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Here is a small walk of the company Karvy and everything associated with Karvy Intraday Trading. Karvy belongs to the elite group of full-service brokerage houses.

It is part of a large group with a tremendous history of successful ventures. Karvy itself is placed among the top 5 premium companies in its field of operations. It was established in 1983.Karvy Offers

Its foundation was an initiative taken by C Parthasarthy. The company has served clients from across the country ever since. And it does so using a network of more than 100 branches throughout the nation.

However, all the major operations are controlled through its headquarters in Hyderabad. It claims to have served over 600 corporate clients as well. And this is an enormous feat, to say the least.

We’ll focus on a smaller segment of their Karvy Intraday Trading services. Therefore, we’ll explain all the benefits associated with Karvy Intraday. We’ll establish the charges included in the process. And, we’ll even guide you through the process of initiating trading with them.

Karvy Intraday Trading & Benefits

Intraday trading is considered way more difficult than usual trading and requires tips and suggestions from the Best Intraday Tips provider.

Moreover, the risk associated with such trades is always higher than usual. That’s why Karvy Intraday Trading grants its customers many lucrative benefits.

And, we’ve taken the time to elaborate on all the benefits of Karvy related to intraday trading. All the features are listed below:

  • Karvy enables customers to acquire free Trading Accounts. They don’t even charge any amount in terms of AMC. This is a great relief to the customers, especially the newcomers.
  • They present an array of flexible brokerages. However, the charges incurred are always kept transparent. This enables the customers to direct their trading actions carefully. It even allows them to plan everything before making the trades.
  • Karvy is registered with NSE and BSE. This allows the customers to seek out all of the major stocks. It even allows them to commence research on their preferred stocks with ease.
  • Karvy offers an array of trading platforms. Each of their platforms is developed with expertise. Furthermore, all the platforms are rigged with exquisite analytical tools. They even offer world-class trade-related reports to customers. This includes Karvy Intraday Tips and more.
  • Karvy is one of the few brokerage houses to grant a huge trading margin. Their trade margin of 5x is considerably greater than most of their competitors.
  • They provide better offline trading facilities than most of their competitors. This is possible due to their huge network of more than 100 branches.
  • Karvy allows its customers to trade across all segments, to know about all the segments, go to the Karvy Review section.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Karvy?

    Commencing Intraday Trading has a lot more risk than usual trading activities. However, the process involved in commencing the trade is not as difficult.

    Intraday Trading in Karvy is only a matter of pressing a few buttons. That’s right! And all you’re required to do is follow the steps we’ve mentioned underneath:


    • The first step is perhaps the most crucial one in this procedure. And it includes having a Trading Account with Karvy. However, there’s nothing to worry about in case you do not have one. You may always refer to some of our other articles for this. They’ll guide you through the entire process of registering for one of their Trading Accounts.
    • We must mention that the process becomes a lot easier if you already have a Karvy Trading Account. You must log in to your Trading Account now. You’ll be required to use the username and password specific to your account. We’d suggest changing the password after a successful login. This ensures that your account stays protected from unwanted access.
    • Anyway, the next step is to determine the stocks to trade in. You may refer to the company’s fundamental reports, company reports, and other research reports. You may even refer to the live scrip updates within their trading terminals. This enables you to keep track of market fluctuations. You may even create a watchlist of your own to categorize stocks better.
    • Once the stocks are selected, go to the trading panel of the platform you’ve logged in to. It would be best to go to the ‘Buy/Sell’ segment in this panel.

    The last step is to trade in the stocks. Choose the ‘Intraday / Day Trade’ option within the ‘Buy/Sell’ menu for commencing an Intraday Trade.

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    Karvy Intraday Charges

    Karvy Intraday Charges are presented to the customers in a broken-down format. This is done to retain transparency.

    And, a typical Karvy Intraday Brokerage bill consists of:

    • Transaction charge. As clear by the name itself, it is imposed on the transaction value.
    • Brokerage charge. This varies between 0.01% – 0.03% of the transaction value.
    • Securities Transaction Tax is also known as STT. This is incurred as per the government requirements.
    • Stamp A minimal charge imposed as per state norms. This varies from state to state.
    • SEBI Turnover Charge. This imposes as per SEBI’s requirements.

    GST. It is imposed as per government policies.

    Karvy Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge 0.01% – 0.03%
    Intraday Brokerage Calculator Karvy Brokerage Calculator

    Let’s make this even simpler to understand. Assuming that you commence a trade for 100 share units. These units are priced at Rs.100 each. Thus, your overall holding will be valued worth Rs.10,000.

    If you trade these shares for Rs.102 each, your holding sells for Rs.10,200. This means that you make a profit worth Rs.200. However, post paying off the taxes mentioned above, you’ll have a profit of Rs.193.947. The taxes you pay include:

    • The brokerage of Rs.2.020
    • STT worth Rs.2.545
    • SEBI Turnover charge of Rs.0.040
    • Stamp Duty worth Rs.0.404 (assuming that the trade is made from Kerala)
    • A transaction charge of Rs.0.576.
    • GST worth Rs.467

    Karvy Intraday Margin

    Karvy’s Intraday Margin is one the highest in the entire industry. The usual leverage provided by the brokerage houses is often limited to 5x. However, with Karvy Intraday Limits, you may trade up to 20 times your holding account value.

    Karvy Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin Funding Upto 5x
    Intraday Margin Calculator Karvy Margin Calculator

    This means that for every rupee you have in your account, you can get additional 5x shares. If you have an account value of Rs.1,000, then your trade limit will be worth Rs.5,000.

    This is very helpful when you cannot leave out an opportunity for a high-profit trade possibility. The company grants the additional leverage a loan. And, you must pay it back with good interest.

    Moreover, it recommends going through the company policies before availing of this offer.

    Karvy Trading – Types

    Karvy Trading provides customers with both online and offline services. The company has tremendous support established for offline trading services.

    The customers can always turn up at the company’s over 100 branches across the country. And, they may use the pre-installed trading terminals to commence the trade.

    They may even use Karvy Online Trading facilities. This includes using their web and mobile app-based platforms.

    Karvy Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    Karvy Intraday Trading is one of the best in the country. They grant exceptional trading leverage. They have a huge network of branches spread out throughout the country. And they even have some state-of-the-art online trading platforms.

    Karvy intraday FAQ

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Karvy Intraday trading:

    Is Intraday Trading safe in Karvy?

    Karvy places among the top 5 premium companies in handling the stockbroker industry. While Karvy has been in service since 1983, they have been keeping safety in trading their major priority.

    What is Intraday Exposure at Karvy?

    The margin provides at Karvy is quite impressive; In contrast, brokerage houses provide usual leverages and often limit to 5x to 10x; with Karvy, traders can trade up to 20 times the amount they have in their trader’s account.

    What are Intraday Charges in Karvy?

    Karvy is best known for offering a cost-effective trading platform for its clients. Brokerage charges at Karvy can range anywhere between 0.01%-0.03 per cent of the transaction value, while other charges can be – SEBI, stamp duty charges, and GST.

    How to do Day Trading in Karvy?

    The most crucial step here to start day trading is to have a trader’s account; once traders open a DEMAT account at Karvy, they can log in and start trading intraday, enjoying the various services Karvy provides them with.

    Does Karvy provide day Trading?

    Yes, Karvy enables traders to trade in the intraday segment of the trade. Karvy also makes sure to constantly guide the traders with useful and elite assistance to make every trade beneficial.

    Is Intraday Trading Free in Karvy?

    Brokerage charges at Karvy are very cost-effective; given Karvy’s 25 years of service in the stock market, they are known for providing a cost-effective trade platform backed up by a team of experts to assert guidance whenever necessary.

    Does Karvy have an App for Intraday?

    Karvy offers an array of trading platforms that their in-house experts have carefully developed to ease trading and provide their customers with a taste of new-generation trading scenarios. Karvy uses technology to provide more for its customers and ease their trading experience.

    Is Intraday Profitable at Karvy?

    Karvy is that elite name that traders have trusted for decades; they provide world-class trade-related reports to their customers and take note of various technicalities to make their trade experience top-notch both in terms of ease and profit.

    Does Karvy provide Intraday Tips?

    The expert panel at Karvy is known for its skills in mapping the market and providing the finest advice for the stock industry. Yes, traders at Karvy are provided with tips and market analysis for a better experience.

    What is Karvy Intraday mean?

    While intraday has been one of the most interesting segments of trade and also most profitable when used with knowledge, intraday trade is when a trader buys and sells a share on the same day; with Karvy, this segment has only eased and bloomed over the years.

    What will happen to my shares in Karvy?

    Because your DP account was with Karvy, NSDL & CDSL have nominated us as your new depository participant. Your Demat account information, especially securities balances, will stay unchanged; the DP names change from Karvy to IIFL.

    What will happen to Karvy’s clients?

    Stock depositories and exchanges have decided to trade the assets of Karvy Stockbroking. This decision is to clear the dues of the broker to its customers. In India, this will happen for the first time that stock depositors and exchanges have to pay assets to clear the dues.

    Which is better, intraday or delivery?

    While delivery trading gives the chance of an absolute amount for its transaction, intraday trading requires low capital accounts. If we talk about the better one, then Intraday trading is an attractive option for intraday traders who can judge and forecast the value of stocks at short and minor intervals.

    Can I transfer shares from Karvy?

    You can complete and submit the Karvy DIS Slip and your most recent original CMR (Client Master Report) of another broker’s (counter) Demat account to a Karvy branch near you. You can keep or sell the shares once they transfer.

    Has trading started in Karvy?

    The traders of Karvy now can take on the IIFL platform. IIFL has taken over all the Karvy stockbroking accounts. With central depository services and national securities depository, IIFL has won the official bid.

    What is the DP name in Karvy?

    Dp name is a unique 16-digit number allots to the demat account and the depository participant owns it. This number is to process your trading via electronic mode. In the case of CDSL, the demat account also refers to Beneficiary Id. The demat account number is essential if you want to do trading. Each account identifies a unique code, not the owner’s name but a number known as the demat account number.

    What is intraday cash?

    Intraday trading refers to the selling or purchase of certain shares or stocks inside the same day’s trading session. The deals begin on the same day and end at the same time when the market closes.

    How do I contact Karvy now?

    HEAD OFFICE: Karvy House, No. 46, 8-2-609/K Avenue 4, Street No. 1 Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500 034. Telangana, India. +91-40-23312454


    Karvy Millennium

    Plot No 31 & 32 | Financial District

    Nanakramguda Gachibowli,

    Hyderabad – 500 032.

    Telangana, India.

    +91-40-67162222/ 33211000

    How do I transfer my Karvy shares online?

    To transfer your Karvy shares online, you need to send a request letter to Karvy. This letter must include the holder’s signature, self-attested ID proof, and original share certificate. Also, apply a stamp value of 0.25 per cent for the market value on that day and address evidence for the transferor and transferee.

    Where is my Karvy demat account?

    Because your DP account was with Karvy, NSDL & CDSL have nominated us as your new depository participant. Your Demat account information, especially securities balances, will stay unchanged; the DP names change from Karvy to IIFL. The demat accounts transfer to IIFL in a frozen state; therefore, to activate (unfreeze) the accounts and allow the client to use their demat account, they must file an Application for Account Opening.

    Who has taken over Karvy’s demat accounts?

    The Karvy stock broking did a bidding auction with the central depository service and national security depository ltd. The IIFL securities have won the official bid. The total value of assets under management for Karvy’s 11 lakh demat accounts is Rs 3 lakh crore.

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