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Geojit is India’s leading retail financial services company, providing online trading services, mutual fund investments, and portfolio management services to retailers in the industry.

Geojit Financial Services Login shall grant access to Geojit Investment ROBO, Real-time portfolio tracking on Geojit Financial Services Selfie Login.

In 2010, the company launched SELFIE, a Geojit Financial Services Login. This article will take you through assorted trading desks, login process, post login details and prerequisite details of retailers to sign in to varied Geojit Financial Services Login.

Geojit Financial Services Offers

About Geojit Finance Login

Geojit Financial Services Login is a next-generation trading platform of Geojit, which empowers investors and offers them an unparalleled user experience. Users can transact in equities, derivatives, currencies and Mutual Funds – both lump sum and SIP.

Clients get safe and secure, 100 per cent online and completely paperless trading facilities via the Geojit Financial Services SELFIE app and Geojit Financial Services Backoffice Login. Geojit offers you an online trading platform where you can manage your personal finances on your own.

To help you make your investment decisions, Geojit Financial Services Login features: Heat maps, Futures and options chains, Option Greeks charting and VWAP Screeners and more. Traders can also have all the Market intelligence and research calls on one page.

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    Geojit Finance App Login Process – Selfie App Login

    For ease of use, SELFIE offers you customizable dashboards and views with a widgets basket. The android and IOS versions both are advanced and handy, with an intelligent interface that makes trading secure and smooth. Some of the traits of SELFIE are:

    Let’s cover Geojit Financial Services SELFIE Login Process:

    1. Visit the Geojit website Open an Account, trade or demat.
    2. Download the Geojit Financial Services SELFIE app on your IOS or Android mobile phone.
    3. Double-click on the icon, and enter your user id/ Trading code and the password to log in to Selfie Platinum.

    With this, you get a Pay-in and Pay-out facility and Multi-View of a single scrip. The client ID used here for login will be the same for all other platforms which reduce the risk of any loss.

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    Geojit Finance Login Process – Geojit Finance Website Login

    SELFIE is powered by the latest web technologies and innovations to maximize user experience. It’s an advanced charting platform with F & O Analytics and Visualization Engine.

    Describing further litigations Geojit Financial Services SELFIE login process-

    1. Open a free trading or a demat account in Geojit Financial Services Ltd.
    2. Browse on Geojit Website and sign in to the selfie platform by entering a trade code or email Id and password. These logins are safe and secured and follow 2FA.
    3. Get the next-generation features by entering the details required by the login page.

    SELFIE is the first of its kind in India to have extraordinary features in a single platform.  It also has User defined Views and Study templates and click order entry from anywhere.

    Geojit Finance Backoffice Login Process

    Geojit gives total control to the traders for the trading functions and also provides research inputs to make trading more powerful. There is no requirement of downloading any application, just a simple login on the Geojit Backoffice Platform with an existing username and password.

    Look for daily market updates, reports and customer support in a single click using the call us facility. Trade here conveniently with your personalized portfolio.

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    Geojit Finance Login Details

    The table illustrates links to varied Geojit Financial Services Login offered by Geojit Financial Services. Geojit Financial Services Customer Login includes two simple steps to get all the facilities to place orders outside market hours.

    Furthermore, this 24 X 7 trading facility is available for active traders. All the Geojit Financial Services Login makes trading smooth, safe and secure for traders with its strict authentication process, allowing consumers to shift to these trading terminals, mobile apps and a website login.

    Geojit Finance Login – Conclusion

    Taking everything into account, Geojit Financial Services Account Login are beneficial to traders as it makes the trading journey simpler for consumers.

    The motive of this article is to take you through all the Geojit Financial Services Login Pages and their benefits. Setting up the new records company is all set to stabilize in the market via advanced calculators, investment portfolio tracker and expense tracker.

    Their whole new online trading platforms give choices to clients to plan their financials according to their choice.

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