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HDFC Securities Intraday Trading is loaded with various facilities and services of high quality. The HDFC Securities Intraday service is provided through the clients’ three-in-one accounts.

HDFC Securities needs no introduction as it is known to be one of the most reliable brokerage houses in the country. It has a lot of benefits for the traders, whether they are day traders or investors in the long term.

HDFC Securities Offers

Being a part of the HDFC Bank, one of the most reputable banks in the country brings a lot of faith in the clients.

The firm offers on various platforms, and due to its link with the HDFC Bank account, the fund and shares transfer process becomes smooth.

This article will discuss the various avenues of HDFC Securities and intraday services. We will cover the benefits it offers to the day traders and the trading platforms, which is one of the important parts of intraday trading.

This article will also have the details of the charges for the intraday services that this firm offers and the other facilities. So, let us start the article with the features and benefits of HDFC intraday service.

HDFC Securities Intraday Trading & Benefits

HDFC Securities Offers a variety of services and intraday trading is one of them. Now, HDFC Securities has developed one of the Best Platforms for Intraday Trading to offer an up top intraday trading experience.

The benefits of HDFC Securities Intraday Trading are as follows:

  • HDFC Securities believes in trading with a purpose. There is a 360-degree vision of fund planning, which HDFC Securities applies to understand the investment requirement and appetite of the customer.
  • HDFC Securities Intraday Tips are shared with the traders for investing. The research team of HDFC Securities is one of the best in the industry, and analysts are well-experienced in market analysis.
  • This brokerage house is like a one-stop destination for all your trading needs. You can daily trade equities, commodities, currencies, derivatives, and other financial instruments available for intraday trading from this one place only. Mutual funds, IPOs, and financial instruments are present under one roof for investments.

Additional Benefits

  • The trading platforms of HDFC Securities are available for all online browsers. They provide a seamless trading experience, and also the interface of each of these platforms is super responsive and fast.
  • Tracking your portfolio is easy with the applications offered by HDFC Securities. There are multiple stocks in your portfolio that you trade daily. You can track all your investments in one place using the trading platforms of HDFC Securities.
  • The company offers full transparency in everything: the brokerage and other charges or the trading platforms and the services. This helps traders to have a clear idea about their investments.
  • HDFC Securities is an important stockbroking firm in the market which facilitates all services related to trading, discover all its products and services from HDFC Securities Review.

For the new intraday traders, HDFC Securities’ intraday service can be one of the best as it offers a lot of learning opportunities and trading facilities through its educational resources on the trading platforms.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in HDFC Securities?

    To start Intraday Trading in HDFC Securities, you have to:

    • Open Account with HDFC Securities in the beginning. For opening an account with HDFC Securities, you can start the application from here only.
    • Click on the green button for “Open Demat Account,” and you will get a form to fill out.
    • Please fill out the form, input all your details, and ensure they are correct. Once the form is filled out, you can submit the form. For a detailed procedure, refer to other articles we constructed.
    • Once your account is opened, you will receive a login password and user ID, use the same to log in to the HDFC Securities website, and further change the password for security concerns.
    • Create the market watch list, add scrips you are interested in trading with, and then you are ready to trade.

    Once all these sets are done, you can click on any shares – scrip, and then you will find the option to buy and sell the share, click the same and select the option of Intraday Trading.

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    HDFC Securities Intraday Charges

    The HDFC Securities Intraday Charges are 0.05% or min Rs.25, the average for any full-service broker of this stature.

    The HDFC Securities Intraday Brokerage includes all the charges for trading securities daily, excluding the mandatory charges.

    HDFC Securities Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge 0.05% or min Rs.25
    Intraday Brokerage Calculator HDFC Securities Brokerage Calculator

    The mandatory charges are the SEBI Turnover charges which have to be paid on the total transaction value, and then there are STT charges levied on the same. The Stamp duty is levied as per the state from where you are trading.

    Then there are transaction charges levy on the transaction amount, and finally, there is GST which calculate as 18% of the brokerage amount and transaction amount.

    HDFC Securities Intraday Margin

    HDFC Securities Intraday Margin is up to 5 times. The margin trading facility is one of the prerequisites for intraday trading.

    As the traders can increase their profit margin by trading a higher volume of shares, many retail day traders cannot do so due to the lack of capital.

    HDFC Securities Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin Funding Upto 5x
    Intraday Margin Calculator HDFC Securities Margin Calculator

    With the HDFC Securities Intraday Limits, they can easily invest in a good volume of shares each day.

    With five times of leverage for the intraday section, the intraday traders of HDFC Securities can trade Rs.40000 shares having Rs.10000 in the trading account.

    This helps the traders trade in bulk and increases the percentage of profit (if generated). It is a kind of loan amount provided to the investor, which has to be returned to the broker with interest.

    HDFC Securities Trading – Types

    HDFC Securities Trading for the intraday segment offer online and on mobile platforms.

    Now, HDFC Securities Online Trading also offer on the trading terminal and browser-based platform. You can trade using any of these platforms.

    You can also use the Call & trade option. There are a few extra charges for using the Call & trade option.

    HDFC Securities Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    With HDFC Securities Intraday Trading services, you can trade equities, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, and everything in the market under one roof.

    It is a one-stop destination for all your intraday trading needs. Whether you talk about the trading platforms or the services, all are up to the mark and thoroughly justify the brokerage charges it takes for providing the intraday services.

    HDFC Securities intraday FAQ

    Here is the list of FAQs related to HDFC securities:

    Is Intraday Trading Safe in HDFC Securities?

    HDFC Securities has been a name that has been around for years, and it needs no introduction; given the current group of brokers, HDFC Securities come out as one of the most reliable and high-end brokers.

    What is Intraday Exposure at HDFC Securities?

    It is very important to have adequate exposure while trading intraday; taken into account, HDFC Securities has set a very good exposure for their customers. At HDFC Securities, the traders get intraday margin funding up to 5x.

    What are Intraday Charges in HDFC Securities?

    HDFC Securities charges are the same as any other general full-service broker. The broker house charges a brokerage of 0.05% or min Rs.25 intraday, while a GST of around 18% is also charged from traders and other charges.

    How to do Day Trading in HDFC Securities?

    To open a Demat account at HDFC Securities, traders need to apply for the same. Once the verification process ends, the customers will receive a login id and password to log in to their account, from which they can start trading.

    Do HDFC Securities provide Day Trading?

    The broker house provides excellent and unmatched service intraday for traders who wish to trade in this segment. While HDFC Securities, along with intraday, also offer equities, commodities, and currencies, being a one-stop solution for traders around the nation.

    Is Intraday Trading Free in HDFC Securities?

    No, HDFC Securities charges a certain amount of brokerage on the services they provide to their customers. Being a full-service broker, HDFC Securities gives a variety of services to their customers, for which they require to pay a certain amount of brokerage.

    Do HDFC Securities have an App for Intraday?

    HDFC Securities comes in the group of those new generation brokers, and thus, they use a website to ease the trading experience for their customers. However, the broker house does not have an app for this. Their website use both on a desktop and through any smartphone, giving trading a new and easy way.

    Is Intraday Profitable at HDFC Securities?

    HDFC Securities are full-service brokers, which means they take their customers from every corner, from guidance to trading assistance to providing tips; the broker house takes care of everything making intraday at HDFC Securities a smart choice.

    Do HDFC Securities provide Intraday Tips?

    Yes, HDFC Securities provides tips and tricks and constant and updated market analysis to their customers to help them obtain bigger and better benefits from each trade. HDFC Securities is a full-service broker; they excel in providing unparalleled trading tips and guidance to their customers.

    What does HDFC Securities Intraday mean?

    Intraday is that segment of trade where a trader buys and sells a share on the very same day while they pay a brokerage while doing the same. Give HDFC Securities low brokerage and useful assistance. The intraday trade at HDFC Securities has been a repeated choice of traders for years.

    Is HDFC good for intraday trading?

    HDFC Securities is a trustworthy entity backed by one of India’s strongest private bank groups. HDFC offers seamless intraday trading services to its customers. They lay down ample opportunities for trading and learning for the customers.

    What are intraday charges for HDFC?

    HDFC charges 0.05% of the trade value. It offers various options among which the investor can choose and earn with their money. As much as intraday sounds attractive, it is risky too. If you do not sell the shares during the day, they are automatically sold by the end of the day, despite profit or loss. Therefore, it is suggested to trade intraday only after having proper knowledge and experience.

    What is intraday in HDFC Securities?

    Intraday trading means the shares are bought and sold on the same day. Intraday trading is undertaken for the purpose of earning profit and not for holding the position.

    How much does HDFC charge for trading?

    HDFC securities charge different brokerages for different types of trades. For equity delivery, it charges 0.50%, and for Equity intraday and futures, it levies 0.05% brokerage.

    How does HDFC eMargin work?

    HDFC eMargin is a leverage product offer by HDFC Securities where customers can place trade orders by just paying a certain portion of the trade value. It strengthens the buying power of the customer.

    Is intraday trading profitable?

    Intraday is contingent trading and carries a higher risk. Traders should invest in intraday trading only after thorough research and knowledge of the subject.

    Usually, experienced traders prefer intraday as they know the market volatility and the factors having an underlying influence on the stock price.

    Can I sell intraday shares the next day?

    No, intraday trades are supposed to be squared off on the same day. A person can convert intraday trade into delivery before the end of the day.

    How do I select stocks for intraday one day before?

    Various elements can help you choose stocks. Different individuals and entities employ different ways to pick stocks. Some of them are – liquidity, group followers, analyzing the current market trends regarding price, volatility, and others.

    What is the GTDt order in HDFC Securities?

    GTDt stands for Good Till Date. It is an interesting trading feature offered on hdfcsec.com where you can place Limit orders for buy or sell. You can place orders for shares, index futures, index options and other securities.

    You can specify the period for which the order instruction shall be valid.

    Can I transfer my shares from HDFC to Zerodha?

    Yes, you can transfer your shares from one stock broker to another. You require to submit the DIS (Delivery Instruction Slip) with your current stock brokers.

    The broker will further submit it to the Depository. The Depository, after verification, will transfer your shares to the new stockbroker. Your shares credit to your new account, and you can start trading.

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