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Refer to this article to know of the Days in Inventory Calculator, and how it can be commuted.

One such measure of a company’s performance is the mobility of inventory and stock as it is proportionate to the sales and income a company is able to fetch. We refer to product based companies here, which deal in physical products and also the retail stores.

The mobility which the company manages to maintain reflects the operational activities of the company, which contributes to the profits and growth of the company, ensuring sales targets are met from time to time.

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Days in Inventory Calculator

Average Inventory (Rs.)*
Cost of Goods Sold (Rs.)*

Days in Inventory (days)

Days in Inventory Calculator Details

The factors which the evaluator requires to gather are the:

  • Average inventory
  • Cost of goods sold

So, the above mentioned factors are to be tagged alongside the formula days in inventory ratio. We are here to inform you the means where you may find them. The first factor, inventory can be found in the balance sheet of the company.

The second factor being the cost of goods sold can be gathered from the annual financial statement of the company. Here are specific items you need to include in the inventory, as they all mean the same – finished goods, work in progress, raw materials and progress payments.

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Days in Inventory Calculator Product Details

The product of the formula is pretty simple to calculate given, you have access to all the factors mentioned above. The source of factors is as well given and so you need to include the same in the formula and you shall get the result for this formula which is the days in inventory.

Both these terms are interchangeably used and in common represent the commuted results in days. Keep notes of the example and the formula well explained, which will help you evaluate the answer of your personal investment options and also, help in successful commutation through the given calculator.

How to use Days in Inventory Calculator?

You need to only understand what the formula implies and the need for the factors, including where there can be extracted from.

If you are done with them all, you are more than good to go as we have a detailed explanation of the formula as well, while also adding on a calculator to this article which is all set to serve you for the commutation process.

Lots of commutations will take up a lot of your time evaluating the formula by yourself and so we decided to lend you a hand on this context. Enter in the factors and press enter in order to find the answers displayed in seconds.

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Example of Days in Inventory Calculator Usage

Factor Product
Average Inventory (Rs.) 3000 31.29
Cost of Goods Sold (Rs.) 35000

A leading company has an inventory of Rs.3000, whereas the cost of goods sold for the company were Rs.35000. The days to inventory for the company would be:

The formula is:

Days in Inventory = 365 * (Average Inventory / Cost of Goods Sold)

Here is the workout:

Days in Inventory = 365 * (3000 / 35000)

The calculation being made on an annual basis, 365 days are used in the formula and for the example, the company in question will take up to 32 days in an average to clear off the stock which hangs up as the inventory.

What is the use of Days in Inventory Calculator?

Product based companies generally are required to maintain an inventory, which is in respect with the on-going operations of the company.

This is where the efficiency level of the company in disposing off the inventory in order to increase the sales of the company lies, and a clear picture of its inventory management is drawn.

As far as the benefit it attracts for the investors is of concern, the formula can be used to form a comparison basis between companies of similar nature. The average ratio which is considered to be ideal for the company differs based on the industry types they belong to.

Days in Inventory Calculator Formula

Let us learn what the formula is and what it denotes.

Days in Inventory Calculator

The above mentioned equation generally is used to understand time period for which the present inventory record will suffice to carry on the operations.

Inventories when cleared off sooner indicate high liquidity which is in favor of the organization, and investors who refer to this ratio, generally search for a company which has a lower days to inventory ratio.

It is because a lower ratio says how efficient the company is on clearing the inventories, earning proportionate returns over a smaller time frame.

Days in Inventory – Conclusion

We are well versed with your concerns in context with on-going operational activities of a company you are interested to invest, including any other purpose, and this formula would do you the justice of serving the rightful information as you need.

Follow up with the calculator and if you face an issues, let us know in the comment section below.

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