Tradebulls Securities Private Limited also known as Tradebulls Securities is a well reputed full service brokerage house. The Tradebulls Securities Intraday Trading facilities can be availed through their branches spread across 12 major cities of India.

The company operates from their Mumbai based head quarters. And, they provide nation wide services to more than 70,000 people. The company is primarily governed as per the principles of Dinesh Thakkar.

In fact, as of today, more than 1,000 people have been granted employment by the firm. And, they have no plans to stop their growth. However, coming back to the objective of this article, we’ll discuss only one specific service of the company today.

We’re referring to the Tradebulls Securities Intraday Trading facilities. We’ll elaborate the benefits associated with Tradebulls Securities Intraday.

We’ll enlist the charges included with it. And, we’ll even list the steps to initiate Intraday or Day Trading with the company.

Tradebulls Securities Offers

Tradebulls Securities Intraday Trading & Benefits

The prime difference between regular and Intraday Trading is widely known. People even understand the complexities associated with this pattern of trading. However, the higher returns associated with it attracts traders to this genre.

And, the brokerage houses even provides additional perks, thus, making the whole deal rather interesting. Therefore, we’ve enlisted the most lucrative benefits that Tradebulls Securities Intraday Trading has to promise:

  • Tradebulls Securities does not charge anything to grant a Trading Account. This comes as a relief to many traders. In fact, this is even unique for a full service broker to act this way.
  • The company’s Trading Accounts even comes with additional features. We’re referring to the platforms they can be accessed from. In fact, Tradebulls has 3 different platforms to offer. And, all of these platforms are free to access for their customers. An even interesting fact about these platforms is their functionalities. Each of them is built to serve a different purpose. And, they all come with amazing analytical features. These features include Tradebulls Securities Intraday Tips, Top Picks, IPO Reports, Daily Market Review and more.
  • Life time free usage of the Trading Account is as well offered by the company. This means that customers are not required to pay any sort of AMC.
  • The company even has certain unique offers to grant. We’re referring to their brokerage reversal of up to Rs.1,00,000.
  • One of the best benefits is the additional trading leverage. This allows the customers to enjoy up to 60 times of their trading potential.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in Tradebulls Securities?

    People are used to facing complexities in Day Trading. And, this even makes them belive that the trading process is complex. However, that is not always true.

    Intraday Trading in Tradebulls Securuties is in fact, very easy. And, you can simply follow in the steps as we’ve mentioned below. Anyway, here’s how it goes:

    1. The very first step involved in this process requires an account. We’re referring to Tradebulls Securities Trading Account. This is the most crucial step in the process. However, in case you do not have one, you can always refer to our other articles for help. They’ll guide you to register and acquire one of the company’s Trading Accounts.
    2. Once you have the trading account, you must log in. You can use any of the trading platforms provided by the company to log in. And, you must use your unique username and password associated with that trading account. You must always change your password after loging in for the first time. This is a security measure you must never ignore.
    3. Anyway, once you’re logged into your account you must determine the stocks to trade in. You may select the stocks using the company’s top picks. You may even check out the Daily Market Reviews for this. And, you can create a watchlist of your favourite stocks. This will help you to keep a check on their growth.
    4. You must locate the trading section whenever you feel like trading in. And, in the trading section, go to the ‘Buy/Sell’ menu.
    5. The last step is to trade in the stocks. To do this, you must select the ‘Day / Intraday Trading’ in the ‘Buy/Sell’ menu for this.

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    Tradebulls Securities Intraday Charges

    Tradebulls Securities Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge0.02%
    Intraday Brokerage CalculatorTradebulls Brokerage Calculator

    Tradebulls Securities Intraday Charges are incurred based on many factors. In fact, Tradebulls Securities Intraday Brokerage can be broken down to the following:

    • Transaction charge – This is imposed on the total transaction value.
    • Brokerage charge – This is imposed on the overall transaction value as well.
    • Securities Transaction Tax also known as STT is imposed on the tracsaction value in accordance to the government norms.
    • Stamp Duty is a minimal charge. And, it’s imposed depending up on the state where the transaction takes place.
    • SEBI Turnover Charge is imposed as per SEBI’s requirements.
    • GST is imposed only on the Transaction Charge.

    Let’s try to figure this out with an example. So, you buy the stocks of a company in the state of Meghalaya. The unit share price of this company is valued at Rs.500. You get yourself 100 units of this company.

    Therefore, your holding stands at a value of Rs.50,000. However, you see a raise in the share price. So, you sell them off for Rs.512 each. Thus, your holding sells out for a price of Rs.51,200. Hence, you should make a profit of Rs.1,200 on the trade.

    However, you must pay off certain tax amounts as well. This includes SEBI Turnover Charges, GST, Brokerage, STT, Stamp Duty and Transaction Charges. This amount cumulates to Rs.69.256 in total.

    Hence, your net profit remains Rs.1,130.744 post paying off the taxes. You may use their brokerage calculator for getting the exact idea of your profit for a certain trade.

    Tradebulls Securities Intraday Margin

    Tradebulls Securities Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin FundingUpto 5x
    Intraday Margin CalculatorTradebulls Margin Calculator

    Tradebulls Securities Intraday Margin as mentioned above is humongous. They pay 60x trade margin. And, this is really encouraging for the traders. You see, brokerage houses in general restrict to a trade margin of 5x – 20x. However, Tradebulls Securities Intraday Limits show off the chart liberty.

    In simple terms, you get to buy in 5 times more stocks than your account holding balance. This means that if you have Rs.100 in your account balance, then you’re eligible for a trade worth Rs.5,00.

    The additional amount required to buy off the extra share is paid by the company. And, you may consider this as a loan amount. However, you must pay proper returns in terms of interest over the borrowed amount. We suggest you to go through the company norms before making any such decision.

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    Tradebulls Securities Trading – Types

    Tradebulls Securities Trading can be used via multiple media. In fact, the company provides both he offline and online trading facilities. The customers can opt to visit their branches for offline support.

    This way, they can access the trading terminals established within the company branches for trading. In other situations, even Tradebulls Securities Online Trading options can be used. This specifically includes three particular platforms.

    Tradebulls Securities Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    We highly recommend using Tradebulls Securities Intraday Trading. And, we’ve provided you with more than enough resons to do so. The company provides free trading accounts.

    They grant humongous trade margin to the customers. They have superb brokerage plans. In fact, they even allow life time worth of account access for free. Typically speaking, there isn’t anything more you can ask.

    Tradebulls Securities Intraday Trading FAQs

    Ques – Is Intraday Trading safe in Tradebulls Securities?

    Answer – Yes, Tradebulls Securities Private Limited also known as Tradebulls Securities is a well reputed full service brokerage house of the nation. It is a completely safe and trustworthy option for intraday trading and has already serviced more than 70,000 clients.

    Ques – What is Intraday Exposure at Tradebulls Securities?

    Answer – In comparison to other brokerage houses, intraday exposure at Tradebulls Securities is huge. They offer upto 5x trade margin. The additional amount is paid by the company. However, you must pay proper returns in terms of interest over the borrowed amount.

    Ques – What are Intraday Charges in Tradebulls Securities?

    Answer – At Tradebulls Securities, the brokerage charge is 0.010%-0.030%. Other than this, traders have to pay transaction charge and STT charge on the total transaction value, SEBI turnover charge as per SEBI, GST and stamp duty charge as per the state.

    Ques – How to do Day Trading in Tradebulls Securities?

    Answer – First, create a Tradebulls Securities Trading Account and log into it. Then, determine the stocks to trade in, locate the trading section, go to the ‘Buy/Sell’ menu and  select the ‘Day / Intraday Trading’ in the ‘Buy/Sell’ menu to begin trading.

    Ques – Does Tradebulls Securities provides Day Trading?

    Answer – Yes, Tradebulls Securities does provide day trading. The Tradebulls Securities Intraday Trading facilities can be availed through their branches spread across 12 major cities of India and even on online platforms.

    Ques – Is Intraday Trading Free in Tradebulls Securities?

    Answer – No, intraday trading is not free in Tradebulls Securities. However, the creation of a trading account is completely free and the charges levied are also incredibly reasonable, affordable  and less compared to other brokerage houses.

    Ques – Does Tradebulls Securities has App for Intraday?

    Answer – Yes, Tradebulla Securities does have a mobile app for intraday trading called Tradebulls Touch Mobile Trading Application. Tradebulls Touch Mobile Trading Application provides the best trading platform with a suite featuring comprehensive trading and market monitoring, making it easy for traders to trade on the go.

    Ques – Is Intraday Profitable at Tradebulls Securities?

    Answer – Yes, Intraday trading at Tradebulls Securities can be very profitable for traders. With amazing analytical features and recommendations, combined with low charges, the company allows clients to trade with the best of knowledge to ensure profitability.

    Ques – Do Tradebulls Securities provide Intraday Tips?

    Answer – Yes, Tradebulls Securities does provide Tradebulls Securities Intraday Tips, Top Picks, IPO Reports, Daily Market Review and more. These recommendations and market analysis from experts allow traders to make informed decisions.

    Ques – What is Tradebulls Securities Intraday mean?

    Answer – Intraday trading is a form of trading in which traders are required to buy and sell the shares on the same day. Tradebulls Securities is a reputed full service brokerage house that offers the service of intraday trading to its clients in an easy and profitable manner.

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