reasons why one should initiate Intraday Trading with them. And, the list unfolds as follows:

  • One of the major reasons to initiate with them is their past performance. The company started off in 2013 and has acquired over 30,000 clients in merely 6 years. And, the trust of its clients can only be justified by one fact. The company takes customer service very seriously.
  • The company’s exceedingly well performance has even been acknowledged by market experts. They even won the NDSL Best Performer Award in 2015.
  • The company has a very unique brokerage. They incur a charge of Rs.9 per trade irrespective of the amount involved in it. This allows the customers to save a lot on the brokerage as profit.
  • They provide free Trading Account opening service. Moreover, the account holders are even relieved from paying any sort of AMC.
  • The company has membership licences with most reputable national exchanges. We’re referring to BSE, NSE, NCDEX and MCX. This allows the traders to access wide variety of stocks at will.
  • The company has a dedicated team of analysts. This allows them to provide on time and updated market research to the customers. In fact, they even provide special research reports on demand of the customers under special circumstances. The reports may or may not include SAS Online Intraday Tips, Fundamental Reports and more.
  • This company even allocates a dedicated Relationship Manager for the customers. This enables then to respond swiftly in times of any trouble.

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How to do Intraday Trading in SAS Online?

Unlike the case with most brokerage, Intraday Trading in SAS Online is a piece of cake. In fact, being one of the best discount brokers of the nation, SAS Online is even easier to access. Anyway, here’s a detailed process of how to initiate Intraday Trading with them:

  1. It basically is a four step process. And, the first step is the most crucial of them all. For this, you must acquire one of the company’s Intraday Trading Account. And, it can easily be done by following some of our other blogs. And, by doing so, you’ll acquire the account specific login credentials to the company’s Trading Account.
  2. In case, you already have a Trading Account, you must move ahead to the second step. This requires you to log in to the account. And, for this you may bring into use any of the platforms provided by the company. Use the login credentials granted to you by the company to do so. However, it is advised that you change the default password after you first login. This is necessary to secure the transactions of your account.
  3. It’s time to begin the 3rd step, now that you’re inside the trading account. Your job here is to create a specific watchlist. The watchlist must contain all the stocks you want to trade in. This segregates the preferred stocks from the rest. And, it even allows for easier monitoring of the shares.
  4. The last step is to commence the trade. For this part, go to the ‘Buy / Sell’ segment within the trading account and select the shares to trade. You must always check on the ‘Intraday Trading’ button before making the trade.

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SAS Online Intraday Charges

As mentioned above, SAS Online Intraday brokerage is charged at a fixed price of Rs.9 per trade. Nonetheless, there are other charges involved within the overall brokerage. And, SAS Online Intraday Charges can be broken down into:

  • A brokerage of Rs. 9 per trade.
  • A Securities Transaction Tax or simply STT of 0.0126% worth the total turnover.
  • A Transaction Charge worth 0.00300%. It is to be paid over the Total Turnover Amount.
  • A SEBI Turnover Fee worth 0.0002% ofTotal Turnover volume.
  • 18% GST over the sum of Transaction Charge and Brokerage Fee.
  • And, a certain amount to justify the Stamp Duty as applicable per the state within which the trade is commenced.
SAS Online Intraday Charges
Intraday Brokerage Charge0.03%
Intraday Brokerage CalculatorSAS Online Brokerage Calculator

Now, understand this in a simpler way. Consider that you prefer a company and want to commence a trade from the state of Karnataka.

The unit share of this company is priced at Rs.95 at the time of your purchase. This makes your lot worth Rs.9,500, in case you get 100 shares. After some interval, you realize a growth in the unit share price.

The shares are now priced at Rs.100 each. So, if you sell the entire lot now, then you holding’s value will be worth Rs.10,000. So, technically you make a profit worth Rs.500. However, after paying the brokerage and cumulative taxes worth Rs.25.069, you manage to save only Rs.474.931.

SAS Online Intraday Margin

Trade Margin is the additional amount of shares that can be bought by a client through brokerage firm’s support. It can simply be considered as a loan that the brokerage house grants. The amount must be paid back and with proper interest.

SAS Online Intraday Exposure
Intraday Margin FundingUpto 2X
Intraday Margin CalculatorSAS Online Margin Calculator

The usual industry trend pertaining to this service ranges between 5x to 20x. However, you only get 2x worth SAS Online Intraday Margin. This means that with SAS Online Intraday Limits and Rs.1,000 as your account balance, you may get shares of up to Rs.2,000.

However, we’d suggest you to go through the terms of using this service before availing it. This will save you from any unnecessary surprises that can cause a potential dent in your account.

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SAS Online Trading – Types

All of SAS Online Trading services can only be categorized under one type. We’re referring to SAS Online trading facilities. The company has all sorts of online trading platforms to offer.

They have desktop, web and mobile based trading terminal softwares. And, all of these softwares are compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS compatible. Thus, they all come with great ease of access.

SAS Online Intraday Trading – Conclusion

SAS Online Intraday Trading can be regarded as one of the best service from a well established discount broker. And, we certainly have mixed feelings about them. They do have some great online trading facilities.

However, they totally lack offline advisory. Moreover, they do not even grant a huge trading margin. The brokerage is also charged at a fixed price nonetheless, this is a perk while commencing huge amounts of trade.

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