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How nice it would be when you get a trading terminal which should function in a similar way as the dealer terminal? If so, then you can try out the Geojit Trading Terminal also known as Geojit Selfie Platinum, which is an apparent terminal with the qualities of the terminal devised for dealers.

Indeed the terminal serves rightfully the traders who are prudent regarding trading. At the same time who deliberately acts according to the subtle change in the price of the market.

Thus, today let’s get into the depth of understanding the Geojit Trading Software along with its trademarks and plus points.

Geojit Financial Services Offers

Geojit Trading Terminal Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Geojit Trading Terminal Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.5/10
Usability 7.4/10
Features 7.2/10
Speed 7.1/10
Performance 7.3/10
Overall Ratings 7.2/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Geojit Trading Terminal

Are you looking for a web trading platform that can be directed at your will? At the same time should be loaded with a bunch of positive sides and should be flexible enough to use. If so then you are on the right path and take time to explore the Geojit Selfie Platinum.

Talking about the requisites, the primary eye-catching feature is the ability to modify the market watch. Indeed it is very much useful in a great sense and has turned out helpful in a greater context, especially for professionals.

Besides that, it eases the dilemma of transferring funds as you can do that in a wink. In addition to that, it is so designed to feed you from time to time with real-time news. The most striking is that the traders can put their orders on the exchange even after routine market hours.

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    Geojit Selfie Platinum – Top Features

    The Geojit Trading Software has some underlined aspects which need to be in the limelight. Therefore go through the below section to get a glimpse of the same.

    Easily editable

    The first feature is that it is so flexibly designed that you can edit the settings portion as well as the screen section without any type of confusion.

    Trading faster

    Traders would definitely like the terminal because it allows you to trade faster because of the pop-up facility that offers immediate confirmation while trading.

    Single screen

    Traders don’t have to jump from one screen to another because, at the same time, you can get the view of a currency quote, F&O and cash on a similar watch screen only.

    Real-time index update

    Traders are always keen to get up-to-the-minute information regarding index charting. In that regard, this particular platform does promise to deliver live updates very promptly.

    Convenient Place order

    One more good point is that the web trading platform allows traders to place their orders at their own convenient time. That means if they want can place the order after the closing of the exchange as well.

    Seamless transfer

    One more important thing is that you don’t have to worry about fund transfer as the friendly trading terminal takes only seconds to transfer capital.

    Hassle-free investment

    The next important trait is that the web trading terminal is considered good because it offers trouble-free investments in the IPO and mutual funds by means of online methods. Therefore no need to trouble your mind with paper works.

    Superb studying option

    A trader needs to garner a thorough knowledge of the market. And in that respect, the particular web trading platform does facilitate the trader with the same with their enhanced indicators which are technically quite sound.

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    How to Set up Geojit Trading Software?

    In order to activate the Geojit Selfie Platinum trading terminal, you need to keep an eye on the following steps at once:

    1. Firstly you need to get to the URL geojit.com
    2. Then simply scroll to the about us page.
    3. Or you can directly click the link https://www.geojit.com/about-us/.
    4. Once you are on the about us page you can click the trading terminals.
    5. In order to know you have to roll up on the site https://www.geojit.com/about-us/trading-platform-selfieplatinum.
    6. In case of any hesitation you can directly dial the toll-Free: 1800-425-5501 / 1800-103-5501

    How to Use Geojit Trading Terminal?

    In order to use the Geojit Trading Terminal, again you have to keep in mind to get to know about the steps.

    1. First thing is that you have to go to the link https://www.geojit.com/about-us/trading-platform-selfieplatinum.
    2. Now once you are here you will see that in the upper portion, a piece of information is given that you can download the EXE file on your desktop to start using the selfie platinum.
    3. If you are an active trader then you can use the trader’s password and Id to log in.
    4. But if you are not a registered trader yet then you can open your trading account as well.
    5. In order to do that just move to the upper part of the said URL page where you can see the option to open an account.
    6. Other than that you can explore the features of the Selfie platinum.

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    Advantages of the Geojit Trading Platform

    Like all other trademarks, the Geojit Selfie Platinum has a few sets of plus points as well. Hence go through the below points to know about those in brief.

    • The Selfie Platinum from Geojit can be customized on your own terms.
    • The best is that the traders can place the order at any time of the day even after the closing hours of the exchange.
    • It is good to note that the trading terminal is the appropriate one that allows transferring the fund very smoothly.
    • The trading terminal is quite congenial in dealing with the EOD as well as the Intraday.
    • Here traders can expect to get live updates regarding the index. But the most notable is that the traders can get real-time bit by bit, updates pertaining to the index charting.
    • The instant pop-up allows superb prompt confirmation of the trade which makes the traders save a lot of time.

    Geojit Trading Terminal – Conclusion

    In conclusion, it becomes vital to bring the goodness of the Geojit Trading Terminal into the light. Alike the dealer terminal the functionality and utility of the Selfie platinum is almost the same.

    It is worth highlighting that besides offering real-time news it enlightens the traders regarding the trading nuances with its highly technically sound indicators.

    One more important thing is that the traders don’t have to wait to reach separate screens to pick information as they can do that very easily from the single screen only where they can catch up with the quotes and cash simultaneously.

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