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Axis Direct is a well-known stockbroker in the retail investment segment. Axis Direct Intraday Trading is the primary service that this broker provides to all its clients.

The Axis Direct Intraday facility charges are reasonable, which makes the clients garner profits. This Stock Broking house is a twig of Axis Bank, one of the most popular banking institutions in the country.

Being a part of this reputed financial organization, Axis Direct is continuously evolving to provide the best services to clients in the stockbroking arena.

Axis Direct Offers

In 2011, the firm Axis Direct was established by Arun Thukral, which has more than seventy-five branches in the country across different cities.

With 4.2 lakhs of clients who actively trade on the Axis Direct Platforms, it is counted among the top ten stockbrokers in the country.

This article will discuss the intraday services and facilities the broker provides to its customers. Along with that, we will also analyze the different charges associated with intraday services.

We will also tell you about the firm’s exposure and leverage for intraday trading and the various benefits of day trading with Axis Direct.

Let us start with the advantages you will get while trading on the Axis Direct Platform for daily trading.

Axis Direct Intraday Trading & Benefits

Some stockbroking entities provide stock tips but you cannot on every entity. Therefore, we provide you with details about the most reliable and Best Intraday Tips provider.

ICICI Direct is a well-established full-service broker which will provide you with prompt research facilities. If you are looking for the benefits of Axis Direct Intraday Trading, you get a detailed list of advantages and an analysis.

  • Since the brokerage house is part of Axis Bank, you get the three-in-one account which helps in safe and secure fund transfers without any delay and discrepancies.
  • There are various investment options that you get from the broker to invest. There are equities as the basic form of investment; commodities, derivatives, and other investment options to perform daily trades.
  • The research and advisory department of the firm have been really strong and provides daily Axis Direct Intraday Tips to the customers. Then, they circulate various financial reports, company annual reports, and reviews of the market daily, weekly, and monthly to make the investors aware of the market in the true sense.

Additional Benefits

  • The brokerage plan of the firm has been very direct and simple, which helps the intraday traders a lot. A flat brokerage plan assists intraday traders in trading the bulk volume of shares and paying reasonable brokerage.
  • The wide reach of the firm is another benefit for the clients. The firm has a presence almost all over India, which helps intraday traders and other investors to seek help.
  • The DirectTrade terminal software of Axis Direct is one of the most advanced trading terminals in the market. It has different features to assist a daily trader, including advanced charts, an order book, and an auto-refresh option. Live quotes, market watch with different stocks, and many others.
  • Last but not least, the firm’s customer support has been incredible, which is necessary for intraday traders.
  • Axis Direct Review will lead you to acknowledge Axis Direct which is part of Axis Bank.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Axis Direct?

    To start Intraday Trading in Axis Direct, all you have to do is open an account with Axis Direct. The steps for doing the same are as follows:

    • First, you have to click on the button where you see it written Open Demat account. Once you click on this button here on this page, you will see a form on your screen. Fill out and submit the form.
    • Then you need to upload certain documents. Once you upload the documents, you will receive a call from the Axis Direct executive, who will guide you through the rest of the process.
    • The verification will be done, and once everything is verified – documents and your details, your account will be opened, and you will receive the login details of your account in your registered email id.

    After you open your account, the next step is downloading the trading terminal and other trading platforms. Once you have the platform, then come the setup part.

    • Open and log in to the trading terminal. Click on the market watchlist section, and you have to add the scripts.
    • For the same, you have to select the stocks you want to add to the market watchlist.

    Once the terminal and other platforms are ready for use, now you can start your trading.

    • Select the script you wish to deal with from the watchlist, and then buy or sell.
    • After selecting the buy or sell option, you will have to select the “intraday or day trade” option to start intraday trading.

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    Axis Direct Intraday Charges

    Axis Direct Intraday Charges are 0.05%. The Axis Direct Intraday Brokerage is low compared with most full-service brokerage houses, especially when it is part of a banking institution.

    Axis Direct Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge 0.05%
    Intraday Brokerage Calculator Axis Direct Brokerage Calculator

    The brokerage charge is the basic charge that the firm charges from the customer for providing intraday services. Apart from this charge, some governmental charges and SEBI charges are also required to be paid by the customer.

    Now, there are two more plans this stockbroker provides. One of the two plans is the Investment Plus Plan, which has the same brokerage charge of 0.05%. The third Plan is the Now or Never Plan, which has a charge of 0.03%.

    Axis Direct Intraday Margin

    The Axis Direct Intraday Margin is five times the maximum margin. The Axis Direct Intraday Limits will provide you leverage up to 5 times the amount you have in the trading account.

    Axis Direct Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin Funding Upto 5x
    Intraday Margin Calculator Axis Direct Margin Calculator

    For instance, if you have Rs.25,000 in the trading account, you can trade shares daily worth Rs.50000*5 = Rs.25,000.

    This is a huge benefit that the customers get, and it is required in an intraday arena when you are short of capital and comes across a pretty profitable deal. This can be achieved with the leverage provided by the brokerage house.

    Axis Direct Trading – Types

    Axis Direct Trading platforms include the online trading platform AxisDirect Lite, a platform for trading equities and derivatives.

    There is a mobile trading platform as well. Axis Direct Online Trading platforms are also available in the form of the trading terminal, DirectTrade, and Swift Trade.

    Axis Direct Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    So, Axis Direct Intraday Trading services provide you with many opportunities in the intraday market. You can trade using the advanced trading terminal and get various options under one roof.

    The leverage it provides is quite good for daily trading. The brokerage charges and the Plan being a flat one help the daily bulk traders.

    Axis Direct intraday FAQ

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Axis Direct Intraday:

    Is Intraday Trading Safe in Axis Direct?

    Axis Direct provided top-notch service to its customers with a reasonable brokerage for years now, but that does not make Axis Direct the name they are today.

    The company’s orientation towards maintaining trade security attracted many traders to join hands with Axis Direct and thus have a safe and secure trading experience.

    What is Intraday Exposure at Axis Direct?

    While intraday is a very tricky segment of the trade, intraday exposure is something that adds more stars to it and makes intraday trade more beneficial for traders. At Axis Direct, traders get up to 5x margin funding on intraday.

    What are Intraday Charges in Axis Direct?

    Axis Direct follows flat brokerage charges for intraday, which is highly beneficial for traders who trade in bulk, and thus it cuts down their charge.

    Traders have to bear a brokerage of 0.05% at this brokerage house. Traders also have to bear government charges such as SEBI and GST or stamp charges along with brokerage charges.

    How to do Day Trading in Axis Direct?

    The first step to start trading with any broker house is to open a trader’s account with that broker.

    Hence to open a DEMAT account at Axis Direct, traders are expected to submit an application and their vital documents, which the broker asks for. Once the verification process is done, customers will receive their login credentials through email.

    Does Axis Direct provide Day Trading?

    Axis Direct has been delivering various services to traders trading in different segments intraday. The following broker house has been a known and celebrated name for its unmatched intraday trading service.

    Is Intraday Trading Free in Axis Direct?

    Brokerage charges at Axis Direct highly stand in support of traders who trade actively and in bulk; the brokerage charge or intraday at Axis Direct is around 0.05%.

    Does Axis Direct have an App for Intraday?

    Yes, Axis Direct also provides their clients with a mobile application to trade at the ease of just one click from their smartphone. The trading platform can be logged in through customers’ credentials after opening a Demat account with the broker house.

    Is Intraday Profitable at Axis Direct?

    Starting from the brokerage plan of Axis Direct, which is very simple and has been designed to speak highly in favour of their clients to their advisory team, the entire system at Axis Direct has been finely crafted to stand for the best benefit of their clients.

    Do Axis Direct provide Intraday Tips?

    Axis Direct has a team of experts specializing in market research and crucial skills required to crack a beneficial trade, thus helping their customers with every kind of trading advice and tip.

    What does Axis Direct Intraday mean?

    Unlike other segments of trade where the shares are kept in account and sold when the market is in the best of favour, intraday trading requires a trader to buy and sell the share on the very same day.

    At Axis Direct, traders have had the luxury to trade in bulk without worrying about brokerage and safe and secure transactions with every trade.

    Can I do intraday trading in AxisDirect?

    If you have an account at AxisDirect, you can effortlessly do intraday trading on this platform. You can choose the script from the watchlist you want to deal with and select the buy or sell option. After doing so, you have to choose one option from day trade or intraday to initiate your intraday trading.

    What are intraday charges in AxisDirect?

    AxisDirect charges Rs 10 per lot, 0.05% for intraday & futures, and 0.50% brokerage for equity delivery.

    Can I sell delivery shares on the same day in AxisDirect?

    With the IS (Inter Settlement) product, you can sell your delivery shares under ‘cash’ on the T+1 or T+2th day. It also permits you to sell stocks purchased under the ‘Cash’ category before receiving the delivery of shares.

    How do I sell stocks on AxisDirect?

    You must participate in the exchange—the name of the stock you want to sell, such as Axis Bank Limited on the NSE. Then you will register as NSE on the sale.

    What is the margin required in AxisDirect?

    Equity Intraday-      5* (Up to 20 per cent of trade value)

    Equity delivery-      1* (100 per cent of trade value)

    Currency F&O– 1* (100 per cent of NRML margin)

    Equity F&O-            1* (100 per cent of NRML margin)

    Commodity F&O-   1* (100 per cent of NRML margin)

    What is validity day in AxisDirect?

    The validity of an order influences how long it stays in the order book. It can be IOC or day. ‘Immediate or cancel’ is a security order type that instructs the purchase or sales order quantity to be executed.

    The market cancels the pending part if it cannot be implemented quickly or entirely. A day order is valid only for the day it is entered. The system cancels the order mechanically at the end of the day if it is not processed during the day.

    How do I cancel my AxisDirect charges?

    To cancel your AxisDirect charges, you must visit your nearest Axis Bank branch. Give the account closure form, duly filled and signed by all account holders. You have to pay the outstanding dues if you want to proceed with your closure request.

    How can I check my axis direct demat balance?

    Follow the below-mentioned instructions to check your Axis direct demat balance:

    • Go to your account and click on the ‘Detailed View.’
    • To prevent your demat balance, click on the equity and derivatives instruments if you want to see them.

    What is the AxisDirect account?

    The Axis Direct account brings all your investing alternatives under one roof, allowing you to diversify your portfolio. Furthermore, its demat solution allows you the effortless share conversion starting from physical holding to electronic holding.

    You can do this work with the untangled settlement, transfer, and portfolio management in its entirety.

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