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Too many web trading platforms made a remarkable entry to the trader’s hot list of favoured trading platforms. But the one Geojit Selfie Gold certainly excelled at the top because of its unprecedented requisites.

Unambiguously Geojit Online Trading Platform i.e. Geojit Selfie Gold has used all the high-end web-based technology so that the trading platform could be able to offer a seamless and amplified experience to the traders.

It has incorporated all sorts of features right from enhanced charting to real-time updates. Thus traders are looking forward to it as it promises to deliver an excellent result. Hence to know a bit more about the same let’s get an insight into its features and advantages.

Geojit Financial Services Offers

Geojit Selfie Gold Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Geojit Selfie Gold Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.5/10
Usability 7.4/10
Features 7.2/10
Speed 7.1/10
Performance 7.3/10
Overall Ratings 7.2/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Geojit Selfie Gold

The new-age trading platform has pioneering features which make it top the list. In that context, the Geojit Selfie Gold is definitely the right name to utter.

The Selfie Gold from Geojit is quite making a trend these days because it offers an integrated experience to the traders which is amplified due to its inbuilt high-end technology.

Definitely, it is a smart and intelligent trading platform because it offers two most important attributes research calling and understanding the market game on a single platform.

Besides that, the breakthrough charting option is seriously quite useful for traders. That means the traders can trade from the charts directly.

Other than that it offers a watch list, portfolio trackers, and order viewers as well. Apart from that, the remarkable requisites like the heat map, option chains, and futures are no doubt quite functional for the potential traders.

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    Geojit Web Trading Platform – Top Features

    In order to make your stay at the fore, the Geojit Web Trading Platform offers you a few sets of information on its attributes so go through the following points to understand that.

    Optimizable Dashboard

    The first yet most important characteristics are that the dashboard can be customized according to the convenience of the traders. Along with that, the traders have the privilege of viewing the widget basket to check out their specific roles as well.

    Seamless security

    Traders are aware that the web trading platform should be secured. In that respect, the Selfie gold from the Geojit is definitely a boon as it offers a unified and secure view of the charts, quotes, recommendations, news, F&O, and the MBP.

    Enhanced chart

    Traders have the freedom to access any of the enhanced chart options like the Kagi, Point & Figure, Line break, and Renko as well as Heiken- Ashi.

    Rich with information

    The best is that it enriches the traders with more than 90 studies conducted on stocks and shares. At the same time also let them know about the indicators, watchlist and portfolio trackers as well.

    Inclusive features

    Besides the features talked about in the above pointers, it also has characteristics like template studying and options like the user’s respective views.

    Time –saving

    Traders don’t have to trouble their minds at all in order to understand the functions of the web trading platform because a single click will allow you to place your order easily. At the same time, it does not kill, much of your time as well.

    Advanced attributes

    In order to make the traders stand tall in the midst of this volatile market, the user-friendly trading app has decked up its platform with high-end attributes like Heat Maps, option chains, and Futures. On top of that, it has other options like the Greeks chart as well.

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    How to Set up the Geojit Online Trading Platform?

    To install the Geojit Selfie Gold web trading platform traders have to read the steps mentioned below in points.

    1. Firstly traders would have to on the site geojit.com
    2. Once reached they have to click the about us page.
    3. In the about us section, they have to click the open account. Once, clicked they will be directed to the page https://www.geojit.com/about-us/account-opening.
    4. Else you can directly click the link https://www.geojit.com/about-us/trading-platform-selfiegold.
    5. Thus to solve any query related to the Selfie Gold you can call the toll-free number Toll Free: 1800-425-5501 / 1800-103-5501

    How to use Geojit Selfie Gold?

    Using the Geojit Selfie Gold is nothing difficult at all and traders can do that by reading the following points in the lower section in bullets:

    1. As mentioned earlier you need to get to the URL https://www.geojit.com/about-us/trading-platform-selfiegold.
    2. Once you land you will come across the features of the trading platform Selfie Gold.
    3. On the same page, you will all about the calculation tools as well as the financial tools.
    4. On the left top side of the page, you will an option called open an account.
    5. Existing traders, they can actually use the login id and the password to enter the portal.
    6. Apart from that on this page, you will also come to know about the NRI service and the Franchise as well.

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    Advantages of Geojit Selfie Web

    Just like the notable features, the Geojit Selfie Web has some remarkable benefits as well. Hence go through the low-down points to get briefed on that:

    • The very first advantage that you can expect to get is that the dashboard can be modified easily. In addition to that, it will also allow the traders to use the widget basket too.
    • Traders are going to get a seamless feel while using diverse platforms.
    • One more thing is that traders are going to pick real-time information in the form of news. On top of that, the high-end visualization engine will again give you traders ample reasons to earn a profit.
    • Indeed this is one of the pioneering trading terminals where traders are facilitated to continue trading from the charts themselves.
    • Apart from that the trading terminal Selfie Gold from the Geojit has a built-in feature called a location sensor as well.

    Geojit Selfie Gold – Conclusion

    The Geojit Selfie Gold is a paramount concept that traders have accepted it because of its golden features. No doubt it is the easiest one-click trading terminal with all the facilities lined up in a single section for the convenience of the traders.

    The most talked-about is the area where traders can avail all the information from a single place. A highly robust web trading platform with an enhanced charting feature has definitely taken the trading platform to a different notch.

    The inclusion of VWAP, and heat maps again gave a singular recognition to the web trading platform. On top of oodles of good features, the research calling and intelligent marketing strategy is the real excelling one.

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