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Astha Trade presents a name worth trusting in the Indian financial trading industry. The credit to their success in Astha Trade Intraday Trading Service and overall performance can be allotted primarily to their founder, Satish Chandra Gupta.

The company first came into existence in the year 2003. And, they’ve evolved into a gigantic firm in less than two decades. The founder solely took up the responsibility of taking the company to the top. And, it’ll be a lie to say that he did not succeed in his attempts.

Asthatrade offers The company is registered with the top most valued exchanges throughout the nation. We’re referring to NSE, BSE, MCX-SX and NCDEX.

Having said all these, we must refrain to a very specific service they grant. We’re talking about Astha Trade Intraday Trading Service. And, that’s exactly why we’ve drafted this article.

We’ve enlisted all the benefits they grant, every charge they incur in terms of brokerage. So, just pay attention while you go on reading.

Astha Trade Intraday Trading & Benefits

Much like other brokerage houses, Astha Trade Intraday Trading comes with many benefits. And, these benefits are granted majorly for one particular reason. We’referring to the known facts about Intraday Trading.

Anyway, we’ve managed to enlist all of the lucrative benefits. So, just take a look at them:

  • Astha Trade promises an easy to implement registration process. In fact, they’re known to grant their customers with a Trading Account within a couple of hours post registration. Astha Trade provides these Trading Accounts without any cost whatsoever. In fact, they don’t even charge any sort of AMCs for these accounts.
  • AsthaTrade is a reputed full service brokerage house. And, they have membership registrations across all the major national exchanges. We’re referring to BSE, NSE, NCDEX and MCX-SX. This presents the customers with enormous scope for trading activities. In fact, all the major stocks can be accessed through these exchanges.
  • AsthaTrade Trading Accounts can be accessed through any of their trading platforms. These platforms, are all developed and customized by the company. And, it’s done to ensure customers’ satisfaction. These platforms even come equipped with advanced analytical tools. Furthermore, they can be used to access multitude of Astha Trade Trading Tips, Free Stock Tips, IPO Reports and Offline Advisory.
  • All the Astha Trade accounts are even eligible for commencing trade with certain leverage. In fact, the brokerage house provides all Intraday Traders with a trading exposure of 10 times. And, this enables them to trade in a lot more than their current account holding balance.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Astha Trade?

    Intraday Trading is known to pose a lot more challenges than conventional trading activities. However, it even comes with a lot more profits involved. And, we’re not only referring to the profits of customers here.

    Nonetheless, you cannot avail these profits until you initiate the trading procedure. So, here’s how you can begin your Intraday Trading in Astha Trade:

    1. The first step is a fundamental one. Nonetheless, you must never misjudge its importance. In fact, it is the most crucial of all steps. It involves you having a trading account with Astha Trade. However, if you do not have any of these trading accounts, then you can refer to some of the other articles we’ve uploaded concerning the same. Those articles detail every step involved in registering for a trading account with Astha.
    2. The second step involved in the process is accessing your trading account. You can do that through any of the trading platforms granted by Astha Trade. And, you must login to the account using the credentials granted by the company. However, it is preferable to change the login password provided by the company after a successful login. It helps to protect the account from unauthorized access.
    3. Once you get inside your Trading Account, you must figure which stocks to trade in. The stocks can be determined using multiple methods. You can refer to the live market movements across the platforms, take a note of the many Daily and Weekly Reports by the broker. You may even create a watchlist of your own, and track the price fluctuations of the specific stocks.
    4. Next step is to go to the Trading panel within the platform. There, you’ll find a particular section called ‘Buy/Sell’.  You can initiate the trade by simply selecting the ‘Intraday Trading’ option within the ‘Buy / Sell’ section.

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    Astha Trade Intraday Charges

    Astha Trade Intraday Brokerage is charged at 0.01% of the transactions cost. This price is non-negotiable. And, it remains unchanged for any quantity of trade.

    We’ve broken down the overall Astha Trade Intraday Charges into multiple taxes. And, all of these taxes are incurred as per different requirements. Some of these are made mandatory by the government.

    However, others are incurred at the will of the brokerage house itself. Anyway, here’s the complete list of all such charges:

    • Brokerage charge. This is defined by the brokerage house itself. And, it basically represents the commission earned by the company for each trade made.
    • Transaction charge. This is charged based on the amount of transaction.
    • Stamp This is basially a state dependent charge. It depends on the norms of the state where the trade is commenced.
    • Securities Transaction Tax also known as STT. This is incurred as per the government requirements.
    • SEBI Turnover Charge. This is imposed as per SEBI’s requirements.
    • GST. Its imposed as per the government policies.
    Astha Trade Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge 0.01%
    Intraday Brokerage Calculator Astha Trade Brokerage Calculator

    This can be understood easily through an example. Consider buying 500 shares of a company at Rs.200 each. This makes the overall value of your holding worth Rs.1,00,000.

    Suppose that you make the trade in the state of West Bengal. And, you experience a positive growth of Rs.3 per share. This makes your holding value worth Rs.1,01,500 at the time of selling.

    In theory, your profit should have been Rs.1,500. However, you need to pay certain taxes to the company. Thus, after paying off a sum of Rs.60.375, you get to earn a profit of Rs.1,439.625.

    Astha Trade Intraday Margin

    Astha Trade Intraday Margin is granted following the market trend. Most of the service brokers grant a trading margin between 5x to 20x. And, Astha Trade following the same trend grants a leverage of 10x trade margin.

    Astha Trade Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin Funding Upto 10X
    Intraday Margin Calculator Astha Trade Margin Calculator

    This allows the customers to acquire 10 times more shares than their actual holding account balance, as per Astha Trade Intraday Limits. The remaining charges required for the purchase are temporarily bared by Astha Trade. However, the loan amount must be paid back with proper interest.

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    Astha Trade Trading – Types

    Astha Trade Trading types majorly includes two categories of support. We’re referring to Astha Trade online trading and offline trading facilities. Customers must visit their branches to acquire offline support. Doing this will get them access to the pre-installed trading terminlas.

    However, the online support and facilities can be accessed through any of the trading platforms provided by the company. This includes their mobile app and other trading platforms.

    Astha Trade Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    After analysing all aspects, we find Astha Trade Intraday Trading very assuring. In fact, the company grants all the necessary offers and facilities to the customers. This includes great trading terminals, good analytical reports and on time market updates for better decision making.

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