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This article intends to provide you detailed information about Indiabulls Ventures Intraday Trading. Indiabulls Ventures Limited is one of India’s leading Stock Broking Company with over two decades of experience in the finance services business.

The company boasts of a strong customer base of over 6Lacs and catering to them is a robust army of 900+ sales team members.

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The company has reached its pinnacle in success due to its futuristic approach and their customer centric nature. These two components have differentiated them amongst other market players.

Our focus in this article, will purely be on the discussions about the Indiabulls Ventures Intraday Trading facility and what all they offer to their customers in this segment.

We shall illustrate for you the various benefits of enrolling with them for Intraday trade, the process of getting started with them and also their Intraday related charges, hence giving you a complete view.

Indiabulls Ventures Intraday Trading & Benefits

Intraday trading is a different ball game altogether as compared to the other segments. Hence, several companies offer extensive support and service to customers in this segment.

As a customer, Indiabulls Ventures Intraday Trading also brings to you many added advantages; let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Being associated with a pioneer and a legendary organisation is itself the first benefit that one can get. Their extensive experience will never let you falter.
  • Zero Brokerage for the first 30 days – Delivery & Intraday customers can now enjoy Zero brokerage for first 30 days.
  • Easy Online Demat account opening process. You can open up an online Trading Account in less than 10 minutes.
  • Efficient and robust Research team that works round the clock to provide accurate Stock tips and Indiabulls Ventures Trading tips.
  • With Indiabulls Ventures Intraday Trading, another advantage you will have is that their research and analytics team brings to you lots of data around stock trending, market analysis, stock predictions as well as recommendations so that you can make wise decisions always.
  • The Indiabulls Exposure or Leverage limit is much better than most of their competitors which makes them a preferred broking house.
  • They have designed and deployed extremely advanced Trading Platforms for ease of use for the customers who can now trade at their convenience and comfort

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Indiabulls Ventures?

    A new trader generally needs lot of hand holding before he could start to do Intraday trading all by himself; and that hand-holding is indeed provided by Indiabulls Ventures. In fact, Intraday Trading in Indiabulls Ventures will provide you a lot of cushion and they will ensure they help you in each step.

    We have also given a step-by-step procedure on how to get your Indiabulls Ventures Trading account created:

    1. You can get started by going for an online Indiabulls Ventures Intraday Trading account. Just click on Open Demat Account, displayed at the end of the page.
    2. You will be required to go though the registration and KYC process, in order to avail for an account. For a brief explanation on the procedure, refer to other articles we constructed about Indiabulls Ventures.
    3. You will receive your Trading & Demat account User ID and password via email, if successfully go through the account. Once you receive it, you need to activate the account then change your password as per your choice. Once this step is complete, your account is ready for trading, you can start off right away.
    4. If you want to start off Intraday Trading with Indiabulls Ventures right away, you need to first select the share you wish to trade in and then select the option “Day Trading or Intraday Trading”.
    5. You can select the stock you want to trade and select the transaction option “Buy / Sell”. Followed by “Intraday trading”.
    6. Before directly going for the trade, you can also create a watch list of the stocks you want to follow, read some trend reports of current market index, see some trade recommendations etc.

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    Indiabulls Ventures Intraday Charges

    Indiabulls Ventures Intraday brokerage is amongst the lowest in the industry with 0.01% or Rs.15 per trade, whichever is higher.

    Apart from the brokerage charges, there are other Indiabulls Ventures Intraday charges also, that are levied on customers who are trading; let’s have a look at the breakup of those charges:

    • Securities Transaction Tax or STT is levied by the government
    • A Transaction charge is charged on the overall value of the transaction
    • As per the state in which the trade has happened, government also charges a Stamp Duty on the customer which generally varies from 5% – 8%
    • The Stock Exchange Bureau of India i.e. SEBI also demands a SEBI Turnover charge
    • There is also a GST amount charged on the Transaction value

    Hence, over and above the brokerage, the customer has to pay all these charges also to the broker.

    Indiabulls Ventures Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge 0.01% or Rs.15 per Trade
    Intraday Brokerage Calculator Indiabulls Ventures Brokerage Calculator

    Lets us illustrate this for you with an example. Let’s suppose that you buy some shares worth Rs.5 each and you purchase 1000 such shares.

    In this case your total spend would be Rs.5000. Then, if you see that the value of the share has been elevated to Rs.10, you decide to sell them off and you gain Rs.10,000. This means that your total Transaction value is Rs.15000

    Let’s see each of these charges on how they would compute to be, considering the state of the trade was Andhra Pradesh:

    • Brokerage: Rs.1.50
    • STT: Rs.1.890
    • SEBI Turnover charge: Rs.0.030
    • Stamp Duty: Rs.0.750
    • Transaction charge: Rs.0.487
    • GST: 0.358
    • Total Brokerage + Charges: Rs.5.015
    • Total Net profit: Rs.4994.985

    So, you see now that the charges just seem too many but they actually compute to very miniscule amount.

    Indiabulls Ventures Intraday Margin

    Indiabulls Ventures Intraday Margin is also another feature that Indiabulls Ventures provides as a shield to customers. Customers do trade using their own built corpus.

    However there are occasions wherein you want to buy a particular stock but you are running short of funds, then you can use something called the Margin leverage option.

    Indiabulls Ventures Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin Funding Upto 5X
    Intraday Margin Calculator Indiabulls Ventures Margin Calculator

    Margin money is deposited generally with the stock broker as a security deposit and whenever such a situation arises you can borrow money up to a certain times of your Margin deposited. That money needs to be then returned back to the stock broker with a specified interest.

    The Indiabulls Ventures Intraday Limit is 5X of the Margin money kept with them. The borrowing procedure is also very simple and fast that you can borrow it anytime without any hassle.

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    Indiabulls Ventures Trading – Types

    Indiabulls Ventures Trading has deployed some amazing and advanced Trading tools for the easy functioning of the customer trade transactions.

    They have Shubh PIB which is Indiabulls Ventures online trading Desktop login platform; Shubh Web which is a Web based tool that can be accessed using a login id. They also have Shubh App which is their mobile trading app wherein you can trade from your mobile from anywhere.

    Indiabulls Ventures Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    Indiabulls Ventures Intraday trading is one of the most talked about option that traders recommend. The company’s brand value, integrity and customer centricity speaks volumes about them and their functioning.

    Advanced technological tools and a skilled research team are the icing on the cake. If you plan to start your intraday journey with Indiabulls Ventures, it surely will be a good decision.

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