Being an investor with the company Gogia Capital, you need to be well aware of almost all the aspects of the company including the charges which are to be paid off by the clients of the company.

The charges as such include Gogia Capital Charges and Gogia Capital Demat Charges which are solely to be fetch by the investors or in other words the clients of the company who have opted for the trading services and other investment products.

Gogia Capital Services offers

Gogia Capital Brokerage Charges

Find below the detailed table of Gogia Capital Services Brokerage Charges:

Equity Delivery0.25%
Equity Intraday0.03%
Equity Futures0.03%
Equity OptionsRs.25 per Lot
Currency Futures0.03%
Currency OptionsRs.15 per Lot
Flat Monthly Fees, if anyNA

Gogia Capital Services Charges

Let us decode the above table to know the Gogia Capital Brokerage charges.

This chart of tabular representation gives insights on the Gogia Capital Brokerage Charges which you, being the client or investors of the company are bound by laws to pay.

Starting with the Equity Delivery option the charge you ought to pay is at the rate of 0.25%. Proceeding forward, the next 4 categories have the same charge rates which are fixed at 0.03% and the same is for Equity Intraday, Equity Futures, Currency Futures and Commodity.

The next charge rate we would discuss is the Equity Options which is Rs.25 per Lot and the Currency Options being Rs.15 per Lot.

The company hug up to no charge to be imposed as Flat Monthly Fees and if you are in seek for a brokerage calculator for yourself, you can refer to the table above.

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    Gogia Capital Account Opening Charges

    Find below the Demat & Trading Account Opening Charges of Gogia Capital Services:

    Trading Account Opening Charges [One Time]Free
    Trading AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges [Yearly]Free
    Demat Account Opening Charges [One Time]Zero
    Demat AMC or Account Annual Maintenance Charges [Yearly]Rs.300 per Annum
    Margin MoneyZero Margin
    Brokerage CalculatorGogia Capital Brokerage Calculator
    Margin CalculatorGogia Capital Services Margin Calculator

    Decoding and reading the information from above table lets the investors know about the Gogia Capital Account Opening Charges.

    Opening an account and maintaining the same for as long as you wish to trade requires some charges which adds on to the services the company provides you.

    A peek onto the table actually makes the investors quite satisfied because majority of the sections are either Free of charge or are of Zero charges.

    The Gogia Capital AMC Charges for Trading on a yearly basis is free but for Demat it would cost the clients Rs.300 per Annum.

    Whereas the Gogia Capital Trading Charges are nil as in free of charge and so is the Demat Charges [One Time] Free of charge.

    Another good news is that the company has set no boundaries or limitations as the Margin money and the clients can easily trade without a margin money in any case.

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    Gogia Capital Transaction Charges

    Get detailed table of Gogia Capital Services Transaction Charges below:

    Transaction Charges 20190.00300%
    Equity Delivery0.00300%
    Equity Intraday0.00300%
    Equity Futures0.00300%
    Equity Options0.085% (Premium only)
    Currency Futures0.00265%
    Currency Options0.085% (Premium only)

    You can decode the above table for Gogia Capital Transaction Charges or refer to the below explanation.

    Performing transactions on a daily basis actually is a great activity and it sure does attract a different charge which the company uses to serve you in the best possible way.

    The charges on Equity Delivery, Equity Intraday and Equity Futures are same which is just 0.00300%.

    While, choosing the option of Equity Options and Currency Options requires a Gogia Capital Charges of 0.085% which is applicable only on premium. The remaining charge rates are 0.00265% for Currency Futures and 0.00300% for Commodity.

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    Gogia Capital Other Charges

    Below is the list of various other charges levied by Gogia Capital Services:

    SEBI Turnover Charges0.0002% of Total Turnover
    STT0.0126% of Total Turnover
    Stamp Duty0.002% – 0.004% – Depends on State
    GST18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)
    Margin Funding Charges18% + GST
    Reactivation ChargesRs.45 per Segment
    Account Closure ChargesZero
    Dematerialisation ChargesRs.45

    The last table has the details of the Gogia Capital Charges including the government charges and additional company charges.

    Having an other set of Gogia Capital Charges for the general public is a fair game and the company plays it well with a benchmark of charge rates to be applied on Reactivation, Account Closure and Dematerialisation.

    The Reactivation Charges are Rs.45 per Segment, the Account Closure Charges are Zero and Dematerialisation Charges are Rs.45. Free closure charge is the centre of attraction.

    The other government charges include, SEBI Turnover Charges 0.0002% of Total Turnover, STT 0.0126% of Total Turnover, GST of 18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges) and Margin Funding Charges of 18% + GST.

    Gogia Capital Charges – Conclusion

    Let us not jump into conclusion without going through the importable data on the charges the investors are bound to face.

    The article has detailed information on the Gogia Capital Charges and Gogia Capital Demat Charges which can be referred to in order to keep up with the updated information on the company’s policies.

    You cannot dodge the charges once you make your choice and hence suggestions are that choices should be made in context with evaluation of data and figures.

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