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Sharekhan Limited is known to almost everyone in the stock market, especially in the trading segment, as one of the largest traditional brokerage houses.

Sharekhan Intraday Trading facility is top-notch and sought after by more than 1.4 million clients across the country and other parts of the world.

You can use the Sharekhan Intraday facility at some reasonable brokerage charges, and this article will enumerate the details about the same.

Sharekhan is presently a BNP Paribas Group company, and earlier, it was under SSKI Group. It has more than 500 branches across the country in different cities, catering to millions of brokerage house clients.

Sharekhan Offers & Complaints

Apart from the number of franchises and the branches mentioned above, the brokerage house has around 1850 offices in different parts of the country and abroad, including places like the cities of UAE and Oman.

It has NRI clients besides domestic retail and institutional clients. They offer services ranging from Demat to commodity trading and many more products and services.

This article will cover the benefits of trading with Sharekhan for your intraday trading needs, starting intraday trading with Sharekhan, charges for intraday transactions, and many other details.

Sharekhan Intraday Trading & Benefits

Being one of the largest brokerage houses in the country and among the premier stockbrokers, Sharekhan Intraday Trading is regarded as top-notch.

There are many reasons to support the fact that this is one of the brokers for intraday trading. And some of the most crucial features and benefits that make Sharekhan one of the Top 10 Intraday Traders Platforms in India are:

  • It provides Sharekhan Intraday Tips for traders and investors. It has a dedicated research wing that performs research on the market and shares/companies daily, and the research reports are shared with the clients.
  • The tips are flashed on the terminal software you use for daily trading and on other devices.
  • Sharekhan provides a different trading platform for intraday trading for clients. Though daily trading terminal software is regarded as the best platform, Sharekhan’s mobile and online trading platforms are also excellent for intraday trading.
  • There are brokerage schemes for different traders as per their investment budget, the amount they invest, and the type of investments.
  • The higher the investment one makes, the lower the brokerage charges one would have to pay. Specifically, the brokerage rate goes down with the increase in the investment amount.

Additional Benefits

  • There is no charge for transferring money from your bank account to your trading account or vice versa or for settling trades and other requirements. The money transferring process is completely free with Sharekhan.
  • There are no charges for the DP transactions as well. You can freely transfer shares from the DP account and deposit the shares in it without any charges needing to be paid.
  • You can keep your fixed deposits as collateral for margin trading with Sharekhan, a facility hardly provided by any other share brokerage firm.
  • Learn all about Sharekhan, your preferred trading partner which offers all services as a full-service broker from the Sharekhan Review.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Sharekhan?

    To start Intraday Trading in Sharekhan, you have to:

    • First, open an account with Sharekhan. For opening an account, you need to click the “Open Demat Account” button. Once you click on this button, you will see a form popping up on the screen, fill out the form, make sure all the details are correct, and submit it.
    • Then you will be redirected to another page where you have to upload the documents like PAN, AADHAAR, and others for verification purposes.
    • Once your account is verified, you will receive the login id and the password. Please log in using the same and then change the account password for safety. Once you are done with these steps, you can download the trading terminal from the Sharekhan site and set it up.
    • For setting up the trading terminal and other platforms for intraday trading, you need to log in to the platform after you download the same. Then create a market watchlist where you have to add the scripts of stocks you want to track and trade.
    • After creating the market watchlist, you are ready to start intraday trading. Click on the stock you want to trade, check all its information, find options for BUY and SELL beside the script only and then select the option of “intraday trading or day trading.”
    • Once your order is placed, your work is done. You can cancel pending orders from the options and modify them as well.

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    Sharekhan Intraday Charges

    The Sharekhan Intraday Charges fix at 0.10% of the transaction value. It is one of the cheapest you can expect in the market compared to the other full-service brokers.

    Sharekhan Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge 0.10%
    Intraday Brokerage Calculator Sharekhan Brokerage Calculator

    Thus, Sharekhan Intraday Brokerage divides into different sub-parts, which include:

    • STT or Securities Transaction Tax levied as per the government rule
    • SEBI Turnover Charges which the SEBI itself decides
    • GST @ 18%, decided by the Government of India
    • Transaction charges are levied on the value of the transaction
    • Stamp Duty is levied as per the State’s stamp duty charges fixed by the state government.

    Sharekhan Intraday Margin


    For intraday trading, the margin is one of the crucial factors. It enables traders to trade beyond what they have in their trading account, which is very important in intraday trading.

    The Sharekhan Intraday Margin is five times the highest among traditional brokers and way higher than any discount brokers.

    Sharekhan Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin Funding Upto 5x
    Intraday Margin Calculator Sharekhan Margin Calculator

    This means Sharekhan Intraday Limits can go up to Rs.5000 with only Rs.1000 in your trading account.

    You can calculate the exact margin using the Margin calculator of Sharekhan, which will give you the right idea of how much you can trade, given your trading account balance.

    Sharekhan Trading – Types

    For intraday trading, Sharekhan provides all kinds of platforms, including Sharekhan Trading via trading terminal, the Sharekhan Online Trading platform, and a Sharekhan mobile trading facility.

    The online platform of Sharekhan or Sharekhan Web-based platform is a superfast trading platform, and it can easily help you trade faster with its exceptionally responsive interface.

    The trading terminal, the crucial trading platform for intraday trading, is Sharekhan Trade Tiger.

    It has all the products listed under it that you can trade, whether equities, currencies, commodities and many others.

    The Exceptional platforms are high-speed, embedded with highly advanced technology, and responsive to their core.

    There are multiple bank tie-ups for smooth fund transfer and trading experience.

    Sharekhan Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    If you are thinking about starting intraday trading, you must consider the Sharekhan Intraday Trading facility, as it is one of the best.

    It has exceptional products and services, but the brokerage charges are also low.

    Most importantly, its margin trading exposure limit is huge, which can be a boon for intraday traders.

    Sharekhan Intraday Trading FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to Sharekhan Intraday trading:

    Is Intraday Trading safe in Sharekhan?

    Sharekhan is a pretty segmented firm that brings about new and innovative ways of investment, so much so that it will lead you to make higher profits shortly.

    Trading with this firm would be nothing less than being in trusted hands.

    What is Intraday Exposure at Sharekhan?

    The margin is a pretty significant factor for every brokerage house. It assists the traders in the long run, the reason why Sharekhan provides them with a surprising rise of 5x margin.

    This is one of the highest profit-bearing firms to have ever procured from traders.

    The brokerage system is presently under a very solidified group of people with more than 500 branches in the entire country, encompassing every city and maximizing their reach every other Day.

    What are Intraday Charges in Sharekhan?

    The amount is fixed at a rate of 0.10%. It is one of the finest and cheapest in the entire market.

    Then comes the STT or Securities Transaction Tax, the SEBI Turnover Charges, GST levied at a rate of 18%, transaction charges levied on the total value of the transaction made, and the Stamp Duty levied as per the State’s stamp duty taxation.

    How to do Day Trading in Sharekhan?

    After you create a Demat account with Sharekhan, log in to your account and create a market watchlist where you keep all your scrips of stocks.

    Next up, find the buy and sell option and go with the “intraday trading or day trading” option. Once your order is placed, off you go!

    Does Sharekhan provide Day Trading?

    Sharekhan does provide Day trading, and by doing so, increases the chances of doing excellent business of luring in customers who are just as willing to put their money into action.

    Is Intraday Trading Free in Sharekhan?

    Intraday Trading is apparently not free. There is a brokerage charge levied at a rate of 0.10% on every trade that you do.

    However, this works beautifully in your favour because this is a perpetually low amount compares to any other company.

    Does Sharekhan have an App for Intraday?

    Sharekhan does work on many platforms, which makes it very convenient for people all over. There is a pretty solid mobile trading facility.

    The platform works on pretty high-speed advancement and gets your work done in no time.

    Is Intraday Profitable at Sharekhan?

    Intraday is pretty profitable at this firm, having a nationwide reputation for being efficient and effective.

    The brokerage fee is seemingly less, and the profits earn are immensely high. There are hoards of customers, even from outside India, procuring hefty profits.

    Does Sharekhan provide Intraday Tips?

    Sharekhan makes sure to make new investors be at ease and in a comfortable aura.

    They provide tips and tricks for making them polished and boosting their confidence regarding their stock market ideas.

    What does Sharekhan Intraday mean?

    Intraday means “trading within the day,” which intends trading, i.e., buying and selling stocks at a particular time of the Day.

    This incurs a huge profit, making Sharekhan one of the most convenient firms to invest in.

    Can we do intraday in sharekhan?

    Sharekhan is an esteemed name that offers varied trading and broking services to its customers. It offers intraday trading on the trading platform.

    From the “Action” menu, you can choose from Buy, Sell, Buy Bid Trade+ and Sell Big Trade+.

    With the Big Trade+ option, you can select to trade intraday.

    What is intraday limit sharekhan?

    Intraday trading is a trading form where the trader does not hold the position of the stocks. Here, the buying reverse with selling or vice-versa within the same trading day. Sharekhan offers up to 5X times Intraday Margin Funding.

    How can I order intraday trading in sharekhan?

    BigTrade+ is a leveraged product facilitated by Sharekhan from where customers can place orders for intraday orders. Through, BigTrade+, you can place a Market/Limit order and a stop-loss order.

    Also, now customers can place orders for NIFTY and Bank NIFTY Options.

    How can I place an SL order in Sharekhan?

    To place a Stop Loss Order,

    1. Log in to your Sharekhan account from the website, mobile app, or Trade Tiger.
    2. Now, you will have to add your favourite stock to the watchlist.
    3. Select the stock you want to buy or sell.
    4. From the option, select ‘Stop Loss’ and now enter the trigger price.
    5. Confirm your order.

    What is GFD order in Sharekhan?

    GFD stands for Good for Day. GFD orders are valid for the day the order is placed. The order is nullified at the time market closes for the day.

    What is square off in Sharekhan?

    Square-off is a trading form used in intraday trading or Day trading. Here, a trader’s position is not changed as they buy or sell a stock in the day and later back-pedal the transaction. This leads to no change in the holding of the trader.

    The square-off time of Sharekhan is 3:11 PM when the orders are automatically squared off.

    What is the bracket TSL order in Sharekhan?

    Bracket order is a feature where you can limit the loss and lock in a surplus by ‘Bracketing’ an order. You can do so by placing two opposite-side orders. A trailing stop-loss order is a feature that helps you to place stop-loss orders.

    How is brokerage calculated in Sharekhan?

    Sharekhan charges brokerage on the trading value. The brokerage charges upon a particular percentage model.

    The brokerage percentages are upfront in the brokerage plans.

    How do I activate margin trading in Sharekhan?

    Margin, also sometimes called exposure or limit, is the upfront amount required to pay for margin trading. Margin trading allows trade for trade value more than in the trading account.

    What is BPL in Sharekhan?

    BPL stands for Book Profit Loss.

    How is the margin calculated in Sharekhan?

    Sharekhan has stated margin limits for every type of trading, and margin is allowed according to the limit.

    How do I get the bracket order in Sharekhan?

    Sharekhan provides the facility of Bracket orders from MYGTD. You can place bracket orders from the BigTrade+ option.

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