Geojit Finance PMS is a registered portfolio management services providing firm under SEBI. The firm has various types of investment plans and services and the commission models vary according to the plans.

So, in this article below which is going to be a Geojit Finance Portfolio Management Services review, you will find all the details about the companies commission model, charges, type of services, investment plans and many more details.

PMS Offers

Geojit Finance PMS – Customer Ratings & Review

Returns Performance4.0 / 5
Services3.7 / 5
Charges3.9 / 5
Experience4.1 / 5
Strategies4.1 / 5
Client Support4.2 / 5
Overall Ratings4.0 / 5
Star Ratings★★★★

Overview of Geojit Finance Portfolio Management Services

Find a detailed overview of the Geojit Finance portfolio management service in the table given below-

Company TypePrivate
Registered LocationKochi, Kerala
LeadershipMr. C. J. George
Yr. of Establishment1987

The Geojit Finance Portfolio Management Services is based out of Kochi in Kerala and has been founded by Mr. C. J. George.

The firm is having more than 30 years of experience in the field of investment and stockbroking while it has an experience of 10+ years in the segment of portfolio management.

The firm is a private venture and it is running with the main motto of providing great investment services to the clients.

The team behind the investment research and portfolio management of Geojit Finance PMS is enough prudent and headed by Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Ranjan about whom you will read in the later section.

The firm has been generating great returns for the investors under its portfolio management segment for the last ten years and more.

Now, we will have a discussion about Geojit Finance portfolio management service company review, its PMS returns, PMS charges and more.

Types of Geojit Finance PMS

Types of PMS

There are two different types of Geojit Finance PMS which are namely discretionary and non-discretionary. As the name suggests, the discretionary service is where the client relies completely on the investment or the fund manager.

Here the fund manager has the sole responsibility of researching, making an analysis of the portfolio and taking a decision regarding which stock to add in how much quantity.

The investor can or cannot discuss the intricate details of the process. However, in the second type of services, that is non-discretionary services, there is involvement of the investor at every stage and especially when it comes to the decision making.

The fund manager can provide the consultancy service to the investor and guide him about the investments but the final decision is made by the investor himself.

The investor can also do his own research and analysis and discuss the same with the fund manager and accordingly the fund manager invests the money and also follow up the portfolio.

Geojit Finance PMS Fund Managers Details

The table given below is providing the entire details about the fund manager of Geojit Finance PMS company.

Fund Manager’s Details
NameMr. Sanjeev Kumar Rajan
Experience22 years
Highest QualificationC.A.
AUM (in Cr.)200 Cr.
Number of Clients664
Investment Tenure3-4yrs

The Geojit Finance PMS Fund Manager Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Ranjan is a Chartered Accountant by qualification and having an experience of 22 years in the markets.

The asset under his management at present is close to Rs. 200 crore. The number of clients the fund manager handles is 664 and the average investment tenure preferred by him is 3-4 years.

The track record of the fund manager of Geojit Finance PMS is really good and they have been generating great returns for the investors for many years in the row.

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Geojit Finance PMS Strategies

The below table is providing details about the Geojit Finance portfolio management service strategies-

Large Cap StrategyYes
Diversified StrategyYes
Small – Midcap StrategyYes

The Geojit Finance PMS Strategies include three different types of the portfolio which have different types of investment vehicles and stocks in them.

Geojit Advantage Portfolio

The first type of portfolio which is Advantage Portfolio mainly consists of small and medium scale company’s equity.

The companies or the stocks are chosen on the basis of a soundtrack record of previous earnings, revenue generation, management decisions and corporate governance, fundamentals of the company and most importantly the company’s future prospect.

Geojit Freedom Portfolio

The second type of strategy or the portfolio type of Geojit Finance is Freedom Portfolio where the fund manager invests in stocks across all the types of business – large, mid and small-cap businesses as per their fundamentals and intrinsic value.

If the business/ stocks are available at a reasonable discount and the company has a strong fundament, then the fund manager invests in such companies.

Geojit Dakshin Portfolio

The Dakshin Portfolio is another strategy used by the fund manager of this firm to make an investment where the investments are made into 25 businesses across all three business scale and the stocks are of only high-quality companies based out of states in south India.

The weight is given equally to all the 25 stocks and the market capitalization of these stocks cannot be more than Rs. 50000 crore.

This is according to the MSCI South Indian Domestic High Quality 25 Index which is a custom made index made by MSCI itself for the firm.

Geojit Finance PMS Returns / Performance

The below table is giving details about Geojit Finance PMS returns and performance-

Returns (CAGR)
3 Year9.5%
5 Year9.8%
7 Year10.3%
10 Year10.5%
11 Year Plus11.5%

Over the past ten years, Geojit Finance PMS Returns have been really outstanding and as you can see in the table above, the return in the last ten years has been 10.5% which is at par with the market average as well for the 10 years return for many other firms.

The returns across all the segments have been really great and especially when it comes to the last three to five years returns. The eleven years returns are also more than the normal return you see in this segment.

So, basically, this is a firm that will provide you great returns and most of the time more than the market average as well.

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Geojit Finance PMS Investment Plans

Below the given table is providing details about the Geojit Finance portfolio management service investment plans.

Investment Plans
Bronze (25L – 50L)Yes
Silver (50L – 1 Cr.)Yes
Gold (1 Cr. – 5 Cr.)Yes
Platinum (5 Cr. Plus)Yes

The plans are available according to the amount of investment the investors make. As you can see in the above table there are four different types of plans according to the amount of investment.

The minimum amount you can invest is Rs. 2500000 while the maximum can be anything. The investment brackets are also important for the commission which will be discussed in the later section.

Geojit Finance PMS Fee Structure or Commission Slabs

Find the details about the types of commission models or fees structure offered by Geojit Finance PMS house are as follows-

Commission / Fees Structure
Prepaid CommissionYes
Volume% CommissionYes
Profit Sharing% CommissionYes

If you are looking for the Geojit Finance Portfolio Management Services Fee Structure, then as you can see in the table above, there are three elements in the commission or three different types of commission is charged by the Geojit Finance.

The prepaid commission is as per the amount of investment, while the volume% commission is on the transaction volume and finally, there is profit sharing% commission which is obviously for the profit generated by the firm for the investor.

Geojit Finance PMS Prepaid Commission

Prepaid Commission (Yearly)
Investment – 25L – 50L1.15% of Investment
Investment  – 50L – 1 Cr.1.10% of Investment
Investment – 1 Cr. – 5 Cr.1.0% of Investment
Investment – 5 Cr. Plus0.9% of Investment

As you can make out from the table above for Geojit Finance PMS Prepaid Commission, the comm

ission goes up as the investment amount decreases. This is why the maximum commission is charged for the investment bracket of Rs. 25 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs while the minimum is charged for investment over and above Rs. 5 crores.

This commission as charged by Geojit is more or less at par with the market and to see minutely, the commission is on the lower side of the scale is you compare the other portfolio management service companies in the industry.

Geojit Finance PMS Volume% Commission

Volume% Commission (Yearly)
Transaction Volume – 25L – 50L0.111% of Total Transaction Volume
Transaction Volume – 50L – 1 Cr.0.101% of Total Transaction Volume
Transaction Volume – 1 Cr. – 5 Cr.0.091% of Total Transaction Volume
Transaction Volume – 5 Cr. Plus0.081% of Total Transaction Volume

The Geojit Finance PMS Volume% Commission as mentioned is for the transaction volume and it also rises as the transaction volume goes down.

The maximum commission under this segment is charged for a transaction volume of Rs. 25L to Rs. 50L as you can see in the table and it goes down as you increase the investment.

The volume% commission is also lower than many firms in the market providing the same services.

Geojit Finance PMS Profit Sharing% Commission

The table given below is showing details about profit sharing% commission model-

Profit Sharing% Commission (Yearly)
Profit Amount – 2.5L – 5L21.7% of Profit
Profit Amount – 5L – 10L20.7% of Profit
Profit Amount – 10L – 50L18.7% of Profit
Profit Amount – 50L Plus16.7% of Profit

The Geojit Finance PMS Profit Sharing Commission is lower than the average commission charged in the market by most of the other firms which are a great benefit for the investors.

The commission goes up as the profit goes down or for lower profit, you have to pay more commission as you can see in the table above.

The commission in all these four sectors is lower than most of the companies and their profit sharing% commission.

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Geojit Finance PMS Charges

The below-given table is giving information about Geojit Finance Portfolio Management Service Charges-

Management FeesAs per commission model
Upfront Fees0.55% – 0.75% of Asset Value
Brokerage Charges0.007% – 0.017% of Total Transaction Value
Custodian Charges0.15% – 0.25% of Asset Value
Depository Charges0.15% – 0.25% of Asset Value
Exit Load – within 12 months0.85% – 1.15% of Withdrawal Value
Exit Load – post 12 monthsFree

There are different Geojit Finance PMS Charges apart from the commission they charge for rendering their services. The other charges include brokerage charges, upfront fees, exit load, custodian charges, and depository charges.

As you can see in the table above, the charges in the upfront fee category if compared with the peers in the markets is lower than many however the exit load for withdrawal before twelve months is more than the peers in the market.

The custodian charges are pretty close to the average charged in the market so is the depository charges. The brokerage is at par with the market average charges as well.

Geojit Finance PMS Benefits

Find the details about Geojit Finance PMS advantages in the table given below-

Benefits / Advantages
Top-up FacilityYes
Back office ReportsYes
Email UpdateYes
SMS UpdateYes
Watsapp UpdateNo
Portfolio ViewYes
Detailed ViewYes
Flexible Commission ModelYes
Flexible Investment PlansYes
Massive ExperienceYes

The Geojit Finance PMS Benefits are –

  • The firm provides back-office reports to the investors so that they can be updated with the market changes and the changes in their portfolio
  • The investors receive updates via email and SMS both
  • The commission model is quite simple and flexible
  • There is scope for different investors with little to the huge investment budget
  • The firm provides top-up facilities
  • The team working behind the portfolio management services is highly experienced and understands the market really well

Geojit Finance PMS Customer Care

The table given below is showing a detailed view of Geojit Finance PMS Customer Care.

Customer Care
Call SupportYes
Email SupportYes
Chat SupportNo
Watsapp SupportYes
Relationship Manager SupportYes
Call to Fund ManagerYes – 8 to 10 Times a month
Issue Resolving TAT19 working days

The Geojit Finance PMS Customer Care is available via call and Email. You can shoot them an email if you have some query or complaints regarding the services.

They also allow a relationship manager in case you need the service, you can hire the same. The customer care executives are also active on WhatsApp and you can get in touch with them on this application as well.

The usual time required by the firm to solve the issues of the investors is within 19 working days. The investors can call the fund manager around eight to ten times in a month which is quite feasible and this is the maximum time allowed by other firms as well.

Geojit Finance PMS Conclusion

The Geojit Finance PMS Conclusion can be drawn on the lines that the firm provides great returns and charges lower commission and charges pertaining to other fees.

The investment management team is well experienced and the firm is well recognized in the market as well.

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