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In this article, we will check the usage of Total Stock Return Calculator and all the factors involved in this formula to calculate total stock return. Stock prices keep rising over a course of time because of the market conditions.

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The investors holding a stock for a specific time would want to know how much the stock appreciated over the time and by how much has it added on to their financial gains.

This is when the total stock return of a stock is calculated. This formula used inĀ  both the capital gains, i.e. the stock appreciation and also the income i.e. the dividend paid by the company.

Total Stock Return Calculator

Initial Stock Price (Rs.)*
Ending Stock Price (Rs.)*
Dividend Earned per Share (Rs.)*

Total Stock Return (%)
Total Stock Return per Share (Rs.)

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    Total Stock Return Calculator Details

    The variables which need to be added to the equation are:

    • Initial stock price
    • Ending Stock Price
    • Dividend Earned per Share

    The first factor is the price at which you purchased the stock of the company. The second factor is the price at which the stock was sold, or the price at which the investment aims to sell it at.

    The third is the amount of dividend which is paid to the investors on per share basis. It is important to know that the dividend amount to be taken into consideration is supposed to be only of the present year and not the entire holding period dividend for the share.

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    Total Stock Return Calculator Result

    The equation here is pretty simple, given you have the knowledge of the variables and also access to the figures.

    The first result is the formula itself, i.e. the total stock return. Make sure you convert it into percentage in order to obtain the percentage profit obtained as it is supposed to be with the formula.

    The second result is the total stock return per share, which is the total profit made on a per share basis. Total stock return is beneficial if the comparing stock is held for a long term.

    How to use Total Stock Return Calculator?

    The formula is to be strictly followed, and it is easy to obtain the factors being the investor of the stock. So, the result of the equation are you and you obtain the total stock return one or both of them as per your interest.

    If you have interest in knowing the income made per share basis, we recommend you to evaluate the second one as well.

    The calculation can be done easily as all you need to do it fetch the correct figures of variables and then enter them in the calculator provided at the bottom of the page. The calculator has the formula embedded in them which makes commuting easy for everyone.

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    Example of Total Stock Return Calculator Usage

    Let us assume, a person paid Rs 350 when he bought the share of a company. It paid a dividend of Rs 10 and is now valued at a price of Rs 400 when he sold it.

    The formula is:

    Total Stock Return = [(Ending Price – Initial Price) + Dividend earned per Share] / Initial Stock Price

    Let us try to solve it:

    Total Stock Return = [(400 – 350) + 10] / 350

    The total stock return would be 17% if expressed in the percentage form. 17% being the first result, you can find the second result of total stock return per share by, subtracting the ending stock price by initial price and then adding up the dividend earned per share.

    What is the use of Total Stock Return Calculator?

    For the total stock return formula, dividend of only the present year is to be taken into consideration and then the correct and precise income and capital gains made will be evaluated.

    This formula is the most accurate of all metrics used, which conveys the exact returns made from an investment. The figure can be used to know the overall financial benefits made from the investment option.

    It basically proves to be useful for investments which are held for a long-time duration. Use this formula to know the capital plus the income gains you made, investing in a particular stock.

    Total Stock Return Calculator Formula

    Let us get to the formula again and discuss it for a better and clearer perspective.

    Total Stock Return Calculator

    Total stock return is considered to be the most accurate metric to know how much precise profits are made. It is expressed in the form of percentage which makes the comparison a lot more easier.

    This is not a necessary measure to know the future of the stock, rather the benefits absorbed from the past holdings i.e. the profits made.

    Total Stock Return – Conclusion

    At the end when a stock is sold, the total profit made can be obtained through this formula, or can even come handy when investors want to check the return before making the selling decision.

    Let us know if you get caught in between the formula, unable to solve it, through the comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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