5Paisa Intraday Trading thus, is one of the most sought after intraday services in the market where traders get super low brokerage schemes for their intraday trading and this helps them generate higher returns from the trades.

5Paisa is one of the largest discount brokers in the country and, if you rank in order of clientele and services offered, it is the second-largest amongst this category of brokers.

The 5Paisa intraday service includes all kinds of financial instruments and helps the traders with high exposure limits and also with many other facilities.

5Paisa Offers

5Paisa can be termed as the online share trading segment of the India Infoline and this makes the discount brokerage house more popular as the faith of the clients are retained on the brokerage house because of the huge goodwill of the brokerage company.

Though 5Paisa itself has created a niche for itself and also became the first fintech company to list in NSE and BSE.

The article below will cover various aspects of the firm – the features and benefits of intraday trading with 5Paisa. Then we will also discuss and evaluate the charges of the intraday trading services by 5Paisa along with other details of the firm and intraday trading.

5Paisa Intraday Trading & Benefits

Intraday trading is nothing new but with discount brokers coming into the scenario, the whole process has evolved a lot. There is much technology based trading which takes place these days, that involves high-end AI.

5Paisa Intraday Trading service provides you the base and the support for making that space in the intraday segment with highly advanced trading platforms and services.

  • Though 5Paisa is a discount brokerage house, it provides 5Paisa Intraday Tips to the daily traders. There is an advisory team and research team, which helps the investors choose the right investment options for their insurance and mutual funds as well.
  • The trading platforms of 5Paisa are really technology-driven and super responsive. The 5Paisa Trade Terminal has highly advanced technical analysis tools inbuilt in it for better analysis of the market. The charts, intraday charts, heat maps, indicators are all there in this platform which helps in intraday trading and increases your chances of making a profit.
  • The brokerage charges of 5Paisa are one of the lowest in the market. We will discuss the same in detail in the later section of the article. However, the firm charges a flat fee for any volume of trade which helps the day traders to boost their profits.
  • There are advisory services available if you are willing to pay some extra. There is technical, fundamental and all kinds of investment research and reports can be obtained from 5Paisa.
  • The firm has numerous branches in the country and this wide reach helps the traders to get support from any part of the country.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in 5Paisa?

    The Intraday Trading in 5Paisa can be started by opening an account with 5Paisa. Here we will discuss the 3 crucial steps that you need to adore for doing day-trade in 5Paisa.

    Opening 5Paisa Account

    • The first step to start intraday trading with 5Paisa is to open 5Paisa Demat and trading account. The 5Paisa Demat account can be opened through the green button given in this page which reads “Open Demat Account”.
    • You have to click on the button and you will find a form that needs to be filled.
    • Once you fill the form, make the account opening payment, and your application is approved, your account will be opened. Once you get the account opened, you will get the login id and password on your registered email id.

    Setting up of the 5Paisa Trading platforms

    • Download the trading terminal or mobile application.
    • Add the scrips of the stocks that you want to trade and track daily.
    • Click on the stock name – search for it and add it to the market watchlist.
    • Modify orders from the order book – you can modify the pending orders.

    Placing the order

    • Take your intraday trading decision based on the analysis and also you can implement the tips provided by 5Paisa.
    • You need to select the scrip you want to trade in, then select the option of Buy/Sell and finally select the “intraday or day trade” option which checking out.

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    5Paisa Intraday Charges

    The 5Paisa Intraday Charges are obviously one of the lowest in the market. Being the second-largest discount brokerage house in the country it has kept 5Paisa Intraday Brokerage charges as low as Rs.20 per trade.

    Whether you transact thousands of shares or ten, you need to pay Rs.20 only for every transaction irrespective of the volume of the trade and the value. This helps the bulk traders as they trade huge quantity of the shares but have to pay only Rs.20 for each executed order.

    5Paisa Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage ChargeRs 20 per executed order
    Intraday Brokerage Calculator5Paisa Brokerage Calculator

    The charges of the 5Paisa brokerage house are not limited to brokerage charges as there are certain mandatory charges which need to be paid by the traders for availing the services.

    • The charges are STT – Securities Transaction Tax levied on the turnover value
    • Then there are SEBI Turnover charges levied on the total turnover
    • Transaction charges are also calculated on the total amount of transaction
    • Then there is GST @18% to be levied on the amount clubbed together of Brokerage and transaction charges.
    • Stamp Duty is also there, which is to be paid as per the state government’s stamp duty charges.

    5Paisa Intraday Margin

    The 5Paisa Intraday Margin can go up to 6 times which is huge as per the market. There are very few brokers in the industry that provides such a high margin like 5Paisa Intraday Limits. With the 5Paisa margin trading facility, the intraday traders can really be benefited.

    5Paisa Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin FundingUpto 5x
    Intraday Margin Calculator5Paisa Margin Calculator

    With 5Paisa you get a leverage up to 6 times on Intraday Margin. Since, the exposure is 5x, with a margin of 20,000, an investor can trade in shares worth 20,000*5 = 100000. Hence, it gives huge benefits to the clients who deal with heavy day trading making their life a bit easier.

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    5Paisa Trading – Types

    The 5Paisa Trading is available on the three trading platforms that it offers. The firm offers a mobile trading platform, browser-based trading platform and the terminal software.

    The 5Paisa Online Trading can be accessed through its official website and you can do intraday trading using this browser-based platform as well.

    If you are a bulk trader then the best platform for your use would be the 5Paisa Trade Terminal. And for trading while traveling, you can use the mobile application which is available on Android and iOS platform and can be used for intraday trading as it has ample of features for the same.

    5Paisa Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    5Paisa Intraday Trading offers great intraday trading facilities at such low brokerage charges which are really unbelievable and, when it comes to exposure on the other hand, it provides such extremely high exposure.

    Both of these features of 5Paisa help the bulk intraday traders for trading more shares and churning out more profit.

    5Paisa intraday FAQ

    Ques – Is Intraday Trading safe in 5paisa?

    Answer – 5paisa provides the most sought after intraday services to their traders, keeping the brokerage low and reliability high, 5paisa have been a repeated choice for mainstream traders while trading in intraday.

    Ques – What is Intraday Exposure at 5paisa?

    Answer – 5paisa provides a tremendous exposure to their traders who choose to trade in intraday.  At 5paisa traders can enjoy a leverage as big as 6

    times, which usually is not offered in the market. Thus, making 5paisa the most exclusive and sought after brokering house in the industry.

    Ques – What are Intraday Charges in 5paisa?

    Answer – Traders at 5paisa go through a intraday brokerage charge of RS 20 per trade, while traders can easily expect GST charges to be around 18% levied on the amount clubbed together of brokerage and transaction charges.

    Ques – How to do Day Trading in 5paisa?

    Answer – Clients can start intraday trading at 5paisa by opening a demat account just by following these three steps- the first step is to visit 5paisa’s website and start with the ‘open demat account’ process, traders are expected to fill the form after which they will be asked to make online account opening payments, later which once the application gets approved, the account will be opened.

    Ques – Does 5paisa provide Day Trading?

    Answer – The intraday services at 5paisa are technology-driven and resonates about their vision of not just easing transaction but also providing proper insights to traders to help them in their trading, with which 5paisa provides the lowest brokerage charges in the whole market, making them one of the most chosen broker house in the industry.

    Ques – Is Intraday Trading Free in 5paisa?

    Answer – 5paisa has been remained a repeated choice of many experience and high – profile traders due to their low-cost brokerage charges which are the least in the market. No, the broker house does not provide free brokerage but they provide the lowest brokerage possible in the market.

    Ques – Does 5paisa have App for Intraday?

    Answer – 5paisa’s trading platform and technology go hand in hand, the broker house brings globally acclaimed formula for their traders in order to provide the best of  market analysis, intraday charts, heat maps, thus they take in use mobile app for better trading experience.

    Ques – Is Intraday Profitable at 5paisa?

    Answer – With many traders repeatedly choosing intraday as their primary choice, 5paisa has constructed their services in a way where their clients are provided with the best of market analysis, team of experts and promising brokerage charges which speaks nothing but profit.

    Ques – Do 5paisa provide Intraday Tips?

    Answer – The broker house has an advisory and research team especially to provide useful market insights to daily traders and make every trade beneficial. 5paisa advisory team also undertakes clients to help them choose better for their investment options as well.

    Ques – What is 5paisa Intraday mean?

    Answer – As the market trends being in favor of intraday, given it enables traders to not just buy but also sell their shares in the same day, 5paisa has been proving a platform with exclusively less brokerage to ease traders from paying charges on every trade they make.

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